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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Josh Macciello, guy supposedly offering $2.2 billion to own Dodgers, is a fraud

Frank McCourt was ordered to sell the Dodgers so MLB has been soliciting and reviewing bids for potential new owners. They are reportedly close to narrowing things down to four finalist groups, none of which include Josh Macciello.

Macciello made headlines after going on a local Los Angeles sports radio show in January and convincing the hosts he was a legitimate player in the ownership talks, one who was ready to bid $2.2 billion on the team. He did newspaper interviews, took phone calls from fans on the radio, and was selling himself as a legitimate bidder for the team. He said he had over $2 billion in cash ready to bid on the team, money that came from a gold mine appraisal.

LA Weekly did plenty of investigation over Macciello’s claims, including talking with him, and they’ve concluded he was nothing but a fast-talking fraud.


Referee who blew UNC Asheville call, Ed Corbett, primarily works Syracuse, Big East games

The referee who blew an out of bounds call that went in favor of Syracuse in their NCAA Tournament opener is a referee who primarily officiates Big East games.

Stat Sheet says Ed Corbett officiated 46 games for six conferences this season, and the conference whose games he officiated the most was the Big East. Corbett was a referee for 24 Big East games, 14 more than the ACC, for whom he officiated the second-most games.

Now get this: According to Stat Sheet, since 1996 he’s officiated more Syracuse games (71) than any other school except Villanova (73). He also was a referee for six Syracuse games this season, second only to the seven Rutgers games he officiated.

So what was Corbett’s reason for missing the inbounds play?

“The out of bounds is not reviewable and it is not a play we would discuss,” official Ed Corbett told a pool reporter. “I’m not going to comment further because it is a judgment call. It was a clear (lane) violation. The player released early, before the ball hit the rim. We’ve since watched the replay 20 times and it was the right call.”

Even if you don’t want to question Corbett’s integrity, you should at least question why the NCAA has a Syracuse/Big East official reffing a Syracuse NCAA Tournament game. There should be impartial referees from conferences not involving the teams playing.

H/T World of Isaac

Dwyane Wade seemingly laughs at Dwight Howard’s ‘loyalty’ to Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard took a shot at players who have left their teams for new organizations, and Dwyane Wade appeared to fire back. Howard was speaking at a press conference Thursday announcing his decision to sign away his right to opt out of his contract after the season when he explained his reasoning for the move.

“I’m not like those guys, or those people they’re trying to paint me as,” Howard said. “I’m too loyal. That’s not my nature.”

Eye on Basketball presumes Howard was referencing players like LeBron James and Chris Bosh who signed with the Heat in free agency, and Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul who demanded trades. Well Dwyane Wade completely laughed off Howard’s assertion:

Even if Wade wasn’t referencing Howard (which doesn’t seem likely), it’s laughable that Dwight would boast about his “loyalty.” If loyalty includes seeking a trade and toying with an entire city and organization for over a year, then yeah, he definitely was “loyal.” And if he’s as loyal as he says he is, why hasn’t he signed a contract extension with the Magic?

H/T Ball Don’t Lie

Jim Kelly instrumental in recruiting Mario Williams to Buffalo Bills

The Bills managed to land one of the best players on the free agents market, signing defensive end Mario Williams to a six-year deal Thursday. The contract includes a staggering $50 million guaranteed, and is reportedly worth a maximum of $100 million. It’s been a while since the Bills attracted a major free agent to Buffalo, and Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is a big reason why.

Kelly, who played all 11 seasons of his NFL career with the Bills, helped recruit Williams.

“Seeing Jim Kelly was a big plus for me and he did some heavy recruiting,” Williams said at his press conference Thursday.

Williams also told SI’s Peter King that a visit to Kelly’s house helped convince him Buffalo would be a fine place to live.

The money Buffalo offered was probably tough to turn down, but feeling at home with the Bills probably sealed the deal with Mario. Even though Kelly hasn’t played for the Bills since 1996, it’s nice that he’s so involved with trying to help the franchise.

With Mario Williams, Marcel Dareus, and Kyle Williams recovering from injury, the Bills will have one of the best defensive lines in football.

Below is a picture of Kelly in attendance for the Mario Williams press conference:


UNC Asheville screwed by refs in final minutes against Syracuse

Syracuse almost became the first No. 1 seed ever to lose to a No. 16 seed in the NCAA Tournament, but they avoided the upset thanks to some help from the referees.

Aside from a controversial goaltending call, the refs called a lane violation on UNC Asheville following Scoop Jardine’s miss on the first of a one-and-one. Because of the violation, Jardine got to attempt his free throw again and made both, turning a four-point game into a six-point lead 64-58 lead for Syracuse with a minute and a half left in the game. While the call was technically correct (a player not on a legal lane space cannot cross the free throw line until the ball hits the rim), it was a petty call that is hardly made.

Additionally, a ball went out of bounds off Syracuse in the final minute, but it was called off Asheville. Asheville was down by three points when the blown call occurred:


Adam Schefter forced to end radio interview early because his phone was blowing up with scoops

The beginning of free agency is one of the busiest times of year for NFL reporters, so it’s understandable why ESPN’s Adam Schefter was unable to complete a radio interview Wednesday. Schefter was trying to talk NFL news, rumors, scoops with ESPN Radio Chicago’s Waddle & Silvy Show, but about a minute into the interview, his phone was buzzing with scoops, so he had to end the interview early. You can hear how it all went down in the video below via Awful Announcing:

What was funny is the way he was introduced by one of the hosts. “Adam Schefter’s got some time for us …” the host began. Turns out, Schefter didn’t.

Radio is a dynamic medium so you always have to be on your toes if you’re a host or producer, and this is a perfect example why. This also gives you an idea what it’s like to be a prominent NFL reporter. They probably can’t go five minutes without being bothered by an email, phone call, or text message. Though it looks like a glorious life, this is the downside.

via SI Hot Clicks

NBA Trade Deadline recap: Lakers get new PG, Blazers unload Camby, Wallace

The NBA trade deadline passed at 3pm ET on Thursday and surprisingly there weren’t as many deals made as expected. Dwight Howard signed an agreement saying he won’t opt out of his contract after the season, so he stayed with the Magic. However, Orlando failed to acquire any additional help. The Lakers and Blazers were two big movers on Thursday.

The Lakers got a new point guard in Ramon Sessions and jettisoned Derek Fisher to Houston. While it hurts Lakers fans sentimentally, it’s a good move for the team — they needed point guard help desperately and Ramon Sessions can provide that. Portland made several changes, including firing coach Nate McMillan, and dealing two of their better players in Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby. Though the Nets are getting Wallace, his contract expires after the season, giving Deron Williams less incentive to re-sign with New Jersey. Lastly, the Spurs always spoke fondly of Stephen Jackson, and now they’re getting him back. He hasn’t worked out well in his last few stops, but maybe he’ll play well in San Antonio under Gregg Popovich.

Below is a rundown of every NBA trade made Thursday before the deadline (most notable players are in bold):


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Joe Maddon, Evan Longoria, other Rays shave heads for charity (Pictures)

When Joe Maddon announced last week that he would be shaving his head to pay tribute to children with cancer, he vowed to recruit as many of the Rays players and front office members as he could to participate with him. From the look of it, Maddon did a tremendous job. The head shaving commenced Thursday morning as several Tampa Bay players, coaches, and front office workers went under the buzzer, many of the sporting yellow t-shirts that read “Fortune favors the bald.”

Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times was in attendance while all the trimming and buzzing was going on and did an excellent job of documenting the entire event. Hats off — no pun intended — to the Rays who participated for a great cause. Here are some of the pictures Topkin posted on his Twitter account:


Jay Cutler defends Brandon Marshall, says he will babysit him in Chicago

The latest news surrounding Brandon Marshall likely has Bears fans feeling mixed emotions about their new acquisition. When Chicago pulled off a trade for Marshall earlier in the week, they gave Jay Cutler the deep threat receiver he has wanted over the past three seasons. Almost immediately after the trade was completed, however, news surfaced that Marshall could be in trouble off the field again, as he has been accused of hitting a woman at a club in New York over the weekend.

As they await the outcome, Bears fans can relax knowing that Cutler fully plans to babysit Marshall next season.

“We’ve remained close, we’re going to get even closer now that he’s back with us as a Bear,” Cutler said during an interview with ESPN Chicago. “I’m going to keep every eye I have on him, making sure he’s doing the right thing. That’s not a problem with Brandon right now. He’s matured. He wants to do the right thing. It’s just a shame that his past still haunts him, but that’s what happens, everyone makes mistakes. Brandon is still learning from them and growing, and like I said, we have a heck of a guy, a heck of a player and I think Phil (Emery) made quite a splash on Day 1 (of free agency).”

The above quote came after Cutler called out ESPN Chicago’s Waddle and Silvy for questioning Marshall as a person on their Twitter account. Clearly, Jay believes Brandon is innocent and that the alleged incident from last weekend will blow over. The chemistry Marshall and Cutler had on the field in Denver is undeniable, but Bears fans have every right to wonder about their new receiver’s character. It makes sense for Cutler to defend Marshall, but even he knows why people in Chicago are concerned.

Stephon Marbury blasts Mike D’Antoni, says Jeremy Lin is ‘covered by the blood of Christ’

With the news surfacing yesterday that Mike D’Antoni had resigned as head coach of the Knicks, a certain self-conscious someone that once played under New York’s former coach went on a tweeting spree. Stephon Marbury, who has seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet over the past few years, never saw eye-to-eye with D’Antoni when he took over in New York toward the end of Stephon’s time with the Knicks. Like Carmelo Anthony, Marbury felt he was not utilized properly in D’Antoni’s system. It didn’t help that Marbury had been going off the deep end at that point in his career.

With that in mind, it is easy to understand why Stephon turned his Twitter page into a D’Antoni hate website late Wednesday night. Here are a few of the highlights that Ball Don’t Lie called our attention to:


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