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Thursday, November 20, 2014


FSU shooting video taken by students inside Strozier Library

What was it like inside Strozier Library on the Florida State University campus while students were taking cover because of a shooting? This video shows us.

The video shows students hearing an announcement over the speakers saying there was a shooting inside the library. As you can see, the students were huddled around in confusion as they were told to wait to be rescued floor-by-floor.

FSU Strozier Library shooting

Florida State shooting reportedly ends at Strozier Library

At least two people were injured by gunshots on Florida State’s campus in Tallahassee late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, ABC News reports.

Reports first emerged over social media saying there was a shooting on the FSU campus.

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An alert was sent out telling those around campus to take safety, indicating a dangerous situation existed.

A Florida State student sent out this alarming tweet stating that there was a shooter at Strozier Library.

Gawker’s Adam Weinstein was on the scene and provided these photos and information on the shooting:

Weinstein is speaking with witnesses, including someone who says they heard police light up the alleged shooter with about 30 shots.

On Page 2 you can see the tweets of a student who live-tweeted the experience.

Brandon Knight somehow misses layup in OT (Video)

Brandon KnightBrandon Knight somehow missed a wide open layup at the end of overtime Wednesday in the Bucks-Nets game.

With the game tied at 105 and just a few seconds left, Knight got a steal and raced the other direction for a layup. Perhaps because he was in a race to beat the clock, Knight threw the layup off the backboard too hard and missed it, sending the game to a second overtime.

Luckily for Knight, his Bucks won it 122-118 in triple OT. Knight made two free throws at the end to turn it into a two-possession game.

Vince Carter cries during Raptors’ tribute video

Vince Carter RaptorsVince Carter’s relationship with the city of Toronto may finally be repaired.

Carter was acquired by the Raptors on draft day in 1998, won the Rookie of the Year award, and he made the All-Star team in all but his rookie season with Toronto. Though the team was initially successful and made the playoffs three straight seasons with Carter, Air Canada wasn’t long for the city and wanted out when things started falling apart. He was eventually traded to the Nets, and he was heavily booed every time he returned to play a game in the city. The fans just never forgave him for leaving and for saying he didn’t work as hard as he could have.

Now that he is 38 and close to retirement, it seems like Toronto has finally forgiven Carter for leaving. The Raptors played a tribute video to Vince during Wednesday’s Raptors-Grizzlies game as part of their recognition for the 20th anniversary team. Despite initially booing, the fans eventually gave Carter a standing ovation.

Carter was moved by the fan reaction and tribute, and he even cried. The reception was well deserved, and it’s about time the fans forgave him.

Mario Williams arrived at Jim Kelly’s house in a Caterpillar to help dig him out (Video)

As you probably already know, Buffalo, NY was hit with a massive snowstorm earlier this week that dumped more than five feet of snow in some areas. As if that wasn’t enough, additional accumulation of up to three feet is expected Thursday and Friday.

A few members of the Buffalo Bills have posted photos and videos via social media showing the conditions at their respective homes and the team has tweeted photos from Ralph Wilson Stadium, which may or may not be hosting the team’s game this Sunday against the New York Jets. The tentative plan for the game to go on as scheduled, although the possibility exists that it may be moved to Monday.

One of Buffalo’s more popular and well-known residents, Jim Kelly, received some help cleaning his driveway from a couple of buddies. One of them was Bills defensive end Mario Williams, who was was behind the controls of a Caterpillar.

Williams posted the below photo to his Instagram account with the caption:

“Either my driveway is going to be free and clear of snow or my yard is going to be destroyed lol. At least 3-4 feet already.”


Hopefully, Williams didn’t destroy Kelly’s yard.

Michael Irvin live tweeted about Hummer running out of gas

Michael-Irvin-Colts-Garbage-Without-Peyton-ManningMichael Irvin is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a three-time Super Bowl champion, and one of the best receivers in NFL history. He’s also more than capable of having a bad day, just like the rest of us.

Wednesday proved to be one of those days for the Dallas Cowboys legend.

For starters, Irvin’s Hummer H2 ran out of gas in the morning as he was on his way to The Potter’s House.

Thankfully, a man came to the rescue and before you know it the two were sifting gas into the vehicle.

I’m not sure how many people rode by wondering if the two were stealing the vehicle, but a few probably did a double take and asked themselves, “Did I just see Michael Irvin on the side of the road holding an Ozarka jug?”

The smile on Irvin’s face was nonexistent later in the day as problems arose at the airport. First his flight to San Francisco was delayed. Then, he was stuck on the runway for two hours.

After a Twitter user mentioned that it was just not Irvin’s day, the NFL Network analyst was quick to point out that he still had to actually make it to San Francisco safe and sound. After the day he’d had, it’s tough to argue with Irvin responding that way.

Let’s hope Michael Irvin’s day ends on a good note.

Marcus Mariota got speeding ticket for doing 80 in a 55

Marcus MariotaBetter start moving Marcus Mariota down those draft boards because of obvious character concerns.

The Oregon star quarterback was ticketed last week for speeding after being clocked doing 80 mph in a 55-mph zone.

Mariota faces a $260 fine, which can be reduced. His court date is also the same day as the Home Depot college football awards, though it’s unlikely he’ll have to miss that.

Mariota was said to be polite and respectful during the stop, which I’m sure will be comforting for Ducks fans. What’s more comforting is that he was driving a Nissan sedan. At other schools, the star quarterback would probably be caught driving a BMW or Lexus, which could probably trigger some sort of potential violations investigation.

Oregon and its rebellious quarterback face Colorado on Saturday.

NFL Week 12 expert picks against the spread – Del’s picks

Del had one of his worst weeks of the season with a 5-9 record against the spread in Week 11. Fortunately, there was once again a silver lining. Del went 2-0 in his top picks, which are the ones he would be putting his money on if (cough, cough) he was a gambler. Del is now 18-9 in his top picks this season. Doc and Del are 32-13 combined.

Hopefully Week 12 will be a bounce-back week. Here are Del’s Week 12 NFL Picks, with analysis of the top picks after the sheet.

(ATS = Against the Spread, SU = Straight Up)


Though he really can’t explain it in detail, Del simply doesn’t believe in the Browns. On the contrary, he feels great about Matt Ryan and the Falcons anytime they play at home. The Browns looked surprisingly bad at home last weekend against a Texans team that had Ryan Mallett making his first career NFL start. They will now go on the road to face a team that somehow sits atop the NFC South despite its 4-6 record. The Falcons will be plenty motivated, which should be enough to help them pick up a win at home.

Del is also expecting a huge bounce-back week for the Broncos, who fell victim to a shocking upset against the Rams last week. To make matters worse, the Patriots beat the Colts. New England is now a game up on Denver for the top seed in the AFC and holds the head-to-head tiebreaker. With the way the Pats are playing, the Broncos will likely have to win out if they want a chance at the top seed and home field advantage throughout the postseason. Injuries to Emmanuel Sanders and Julius Thomas could create some obstacles for Peyton Manning, but I don’t think it will matter. The Dolphins shouldn’t be able to keep up on offense after making the cross-country flight.

Jay Gruden: Criticism of RG3 was a mistake

Jay Gruden RedskinsJay Gruden said on Wednesday that his criticism and singling out of Robert Griffin III was a “mistake.”

Griffin took responsibility after Sunday’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his poor performance, but he also said the entire team did not play well. In response a day later, Gruden said RG3 needs to worry about himself.

Griffin spent Wednesday’s press conference focusing on the future, while Gruden said he erred in the way he handled things.

“It was a mistake on my part,” Gruden said of singling out RG3. “After a loss like that we’re very disappointed in the way we played. The question came up about how he played and I just answered it first thing that came to my mind. Sometimes the first thing that comes to your mind isn’t the smartest thing.

“It wasn’t the right thing to do on my part. A correction should be made in-house. The play speaks for itself. The production on the field spoke for itself. The team was not good enough, was not prepared enough, was not coached well good enough to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

In other words, Gruden says he spoke the truth, but he recognizes speaking the truth to the public is not always a good thing; it’s better to keep problems handled within the team rather than expose them to the media and fans.

Much like the situation when Mike Shanahan was the head coach in Washington, it’s looking like either Gruden or RG3 will not be back next year. The two parties do not seem to be getting along.

Koraun Mayweather calls dad Floyd a ‘coward’ over domestic violence


When Floyd Mayweather Jr. shares photos on social media of all the lavish gifts he purchases for his children, he looks like the greatest dad in the world. But that’s not at all the full picture of his relationship with his kids, and we’ve learned that the gifts don’t necessarily buy him the respect of his offspring.

Josie Harris, who has given birth to three of Floyd’s four children, spoke with USA Today about her relationship with the boxer. Harris told the outlet that she suffered physical abuse from Mayweather on six occasions, including the well publicized incident that landed Mayweather in jail for two months back in 2012.

During that beating, Mayweather stormed into the Las Vegas-area home Harris shared with their three children and proceeded to assault her multiple times after he learned about her relationship with NBA player CJ Watson. Mayweather’s oldest son, Koraun, escaped the home and managed to tell the guard at the security gate to call police and an ambulance. Harris credits Koraun with saving her.

Even though Mayweather pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery, he publicly denies beating Harris. When pressured by Rachel Nichols in a recent interview, Mayweather called everything “allegations” and said there was no proof.

Koraun witnessed the beating and knows what happened. His father denying the beating has led to a loss of respect for his son.

“He is a coward,” Koraun told USA Today concerning his father’s refusal to admit his actions.

Knowing how vindictive and controlling his dad is, it takes a lot of courage for Koraun to say something like that.

Floyd may have bought Koraun a Bentley golf cart for the youngster’s 15th birthday, but we know what his son really feels deep down. That is a true shame, and Floyd should work to repair that and gain the respect of his children by admitting his actions. He should also admit that his actions are wrong and he should teach his children not to act that way.

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