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Friday, February 23, 2018


Gavin Floyd leaves with elbow fracture after throwing curveball

Gavin Floyd elbow

Gavin Floyd left his start Thursday against the Washington Nationals after throwing his first pitch of the 7th inning with an elbow injury that was later revealed to be a fracture.

Floyd hung a curveball to Jayson Werth which was pulled deep to left and foul. Floyd immediately looked over to the Atlanta Braves dugout because he knew something was wrong. A trainer came out to examine him, and he quickly exited the game.

Floyd was making his ninth start since returning from Tommy John surgery and enjoying his best outing. He had pitched six scoreless innings, struck out six, and only allowed two hits and a walk.

One person watching the game on the Braves’ TV feed took this screenshot of Floyd’s nasty elbow:

X-rays after the game revealed the fractured olecranon.

Spotted by tipster Arsen D.

The time Donald Sterling tried to wreck Chris Paul’s marriage

Donald SterlingDonald Sterling is such a repugnant being, he once tried to publicly ruin Chris Paul’s marriage.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne has a pretty incredible piece on Sterling that is full of incredible details and insight about the man and his character. We really recommend you read the entire thing.

One of the notable nuggets mentioned in the lengthy story concerns a party Sterling threw in 2012 to celebrate the Clippers making the playoffs. The whole story about the party is pretty funny, so we’ll include it below. The stuff about CP3’s marriage is just plain sad.

From Shelburne’s story:

In 2012, [Sterling] hired Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin impersonators for a party to celebrate the Clippers’ playoff berth. The Marilyn impersonator tried and failed to coax Blake Griffin and Chris Paul up on stage with her before seductively serenading then-coach Vinny Del Negro while everyone in the room watched. “It was awkward, to put it nicely,” Griffin says. “Vinny ended up biting the bullet for us there.”

Later, Sterling brought Paul up on stage with him. He asked for a round of applause for the point guard who had elevated the franchise to a new level, then joked, “Why is this guy married? Look at all the beautiful women in L.A.” Paul’s wife was in the audience. He smiled uncomfortably and said, “Because I love my wife.”

That’s Sterling in a nutshell for you. Not only is the guy doing his best to encourage CP3 to divorce his wife, but his lack of awareness just shines through. He has no idea about how terribly he comes off for trying to make such a suggestion. And who does that at a formal event full of wives and families?

Below are CP3 and his wife, Jada:


LeBron James and wife Savannah expecting third child – first girl

LeBron James Savannah BrinsonLooks like the rumors about Savannah James being pregnant are true.

Back in March, we posted a report saying that Savannah was expecting the couple’s third child and first girl. The word at the time was that Savannah was 15 weeks along in the pregnancy, which would put her at just shy of 30 weeks now. Heat President Pat Riley confirmed the news at a meeting with the media Thursday.

“Savannah now is going to have a little baby girl to join her in the fight against the two boys and LeBron, which she needs,” he said via the AP.

Sounds like the baby girl will likely be born in August, which would fall in between the birthdays of their two sons. LeBron Jr. (aka Bronny) was born Oct. 6, 2004, and Bryce was born June 14, 2007.

I wonder how they’re going to afford the child with all the rising costs and expenses that go along with having a kid. Maybe LeBron will find a way to provide.

Kostas Katsouranis sent off after second yellow card (Video)

Greek captain Kostas Katsouranis was sent off Thursday during Greece’s Group C game against Japan at the 2014 World Cup after receiving his second yellow card of the match.

Katsouranis was going for the ball and slide tackled Makoto Hasebe 38 minutes into the match. It was Katsouranis’ second yellow card, which meant he received a red card and was sent off.

Greece then had to play a man down the rest of the way. Not a good look for the team captain.

Kostas Katsouranis red card

Nick Swisher hits walk-off grand slam in extra innings (Video)

Nick Swisher proved on Thursday that in the game of baseball, it’s never too late to be a hero.

Nick Swisher grand slamSwisher was 0-for-4 with three strikeouts against the Angels in his first four at-bats, but he got the hit when it counted.

Stepping up to the plate with the bases loaded, two outs, and the Indians down 3-1 to the Angels in the bottom of the 10th inning, Swisher took Ernesto Frieri deep to right field for a walk-off grand slam. It was the first grand slam of the season for the Indians, and their first extra-innings walk-off grand slam since 1992, according to Ace of MLB Stats.

The win put the Indians a game over .500 for the season. The grand slam put Swisher at an even .200 batting average for the season. Wins all around!

Below is Tom Hamilton’s call of the grand slam:

Swing and a drive!

Rip Hamilton offers to give Clint Dempsey his mask


Clint Dempsey suffered a broken nose during USA’s win over Ghana when he was kicked in the face by a high leg. The 31-year-old striker’s nose was shaped like a Christmas tree and he was coughing up blood, so it’s going to kill if he gets hit in the face again.

Despite that, Dempsey said he is not planning to wear a protective mask against Portugal. Unless, of course, Rip Hamilton can convince him to.

Hamilton, who broke his nose years ago but kept wearing the mask after his nose healed because he was playing well, is willing to lend Dempsey one of his lucky shields.

“On my way to Brazil to watch @clint_dempsey and Team USA at World Cup,” the former Detroit Pistons star wrote on Instagram. “@clint_dempsey if u need to borrow my mask I’m bringing them in my carry on bag. #MaskChangedMyCareer #TeamUSA #WorldCup #BrandJordan #BrazilPack #HugeFanOfSoccer #holdat.”

Dempsey is probably worried that he won’t be able to breathe well in the sweltering Brazil heat, which is understandable. If he changes his mind, he knows where to go.

H/T SB Nation

Report: Warriors favorites to land Kevin Love, may include Klay Thompson

Kevin LoveThe Golden State Warriors are reportedly the favorites to land Kevin Love. According to Marc Stein of ESPN.com, Golden State’s new willingness to include Klay Thompson could end up sealing the deal.

The Warriors were initially hesitant to include Thompson, which led to speculation that the Boston Celtics may have the best offer on the table for Love. However, Golden State is now entertaining the idea of offering Thompson, David Lee and a first-round pick.

Sam Amick of USA Today is reporting that there is a strong sense the deal will get done if the Warriors include Thompson.

There are still plenty of teams interested in Love, including the Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets. The Celtics are considered a strong suitor because they can offer multiple draft picks, one of which is a future Brooklyn Nets pick that could end up being a lottery selection. Golden State, on the other hand, can include two quality NBA players in Thompson and Lee.

Thompson is only 24 and averaged 18.4 points per game last season. He’s a tremendous 3-point shooter who has shot 41% from beyond the arc throughout his three-year career. You can understand why the prospect of landing him plus a first-round pick would intrigue Minnesota.

Wayne Rooney scores his first ever World Cup goal (GIF)

Wayne Rooney finally scored the first ever World Cup goal of his career on Thursday, and it was a big one. Rooney netted the equalizer for England as they were trailing Uruguay 1-0 late in the second half.

Thursday’s game was Rooney’s 10th career World Cup game, and people were amazed by his scoring drought. He has 39 goals in international play but had scored no goals on 28 shots in the World Cup prior to tapping the ball in on a beautiful assist from Glen Johnson.


Rooney’s 216 goals for Manchester United are the third most in club history. I’m sure he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders now that he has found the back of the net in a World Cup game.

GIF via @myregularface

Alvaro Pereira appeared knocked out by knee to the head (GIF)

Alvaro-Pereira-knee-to-headUruguy midfielder Alvaro Pereira took a brutal knee to the head during Thursday’s match against England. Pereira went for a slide tackle on England’s Raheem Sterling and Sterling ended up inadvertently kneeing him in the temple.

For a moment, it appeared that Pereira was knocked unconscious by the blow. He was somehow able to walk off under his own power and hardly missed any time. The scene was scary at first.

Like the NFL, FIFA has been trying to pay closer attention to head injuries. I’m not sure how Pereira was not required to pass some sort of concussion protocol before coming back into the game, especially when you look at the way he was walking off the pitch.

Hopefully Pereira didn’t suffer any type of serious injury. That looked really bad.

GIFs via SB Nation, Cork Gaines

Rex Ryan: Mike Pettine’s comments are ‘disrespectful’ to Patriots

Rex Ryan JetsWe all know how Rex Ryan feels about Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. So when his former defensive coordinator accuses the Pats of cheating, you’d think Ryan would laugh and/or agree.

That was not the case when Rex was asked about Mike Pettine’s assertion that the Patriots have gotten their hands on opponents’ playbooks before.

Pettine told Greg A. Bedard of The Monday Morning Quarterback that Tom Brady once bragged to a Jets assistant coach about how New England had copies of a couple of the Jets’ defensive playbooks. The Browns coach also said he is not surprised, since he heard Ryan hands out playbooks “like candy.” Rex seemed bothered.

“One thing I know for a fact, it’s disrespectful to New England to say, ‘oh, they did this…” Ryan said, via CBS New York. “Every single game, your playbook changes. Your game plan changes every single week.

“Your playbook, if you study your opponent, is based on your preparation. This thing has probably been blown out of proportion a little bit. To me, this is a lot to do about nothing.”

ESPNNewYork.com’s Rich Cimini said Ryan added that it “ticks (him) off” when people insinuate that the Patriots had some sort of unfair advantage when playing the Jets. Current Jets defensive coordinator said the Pats would have to be able to decode what they were looking at even if they did get a copy of the playbook, so it wouldn’t matter.

“It sounds like everybody’s got to talk to Pettine because it seems like he’s got all the information,” Ryan added. “I don’t understand what he’s trying to gain with it.”

This probably isn’t the type of attention Pettine needs in his first season as a head coach. Whether he was joking or not, he really doesn’t gain anything by making enemies. Maybe he’s trying to take the attention off Johnny Manziel.

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