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Saturday, February 25, 2017


Boy proposes to Novak Djokovic (Video)

Novak Djokovic had an unusual interruption during one of his recent practices at the U.S. Open. A boy yelled out to Djokovic “Will you marry me?” to command the tennis player’s attention. Nole found it so funny he stopped playing and invited the boy down to the court. Djokovic then handed over his racquet and allowed the boy to take a few serves before giving him a hug and sending him away with a nice parting gift.

There is some suspicion from Deadspin and SI’s Beyond the Baseline that this was staged. I wonder about that too, but even if it was, it’s unique enough to merit some coverage from us. And if it were staged, it probably wouldn’t have taken four days from the day the video was posted online to finally go viral.

Now we also have proof that Djokovic fans are even more devoted than Nadal fans. Djokovic by the way won his first round match at the tournament on Tuesday 6-1, 6-0, 6-1 over Paolo Lorenzi.

Alex Morgan’s parents partied so hard after Olympics her dad missed his flight home

Alex Morgan has a pretty wholesome image, but that doesn’t mean she and her family can’t get crazy when the time is right.

Morgan was a guest on “Access Hollywood Live” on Tuesday and told hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about all the partying she and her family did after the US won the gold medal at the Olympics.

”[We celebrated] all night and all morning,” Morgan said. “I think I got back to the village at 6:30 [AM].

“[My parents] were on the Tube, taking the train [after dropping me off at the Olympic Village,] and they fell asleep on the Tube,” she recounted. “[They woke up] at the end of the line and couldn’t even get back to their [hotel] until 10 AM … my dad missed his flight the next morning.”

Uh oh, the Morgan family staying up all night partying? Naughty naughty!

Morgan was asked who on the team rages the hardest, but she refused to throw someone under the bus, though she did finger Abby Wambach as a heavy drinker. Maybe one of her teammates could learn a few things about keeping secrets in house among the players.

Giants combine for craziest catch of the year (Video)

Giants infielders Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Crawford combined to make one of the craziest catches of the year, though it was Crawford’s amazing reflexes that made it possible. Astros catcher Jason Castro fouled a ball down the left field line during Tuesday’s game and Sandoval, who was playing third, seemed to have it. Sandoval lost control of the ball as he went to the ground, and he flipped it in the air unintentionally. Crawford alertly dove for it and made an awesome grab to end the first.

Crawford also made a sweet over-the-shoulder basket catch later in the game just so you would know that wasn’t a fluke. The second-year player isn’t doing much at the plate, but he’s holding his own at shortstop for the Giants.

Matt Kemp crashes into wall, later leaves game (Video)

Matt Kemp left Tuesday’s Rockies-Dodgers game in the first inning two batters after crashing into the wall in center field.

The All-Star was chasing a deep blast by Josh Rutledge when he ran full-speed into the wall. Kemp fell to the ground and began rolling in obvious pain.

The 27-year-old slugger was examined by Dodgers trainers for a few minutes and somehow managed to stay in the game, even flashing a smile. On the next play he dove for a ball in center and seemed to jar his neck. The following batter singled to center, and Kemp didn’t get much on his throw to the infield. Left fielder Shane Victorino realized something was wrong and signaled to the dugout that Kemp needed to leave. This time Kemp did not object to exiting the game.

Victorino moved over to center and Juan Rivera entered the game to play left field.

Kemp was taken for precautionary X-rays on his jaw and did not exhibit concussion-like symptoms, according to the Dodgers.

Kemp’s had a wicked struggle with Coors Field this road trip. The previous night, he jumped into the fence to the right of center while chasing a ball, although his impact was with much less force.

Kemp would be advised to work on getting a better feel for the fences in center at Coors Field before playing there again. Hopefully he recovers without a problem. He had a six-game hitting streak going after breaking out of an 0-21 slump, and he was just beginning to get hot again.

Tyler Sash accepts his suspension, doesn’t think it’s fair

Giants safety Tyler Sash met with Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday to appeal his four-game suspension for Adderall use. The second-year safety was disappointed to learn that his suspension was upheld and that he will be away from his team for four weeks. Sash talked about the suspension and much more during a phone interview with Larry Brown Sports on Tuesday.

I spoke with Sash about his signature watch Deuce Brand recently released. Deuce Brand makes many sports-themed watches, and Sash’s is specially-designed to include the Giants colors, Sash’s number 39, and a replica Vince Lombardi Trophy to represent the Super Bowl the team won last year. We previously covered the Jordan 11 shoe birthday cake his girlfriend had made for him, so we know he’s a big fashion guy. He confirmed that is the case.

“I’ve always been a big shoe guy,” Sash told LBS. “Everybody has their own sense of style. There’s a difference between fashion and style, and my style is who I am, and everybody has their own style.”

So who on the Giants has the best style?

“Who has the most money?” Sash responded, jokingly. “There’s a few guys. Terrell Thomas has a good style, Victor (Cruz), Justin Tryon, (Justin) Tuck has his own style. Everybody has their own thing they do that sets them apart from others.”

Sash didn’t want to call anybody on the team out for having the worst style, but he did mention Henry Hynoski’s name knowing that he could get a rise out of his pal by saying the fullback is the least fashion-conscious.

Our conversation turned to his four-game suspension.


Ray Rice speaks out against bullying

Ravens running back Ray Rice spoke out against bullying via his Facebook page on Tuesday, the day after a 15-year-old suspect was taken into custody for shooting a fellow student on the first day of classes at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore, Maryland.

A man identified as the suspect’s father told The Associated Press his son had been bullied. Learning that news prompted Rice to post some thoughts on his Facebook page Tuesday.

“Not related to Perry Hall directly and not advocating for or defending bullies, but when a kid shoots another kid, something is really, really wrong. Bullying or not, how does nobody notice that something is going wrong in the kid’s life? How do people stand by and do nothing? We need to start saying ‘what’s wrong?’ and do something about it before tragedy strikes! I can’t help but wonder if someone was kind to these kids if their paths would have shifted long ago and tragedies would be averted. Just makes me think…and wonder…and hope for better things.”

As The Baltimore Sun points out, the subject of bullying is meaningful to Rice. The running back spoke about it in June to thousands of people at Merriweather Post Pavilion as part of his “A Ray of Hope: A Pro-Kindness, Anti-Bullying, Teen Suicide Prevention Outreach.” In light of that, he tried leaving youngsters with a positive message Tuesday morning.

“Students…today when you go to school…Sit with someone who is alone at the lunch table, befriend the new kid in class, lend a helping hand, make it a point to be kind, and if you see something that is not quite right, say something!! You can be a HERO to someone, just by being their FRIEND!” he wrote on Facebook.

The two notes seem to have reached a wide number of people on Facebook, and hopefully even more will heed his advice. It’s the type of advice that could help not just students, but also parents, working professionals, and even other football players.

White Sox wear ‘Caddyshack’ outfits before road trip (Pictures)

With Robin Ventura in his first season after replacing Ozzie Guillen and a roster that has a different look this year, nobody expected the White Sox to be in first place in the AL Central at the end of August. The division was supposed to belong to the Tigers, but Chicago has overachieved and currently leads Detroit by two games. From the look of it, they’re having fun along the way.

Before their trip to Baltimore Sunday night, the White Sox threw on their best “Caddyshack” golf attire, which included some spectacular sets of retro slacks. We’ve seen cowboy outfits, white outs, Nintendo costumes, hockey jerseys, tacky tuxedoes and more. What will they think of next?


Patriots rookies rock awful hazing haircuts to formal team function (Pictures)

Over the years, we have shown you a lot of rookie hazing haircuts here on LBS. Most of them have been phenomenal and teams have done a great job of keeping things original and coming up with new ways to embarrass the newcomers every year. However, we tend to forget that the context we generally see the haircuts in is the least humiliating. Nobody cares what their hair looks like in the locker room or under a football helmet. When the rookies have to go out in public, that’s when the fun begins.


Sweaty Rangers fan got a little emotional in the 9th inning (Video)

I’m not sure there was anyone at the Ballpark in Arlington on Monday night who wanted a win more than this guy. This Rangers fan was hooting and hollering to the point where both the people next to them were full of embarrassment during the 9th inning of Texas’ 6-5 win over the Rays. I was trying to figure out if this guy was so emotional that he was crying, but it looks like he was just suffering from a combination of being drunk and overheated (the beads of water on his face were actually just sweat, we think). If the Angels players had half the heart of this freak, maybe they’d be in first.

Oh, and we must mention that the Rangers had Carlos Pena perfectly defended with the shift. Elvis Andrus just to the right of second base? Chalk another point up for advanced scouting.

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Rays’ Sean Rodriguez breaks hand punching locker days before being called up

If Sean Rodriguez could turn the clock back to Sunday morning, he certainly would. The Rays infielder has been spending time with the team’s Triple-A club in Durham, but he was set to be called back up to the majors on Sept. 1 when teams expand their rosters. Because of a lapse in judgment over the weekend, that won’t be happening.

Rodriguez punched a locker in frustration after Durham’s game on Sunday and fractured his hand. The injury could cost him the rest of the season.

“It was obviously stupid and immature,” he said by phone Monday according to the Tampa Tribune. “I’m just hoping it doesn’t affect the team too much. The minute it happened I regretted it. It was just dumb. It is inexcusable.”

Rays manager Joe Maddon said he understands why a player might get upset — especially after spending time in the minors — but added that it is “unfortunate” he decided to hit something.

“It’s too bad because he fits really well right now,” Maddon said. “We sent him down with specific ideas and instructions, what to work on regarding coming back and when he was coming back. It was all set up. Everything was there and it’s just unfortunate that this happened.”

It’s a shame, but this is becoming an extremely common story across the MLB. We already saw a Red Sox outfielder cut his season short by punching something and Hanley Ramirez give everyone a scare by taking his frustrations out on a cooling fan. For someone like Rodriguez who is 27 years old and looking to establish himself as a viable major leaguer, not being able to control your temper can alter a career path.

Fist bump to FOX Sports Florida’s Dave Scheiber

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