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Monday, December 22, 2014


Chad Kelly arrested for fighting police, using AK-47 as threat

Chad Kelly Ole Miss

Chad Kelly, a troubled high-profile college football quarterback and the nephew of Buffalo Bills great Jim Kelly, was arrested Sunday after allegedly getting into a fight with employees at a bar and later police officers.

Kelly punched a bouncer in the face at a restaurant/bar in Buffalo called Encore, The Buffalo News reports. He was with a friend who was previously kicked out of the bar but tried to re-enter. Kelly allegedly threatened two bouncers while fighting with them.

“I’m going to go to my car and get my AK-47 and spray this place,” he said, according to The News.

Later, police responded to the threat and stopped a truck in which Kelly was a passenger. They forcibly removed the quarterback from the car, but he kicked and tried to punch them. He also supposedly resisted going into the officers’ car and was difficult at the police station.

The Buffalo News says Kelly faces multiple charges including “third-degree assault, second-degree harassment, second-degree menacing, resisting arrest, fourth-degree criminal mischief and second-degree obstructing governmental administration.”

Kelly recently signed on to attend Ole Miss following a dynamite season at East Mississippi Community College. He initially attended Clemson, but he was kicked off the team following multiple events, such as him yelling at coaches and being disrespectful to Miss South Carolina.

Skip Bayless tried to claim he picked Cowboys to win NFC East; Twitter proves otherwise

Skip Bayless spent a good part of Sunday trying to brag on Twitter about his prediction that the Dallas Cowboys would win the NFC East.

I have no idea when Skip supposedly made this declaration, but he claims to have done it before the season began:

Sure enough, thanks to the Eagles’ loss to the Redskins Saturday and the Cowboys’ win over the Colts, Dallas clinched the division. Bayless was right there to brag about his supposed correct prediction.

The only problem is you can’t get over too easily on the Twitter crowd. They were quick to remind the commentator about his pick in July that the Redskins would win the division:

Skip Bayless Redskins win NFC East

Now that’s the way to do picks. Pick two teams out of four to win the division, have a 50-50 chance of being right, and just hope everyone forgets about the incorrect pick.

This is the second time we’ve seen someone call out Bayless for a bad prediction in the last month. The last time was even better because it was another ESPN employee calling him out.

Earl Thomas calls Texas ‘DBU’ (Video)

Earl ThomasEarl Thomas gave a special shoutout to his alma mater during introductions for “Sunday Night Football” on NBC.

Thomas, who is obviously proud of his roots, said he went to “Texas” and called his school, “DBU,” which is a reference to Texas’ history of producing good defensive backs.

This isn’t the first time someone from Texas referred to the school as “DBU” — Tarrell Brown did it, too.

Though this debate has been going on for years, it looks like Texas’ claim as “DBU” may not be accurate at the moment, if you’re talking current numbers. According to my check, LSU has 10 defensive backs in the NFL, while Texas has eight. Wouldn’t that make LSU “DBU”?

Jim Abbott posts great tweet about DeMarco Murray’s hand injury


After suffering a broken bone in his left hand during last week’s game, DeMarco Murray underwent surgery on Monday. For the remainder of the week, the running back’s hand was the subject of much discussion and there was speculation up until Sunday whether or not Murray would be active for the team’s game against the Colts. With a pad on the hand, Murray rushed for 58 yards and a touchdown as Dallas cruised to a 42-7 victory.

Among those who didn’t understand what all the fuss was about was former Major League Baseball pitcher Jim Abbott, who was born without a right hand and went on to play 10 seasons for the Angels, Yankees, White Sox, and Brewers.

Abbott took to his Twitter account on Sunday to mention he was confident enough in Murray to start him on his fantasy team.

Sometimes it just takes someone to put things in perspective. In this case, it was Jim Abbott who did that quite perfectly.

This Rams blocked field goal was awesome (Video)

The St. Louis Rams pulled off a blocked field goal in incredible fashion on Sunday.

St. Louis was already down 37-27 with two minutes left and very little chance of a comeback, but that didn’t stop Daren Bates from going all-out. Bates perfectly timed the snap, hurdled the hunter, and then he hopped in front of the kick attempt and blocked it.

The Rams lost a fumble on the next play and lost 37-27, but that shouldn’t stop us from praising Bates for his awesome play.

Look at how much air he got:

Rams blocked field goal

With a leap like that, Bates could compete with Adrian Wilson and Joey Gathright in the high jump.

EJ Gaines knocked out by hit from teammate TJ McDonald (Video)

E.J. Gaines was knocked out and later carted off the field after being drilled by teammate T.J. McDonald on a hit during Sunday’s Giants-Rams game.

Gaines dove to break up a second down pass from the Giants intended for Odell Beckham Jr. At the same time, McDonald launched himself to try making a hit on Beckham. Unfortunately McDonald missed his target and ended up hitting Gaines in the head, knocking out his teammate.

Gaines was down and eventually carted off the field, however he did give a thumbs up.

EJ Gaines hit

FOX said Gaines was being evaluated for a possible head injury.

Cam Newton: Panthers fans ‘classless’ for cheering Johnny Manziel injury

Johnny Manziel injury

Cam Newton had some harsh words for fans at Sunday’s Panthers-Browns game who cheered when Johnny Manziel was injured.

According to AP reporter Steve Reed, Newton said the move by the fans was “classless.”

“We are better than that,” Newton added.

Not only was Newton saying that because cheering an injured player is a poor show by the crowd, but also because he was the subject of a taunt by his home crowd recently.

Last week, a fan at the Panthers’ home game mocked Newton by dressing up in a car accident outfit.

Between these two issues, Panthers fans are starting to develop a reputation that rivals Philly sports fans.

Here is the play where Manziel suffered his injury, though you cannot hear the fans:

Jameis Winston cleared in FSU Code of Conduct hearing


Jameis Winston was cleared in the hearing regarding his alleged violation of Florida State’s code of conduct.

The hearing regarding a charge that Winston sexually assaulted a female student in 2012 was completed on Dec. 3, and a decision was finally rendered by retired Florida superior court justice Major Harding.

Harding decided that there was not a preponderance of evidence to find Winston guilty of the accusation; the burden of proof in a Title IX case is lower than it would be in a criminal investigation.

“This was a complex case, and I worked hard to make sure both parties had a full and fair opportunity to present information,” Harding said in a letter to Winston, according to USA Today. In sum, the preponderance of the evidence has not shown that you are responsible for any of the charge violations of the Code. Namely, I find that the evidence before me is insufficient to satisfy the burden of proof.”

Harding said he did not find one subject’s story to be “substantially stronger” than the other’s.

“As summarized in the preceding paragraphs, the evidence regarding the events that unfolded between you and (the woman) once in your room is irreconcilable,” Harding wrote. “In light of all the circumstances, I do not find the credibility of one story substantially stronger than that of the other. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. I cannot find with any confidence that the events as set forth by you, (the woman), or a particular combination thereof is more probable than not as required to find you responsible for a violation of the Code.”

Winston was not charged for criminal sexual assault, however he and Tallahassee police may be sued by the alleged victim in civil court.

Winston is preparing for Florida State’s playoff game against Oregon at the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1.

Giants-Rams fight after late hit; 3 ejected (Video)

Rams vs Giants brawl by dyce1809

Three players were ejected from Sunday’s Giants-Rams game after a late hit on Odell Beckham Jr. led to a fight between the teams.

Beckham caught a pass on 1st-and-10 in the second quarter and took it out of bounds for six yards. Rams LB Alec Ogletree forced him out and then finished his tackle of Beckham out of bounds. Beckham responded by throwing the ball at Ogletree, who gave Beckham a push in response.

Had matters stopped there, the Rams probably would have just been penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. However, a few Giants jumped in, leading to two unnecessary roughness penalties for New York, pushing them back to the 13.

The Rams’ William Hayes and Preston Parker and Damontre Moore of the Giants got thrown out for their roles in the fight. This was the second time in the game the Rams were penalized for a hit out of bounds on Beckham.

Giants Rams fight

Cedric Benson arrested for public intoxication

Cedric-Benson-Arrested-For-AssaultStop me if you have heard this before: Cedric Benson was arrested for an alcohol-related offense.

Benson, who starred at Texas before enjoying a 7-year career in the NFL, was arrested Saturday night after arguing with a woman inside a taxi cab in Austin, according to a report.

Austin police records say there was a “verbal disturbance between a male and a female in a cab,” leading to Benson’s arrest.

Benson was booked into Travis County jail at 5:22 a.m. Saturday morning.

Benson was arrested for drunken driving in 2008, not long after he was arrested for boating while intoxicated, also in Texas. He was arrested in 2010 for allegedly punching a bartender in the face. In 2011, Benson turned himself in to serve 20 days in jail for beating up a family member.

Benson has not played in the NFL since 2012 and was recently attempting a comeback.

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