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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Odell Beckham responds to rumors he’s dating Amber Rose?

Odell Beckham

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is the latest pro athlete to be linked to the one and only Amber Rose, as a rumor popped up earlier this week indicating the two are dating. Did Beckham shoot down the gossip report in a couple of cryptic tweets Wednesday morning?

While he did not mention anything about Rose, the timing of these comments from Beckham is quite curious:

According to TMZ, Beckham had his eye on Rose for months and the two eventually connected through a mutual friend. In addition to having dated Kanye West for a couple of years and having a child with rapper Wiz Khalifa, Rose recently dated James Harden and was once linked to this NFL running back.

If Beckham is in a relationship with Rose, you have to respect him for keeping it quiet. The last thing he needs is to end up being put on blast like Matt Barnes.

Ronda Rousey to star in ‘Road House’ remake

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey has landed another movie gig, and it may wind up being her most bad-ass role to date.

Rousey’s agent, Brand Slater, told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani on Wednesday that Rousey is set to star in a remake of the popular 1980s classic “Road House.” The UFC women’s bantamweight champion will apparently play the lead role and in some way be the female version of “Dalton,” who is the heroic bouncer that the late Patrick Swayze portrayed in the original film.

If the new “Road House” is anything like the 1989 film, Rousey is sure to beat a lot of people up in the name of protecting a small town from corrupt businessmen. However, she may respectfully disagree with Dalton’s mantra that “no one wins a fight.”

Slater noted that production for the film will be dictated by Rousey’s training and fight schedule, per usual.

While this isn’t quite the role Rousey recently revealed she wants, it has the potential to be a good one.

Mike Shanahan: Everyone was trying to steal signals

Mike Shanahan Broncos

The New England Patriots may have broken NFL rules by filming opposing coaches on the sidelines during games several years back, but they weren’t the only team that worked diligently in an attempt to steal signals. Mike Shanahan is one of a number of former NFL players and coaches who have confirmed that.

During an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” Wednesday, Shanahan said teams would go to some extreme measures to steal signs.

“Back then, everybody was trying to steal signals,” the former Broncos and Redskins coach explained. “Some of the best quarterbacks in the league had different cue cards from the sideline, depending what defense or blitz, and tried to do everything they could. They looked at (videotaping) for a lot of years and came up with a final verdict. I could go back and tell you a hundred different stories.”

Shanahan went on to explain that any NFL coach would agree that knowing what a defense is going to do is a huge advantage, though he questioned how much information you could gather from lip-reading and other tactics.

Another interesting point Shanahan made was that NFL teams — his in particular — sweep for listening devices quite often, and not just when they’re playing the Patriots.

“We’d have people sweep the locker room for devices,” he said. “It was with a number of teams, same thing on the sideline.”

In fact, Shanahan even admitted that he falls into that category we discussed on Tuesday of teams that have gone to extreme measures to check for spying devices.

Believe it or not, the Patriots aren’t the only team that bends the rules or tries to steal information from opponents. While that doesn’t excuse cheating, it also doesn’t mean we have to be naive about it. Just ask John Madden:

The biggest difference with the Patriots, so it seems, is that they continued to film signals after teams were warned not to. They also may have employed some other sneaky tactics that sound borderline illegal. But, again, this stuff isn’t 100 percent exclusive to New England.

LeSean McCoy takes another veiled swipe at Chip Kelly

LeSean McCoy Bills

LeSean McCoy talks too much, which in many ways makes him a perfect fit with the Buffalo Bills now that Rex Ryan is running the show. We already knew McCoy hated his former coach, but the three-time Pro Bowler just can’t seem to stop reiterating it.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, McCoy said getting used to playing for Ryan has been easy because Rex “let’s you be a man.”

“He won’t say, ‘Be in bed at ten o’clock,’ or check your sleep,” McCoy explained. “He’s just like: ‘Be professionals.’”

To summarize, McCoy is glad he no longer plays for Kelly because Chip is both racist and too strict.

When you even have Michael Vick basically telling you to shut up, it may be time to take a hint. McCoy’s name has made headlines for various reasons since he was traded to the Bills. If he has another season in 2015 like the one he had under Kelly last year, it will be interesting to hear what the excuse is.

Willie McGinest: Patriots would have won five Super Bowls if we filmed practices


Former NFL linebacker Willie McGinest won three championships with the New England Patriots, and he is not about to sit back while people question the legitimacy of those Super Bowl victories.

On NFL Network’s “Total Access” Tuesday, McGinest said his Patriots teams would have won more than three Super Bowls if they had footage of what opponents were doing during practice.

“I heard some of the things that were in the (ESPN) report and I could sit here and honestly say I was never handed a game plan from another team that we found in the other team’s locker room,” he said, per Christopher Price of WEEI.com. “We were never shown tape from any teams practicing. Instead of three Super Bowls, we would have had five. You give us the answers to the test then no team would have come close to beating us, especially games that we won in the Super Bowls by three points or less, tight football games.”

While there is proof that the Patriots filmed the New York Jets’ sideline during a game in 2007 and the bombshell Outside the Lines report claimed they filmed signals in 40 games from 2000-2007, no evidence exists of New England recording another team’s practice. Some have wondered if those tapes were destroyed along with the rest of them, but we will never know.

“You get a little fired up and you get a little angry, because you understand all of the hard work as a player and as a coaching staff and all your teammates put into those wins,” McGinest said of the latest cheating allegations. “Going out and winning those individual battles, going against players one-on-one, winning, out-executing, not making the mental errors and not breaking down — and playing better situational football. All of the things that it takes to win championships.”

The most surprising new piece of information from the OTL report was the claim that the Patriots had team employees sneak into visiting locker rooms to steal play sheets. McGinest insists he has never heard of that happening, but he says it is common knowledge that play sheets and gameplans are fair game if teams are dumb enough to leave them behind or out in the open.


Eli Manning wants contract extension to ‘get done quickly’

Eli Manning Giants

Eli Manning is currently playing out the final season of his contract, and he would like that to change in the very near future. Like, before Week 1.

During an appearance on WFAN Tuesday morning, Manning said he does not want to negotiate a contract extension once the regular season begins.

“I’m not a big fan of contract negotiations during the season,” Manning said, according to Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “I’m hoping if this thing is gonna get done, it’s gonna get done quickly.”

While that may seem like an obvious thing to say, Manning has remained relatively quietly about his contract until now. He has said on several occasions that he is not concerned over it, but his comments on Tuesday seem to indicate otherwise. Some reports have claimed Manning wants to be the highest-paid player in the game, though he says that is untrue.

When Joe Flacco signed his extension two years ago, it was the richest deal in NFL history at the time. Flacco, while a few years younger than Manning, has won one Super Bowl. Manning has won two.

“Again, my focus is getting ready, playing at a high level,” Manning added. “Now it’s all about getting ready for (the season opener on Sunday in) Dallas.”

In order to focus on football and nothing else, Manning needs his contract to be taken care of. Despite the two championships, anyone with a pair of eyes can see that Manning is not a truly elite quarterback. Unfortunately for the Giants, there are plenty of quarterbacks in the same situation who have been paid handsomely.

Brandon Marshall: Race played a factor in Deflategate decision

Brandon Marshall Bears

Brandon Marshall will once again join Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” for the 2015 season, and the New York Jets wide receiver wasted no time offering his first controversial take when the show aired Tuesday night.

While discussing Tom Brady and the Deflategate saga, Marshall said there are players across the league who feel Brady’s suspension was vacated in part because he is white.

“The race card,” Marshall said, via Dom Cosentino of NJ.com. “There are a lot of players out there that believe that—white players specifically, at the quarterback position—are treated differently.”

Marshall went on to explain that he believes there are three different viewpoints from players with regard to Deflategate — those who are happy the union won, those who are “cowards” and wanted Brady suspended so they didn’t have to face him, and those who believe race was a factor.

When co-host Boomer Esiason asked Marshall to clarify if he meant there are players in the NFL who believe a Cam Newton suspension would have been upheld in federal court because of his skin color, Marshall reiterated his stance.

“Well, when you look back at the history of this sport, you can build a case on that, yes. … It’s just not African-American players. I’ve had this conversation with Caucasian players as well,” Marshall said. “The most important part of this whole discussion is the process for the players. They just want the process to be fair and right. They just want to get it right.”

You’d hate to think a U.S. District Court judge takes race into consideration when making a ruling. It would be more understandable if Marshall and other players wondered if race was a factor in the NFL making its disciplinary rulings.

That said, we already heard from one NFL player who believes Brady was given preferential treatment in court. I’m sure there are plenty others who feel the same way.

Five bold predictions for the 2015 NFL season

Khalil Mack

Super Bowl XLIX brought an exciting finish to the 2014 NFL season, but that was only the beginning of what was an event-filled offseason leading into 2015. The NFL Draft was held in Chicago, marking the first time it was not in New York since 1965. The biggest story of the offseason was Deflategate, a dragged-out court case involving NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league’s most celebrated player Tom Brady.

No matter what happened in the months leading up to the NFL season, football is back. Here are a few bold predictions as we make our way towards Super Bowl L.

1. Tom Brady will win MVP

All we need to do is look at the 2007 season following the New England Patriots’ Spygate scandal to see how Brady responds to adversity. Of course, he had Randy Moss during that record-breaking season, but let’s not forget that the Pats still have a guy named Gronk. Fans across the NFL thought New England’s historic run off success was over last season because of the lack of weapons on offense, and then Belichick won another Super Bowl. Now they have lost weapons on defense including Vince Wilfork, Brandon Browner and Darelle Revis. For that reason, Brady needs to step his game up. Players voted Brady the third-best player in the top 100 NFL players of 2015 behind defending MVP Aaron Rodgers and Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt.

2. Khalil Mack tops J.J. Watt as Defensive Player of the Year

Mack was drafted fifth overall in the 2014 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders. The University of Buffalo product may have been overlooked by the first four teams, because he has been the best player from that draft thus far. Sure, Odell Beckham Jr. has received the hype, but Mack has shown the production. He recorded 76 tackles, four sacks and an interception in 2014 and has all the skills necessary to take his game to the next level. The Raiders are still rebuilding, but with last year’s additions of Mack and quarterback Derek Carr, they are on their way to becoming relevant again. As Oakland competes in more games, Mack’s numbers will continue to improve.

3. Alex Smith leads Kansas City to the AFC West title

The AFC West has been dominated by the Denver Broncos since Peyton Manning came to the Mile High city, but as Manning continues to age, there could be a changing of the tide this season. Alex Smith was run out of San Francisco after being drafted first overall in the 2005 NFL Draft. Andy Reid took over as head coach in KC and elected to line Smith up under center. The Chiefs did not have any touchdown receptions from a wide receiver in 2014, but former Eagle Jeremy Maclin rejoins Reid in Kansas City this season. Maclin is coming off of a career year in 2014 where he set personal bests in receptions, yardage and touchdowns. Jamaal Charles may be the Chiefs’ best player, but it is Smith’s improvement that will lead KC to the division title.

4. Johnny Manziel finishes season as Browns’ starting QB

The Browns have had 21 different starting quarterbacks since returning to Cleveland in 1999. Now they will have another one in Josh McCown to start 2015. Johnny Manziel was drafted 22nd overall in 2014 and has had his fair share of off-the-field troubles, which has contributed to his inability to capture the starting role. After another offseason filled with drama, Manziel looked to be having a solid preseason before suffering a shoulder injury. McCown had a solid preseason as well, but he is the ultimate “you know what you got” player. If Manziel can continue to improve his act and come back strong from injury, he should have a solid chance to surpass McCown at some point during this season.

5. Eric Berry will rebound to win Comeback Player of the Year

We predicted that Kansas City would win the AFC West because of the improvement of their offense. The Chiefs’ defense made a big splash this offseason as well. Justin Houston signed a 6-year, $101 million deal with $52.5 million guaranteed to become the highest paid linebacker in NFL history. It is crazy to think a historic deal like that was not the biggest story coming out of the Chiefs’ camp. Safety Eric Berry was cleared for contact and has rejoined the team after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma just nine months ago. Berry was one of the best defensive backs in the NFL before being sidelined with cancer, and we can only imagine that a warrior like that will regain his Pro Bowl status.

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Kim Kardashian has no clue who Mike Tirico is

Mike Tirico

Mike Tirico told an absolute gem of a story while calling Novak Djokovic’s match at the US Open on Tuesday night.

All the stars were out at the tennis center in Flushing to watch Serena Williams face sister Venus in their quarterfinals match Tuesday night. Presidential candidate Donald Trump was there, as were Oprah, Aziz Ansari, Nas and Joe Jonas among others. Alas, so was Kim Kardashian. And Tirico, who was calling play-by-play action for ESPN, had a little encounter with the reality TV star.

Tirico shared the story during Nole’s match, and it’s one sports fans will enjoy.

“I was leaving a suite … I had to visit some folks … I was walking around and no joke, Kim Kardashian walked out of the suite next to the one that I was in,” said Tirico. “And she looked at me and she said, ‘do you know how to get to the Emirates Airlines suite? You look like you know what you’re talking about.'”

Tirico then was asked a few questions by his on-air partners and shared that Kardashian had no idea who he was.

“(Kardashian) had no concept of what I do or who I am. I said ‘it’s over that way.’ She found it.

“There were no cameras around so it was not a reality show moment. I guess it didn’t happen. If it’s not on a Kardashian reality show, I guess it really didn’t happen,” Tirico lamented.

To be fair, Tirico in a suit does look like a guy who would know things. She probably saw him with a mic clipped on his lapel and thought he looked like a concierge or secret service member. But come on, Kim. Didn’t you at least watch some “Monday Night Football” when you dated Reggie Bush? And you didn’t recognize Tirico? Shame on you!

Odell Beckham dating Amber Rose

Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham’s best catch of the year may have come off the field.

TMZ reports that the New York Giants star wide receiver is dating Amber Rose.

Apparently Beckham had his eye on Rose and began pursuing her a few months ago, and the two were introduced by mutual friends. They say the relationship is in the early stages and they are not rushing things.

Rose is a model who became famous for dating Kanye West from 2008-2010. She later married rapper Wiz Khalifa and had a child with him, but the two divorced. Since then, Rose has dated James Harden, rapper Machine Gun Kelly, and now Beckham. Oh yeah, she also had a brief fling with Reggie Bush in the past, showing her connections to athletes run deep.

If the two are to make something happen, they would be overcoming a large age difference; Rose is 31, while Beckham is 22 and just in his second NFL season.

Photo: Odell Beckham/Twitter