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Sunday, September 25, 2016


Frank McCourt Agrees to Sell Team, Dodgers Fans May Finally Rejoice

And on November 1st, 2011, Frank McCourt finally agreed to sell the Dodgers and return the beloved franchise to its rightful owners — the fans of Los Angeles. The Boston scumbag whose sole interest in the franchise was making money only made enemies.

Only one word of advice for you, Frank McCourt: leave. Leave LA now. You’re not wanted here. Nobody ever welcomed you, nobody ever liked you, and nobody wants you around. Go find some other way to support your $40,000 per month hair dressing habit. The country would be better off if a cement truck accidentally plastered you into one of your parking lots.

I have one thing, and one thing only to say to you Frank McCourt:


Jamie Moyer, Nearing 49, Recovering from Tommy John, Attempting Comeback

This dude will not go away. I don’t have anything against Jamie Moyer, but if he keeps going, they may have to replace the “Rasputin” saying with “Moyer.”

Ken Rosenthal reported Tuesday that Moyer threw for scouts in the San Diego-area last week and that the reports from the scouts were “excellent.”

Moyer is turning 49 in a few weeks and returning from Tommy John surgery. He last pitched for the Phillies in ’10 and went 9-9 with a 4.84 ERA in 19 starts. I suppose he can be serviceable as a fifth starter for some teams, but he has an extremely low upside for effectiveness.

Just to give you some perspective, the 267 game winner made his Major League debut two years before Steve DelVecchio was born. That is all.

Julian Edelman Sacked by the LBS Nut Bag for Dressing Like Cop, Getting Arrested

Of every Halloween that ever existed, Patriots receiver Julian Edelman picked the one where he’d be arrested to dress up as a cop. Honestly, sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

Edelman was arrested for indecent assault outside of a club early Tuesday. He allegedly reached under a woman’s Halloween costume and grabbed her in an inappropriate place (what, like the back of a Volkswagen?). He denies trying to touch the woman and has pleaded not guilty to assault and battery charges.

That had to be an uncomfortable moment for Edelman — getting interviewed by the police while dressed like an officer. Could he have picked a worse time to dress like that? And isn’t getting felt up by an officer part of the costume? Guess somebody didn’t think so. Besides, I always knew he had questionable hands.

Fist pound to Barstool Sports

Eric Mangini’s Most Stressful Time was When Rob Ryan Spoke to Media

Rob Ryan is becoming as notorious as his twin brother, Rex, for having a big mouth. During an interview last weekend, he said he would make a better coach than his brother. Sometimes he doesn’t back up his talk like when he said his Cowboys would beat the Eagles. Dallas got crushed by Philly on Sunday night. It’s predictions like that that had Eric Mangini uneasy anytime Ryan, his defensive coordinator with the Browns, spoke to the media.

“Rob said some things last year that just weren’t covered very heavily,” Mangini said Monday on ESPN Radio. “Friday for me was always the most stressful 15 minutes when he had his press conference because I didn’t know what he was going to say, and someone would inevitably call me and say, ‘Hey, Rob said this quarterback can’t do this.’ Rob was still Rob. It might have been toned down a little bit and not covered as heavily as it is now.”

Mangini is exactly right about the difference in media coverage. Rob Ryan isn’t too different now from how he was last year. But now that he’s coaching America’s team, the things he says receive more attention. That’s fair warning for any team that dares to hire him as a head coach. You may be getting a good coach, but you’ll also be getting one with a big mouth who will draw attention. If that’s what some team owners want, then Rob will be a perfect fit.

Fred Jackson’s Wife Didn’t Draft Him Until 5th Round of Fantasy Football

Fred Jackson has been one of the most productive running backs this season. The undrafted back from Coe College has 721 rushing yards through 7 games, 353 receiving yards, and 6 touchdowns. He’s been one of the most consistent producers from week-to-week, and he’s right up there with Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy as the most productive backs in fantasy football. His stellar season has been surprising — even for his own wife.

In a glowing article about Fred’s MVP-like season, the Buffalo News says that Jackson’s wife didn’t select her husband until the 5th round of her fantasy draft. Danielle Jackson was playing in a league with family and friends and told them Fred was off limits. But then she took Michael Vick in the first round, and went with Michael Turner as her first running back.

She’s happily in first place, as are most teams that drafted Fred late. But does taking him late mean she didn’t think he was worthy of a first-round pick? Or was she just using good strategy by taking players she knew wouldn’t be available later in the draft? Maybe it’s a little of both. And we forgive her if she’s surprised by her husband’s start. What’s more surprising than his success is the way Buffalo has made him their lead back. Most people figured he’d be splitting time with former top-10 pick C.J. Spiller.

Helmet knock to Pro Football Talk for the story.

Kevin Durant, Others Say Kobe Would Beat LeBron One-On-One (Video)

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are both pretty good.  Any argument about which player is the best in the NBA would likely result in blue faces.  However, it is interesting to see that there seems to be a general consensus among NBA players that Kobe is the better one-on-one player.  Check out this video of Kevin Durant and other players — with the exception of John Wall — saying they think Kobe would take LeBron in a one-on-one matchup, courtesy of the LA Times:


Bill Belichick Told Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff Not to Trade for Julio Jones

Depending on how you judge draft success in the NFL, arguments can be made that the Patriots have been masters of the draft or have struck out quite a bit since Bill Belichick took over as head coach.  As far as dealing draft picks are concerned, New England has done well by grabbing guys like Randy Moss and Wes Welker at amazingly low prices.  In terms of actual picks, the Pats have had too many Brandon Meriweathers and Laurence Maroneys in the early rounds.  Perhaps that has something to do with why Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff, a former Patriots employee, ignored Belichick’s advice on draft day back in April.

As the Atlanta Journal Constitution shared on Tuesday,  Peter King recently reviewed Michael Holley’s book, “War Room: The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building the Perfect Team.”  One of the more interesting stories Holley talks about deals with Julio Jones.  According to the book, Dimitroff called Belichick the day of the draft and asked if he thought it would be a good idea to trade up 21 spots to get the Alabama receiver.  Belichick advised against making the move.

Belichick recommended staying put at No. 27 and drafting Pittsburgh’s Jonathan Baldwin, but Dimitroff went ahead and pulled the trigger on the deal anyway.  Baldwin ended up being taken by the Chiefs at No. 26 and is just starting to emerge after being plagued by injuries this season.  Jones, who is ready to return from a hamstring injury, has had a very solid season with Atlanta.

It’s way too early to tell who made the right call, but at the moment Jones looks like an explosive receiver and an excellent complement to Roddy White.  The Patriots have always made a point to trade down and have rarely traded up during the Belichick era, so it’s no surprise he disapproved of trading up that many spots.  New England hasn’t really mastered the art of selecting players — especially in the early rounds — so Dimitroff ultimately made the right call in ignoring Belichick despite his experience.

H/T to Black Sports Online for the story.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Says He Convinced Michael Jordan to Return to NBA

We can say a lot of things about Michael Jordan as a player and person.  Knowing what we know about His Airness, however, would make it tough to believe that a person like Wolf Blitzer is responsible for one of M.J.’s major career decisions.  He may be joking, but that is exactly what Wolf is claiming.

Jordan is known for thinking incredibly highly of himself and doing what he wants, when he wants, so I doubt Blitzer had anything to do with his decision to play for the Washington Wizards after becoming the team’s GM.  Hey, I guess you never know.

“At one point, I said to him, ‘This city would really explode if you put your uniform back on and starting playing a little bit,'” Blitzer told the Washington Post via Ball Don’t Lie on Monday. “And he laughed. Then I pressed him and pressed him. After the interview, he did it. Now being an egomaniac that I am, I take personal credit. But I suspect there were other factors besides my excellent questioning that convinced him to come back and play.”

Obviously Blitzer is being sarcastic, but imagine if this were true?  Think about the Jordan we all know laying on the couch at home thinking to himself, “You know what, that Wolf Blitzer has a point.”  Stranger things have happened I’m sure.  Not many, but probably a few.

Rex Ryan Wears Joe Namath Jersey, Joe Namath Makes Fat Joke About It

Joe Namath is not going to stop until he gets the reaction he is looking for. What exactly that reaction might be, we aren’t sure. What we do know is that no matter what the 2011 edition of the New York Jets does, Broadway Joe is going to find something wrong with it. If his latest comments are any indication, Namath isn’t even above cracking fat jokes to get a rise out of Rex Ryan and company.

As you can see from the picture to the right, Rex was recently spotted rocking a Joe Namath jersey in public.  During his regularly scheduled radio appearance with Michael Kay, Namath was asked what he thought about Ryan’s wardrobe selection to which he responded: “I’m just stunned that the jersey with No. 12 came in that size.”

Ouch.  It’s one thing to rag on your former team for what you perceive to be draft miscues or criticize them for poor play on offense, but talk about hitting below the belt.  As has been the case every time he’s had to respond to the legend turned whack-job, Rex simply fluffed off the comments and said he’s “still a huge Joe Namath fan.”

I don’t even like Rex Ryan, but I’m hoping he was trying to make a joke and/or patronizing Namath by wearing his jersey out in public.  Broadway Joe comes across as the type of guy who never wants another Jets team to be more successful than his Jets were, and he has never shown support for New York since Ryan took over.  If Rex wore the jersey just to antagonize Namath, he just earned a few more Del points.

Chest bump to Pro Football Talk for the story.

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