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Saturday, July 30, 2016


Adrian Peterson Ditching His Own Football Camp to Film Top 100 Players Show

Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson will not be appearing at his own football camp because he’s going to film a show for NFL Network instead. Here’s the note that appeared on the camp’s website explaining his absence, as the Tulsa World pointed out:

Adrian Peterson is being featured on the NFL Top 100 program and will not be able to attend this week’s camp. Although we are saddened to hear that he won’t be able to attend his camp, we congratulate Adrian on the honor. Since we learned the news, ProCamps has been working around the clock to maintain a program that still provides a first-class experience to all campers and allows interaction with various Sooner stars. All-time Sooner greats Mark Clayton, DeMarco Murray and Jason White will serve as special guest hosts at camp.

The camp runs Thursday and Friday at the University of Oklahoma and it’s pleasing they will have Sooners stars in attendance as guest hosts. However, it’s extremely difficult to overlook Peterson ditching his own camp to film the show. Not only is Peterson’s name used to market the camp, they also promote his presence as a selling point. Check out this camp information posted on their facebook group:


Vin Scully Jokes About Jack McKeon’s Lack of Twitter Knowledge (Video)

When 80-year-old Jack McKeon was named the interim manager of the Marlins, there were instant concerns that he would not be able to relate to the players like he did in the 2003 World Series year. Though he put his foot down with Hanley Ramirez, he proved his disconnect with the younger players regarding a lack of twitter knowledge. Check out this video courtesy of Sports Grid (click the close ad on the top right to watch):

Maybe McKeon doesn’t know how to operate twitter (not unlike many young friends of mine), but I’m sure he’s heard of it and was just joking. Still, there’s something humorous about hearing 83-year-old Vin Scully joke about it, even if this isn’t the first time he’s cracked jokes at someone’s expense. And if you’re wondering how the subject even came up during the Dodgers-Tigers telecast, a producer or assistant must have shared the tweet Logan Morrison sent out after Tuesday’s game.

Morrison wrote on twitter “McKeon asked me what I had going on tonite. Told him I was going home 2 play w/ Twitter. He replied “oh, what kind of dog is it?”

The only thing that could possibly top that video is if Vin Scully had a twitter account and were following Logan Morrison with it. Now that would be a trip.

Rangers Set Sunglasses at Night Record

We told you on Tuesday that the Texas Rangers were aiming to set a Guinness World Record for most people wearing sunglasses in the dark to celebrate the first day of summer. As you can see, EVERYBODY got in on the act. Though they only needed 424 to beat the previous record, most of the 33,533 fans in attendance reportedly wore their sunglasses. Yup, that includes President George W. Bush, and Nolan Ryan. Frankly, Bush couldn’t have been more cool with the shades on than he was in the second Harold and Kumar. As for Ryan, he earned his cool points with his impressive first pitch thrown last year in the playoffs.

Erin Andrews Confronts Fans Over Peephole Video Heckle

Erin Andrews comes across as a level-headed reporter who sticks to her assignments and does her job well. You figure someone as attractive as she is probably has to deal with catcalls, autograph/picture requests, and inappropriateness from fans wherever she goes. She’s probably used to it all and does a good job deflecting it otherwise we’d see videos like this one more frequently.

As The Last Angry Fan points out via Total Pro Sports, if there’s one thing you don’t want to do it’s bring up the Erin Andrews peephole video. Skip ahead to the 2:25 mark in this video to see Andrews confront some fans:

I questioned Andrews’ reaction to the peephole video incident, namely her decision to appear on Oprah’s TV show to talk about it, but it’s hard not to feel badly for her knowing what a sore subject it is. We’ve written about some brutal fan heckling in the past, but it’s clear that invasion of privacy will forever haunt Andrews like little else can. Fellow reporters should be happy it hasn’t happened to them.

UPDATE: Busted Coverage points out this took place at the 2010 College World Series (you can see it’s Rosenblatt Stadium). Still, that doesn’t change that it appears to be an uncomfortable subject for Andrews.

Hanley Ramirez Reportedly Called Out by Logan Morrison for Being Late

When Jack McKeon was hired by the Florida Marlins as the team’s interim manager Monday, his first order of business was to bench shortstop Hanley Ramirez for that day’s game. McKeon said he was benching Hanley for not running hard enough during Sunday’s game. A report in The Miami Herald posted Tuesday evening via Hardball Talk suggests McKeon may have benched Ramirez for a different reason.

The Herald reports that Hanley was last to arrive for McKeon’s meeting Monday when he addressed the team (the Palm Beach Post says he was late). Hanley says he shows up at 3:30 on game days, but the expectation was that players would arrive early for the new manager. Left fielder Logan Morrison reportedly ripped into Hanley for being late to the meeting. He also reportedly suggested that Hanley’s tardiness (he arrives to the park later than most teammates) is contributing to his poor batting.

Because I’m not around the team enough to know what time Ramirez arrives at the park each day (not to mention if it’s the same routine he employed during his All-Star seasons), I will leave that out. But I will say that showing up last for the new manager’s team meeting shows disrespect, so I can understand if that’s why he was benched.

What’s sad is that such a talented player continues to be involved in issues suggesting he’s not a good team leader. In 2009, Dan Uggla questioned his toughness and desire to win. Last year he was yanked for not hustling after a booted ball. Ramirez has shown he can be a great player, but as the franchise player he should also be a great team leader. It’s pretty indisputable that he’s not, and that is a shame.

Bill MacDonald and John Ireland Are New Lakers Announcers, Spero Dedes to Knicks

The Lakers announced Tuesday that they are making changes to their play-by-play announcing teams on radio and TV. Bill MacDonald, who has been with Fox Sports West since it began in 1985, will be the new TV play-by-play voice, replacing Joel Meyers. Stu Lantz will remain as the team’s television color commentator.

On radio, John Ireland will be the team’s play-by-play voice, joining former Laker Mychal Thompson who is the analyst. Ireland has covered the Lakers as a TV sideline reporter since 2002 and he serves as a talk show host on 710 ESPN Radio in LA. Ireland informed LBS he will continue in his role as co-host of the Mason & Ireland show.

Spero Dedes was expected to become the team’s new TV play-by-play man and replace Meyers. Lakers spokesman John Black said “We had a verbal agreement with Spero to be our new TV play-by-play announcer. … He had a change of heart.” Tom Hoffarth of the LA Daily News reports that Dedes has accepted a job as the Knicks TV play-by-play announcer. Hoffarth adds that Dedes will be allowed to continue his play-by-play duties for CBS. Kevin Ding of the OC Register reports that Dedes wouldn’t have been able to continue with his national jobs if he accepted the Lakers position.

Serena Williams Cries After Winning First Round Match at Wimbledon (Video)

Serena Williams has a fiery personality, but we aren’t used to seeing her express emotion over personal issues on the court. Sure, she’ll blow up at a judge or get into it with an opponent, but seeing her cry was something new. Check out this video of Serena Williams crying after her first round match at Wimbledon:

In case you don’t understand what prompted her emotional reaction, she said before the tournament that she was on her deathbed after doctors found out she had blood clots. There may have been a point where she didn’t think she’d be able to return to play pro tennis.

Oddsmakers may have installed Serena as a favorite in the tournament, but I’m guessing that’s based mainly on name and reputation. If she’s crying after winning a first round match, it’s pretty fair to suggest she’s not expecting to win the tournament.

Ozzie Guillen Ejection Video Was Classic

Ozzie Guillen got tossed during the 6th inning of Monday’s White Sox-Cubs game. Ozzie was actually justified in his complaint because Alexei Ramirez’s ball appeared to be in foul territory when catcher Geovany Soto touched it. It’s no wonder he went nuts. Check out the ejection video:

The best part easily was Geovany Soto’s reaction to seeing Ozzie kick his mask. Soto was a fan enjoying the action like the rest of us. Maybe this was just an umpire conspiracy to give us our weekly dose of Ozzie entertainment.

A.J. Francis Hears from Compliance Director After Tweeting Rap Lyrics

A.J. Francis is a defensive lineman at Maryland and he was dubbed by DC Sports Bog the best tweeting athlete in the DC-area. One of his tweets this weekend apparently caught the eye of the school’s compliance director, as the Bog pointed out:

Yesterday i tweeted the Rick Ross lyric “Feels like we gettin money for the wrong things..” and 2 hours later i got an email from Complianceless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

It’s pretty obvious the last thing programs want to see is their players talking about violations. Even if Francis wasn’t, the compliance director must recognize that anything relating to players and money can become controversial. Better to be safe the way the director was than have a tweet end up in the NCAA investigation’s office. Even Francis recognizes that.

Desmond Howard: Woody Hayes Would Have Punched Jim Tressel in the Throat

Last month Desmond Howard was angering Michigan fans with some of his comments. Now he’s doing more of the same to Ohio State fans. In an interview with the Omaha World-Herald via Sporting News, Howard said Woody Hayes would be embarrassed by Jim Tressel’s actions at Ohio State.

“If Woody Hayes was around now, I’m thinking he would grab Jim Tressel by the collar and punch him in the throat,” Howard told the World-Herald. “Because what he has done to that program, it’s just embarrassing.”

Howard didn’t stop there. He also said that Ohio State’s actions tarnished the clean, wholesome, Midwest morals image of the Big Ten. To which we say what about the violations and questionable recruiting by Rich Rodriguez at Michigan?

Howard believes that players selling merchandise is irrelevant and shouldn’t be a crime, and he thinks the NCAA should review its rules. He also is disappointed about what happened with Ohio State because he wants to beat his opponent’s best.

As for the point that Hayes would have punched Jim Tressel in the throat, I imagine it would have been a right to the collarbone:


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