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Saturday, August 19, 2017


Nate Silver hired by ESPN

Nate SilverPolitical analyst and sports statistician Nate Silver will be leaving The New York Times for ESPN, The Times reported on Friday citing ESPN sources (which is just comical in itself).

Silver is a sabermetrician who developed a baseball player stats prediction system called PECOTA, which he sold to Baseball Prospectus in 2003. After managing PECOTA for BP for several years, Silver expanded his statistical analysis to politics, where he began making predictions for the 2008 presidential election under the pseudonym “Poblano.” Silver eventually started writing on his own website, which was later published by The Times. He wrote a book and gained notoriety for his accurate predictions concerning the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

The Times says Silver will be a contributor to Keith Olbermann’s evening talk show ESPN2, in addition to providing statistical analysis. He will also have a role at ABC News during political years.

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Silver has recently expressed an interest in getting back to sports, so this deal will allow him that opportunity.

Photo: Randy Stewart

Dwyane Wade responds on Instagram to ex-wife’s shenanigans

Dwyane Wade really face

It didn’t take long for Dwyane Wade to seemingly respond to the shenanigans of ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, who took to the streets of Chicago on Friday to essentially claim she was homeless.

The Miami Heat guard shared the picture seen above on Instagram and captioned it: “#REALLY #whatyoutalkingaboutwillis #aintnobodygottimeforthat”

Wade hasn’t exactly been a hero in this whole mess with his ex, but the more she puts on crazy displays like this, the worse she looks.

Metta World Peace: Lakers made good decision to waive me

Metta World Peace LakersMetta World Peace wanted to retire as a Los Angeles Lakers player, but he concedes the team did the smart thing by waiving him.

World Peace was released by the Lakers this month via the amnesty provision. He was owed just over $7 million for the upcoming season, and the Lakers may have saved themselves double that amount because of luxury tax implications.

Speaking from the set of a Hallmark Channel TV show on Friday, Metta told the LA Daily News that he would have released himself too if he were the Lakers.

“I think it’s a good move,” World Peace told the Daily News’ Mark Medina. “If I was the franchise, it’s different. But not being the franchise, they have to make a decision.

“They saved more money,” World Peace said. “But if it was me, I would’ve made a bold decision and saved more money.”

World Peace told Medina he would have amnestied everyone except franchise player Kobe Bryant (teams are only allowed to amnesty one player, so that would have been impossible). Metta signed a two-year, $3.2 million deal for the veteran minimum with the New York Knicks. He still will be paid the difference between what the Knicks signed him for and what the Lakers owed him.

Even though the Lakers amnestied World Peace and lost Dwight Howard in free agency, they have made two quality additions by signing Nick Young and Jordan Farmar.

Yasiel Puig makes great throw from outfield on Bryce Harper

Yasiel Puig is considered a five-tool player, and he showed us why once again.

Yasiel Puig throwIn the Los Angeles Dodgers’ first game back from the All-Star break, Puig threw a missile from right field to third base to try to get Bryce Harper, who tagged up on a fly out from Jayson Werth in the bottom of the second. Even though Puig’s throw clearly got Harper, the Washington Nationals outfielder was called safe on the play and later scored on a wild pitch.

Puig, you may recall, also made a sick throw to end the game in his Major League debut back in June. He can throw, run, play d, hit for average, and hit for power. Because of his size and tools, Puig has been compared to Bo Jackson.

As Erik Malinowski pointed out, Puig’s throw looks an awful lot like Jackson’s from 1993:


Agnieszka Radwanska won’t apologize for posing in ESPN Body Issue

Agnieszka Radwanska ESPN Body Issue

Polish tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska is not apologizing for posing nude in ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue” even though her spread resulted in criticism in her home country.

Radwanska, the No. 4-ranked player in the world, was dropped as an ambassador by a Catholic youth group for posing in the magazine, which they considered “immoral behavior.”

“It’s a shame that someone who has declared their love for Jesus is now promoting the mentality of men looking at a woman as a thing rather than a child of God worthy of respect and love,” a senior Catholic priest, told The Telegraph. ”If she meets a man who she can truly love and establish a happy family and raise Catholic children, then she would probably have to hide these pictures from relatives.”

Radwanska addressed the criticism and defended herself in a statement posted to her Facebook page on Friday.


Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches acting homeless on Chicago streets

Siohvaughn Funches Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches has long been believed to be a tad bit on the nutty side (and that’s putting it nicely), and it looks like she completely went off the deep end on Friday.

As Deadspin reported, Funches was hanging out in the streets of Chicago holding a sign claiming she was homeless. Deadspin’s tipster says Funches was ranting about “$90 million contracts” and “houses on the water.”

Wade and Funches were high school sweethearts who have two children together. Wade filed for divorce from Funches in 2007, and things have been rocky since then. Their divorce got messy, with Funches complaining about everything including the size of presents Wade bought for girlfriend Gabrielle Union. Seriously. Siohvaughn was so nutty she had gone through nine lawyers in the divorce proceedings. Nine.

Recently she filed a lawsuit seeking more money from Wade, whom she claimed earned more money in endorsements to which she was entitled. Wade has sole custody of their sons.

“NBA Miami Heat Star mother of his children on the streets.”

Here are more photos:


Fernando Verdasco hurts hand punching locker during meltdown

Fernando Verdasco had a rough all around day on Friday during a three-set loss to qualifier Federico Delbonis in the quarterfinals of the German Tennis Championships in Hamburg. Delbonis beat Verdasco 6-7, 7-6, 6-4 and Verdasco melted down in the process.

After blowing two match points and losing the second set tiebreak, Verdasco slammed his racket against the court and then took a bathroom break. Upon returning to the court, Verdasco asked for a trainer to examine his hand. According to Beyond the Baseline’s Courtney Nguyen, the TV commentators said and a tournament official confirmed that Verdasco hurt his hand hitting a locker during his bathroom break. Below you can see him getting treated:


Yankees talked about trading Mariano Rivera in 1996

Mariano RiveraMariano Rivera is a lifelong New York Yankee. He was signed by the team out of Panama, spent six seasons in the team’s minor league system, and made it up to the majors where he pitched 67 innings in 1995. At the time, Rivera was a starting pitcher who was just being converted into a reliever.

When the 26-year-old showed up for spring training in 1996, the team had a number of similar pitchers, so they discussed trading Rivera, former Yankees manager Joe Torre recalls.

“At spring training, there was some conversation about trading him, only because we had an abundance of those types of pitchers,” Torre said this week at a golf outing at Sleepy Hollow Country Club to support the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation, via the New York Post. “I didn’t really know where he’d fit. We didn’t think closer because we had other people, but we thought he could contribute. … We really weren’t sure. Obviously, that was the best trade that the Yankees never made.”

The Yankees actually had John Wetteland closing in 1996, and he led the league with 43 saves and made the All-Star Game. After Wetteland signed with the Texas Rangers as a free agent, Rivera took over as closer and immediately began putting together his dominant, Hall of Fame career.

I can’t even imagine how much different baseball history would have been had they dealt Rivera. Like Torre says, that was the best trade never made.

Nashville Predators F Rich Cluney posts hilarious list of contract demands


Nashville Predators forward Rich Clune has spent the bulk of his career in the AHL and other lower levels of hockey, but he apparently feels he has done enough to make some fairly detailed contract demands. Cluney signed a two-year, $1.7 million extension with Nashville earlier this week. Based on the photo above that he tweeted on Thursday, it appears he was a tough negotiator.

Clune was drafted by the Dallas Stars in 2007 and traded to the Los Angeles Kings the following year, so that might help explain why he wants the city of Dallas to worship him. He has not exactly been successful at the NHL level, so I doubt the Stars are disappointed they dealt him.

As for point No. 2, Clune has a history of fighting drug and alcohol addictions that have made his NHL career an uphill climb. And the other two demands — well, those are pretty self-explanatory.

Clune scored four goals and tallied five assists in 47 games with the Predators last season. The 26-year-old knows he does not deserve to be worshipped by anyone, which is why the list is a joke. In my opinion, it’s a pretty damn funny one.

H/T Puck Daddy

Elin Nordegren reportedly feels Lindsey Vonn is a ‘good influence on Tiger Woods

Elin Nordegren Lindsey Vonn

Another day, another conflicting gossip report about Elin Nordegren and how she feels about Tiger Woods’ relationship with Lindsey Vonn. Last month, a report claimed that Tiger’s ex-wife “hates” Vonn and everything about the gold medalist’s relationship with the father of her children. A new report indicates that quite the opposite is true.

According to the NY Post’s Page Six, Nordegren feels that dating Vonn has been good for Tiger. A source reportedly told the Post that Elin “really likes Lindsey and thinks she is a very good influence on Tiger.” The source also said Nordegren believes Woods is happy with Vonn and that Lindsey gets along well with the couple’s two children.

We can’t speak for the way Tiger’s life has been going off the golf course, but his game has certainly improved since he took his relationship with Vonn public. He has yet to capture a major since the sex scandal erupted, but Woods already has three wins this season and has shown signs of starting to look like the old Tiger again.

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Either one of the two reports about the way Elin feels about Tiger’s new relationship is inaccurate, or she has come a long way over the past month. A previous report from the Post also stated that Vonn waited in a car for an hour while Tiger watched his daughter play baseball, which contradicts with the notion that she gets along well with Woods’ kids. Perhaps that relationship has also progressed.

It’s tough to differentiate truth from fiction with any of these gossip stories, but it’s certainly interesting to hear that Elin has allegedly gone from “hate” to “happy” in just over a month.

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