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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Ben McLemore on losing dunk contest to John Wall: this is bulls— (GIF)

Apparently Ben McLemore is the only person around who didn’t think John Wall had the best dunk of the night in the Slam Dunk Competition on Saturday.

Wall brought down the house by taking the ball from the Wizards mascot in the air, double-pumping and then dunking. He did it all while jumping over the mascot. It was pretty darn impressive, and it left many people saying that Wall brought the dunk contest back.

But McLemore thought his dunk was deserving of a victory over Wall. As he was waiting to hear from the judges, someone appeared to say something to him and you could see him respond that the judging was bulls–.

McLemore did an entire king-themed dunk that involved Shaq, who is a part-owner of the Sacramento Kings. You can see both his and Wall’s dunks in the video below:

I don’t know what McLemore was complaining about. Even he was impressed by Wall’s dunk. Check out his original reaction:

Ben McLemore reaction

Look at how much air Wall got on his dunk:

John Wall dunk

How could you not pick him? No surprise, the Wizards guard was named the Slam Dunker of the Night. It was definitely deserving, regardless of how McLemore felt.

Charles Barkley bags on Ben McLemore for having nappy hair

Ben McLemore hair

Charles Barkley has no filter. No filter whatsoever.

As TNT was getting ready for the Slam Dunk contest on Saturday night, the crew was asked to give their picks to win it. Shaq said his pick to win the competition was Ben McLemore, which led Chuck to take a shot at McLemore for having some nappy hair, in his opinion.

“Ben McLemore needs some of that green grease that people used to put in their hair back in the hood where I grew up. Get some of the naps out of there.”

Thanks Chuck. At least that dude has hair on his head. And it’s better looking than that taco meat on your chest.

Ben McLemore hair nappy

As far as that green grease he mentioned, was he talking about Dax Pomade? This is what all the homies used back in the day.

Dax Pomade

If Chuck were so concerned about McLemore’s hair, he should have just given him some of that Vaseline he carries around in his belly button to help a brother out.

Stephen Curry’s wife and mom have great reaction after his bad 3-point competition round

Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the NBA and probably the history of basketball. He was the favorite to win the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest over NBA All-Star Weekend. As we’ve seen from his practice videos in the past, the guy is practically automatic with nobody guarding him. AND SOMEHOW HE DIDN’T EVEN GET OUT OF THE FIRST ROUND OF THE 3-POINT CONTEST!

Perhaps nothing better illustrated the surprise and disappointment of seeing Steph get eliminated from the competition early than the reaction from his wife Ayesha (pictured left) and mom Sonya (middle). Sonya was acting like she had a couple Gs on her son:

Sonya Curry

At least Curry had a nice consolation prize — he got to hang out with his wife and watch the rest of the events while sitting courtside:

Stephen Curry wife Ayesha

GIF via @cjzero

TJ Oshie girlfriend Lauren Cosgrove is the real American hero


St. Louis Blues forward TJ Oshie is all of a sudden one of America’s most beloved athletes. He led Team USA to a win over Russia on Saturday by scoring four shootout goals. The 27-year-old is the talk of the Twitter world, but we have some bad news for all the ladies out there — Oshie is taken.

Oshie’s girlfriend is Lauren Cosgrove, and some would argue that she is the driving force behind the man whose Wikipedia briefly referred to him as an American hero. Wouldn’t you be motivated to win if you had this waiting at home for you?


This guy is a legend in the making.



TJ Oshie’s Wikipedia page hacked to call him ‘American Hero’


TJ Oshie became a household name on Saturday with his heroic performance in Team USA’s preliminary round win over Russia. After he scored the winning shootout goal (one of his four), someone immediately hopped on Wikipedia and hacked Oshie’s page. This was one of those fantastic hacks.

[WATCH: TJ Oshie scores shootout winner against Russia]

Although the page has already been edited, it briefly read “Oshie is a American Hero” below the first two sentences of his biography.

Thanks to international rules, Oshie was able to take all seven of the US’s shots after the opening round of the shootout ended in a tie. He buried four of them. Jonathan Quick came up huge in goal for the Americans to continue giving Oshie opportunities.

Personally, I think the American hero line should have stayed. What’s the harm in it?

Photo via Twitter/Craig Kanalley

TJ Oshie carries US to shootout win over Russia

TJ-Oshie-USAThe US men’s hockey team defeated Russia in their preliminary matchup on Saturday. The game was decided in the eighth round of a shootout after the two teams played to a 2-2 tie through three periods and one five-minute overtime. TJ Oshie played the hero for the United States.

Oshie, who plays for the St. Louis Blues, took six of the eight shootout attempts for the US. International rules allow the same shooter to keep going once the first round of the shootout (three shooters) ends in a tie. Oshie battled Russia’s Pavel Datsyuk and Ilya Kovalchuk and eventually got the best of them. He scored four goals in the shootout.

While there was no medal at stake, it was a phenomenal game that could wind up being a preview of the gold medal game.

GIF via Diehard Sport

Darren Sharper a serial rapist? Suspected of seven rapes, 11 druggings

Darren SharperDarren Sharper was formally charged with raping and drugging two women on Friday in a Los Angeles court. That may only be the start of it. The two charges that were filed are only a portion of a complaint that names Sharper as a suspect in seven rapes and 11 acts of drugging someone in four different states.

We already knew that Sharper had been accused of sexual assault in Louisiana in addition to the charges he faces stemming from two alleged encounters with women in LA. The filing from Friday also revealed the analysis from the rape kit used in the Louisiana case and noted that the alleged victim reported she blacked out after taking a drink from Sharper.

Sharper claims to have a video that proves sex with the woman from New Orleans was consensual. His California attorney, Blair Berk, expressed optimism that the former New Orleans Saints safety’s name will be cleared.

“We look forward to the true facts being revealed in this case and we are hopeful that Mr. Sharper will be fully exonerated before this case is concluded,” Berk said, per Naomi Martin of The Times-Picayune.

While it should be noted that Sharper is innocent until proven guilty, the similarity between all the cases is disturbing. In addition to the two women from LA and one from New Orleans, Sharper has also been accused of raping two women at his Las Vegas hotel suite and two other women in an Arizona apartment. The Times-Picayune highlights some of the details of the accusations.

In each case, the alleged victims recall being given a drink by Sharper and finding themselves incapacitated in some way shortly thereafter. The cups Sharper allegedly gave the women in the LA incidents tested positive for morphine and zolpidem, which are ingredients in the sleep medication Ambien.

One thing’s for sure: Sharper’s attorneys have a lot of work to do in the coming months.

Lindsey Vonn spent Valentine’s Day alone without Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn Rhapsody

Tiger Woods is over in India playing golf, which means his girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, spent Valentine’s Day alone.

She didn’t seem to relish her alone time, which became even weirder when she shared a photo of the magazine she was reading, which featured a picture of her on the cover.

That has to be a weird feeling right? Reading a magazine with yourself on the cover. That’s pretty much when you know you’ve made it. At least it should distract her from thinking about what kind of girls Tiger flew into India to join him without her around.

Kobe Bryant posts picture of wife Vanessa in skimpy lingerie

Kobe Bryant probably had a better Valentine’s Day than you. How do we know that? Because wow, I’m still in shock about the picture he shared of wife Vanessa wearing some skimpy lingerie.

Kobe posted the photo to his Instagram account Friday night and called Vanessa “Queen Mamba.” Here was the caption:

“#QueenMamba @ladyvb24 Celebrate the one you love #myvalentine happy valentines day to all #blessings”

The picture is so risque, I’ve posted it below the jump.


Andre Drummond’s MVP trophy drops, breaks in ‘Not Top 10’ moment (Video)

Andre Drummond was named MVP of the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night in New Orleans after scoring 30 points and grabbing 25 rebounds in a completely meaningless, high-scoring game. The fun — aside from Tim Hardaway Jr. pulling a JR Smith on Drummond — came when the Detroit Pistons forward was handed his MVP trophy.

The BBVA executive dropped the trophy, and a quick-witted Hardaway Jr. grabbed the mic immediately and jumped in to call it a “Not Top 10” moment, as a nod to ESPN’s feature.

Andre Iguodala also cracked a joke about it:

The best part was when all the players showed us their “oh face” after the trophy dropped:

Andre Drummond drops trophy

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