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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Aaron Rodgers trolls Vikings by drinking grape Crush?


Did Aaron Rodgers troll the Minnesota Vikings during his postgame press conference on Sunday?

After the Packers beat the Vikings 24-21, Rodgers sipped on a grape Crush soda while speaking to reporters.

Who drinks Crush? Who drinks grape soda? Coincidence? I think not.

The joke isn’t difficult to understand. The only thing is the Packers hardly “crushed” the Vikings. Green Bay was in control for most of the game, but the performance was not all that impressive given the way they have played in recent weeks.

I guess it’s possible that Rodgers just felt like having a grape soda, but WDJT in Milwaukee noted that the NFL has a huge sponsorship deal with PepsiCo. Considering Colin Kaepernick was fined for wearing Beats headphones to a postgame press conference, Rodgers will probably be hearing from the league for drinking Crush.

Photo via @allisoncc

Anquan Boldin after exchange with Jim Haslett: He’s irrelevant

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin carried his team to a win on Sunday late in the game against the Washington Redskins. The veteran finished with nine catches, 137 yards, a touchdown, and one not-so-friendly exchange with Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

With the Niners trailing 13-10 in the fourth quarter, Boldin made a key 10-yard reception near the Washington sideline. After some minor shoving with his opponents, Boldin stood up and came face-to-face with Haslett. Needless to say, there were no pats on the butt.

“I don’t know,” Boldin said when asked about the exchange after the game, per Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog. “A guy tried to hit me late on the sideline, and I pushed him off. [Haslett] had some words, for whatever reason. I don’t even give that a second thought. He don’t…he’s irrelevant.”


The Niners went on to score a touchdown on that drive and win the game. The Redskins continued to be, well, the Redskins.

Video via @_JakeRussell

Marshawn Lynch fulfills media obligation with one-word answers (Video)

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch does not want to be fined again for not speaking to the media. Believe it or not, that’s probably bad news for reporters.

If Lynch simply avoided the media like he did after last weekend’s game, reporters wouldn’t have to waste their time with his one-word answers.

After the Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, Lynch d-bagged his way through most of his postgame interview with the words “yeah” and “maybe.” Here are some snippets:

Reporter: Marshawn, talk about the Cardinals defense.
Lynch: Yeah.
Reporter: What did you think of Russell’s (Wilson) day today?
Lynch: Yeah.
Reporter: Serious question, is it going to be tough to rebound for Thursday? Everybody’s kind of sore, banged up, end of the season.
Lynch: Maybe.

There have been reports about Lynch being unhappy with the Seahawks, but he has never liked speaking to the media. Remember his painfully awkward interview with Deion Sanders at the Super Bowl last year? Reporters are probably better off ignoring him.


Red Sox reportedly signing Pablo Sandoval in addition to Hanley Ramirez


The Boston Red Sox are reportedly finalizing a deal with free agent third baseman Pablo Sandoval, according to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com.

Late Sunday night, the Red Sox also reportedly agreed to a deal with Hanley Ramirez. Both Sandoval’s and Ramirez’s deal are believed to be somewhere in the $100 million range over five or six years.

After suffering through an embarrassing World Series hangover last season, Boston is obviously looking to revamp its roster. The Red Sox have been the favorites to sign Sandoval, as they have a need at third base and can move him to designated hitter when David Ortiz retires.

Ramirez was more of a surprise signing. The Sox already have a great young prospect at shortstop in Xander Bogaerts, but it’s not as if Ramirez is a great defensive shortstop anyway. The 30-year-old said earlier this offseason that he is willing to change positions, which is likely what he will do in Boston.

Peter Gammons speculates that the Red Sox could move Ramirez to left field and trade Yoenis Cespedes for starting pitching. Cespedes has reportedly not made many friends since coming to Boston at last year’s trade deadline.

It’s unclear if signing both Ramirez and Sandoval means the Red Sox are out of the Jon Lester sweepstakes.

Hanley Ramirez reportedly to sign with Red Sox


Hanley Ramirez reportedly is headed to Boston to sign a deal with the Red Sox.

Ken Rosenthal says Ramirez’s deal with the Sox is in the range of five years for $90 million:

Ramirez was originally signed by the Red Sox and was in their organization until being traded in 2005 as part of the Josh Beckett deal.

The Mariners and Blue Jays were other teams said to have interest in Ramirez.

Signing Ramirez would not mean the Red Sox are out of the free agent market, either. CBS’ Jon Heyman says the Sox are also pursuing Pablo Sandoval.

If the Sox sign Ramirez, the question is where would they have him play? He is already weak defensively at shortstop, and third base would be taken if they signed Sandoval. Plus, they also have David Ortiz at DH. Their lineup would be greatly improved with the moves, but their infield defense would be suspect.

Odell Beckham called for flop (Video)

Odell Beckham flopOdell Beckham Jr. almost put together a complete game for the Giants on Sunday night. He make amazing catches, broke tackles, blocked down field, and he very nearly drew a penalty flag. Actually, he did draw one for a hit out of bounds. The only problem is the officials decided Beckham flopped on the sidelines, and they decided a penalty was not committed on the play, so they rescinded the flag.

Beckham flopped on the play, but that was nothing compared to Jerome Simpson’s epic flop a few years ago.

By the way, the official saying he “took a flop” must not realize that flop can be used as a verb.

Odell Beckham catch gets great Photoshop and meme treatment

Odell Beckham Sistine Chapel

The internet was made for us to enjoy great sports plays like Odell Beckham’s incredible catch. Everyone shared their love of it, while the jokesters and Photoshoppers got to work quickly on the pictures and memes.

Take a look at some of the awesomeness below:

Here’s video of the play if you missed it.

Photo: Twitter/FelixPotvin
H/T Black Sports Online

Ryan Mallett played with pectoral injury

Ryan Mallett Texans

Ryan Mallett was horribly inaccurate during Sunday’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, and now we know why.

Mallett played the game despite a pectoral injury that could turn out to be a torn muscle.

According to the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain, Mallett suffered the injury in a Week 11 win over the Browns, which led the quarterback to be listed on the Texans’ injury report with a chest injury.

Mallett went 21-of-45 for only 189 yards, no touchdowns and an interception in a 22-13 loss. Mallett is undergoing an MRI and will likely miss several weeks. That means Ryan Fitzpatrick will be back in as Houston’s starter for Week 13.

Odell Beckham catch may be best ever (Video)

Odell Beckham Jr. made what might be the greatest catch of all time.

Beckham was being pulled down by Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr on the Giants’ first play of the second quarter, yet he still managed to make a ridiculous one-handed grab for a 43-yard touchdown. It was insane.

Beckham received props from guys like Richard Sherman and LeBron James for the catch, and many other NFL players:

Think about what made that catch so special. First, he was pulled down by Carr. Secondly, he somehow managed to stay inbounds despite being on just one foot. Third, he caught a bomb — not a short pass, but a bomb — using just his thumb and index finger, all while falling down.

Odell Beckham catch

Holy crap!

If you liked that catch by Beckham, you have to see this video showing how he does it in warm-ups too.

Below are some more angles of the catch:

Dominic Raiola dives at Zach Moore’s knees on last play of game (Video)

Dominic RaiolaDominic Raiola was not happy about the New England Patriots running up the score in a 34-6 win on Sunday, so he retaliated by committing a dirty play.

The longtime Lions center dove at Zach Moore’s knees on the last play of the game — a kneel down by Matt Stafford — and said he did it as retribution.

“I cut him,” Raiola said after the game via the Detroit Free Press. “We took a knee, so I cut the nose (tackle). They went for six (a touchdown). They went for a touchdown at 2 minutes. They could have took three knees and the game could have been over. It’s football. He wants to keep playing football, let’s play football. Not a big deal. It’s football.”

The Pats came out of the two-minute warning and lined up for a field goal, but they received a first down thanks to a penalty. The Lions had no timeouts, so New England could have just taken three knees and ended the game. Instead, they scored a TD to pour it on.

Vince Wilfork, who usually plays defensive tackle for the Pats, called Raiola’s actions “stupid.”

“I just heard what happened, but that was stupid. I didn’t see it, but from what I heard,” Wilfork said via The Boston Herald. You’re taking a knee. They’d get mad if we were just (trying) to blow up one of their players, so I mean, it’s just uncalled for. But at the same time, you always have to protect yourself, so you always have to play with your neck on a swivel and being alert for 60 minutes. And it came down to it today on a bonehead play like that, but luckily no one got hurt and we can move on.”

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