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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Ashley Judd and Dick Vitale kiss at Kentucky game

Ashley Judd Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale, you sly devil, you.

Dickie V. is buddies with actress Ashley Judd, who has long been known for being a huge Kentucky Wildcats supporter. She is a fan of the basketball team and frequently attends their games. Vitale being one of the faces of college basketball and all is friends with Judd and decided to go Richard Dawson on Judd by stealing a good luck kiss from her prior to Sunday’s SEC Tournament championship game, which UK won 78-63.

Looks like Judd’s prediction about UK going 34-0 was accurate (not that it was too tough of a prediction to make).

Kentucky players did not cut down nets after winning SEC Tournament

Kentucky basketball

Kentucky’s basketball players did not cut down the nets after winning the SEC Tournament on Sunday because they have much bigger goals in mind. Instead, they let the team managers handle the job.

The Wildcats supplemented their 31-0 perfect regular season by going 3-0 in the conference tourney to run their unblemished mark to 34-0. The goal has been to go 40-0, which would mean a perfect run through the NCAA Tournament and national championship.

Even though the team’s players did not cut down the nets, that does not mean they did not celebrate or take home souvenirs:

I’ve expressed a dislike of John Calipari in the past, but I have to admit I want to see Kentucky go 40-0. It’s fun watching teams make history, and going 40-0 would be an incredible feat.

Georgia State coach Ron Hunter tears achilles celebrating win (Video)

Georgia State punched its ticket to the NCAA Tournament with a win over Georgia Southern in the Sun Belt Championship on Sunday, but the team may be taking instruction from a coach on crutches during the Big Dance.

Georgia State coach Ron Hunter was celebrating his team’s 38-36 win (yeah, you read that right) when he appeared to suffer a knee injury. He was helped off the floor by two Panthers staffers.

As it turns out, Hunter tore his achilles while embracing his son, Georgia State star RJ Hunter.

We have shown you plenty of unfortunate celebration injuries over the years here at LBS, but this has to be one of the worst. Hunter is likely going to be in a lot of pain while trying to prepare his team for the NCAA Tourney.


H/T SB Nation

Matthew Stafford’s girlfriend Kelly Hall enjoyed her bachelorette party


Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is marrying his longtime girlfriend Kelly Hall next month. But before that happens, Ms. Hall is intent on having her way with Sin City.

Hall, a former Georgia cheerleader, spent the weekend in Las Vegas with several of her close — and very attractive — friends. It looked like plenty of fun was had, and cheerleading even became a theme at one point.

As it should be, the bride-to-be was clearly the life of the party.

If you’re familiar with that time Kelly went “drunk modeling” in Costa Rica, you know she probably gave Vegas all it could handle. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Head over to Page 2 for more photos from the bachelorette party.

Photo: Instagram/Kelly Hall

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Wayne Rooney mocks boxing controversy after scoring goal (Video)

Wayne Rooney scored the third goal of the day for Manchester United on Sunday to give his team a 3-0 lead over Tottenham before halftime. His celebration proved that he is very in touch with the tabloids.

Over the weekend, The Sun published a video that showed Rooney and former teammate Phil Bardsley having a playful boxing match inside someone’s house. The video ends when Rooney seemingly gets knocked out by Bardsley and hits the floor. The “fight” is said to have taken place last month, and Rooney went on to score two goals in his next game.

The friendly sparring match clearly hasn’t affected Rooney’s play. In fact, Bardsley wife says the footage cut out just before Rooney hopped up and shared a laugh with his opponent.

Still, there was enough buzz surrounding the alleged knockout that Rooney was clearly waiting for an opportunity to poke fun at the overreaction.


We have seen more creative goal celebrations than that, but give credit to Rooney for keeping up with current events. Given the way he has played over the last few weeks, Bardsley should knock him out more often.

H/T Deadspin

Report: Johnny Manziel doing ‘extremely well’ in rehab

Johnny Manziel laughing

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel left rehab on Friday afternoon for a brief trip, but he has not yet been discharged from the treatment facility. Manziel remains in a treatment program after six weeks, and he is supposedly handling it very well.

According to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, people close to Manziel say the program has helped the 22-year-old.

Many people thought Manziel was checking into rehab as a brief public relations stunt, but the longer he is there the less likely that seems. Teammates have praised Manziel for making a mature decision and he seems to be seeing it through.

Manziel’s rookie season was incredibly frustrating for the Browns. The team was openly disappointed in his work ethic and even had to go to his house to pick him up one time because he was allegedly out partying the night before. The Browns signed veteran quarterback Josh McCown this offseason, so it remains to be seen if Manziel can win the starting job.

Bryce Harper campaigns for Kris Bryant to make Cubs’ opening day roster

Kris Bryant

Bryce Harper is the latest to sound off on behalf of Kris Bryant.

Bryant is one of the top prospects in MLB (if not the top prospect), and the 2013 No. 2 pick by the Cubs is battling for a spot on the big league team. He certainly appears to have proven his case by clubbing six home runs in 20 at-bats during spring training, while hitting .450. That’s in addition to bashing 43 home runs in his first full season of pro ball last year, one in which he split time between Double and Triple-A.

After seeing that Bryant homered TWICE on Saturday, Harper sent the following tweet:

The tweet continues the trend of Harper supporting fellow Las Vegas athletes/teams, like he has done in the past.

The question of whether Bryant will open camp with the Cubs has been one of the most persistent ones all offseason and spring. The thinking has been that Chicago might keep Bryant down in the minors to start the season in order to delay his major league service time clock from beginning, which would keep him from reaching free agency a year early. The Nationals did the same thing to Harper, so he knows all about that practice.

While we understand the Cubs’ desire to prevent Bryant from reaching free agency a year early and potentially achieving “Super Two” status, keeping him in the minors to start the season could rob them of a difference-maker on their big league team. And with their stated goal of trying to win the division, you figure they would want to have their best lineup out there when the season begins. However, if keeping Bryant down in the minors for two weeks means they get him for an extra season, I think the math adds up there.

Stephen Curry gets awesome custom birthday cake


stephen-curry-three-point-championThe Warriors play the Knicks Saturday night, which also happens to be Stephen Curry’s birthday. To mark the occasion, Under Armour hooked Curry up with special shoes to wear. The now 27-year-old also had a pretty awesome birthday cake waiting for him upon arriving to Oracle Arena.

The impressive dessert is modeled after the trophy Curry was awarded for winning this year’s three-point shooting contest during all-star weekend.

The Warriors are playing the second game of a back-to-back set on Saturday and Curry was given Friday off as a rest day. That probably means the Knicks are in store for a birthday fireworks display from one of the NBA’s leading MVP candidates.

Photo via: Twitter/JeffFaraudo

Rajai Davis forgets jersey, wears bench coach Gene Lamont’s (Video)

May 24, 1975 was the date the last time Gene Lamont had an at-bat in Major League Baseball game. On Saturday, he was in a batter’s box during a spring training game. More specifically, Lamont’s jersey was.

Tigers outfielder Rajai Davis forgot his jersey for the team’s away game against the Yankees, so he was forced to find a replacement. That’s when Gene Lamont came in to provide some assistance. Fortunately, Davis’ actual jersey finally arrived courtesy of clubhouse manager Jim Schmakel.

Davis flied out while wearing Lamont’s jersey. He would later hit a ground rule double wearing his customary No. 20.


Jordan Cameron’s agents manipulated media to get contract with Dolphins

Jordan Cameron

The agents for tight end Jordan Cameron appear to have pulled a clever maneuver in order to get the deal they were seeking for their client.

Cameron on Thursday signed a two-year deal with the Miami Dolphins for $15 million despite also being in contract talks with the Cleveland Browns. What transpired during the evening certainly makes it appear as if Cameron’s agents manipulated a few national reporters in order to get the Dolphins to pony up with their best contract offer.

Apparently Cameron was in Miami meeting with the Dolphins Thursday night about a potential contract. His agents Tom Condon and R.J. Gonser were in negotiations with the Browns at the same time and approved terms of a contract for the tight end, Mary Kay Cabot of the NEOMG reports. Then something strange happened — word leaked from reporters that Cameron had finalized a deal with the Browns, which was not true.

News of Cameron’s deal with the Browns came from highly respected national reporters Ian Rapoport, Rand Getlin and Adam Schefter, all within five minutes of each other:

Despite many prominent reporters saying Cameron was returning to the Browns, others said the deal wasn’t done.


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