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Monday, May 25, 2015


Rapper Lil B warns James Harden for stealing cooking dance

Bay Area rapper and Golden State Warriors fan Lil B is not happy with James Harden for taking his cooking dance and using it on the basketball court as a celebration without giving him proper recognition. And if Harden struggles in the playoffs against the Dubs, Lil B says that will be the reason.

Prior to Game 2 Thursday, Lil B tweeted about Harden jacking his move, which Harden can be seen doing at length in the video above.

After Harden turned the ball over at the end of Game 2, Lil B tweeted that Harden is paying for stealing without giving him credit.

Naturally when the Rockets lost, the internet went wild with the Harden/Lil B photoshop memes:


James Harden knocks down curtain at Oracle Arena after loss (Video)

James Harden curtainNBA MVP runner-up James Harden turned the ball over on the final possession with a chance to win Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals Thursday and was not happy about it.

After the game, ESPN cameras captured a frustrated Harden knocking down a curtain while he was walking off the court towards the locker room.

Those curtains are just there for decoration anyway. Good thing nobody got hurt as a result.

This video is a good reminder that even if you score 38 points and nearly record a triple double, the nice stats don’t matter when your team loses.

The Rockets head to Houston for Game 3 Saturday down 2-0 in the series.

Kevin McHale explains not calling timeout on Rockets’ last possession (Video)

The Houston Rockets made a nice run at the end of Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals on Thursday to make it a 1-point game, and they had a chance to win the game on their final possession but they turned the ball over and lost 99-98 to fall behind 2-0 in the series.

In light of the failed final play by Houston, many second-guessed Rockets coach Kevin McHale for not calling a timeout to set up a play. McHale explained afterwards why he didn’t call time.

Kevin McHale

“I will take our best player coming downhill in a broken court any day of the week to win the game. That’s where James (Harden) feasts,” he said.

McHale is exactly right. That’s precisely the situation you want — Harden controlling the ball and driving on a defense that didn’t have a chance to get organized. You have to credit Golden State’s defense for doubling him up well and forcing the turnover. When Harden saw he had nowhere to go, he should have tried to put up a shot rather than pass out to Dwight Howard. Unfortunately for him there wasn’t a better-shooting teammate around to hoist that ball, because Howard was wide open.

The Warriors played great defense on the play and earned that win. What more can you say?

Jim Kelly: There is no doubt Tom Brady cheated

Tom Brady

Leave it to a Hall of Fame quarterback to put Tom Brady’s role in Deflategate into proper perspective.

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly joined “We Need to Talk” on CBS Sports and said there was “no doubt” Brady cheated.

“Oh, there’s no doubt,” Kelly said. “There’s no way that an equipment manager in the National Football League is going to do something to the football without the greatest quarterback ever to play knowing … ”

Just like all the box scores could tell us, Brady has been successful regardless of what kind of football he uses. In Kelly’s words, the Patriots Super Bowl MVP can “throw a football if it was over-inflated or deflated.” That makes him wonder why his “good friend” would cheat.

“You do something like that, you’re going to get caught,” Kelly said. “And Tom didn’t need to do it … but why?”

The answer is because he feels more comfortable throwing a deflated ball, just like many other QBs. Brady likes an under-inflated ball, while Aaron Rodgers prefers an overinflated ball. It’s just preference. But having an equipment guy take air out of the balls after the referees checked them is blatantly breaking the rules, and there’s no need for it. But when you’re talking about an organization that videotapes other teams’ signals and allegedly cuts out headsets, this sort of thing should not come as a surprise.

Will Smith ejected for foreign substance on arm (Video)

Will Smith came in from the Brewers bullpen in the seventh inning in relief of starter Matt Garza. However, Smith faced just one batter because he was ejected for having a foreign substance on his non-throwing arm.

With the bases loaded, Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez left the dugout to have a word with home plate umpire Chris Segal. Segal called crew chief Jim Joyce, who headed towards Smith to inspect the pitcher’s arm. After touching just above glove, Joyce ejected Smith for the presence of a foreign substance.


Smith was furious as he left the field and yelled obscenities upon reaching the dugout, although the substance is blatantly visible and the ejection was a no-brainer.

As noted on the broadcast, pitchers using substances to help improve their grip on the baseball is not uncommon and has been a practice for decades. In this case, Fredi Gonzalez wasn’t about letting what is generally deemed customary slide on his watch. And Smith will likely be suspended as a result, as Michael Pineda was last season for having pine tar on the side of his neck.

JR Smith prefers taking contested shots to open shots

JR Smith yearbook quote

JR Smith has some wonderful philosophies on shooting as we’ve come to find out.

Smith made eight 3-pointers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday night to help the Cavs beat the Hawks, so naturally that led to many questions about his emergence. ESPN’s Dave McMenamin even quoted Smith as saying he prefers contested shots to open ones.

“I’d rather take a contested shot than an open shot any day … It’s kind of boring when you take open shots,” Smith said via McMenamin.

That’s almost as good as Smith’s previous quote on his shooting philosophy.

Of course, Smith has always been a great quote even going back to his high school yearbook days. But his logic does make some sense. Some players thrive in competition and need that element to take their game to the next level. That’s apparently how Smith feels.

Aaron Hernandez got a neck tattoo in prison


Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has added at least one tattoo to his collection while behind bars.

Hernandez was in court on Thursday to be indicted on a witness intimidation charge stemming from an incident where he allegedly shot former friend Alexander Bradley in the face. Those who were watching the live feed noticed a new tattoo on the 25-year-old’s neck. Here’s a closer look:

As you can see, the tattoo includes the word “LIFETIME.” We couldn’t see enough to know if it says “SENTENCE” underneath.

Hernandez already had plenty of tattoos before he went to jail, and many of them were examined to determine if he had possible gang affiliations. In fact, the NFL considered instituting a new policy of its own at one point because of Hernandez.

Hernandez pleaded not guilty to the latest charge.

Photo via Only in Boston on Twitter

Blogger gets destroyed by Holley Mangold at wedding (Video)

Holley Mangold is not a woman to be messed with. One poor blogger found that out the hard way.

Our friend Adam Smith aka “Smitty” of Barstool Philly (and one-time former LBS blogger), posted a few videos over the weekend that are now going viral.

Smitty was at a wedding for Mangold’s sister, with whom he is friends, and they got into some competitions. First off they had a chugging contest. Though Smitty claims to have won, it looks to me like Holley had him licked.

Then as he explained on the Barstool Rundown Monday, they decided to take things outside for a football play, and that is when Smitty got demolished by the former US Olympics weightlifting team member.

“I thought it would be a stalemate. I thought I would stand her up,” Smitty said on the Rundown.

Yeah, we saw how that worked out.

Smitty’s big mistake was thinking he could meet Holly head-on and hold his own. His only shot was to go low, which he promised not to do, so he was meat from the jump.

We do respect his zeal and we’re even more impressed by his willingness to throw down in his wedding suit. That takes balls. And a lot of alcohol.

Solid effort, Smitty, and thanks for giving us some laughs. Now my only question is whether you have a fetish because Holley says guys who do tend to dig her.

Smitty Holley Mangold

Ray Rice gets domestic violence charge dismissed, expunged

Ray Rice

Perhaps the most notorious domestic violence offender in NFL history is no longer considered an official domestic violence offender.

Ray Rice had his domestic violence charge dismissed and expunged from his record by the Atlantic City judicial system after he completed a pretrial intervention program.

It’s wild to think that someone who was caught on tape knocking out his wife (girlfriend at the time) is not legally considered a domestic violence offender, but the Atlantic City D.A. lowered the charge against him from a felony to a misdemeanor.

TMZ says Rice just had to pay a $125 fine and complete a 12-month supervised intervention program.

Though Rice no longer has this on his legal record, he has already been branded by the public, which is more more significant regarding his reputation. You can wipe out a simple assault charge, but you can’t wipe that video off the minds of the public.

Did NFL troll Patriots with ‘PSI’ tweet?


The official NFL Twitter account shared a video on Wednesday that shows several NFL head coaches talking about what it takes to be a great franchise quarterback. Did the league take a swipe at the New England Patriots in the process?

See if you notice anything suspicious about the tweet:

If you take the first letter of each of the three words, you get P-S-I. Probably just a coincidence, right?

For what it’s worth, the coaches in the video used plenty adjectives to describe great quarterbacks. New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles came the closest to using all three words that were included in the tweet, but he used the word “toughness” instead of “strength.” In fact, no one said “strength” during the one-minute clip.

“Obviously he’s got to be precise and have all those things, but intelligence and toughness,” Bowles said. “If you have leadership those guys will follow you and go wherever and do whatever for you.”

We already wondered if the NFL was taking a shot at the Patriots with this photo on its Instagram page. Maybe people are reading into it too much. Or, maybe not…

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