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Saturday, April 21, 2018


Peyton Manning thumbs down GIF is brilliant

GIF: Peyton Manning is hilarious #ManningFace on Twitpic

Peyton Manning had a pretty strong game against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, but something late in the fourth quarter had him dissatisfied.

Despite going 31-47 for 479 yards and four touchdowns, Manning was seen making that face and giving a thumbs down while on the bench after a late Denver TD. Mind you, Manning threw his 500th career touchdown pass and recorded his 9th-career 400-yard game in the contest.

What had Peyton making that face, sound and giving the thumbs down?

Was it a response to the Tom Brady trade report? Did Demaryius Thomas just show him a picture of his new girlfriend? Did he take a look at Steve DelVecchio’s fantasy football roster?

Your best captions are requested in the comments.

Peyton Manning thumbs down

Video via CJ Zero

Tony Romo, Jason Witten complain Texans fans made it a road game for Cowboys

Texans fans Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys may be selling out their home games, but it’s the wrong fans buying all the tickets.

There were so many Texans fans at AT&T Stadium on Sunday that the Cowboys had to go to a silent snap count … during a home game!

“We played on the road today in that football game….we need to tighten up selling our tickets,” quarterback Tony Romo said after the game via NBC’s Newy Scruggs.

Both Romo and tight end Jason Witten told reporters the Cowboys went to a silent snap count during the game.

Romo even said the home environment that favored the visiting Texans was worse than their road experiences this season:

This is embarrassing for the Cowboys. Just watching the game, you could hear Texans fans erupt when Dan Bailey missed a field goal at the end of regulation. They completely outnumbered Cowboys fans and took over the stadium.

What’s concerning is that this was the second time opposing fans took over in Arlington. In Week 1, it was San Francisco 49ers fans who took over. Jerry Jones needs to handle this.

Look at all the Texans red in the crowd:

Maybe Tony Romo has the only solution:

Quinton Coples gets penalty for decapitating Donald Brown (Video)

Quinton Coples received an unnecessary roughness penalty on Sunday for his huge hit on Donald Brown during the second quarter of the Jets-Chargers game.

The Chargers had a first-and-10 from the 15 and handed off to Brown, who was immediately taken out by a clothesline from Coples. Coples came around the edge and made a brilliant play, but the refs saw a helmet come off and threw the flag.

The Chargers got 10 yards from the spot of the foul and ended up scoring a touchdown on the drive to go up 14-0. I say the hit was worth it.

Brown immediately grabbed his head after the hit and exited the game for the bench.

Donald Brown hit

Jim Schwartz carried off field after Bills beat Lions (Video)

Jim Schwartz was carried off of the field “Rudy” style after his Buffalo Bills beat his former team on Sunday.

Schwartz was fired as head coach of the Lions in December after five seasons on the job. He’s now the defensive coordinator of the Bills — not the head coach — which makes it even more humorous that he was lifted up on his players’ shoulders. But apparently he asked for it:

“He said that once he plays his former team that he wanted to be carried off and chant and have fun, and we just tried to make a dream come true,” linebacker Randell Johnson said after the game, via the Detroit Free Press.

Schwartz can thank Detroit’s terrible kicking as well as injuries to Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush for that win.

At least he had more of a sarcastic smile on his face rather than a genuine one:

Jim Schwartz Lions

He knew this was done tongue-in-cheek.

Travis Kelce does Ric Flair touchdown celebration (Video)

Travis Kelce won the hearts of the people on Sunday by breaking out a Ric Flair touchdown celebration after scoring in the first quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Denver Broncos.

Gotta hand it to Kelce for that. He’s not the first NFL player to pull a Ric Flair — we saw Chris Long do the strut after a sack last season — but it’s always awesome to see.

Kelce has been pretty awesome this season. He now has scored a touchdown in three straight games.

Travis Kelce Ric Flair

H/T GIFD Sports

Detroit Lions have serious field goal issues this season

Jim Caldwell Lions

The Detroit Lions may have to move on to their third placekicker of the season and it’s only Week 5.

The Lions’ poor kicking cost them the game in a 17-14 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Alex Henery, who replaced Nate Freese after Week 3, went 0-for-3 on field goal attempts. He missed kicks from 44 and 47 yards during the third quarter, and he missed a 50-yard kick with 21 seconds left that would have given the Lions the lead and likely the game.

Instead, after Henery’s last miss, the Bills completed a pass and Dan Carpenter booted a 58-yard field goal for the win.

Henery, who lost his job as the starting kicker for the Eagles, is now 1-for-5 on field goals with Detroit after going 1-for-2 (both 50-yard kicks) in Week 4.

Freese was 3-for-7 on field goal attempts prior to being cut by the Lions after Week 3. He missed all four of his attempts from beyond 40 yards.

On the season, the Lions are now 1-for-9 on field goal attempts of 40+ yards. They’ve missed a field goal in every one of their games this season. They’re like a college team with their poor kicking. They should be 4-1.

Dez Bryant incredible catch sets up Cowboys win (Video)

Big-time players make big-time plays during big-time moments. Dez Bryant is definitely a big-time player.

Bryant made an incredible catch during overtime on Sunday that helped set up the Dallas Cowboys for an eventual field goal in their 20-17 win over the Houston Texans at AT&T Stadium.

[Related: Tony Romo, Jason Witten call out Cowboys fans]

Bryant was draped by a defender and didn’t even have a clean handle on the ball, yet he still made the catch:

Dez Bryant catch

Fellow Dallas pro athlete Dirk Nowitzki was definitely a fan of the highlight-reel catch:

Image via Steve Noah

Louis Murphy gets penalty for inappropriate language (Video)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Louis Murphy was penalized in the third quarter of Sunday’s game with the New Orleans Saints for using “inappropriate language.”

The inappropriate language penalty was added by the league during the offseason. We saw Colin Kaepernick penalized for the same thing a few weeks ago. Kaep denied saying anything inappropriate, but Lamarr Houston says the quarterback used the N-word on the field.

Maybe Murphy did the same thing. We know Murphy’s father, who is a reverend, won’t be happy with his son for that.

Louis Murphy Bucs

Video via @cjzero

Andre Williams fantasy – Rashad Jennings knee injury opens the door

Andre Williams Giants

New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings hurt his knee on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons and was replaced by Andre Williams, who immediately should be on your fantasy radar.

Jennings rushed for 55 yards on 10 carries before getting hurt. His injury was termed a knee sprain, which we’re guessing could be a 1-2 week injury. He was listed as “out” for the remainder of the game after suffering the injury.

Andre Williams saw the bulk of the carries after Jennings got hurt and posted decent numbers, including a touchdown. His yards per carry average was much lower than Jennings’, but at least he saw more carries than Peyton Hillis, meaning he’s reliable.

The Giants’ offense isn’t great, so this isn’t a juggernaut position, but there should be plenty of opportunities for Williams.

LeSean McCoy has most embarrassing fumble of his career (GIF)

LeSean McCoy is off to a slow start this season, which has been an incredible source of frustration for fantasy football owners. McCoy was the first overall pick in many leagues, and the fumble he coughed up against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday was enough to make owners want to smash their TV sets.

McCoy caught a screen pass in the second half that was well covered, so he tried to improvise by running east to west. He held the ball like a loaf of bread, which has been a bad habit for McCoy throughout his career. This time it cost him, as the ball was knocked away and the Rams recovered.


Fortunately for McCoy, the Eagles had a comfortable lead for most of the afternoon. Still, the loss of yards and awful fumble was a microcosm for what has been a painfully slow start.

GIF via SB Nation

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