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Saturday, June 25, 2016


Kyrie Irving dances, does running man challenge in Bahamas

Kyrie Irving running man challenge

Kyrie Irving is just loving life after winning his first NBA championship, and the man is celebrating just like he deserves to.

Just days after being in Cleveland for the team’s victory parade, the Cavaliers point guard was down at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas partying it up.

A few young women saw him dancing with friends at a bar area and recorded it. Watch Kyrie hit the Running Man Challenge:

Note the Jumpshot Jesus T-shirt he was wearing:

Kyrie also made headlines for celebrating on a yacht:

H/T Black Sports Online

Roni Rose addresses Mad Girls Fitness prostitution ring story

Roni Rose Steph Curry

Remember Roni Rose, the woman who went viral during the NBA Finals for lusting after Steph Curry? Well Rose is back in the news this week after some websites linked her to a an alleged prostitution ring that was busted by undercover police.

Bay Area news outlets reported this week that 54-year-old Dominic Salazar was arrested on suspicion of running a prostitution ring. Salazar created a company called Mad Girls Fitness, which he advertised as a modeling/photography company. But police believe it was a front for a prostitution ring.

The Mad Girls Fitness website boasts in its about section:

MAD GIRLS is primarily a Professional Modeling, Advertising and Artistic Ad Photography company. We also offer Professional Private Training Services such as Private Modeling, Private Dance, Private Massage and Private Pole Dance and Private Pole Fitness Training and job placement.

The San Jose Mercury News says authorities believe Salazar used the modeling aspect of the company to lure women in, but then told women they had to be prostitutes first before becoming models.

So how does Rose fit in? Well photos of a woman named Rose who strongly resembles Roni appeared on the Mad Girls Fitness website, leading some websites to link her to the ring.


Manny Pacquiao-Adrien Broner fight set for October?


There has been a lot of chatter this week about a Manny Pacquiao-Adrien Broner fight set for October, but the fight either is or isn’t happening depending on whom you ask.

Word of a Pacquiao-Broner clash first emerged on Thursday, when Golden Boy Promotions VP Eric Gomez was talking with Boxing Scene about fights he wanted to set up for Canelo Alvarez. Gomez said Golden Boy was interested in making a match between Canelo and Pacquiao, but the Filipino was already taken.

Here are the original comments:

“We’re close to finalizing an opponent. We have a short list. We’re very close. We’ll be announcing it shortly but one of the guys we were interested in was (Manny) Pacquiao. We’d love to do a Pacquiao fight but from what we hear he has a deal to fight Adrien Broner,” Gomez told about possible opponents for Canelo.

With Pacquiao supposedly unavailable, Golden Boy announced they had settled on Liam Smith as Canelo’s opponent.

Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum says that’s a bunch of crap from Gomez and believes Golden Boy is only creating this story to spin attention away from the fact that Canelo is fighting a low-quality opponent.

Gomez, however, responded on Friday and says he met with Arum about a Pacquiao-Canelo fight a couple of months ago.

“But I do have it under good authority that (Pacquiao) is fighting Broner in an October pay-per-view. So he’s going to be fighting a month after Canelo because he has September,” Gomez told Boxing Scene.

Meanwhile, Arum continues to issue denials, saying he’s not even sure if Pacquiao, who was recently elected to the senate in the Philippines, is willing to continue his fighting career. However, he did note they would consider Broner as a potential opponent if Pac-Man does return to the ring.

Johnny Manziel’s dad calls son a ‘druggie,’ says jail is best place for him

Johnny Manziel

The reality of Johnny Manziel’s troubling condition is painfully evident for the quarterback’s father, Paul.

Paul Manziel was interviewed on “SportsCenter” Friday after news emerged that Manziel’s lawyer accidentally texted the AP and revealed a plan for a plea deal in his son’s legal case.

In the interview with Josina Anderson, Paul Manziel called his son a “druggie” and said jail was the safest place.

“He’s a druggie. It’s not a secret that he’s a druggie. I don’t know what to say other than my son is a druggie and he needs help. He just hasn’t seeked it yet,” Paul Manziel said. “Hopefully he doesn’t die before he comes to his senses. That’s about all you can say. I don’t know what else to say. I hate to say it but I hope he goes to jail. I mean, that would be the best place for him. So we’ll see.”

The disappointment surrounding Manziel’s struggles from Heisman Trophy winner to party animal/druggie takes an entirely new meaning when seen through the lens of the father. It’s truly sad because back in February, Paul Manziel also expressed concern for Johnny, saying he thought his son was on a path towards death.

Lawyer accidentally reveals Johnny Manziel spent $1,000 on drug paraphernalia

Johnny Manziel tape Browns

The state of affairs surrounding troubled quarterback Johnny Manziel is so toxic that even his attorneys are screwing up on the job.

Defense lawyer Bob Hinton, one of the attorneys handling Manziel’s domestic violence case, recently sent a text message by accident to the Associated Press revealing that he is seeking a plea deal for his client, citing doubts that Manziel can stay clean. The text message also divulged that Hinton was given a receipt showing that Manziel spent over $1,000 at a drug paraphernalia store some 15 hours after being involved in a hit-and-run crash Monday night.

The text message from Hinton was supposedly meant for another attorney on the case but instead was accidentally sent to the AP, who had contacted Hinton for comment on the crash. Hinton also added in the text that he wasn’t sure if the receipt, which allegedly reflected a purchase of $1,018.77 at a Gas Pipe store by Manziel on Tuesday, was “legitimate.”

Manziel initially entered a “not guilty” plea to the misdemeanor assault charge in the case, but could be suspended by the NFL regardless of the outcome. While the former Heisman winner still wants to play in 2016, it’s clear that he has other serious issues to deal with at the moment.

Report: Tarvaris Jackson arrested for pulling gun on wife, threatening to kill her

Tarvaris Jackson

Free agent quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was arrested early Friday morning while visiting family and friends in Kissimmee, Fla., after allegedly pulling a gun on his wife and threatening to kill her.

Jackson, who has spent the past four seasons with the Seahawks, got into an argument with his wife. His wife told police Jackson can become violent when he is drunk and has hit her in the past, according to a police report obtained by WESH’s Chris Hush.

Jackson and his wife were apparently arguing, leading the quarterback to begin packing his bags. Jackson then said he was going to leave. He apparently went and got a gun out of a bag, loaded it and pointed it at her. He then threatened to kill her according to the police report, saying “I’ll kill you b—, I’ll kill you.”

One of Jackson’s friends apparently grabbed a hold of him and was able to stop him. During the incident, Jackson’s wife says she grabbed a knife and clothing iron at various points to protect herself. Their children were in the home and asleep at the time.

Jackson told a different tale to police, saying that nothing occurred except for the two arguing consistently throughout their. He also denied that there was a gun in the home even though police found one, along with some marijuana.

Here is a look at the community where they were staying:

Jackson, 33, is currently a free agent. He has spent nine seasons in the NFL — five with the Vikings and the past four with Seattle. He has been charged with aggravated assault.

Spike Lee managed to attend Knicks’ Derrick Rose press conference


For your average fan, introductory press conferences are generally something you catch on TV or stream online. You also have the option of following the quotes on Twitter and, in some markets, listening on on the team’s flagship radio station. There’s no chance you get to attend one and meet the player being introduced, though.

Of course, Spike Lee is not your average fan. The Knicks superfan managed to find his way into the New York Knicks’ introductory Derrick Rose press conference.

Lee even got a photo with the man himself, which he immediately shared on his Instagram.

Lee, of course, has skipped the Oscars to go to Knicks games before, so it’s not that much of a surprise he managed to find his way in here. We’re guessing that the next time Rose hits a game-winning shot, Lee’s reaction will be a whole lot different than it was here a few years back.

H/T ForTheWin

DeMarcus Cousins insists draft night tweet was about ‘a hot sculpting class’

DeMarcus Cousins

If only DeMarcus Cousins was as good at lying as he is in the low post.

After creating a small stir by seemingly express displeasure with the Kings’ moves on draft night with a conveniently-timed subtweet, Cousins tried his best to set the record straight on Friday, albeit jestingly so.

The All-Star center told Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated that the tweet had nothing to do with the draft and instead joked that it was about “a hot sculpting class.”

Now, I’m not gonna deny the power of the art of sculpting to serve as a deep religious experience. But Boogie doesn’t seem entirely convincing here.

Either way, Cousins probably has good reason to be irked with Sacramento’s draft night decisions. They traded down from the No. 8 spot to select a couple of project big men (unknown Greek center Georgios Papagiannis at No. 13 and unrefined Kentucky big man Skal Labissiere at No. 28) to crowd the Kings’ frontcourt with Cousins, Willie Cauley-Stein, and Kosta Koufos. They also managed to acquire Bogdan Bogdanovic for their troubles while trading Marco Belinelli, a three-point shooter on an affordable contract, for the No. 22 pick (Syracuse’s Malachi Richardson) in a separate deal.

With the amount of frustration Cousins has suffered at the hands of the Kings over the years, at some point he may just quit basketball altogether and actually become a professional sculptor.

H/T theScore

Kevin Durant reportedly ‘fine’ with Serge Ibaka trade

Kevin Durant

One of the big questions in the wake of the Oklahoma City Thunder trading Serge Ibaka to Orlando was how Kevin Durant would react. It turns out that Durant is reportedly accepting of the trade.

According to Zach Lowe of ESPN, Durant is understood to be “fine” with the deal, and it seems unlikely to impact his free agency decision.

There was some concern that trading a player who has been key to Oklahoma City’s rise just as he was entering his physical prime would put off Durant, who will have plenty of options this summer. Ibaka may have been entering the final year of his deal, but if Durant decides to come back for one more year, it stood to reason that he may have wanted Ibaka back with him.

Perhaps Durant was aware of Ibaka’s apparent discontent in Oklahoma City. Regardless, it sounds like Durant isn’t too bothered by the deal. It probably helps that the Thunder got back two quality young pieces in return to play with him if he does elect to return.

H/T theScore

Derrick Rose thinks Knicks fans will appreciate him more

Derrick Rose Knicks

Derrick Rose had a tumultuous relationship with Chicago Bulls fans, and the former MVP thinks New York Knicks fans will appreciate him more.

Rose was introduced to the media in New York on Friday as an official member of the Knicks following his trade there on Wednesday. He said he wasn’t sure why the Bulls traded him, but he feels he will be appreciated more in New York.

“I don’t know why I was traded. But I would like to tell them thank you. Giving me another start. I’m grateful to be where I’m at,” Rose said. “I feel like they’re going to appreciate me a little bit more.”

Rose was a hometown kid drafted No. 1 overall by the Bulls in 2008 and he more than lived up to the promise of being a top overall pick. He won Rookie of the Year in his first season and became the youngest MVP in the league three years later. But Rose then suffered severe knee injuries and frustrated Bulls fans by recovering on his schedule, declining to play even after being medically cleared to do so until he felt mentally ready to play.

That led to Bulls fans and the media turning on him, viewing him as selfish, and it led the team to eventually trade him to the Knicks this week. Rose said he is looking forward to a new start and acknowledged that the reality of being on a new team hasn’t completely sunk in yet.

“It still don’t feel real,” Rose said. “Seeing my picture on a billboard or a screen outside the building, it kind of blew me away.”

Rose said he would try to recruit one of his former teammates, Joakim Noah, to the Knicks. More importantly for the Knicks, he says he thinks he is close to regaining his MVP form.

Now that they have Rose in the mix, the next step for the Knicks is going after Kevin Durant.

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