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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly Reportedly Spotted at Paris Museum

While A-Rod is getting his holiday on with a former WWE diva in Boise, it looks like Derek Jeter is rekindling his relationship with Minka Kelly.

A Pepperdine University student told Life & Style Magazine he saw the two at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris Thursday. The magazine’s source also said they were there with two friends. Minka had been spotted at a Paris hotel earlier in the week, corroborating the report that she’s in Europe.

We shared a report in October that said the couple was trying to work things out, so their trip may be a step in the right direction.

Now I kind of feel badly about that report of Jeter trading autographed balls for one-night stands. We didn’t mean to throw salt in your G-A-M-E, Jeets.

NFL Picks Against the Spread Week 17 – Del’s Send-Off

Del has fallen flat on his face.  After what was likely the most embarrassing week in the history of Del’s selections, the only thing left to play for in Week 17 is the top-3 selections and a little dignity.  Del completely blew it in Week 16, posting a repulsive 3-12 record against the spread.  Simply put, you can’t pick em any worse than that.  The decent news (if there is any) is that the top-3 selections are guaranteed to finish the season above the 50-percent mark, and we’ll be looking to kill those in the final week of the season.  Week 17 is all about figuring out who still has something to play for, and Del has done his best to sort that out and try to end the year on a high note.  Without further admission of guilt, here are Del’s NFL Picks Week 17, with top-3 analysis after the chart. Remember to check back later in the week for Doc Brown’s final selections of the year.

(ATS = Against the Spread, SU = Straight Up)


Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett Will Be Cowboys’ Coach Next Year ‘No Matter What’

Fortunately for the Cowboys, the NFC East has been the most inconsistent division in football this season.  If this were any other season Dallas would probably be out of the playoff race, but the Eagles fell on their faces and the Giants have gone week-to-week.  Regardless of how they got there, Jason Garrett has his team one win away from the playoffs in his first full season as head coach of the Cowboys.  According to Jerry Jones, head coach is a title Garrett will keep next season whether his team wins or loses at New York on Sunday.

“That’s just ridiculous,” Jones said during an interview with 105.3 in Dallas when asked if Garrett is on the hot seat. “We’re just getting started with Jason. It’s just not the case at all. Nobody is worried about the coach’s job here. We’ll answer this thing as many ways as you want to answer it with as many circumstances, his job has no bearing and is not a part of this ballgame. Yes, he’s going to be our coach next year period no matter what the score is.”

Ultimately it has been the players on the field who have made mistakes at critical moments and taken plays off, but that responsibility falls on the head coach.  Garrett was also responsible for one of the biggest coaching flubs of all-time earlier in the season.  Two certain FOX analysts don’t believe he is the man for the job in Big D, but apparently Jones disagrees.

Of course, we wouldn’t put it past Jerruh to give Garret the axe if he loses on Sunday anyway.  Every moment the Cowboys coach has to wonder about his job security is a moment spent not preparing for the biggest game of the year.  You wouldn’t doubt Jerry would go back on his word, would you?

Jerry Colangelo: 2012 Olympic Basketball Team a ‘Fair Comparison’ to Dream Team

In case you don’t remember, The USA National Basketball Team won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  That team looked pretty impressive, but anyone who has been around for a while would stop short of calling them the Dream Team.  Dream Team is a title reserved for the 1992 U.S. Olympic team, which consisted of some of the greatest players to ever play the game like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan.  According to USA Basketball President Jerry Colangelo, it’s fair to compare the 2012 team to the 1992 team.

“I think it will be a fair comparison with the Dream Team,” Colangelo said in a phone interview Thursday with FOX Sports Florida. “Look at the progress our players have made since (winning Olympic gold in) 2008. We have some of the greatest players of all time.

“You’re hearing Kobe (Bryant) right up there with the greatest of all time. Dwyane Wade and LeBron (James) are right up there. You’ve got to add up the names, and you look at the young guys like (Kevin) Durant as an example and (Derrick) Rose as an example. There’s so many. There’s only been one Dream Team, and that’s the way I think it should be. But there’s no question our team will be much stronger than we had in 2008. They’re more mature, more experienced and we’ve got more talent.”

Nobody wants to hear it, but Colangelo could be right.  The current USA Basketball players are not legends because they are still playing — but most of them will be.  It is made up of the same type of Hall of Fame-caliber talent that the 1992 team consisted of.  The key, as always, will be chemistry.  The 2008 team had it, but many argue that no team has ever gelled the way that the Dream Team did.  If Durant, Rose, Bryant, Wade, and LeBron play well as a team, there’s no reason to believe they won’t be as good as the Dream Team.  They just won’t be the Dream Team.

Chest bump to Pro Basketball Talk for the story.

Did Roy Halladay Really Save a Boy from an Anaconda Attack in the Amazon?

Earlier this month, some MLB pitchers took a fishing trip to the Amazon.  Roy Halladay, Chris Carpenter, and B.J. Ryan made the trek to Brazil with professional sport fisherman and outdoor enthusiast, Skeet Reese.  According to Reese, it turned into more than just a fishing trip.

In a post on his website entitled “A Jungle Out There,” Reese talked about the trip and noted that while the fishing wasn’t great, there were plenty of adventures.  This was one of them.

We had plenty of wildlife encounters though. Along with the fishing, we decided to go hunting one night, and Carpenter and B.J. both shot a caiman; which is like an alligator. Me and Doc Halladay even came across a local, sitting bare naked on a tree by the river. What we were able to figure out is that he was fishing in the river for tropical fish to sell for aquariums when he got attacked by an anaconda.

The snake apparently bit him on the ass but he was able to free himself before the snake wrapped him up. Instead the snake wrapped around his motor on the back of his little 14 foot dugout canoe and tore it off the back of his boat. Doc and I helped him gather his gear and flip the boat back over and then towed him home. You could definitely see the bite mark on his ass, but he was able to fight it off; amazing.

Just another day in the Amazon.  The question is do you buy this story?  If it were any other pitcher, I would say no.  Since we’re talking about a guy who can do stuff like this, why not?  I’m as big a Doc Halladay fan as the next guy.  Who am I to doubt him?  Thank god for the Doc.

Thanks to for passing the story along.

Stan Van Gundy Says the Thunder Can Trade Kevin Durant to the Magic

The Thunder are off to a hot start in 2011.  They’ve begun the season 4-0, already proving they can win close games down the stretch on multiple occasions.  In a Western Conference that features a weakened Lakers team, an aging defending champion that lost several role players, and an overhauled Clippers team that could take a season to gel, the Thunder have a chance to make a deep playoff run.  Seemingly the only thing that can stop Oklahoma City is a rift between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.  Since the two have already needed to be separated on the bench, the situation will be one worth monitoring going forward.

The always outspoken Stan Van Gundy has a solution that could help the Thunder get past the dispute between their two superstars.

“When you’re together as much as we are in very competitive situations, you’re going to have those conflicts,” Van Gundy said according to The Oklahoman. “You’re going to have player-coach conflicts and player-player conflicts. You know, you just are. Because everybody is competitive, everybody wants to win, everybody wants to do well and a lot of times you see situations differently.

“I think it’s very serious, and I think the only thing they can do is split those two guys up. And I think they need to get them a long way away, I think here to Florida, to diffuse that problem; Kevin Durant here.”

I bet you would enjoy that, Stan.  That way Dwight Howard would stay and everyone lives happily ever after. Unfortunately for Orlando, the Thunder are going to be just fine.  Westbrook and Durant will likely realize the potential of this year’s squad and learn to coexist — even if they don’t like each other.  Van Gundy shouldn’t need a psychology professor to tell him that.

Chest bump to Ball Don’t Lie for the story.

Metta World Peace Says the Thunder are the Team to Beat in the West

Regardless of the results from last season, many of us have a tendency to always include the Lakers in the discussion of teams to beat in the West.  This particular Lakers team has been to three NBA Finals and won two championships in the last four years.  However, there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the 2011-2012 edition.  They have a new coach, lost one of their best role players in Lamar Odom, and have a seemingly disgruntled Kobe Bryant to deal with.  Pau Gasol is not getting any younger and Andrew Bynum’s health is always a concern.  Perhaps it is reasons like those that inspired Ron Artest Metta World Peace to call the Thunder the team to beat in the West.

“I think probably Oklahoma’s going to be pretty tough,” Artest World Peace said during an interview with 590 The Fan in Toronto. “I think they’re young and they’ve been there before. They have some good, smart players. I think Oklahoma City did a great job of putting together young, good, smart players. They’ve got to have one of the best general managers around.”

The Thunder should certainly be a force to be reckoned with, but the fact that Artest World Peace didn’t take that opportunity to call the Lakers the team to beat either means he knows they have work to do or he is trying to be modest.  Either that, or he was too busy thinking about his teeth to give the question any thought.

While we’re on the subject, the Lakers may also want to keep an eye on the other team from Los Angeles.  I heard they added a couple of new players and look pretty good.

A Few Good Games Has Reggie Bush Thinking He Can Win the Rushing Title

Through 15 games this year, Reggie Bush has already rushed for a career-best 1,086 yards.  Bush was supposed to be an elite running back coming out of college but had never earned a full-time starting position prior to this season with the Dolphins.  He has had five games of 100 yards or more this year, but keep in mind he is one of 13 backs to already eclipse the 1,000-yard mark. Two more backs will likely pick up their 1,000th yard this weekend. Still, Bush’s recent play has made him believe he can win an NFL rushing title.

“Yes, I do,” Bush told when asked if he thought he could lead the league in rushing. “No disrespect to anyone, but I’ve spent a lot of time studying different players, including Chris Johnson.  I’ve watched a ton of his runs, especially during his 2,000-yard season.  And yeah, I feel like I’m capable of a lot, but I’m not worrying about that yet.  My mental focus is entirely on this next game.  If I wasn’t, my priorities would be backward, and I wouldn’t be setting myself up to accomplish any of this.”

Bush has had a tremendous four-game stretch, but he’s getting a bit ahead of himself.  The first time he carried the ball at least 15 times wasn’t until week 7, meaning he was rather fresh while the other feature backs around the league had already taken a beating.  Having success in the second half of a season and doing it for a full 16 games are two completely separate achievements.

Bush said he owed his best game of the season to former coach Tony Sparano, but Sparano is no longer a part of Miami’s game plan. If the Dolphins coach next year decides to limit Bush’s touches to make him more effective and keep him healthy, capturing the rushing title will be a far-fetched goal.  Pump the breaks, Reggie — you’ve had a handful of good games in a six-year career.

H/T to Pro Football Talk for passing the story along

Jason Terry Says Brendan Haywood Can Make Mavericks Forget Tyson Chandler

After Thursday night’s 104-102 loss to the Thunder, Mavericks fans are undoubtedly feeling a bit uneasy.  The season has just begun, but the defending NBA champions have lost their first three games and look like a completely different team than the one that beat the Heat in the Finals last summer.  That’s because they are.  The Mavs lost Tyson Chandler, J.J. Barea, and Caron Butler in free agency.  They added veteran Vince Carter but that certainly won’t help with their lack of youth.  Dallas may make a run at Deron Williams and Dwight Howard next season, but their chances of a repeat this season look grim.

Jason Terry, however, does not seem concerned.  In fact, it may have annoyed him a bit when Chandler — now a member of the Knicks — said he saw the Mavericks’ struggles coming this year.

“Our five men were active,” Terry said according to the Dallas Morning News. “Everybody’s talking about Tyson being gone, but the way (our big men) played tonight, we’ll forget about Tyson real soon.”

Terry is referring to the play of centers Brendan Haywood and Ian Mahinmi, who combined for 15 points and seven rebounds and threw down several dunks on the interior Thursday night.  Still, that combined stat line is one that Chandler is more than capable of putting together himself, and I’m sure Terry knows that.

The early struggles of Lamar Odom have also hurt the Mavs.  Odom is likely still getting used to playing for a new team in a new city after becoming so comfortable in Los Angeles.  Terry insists that Odom will “get into a rythm” and be fine going forward.

Chandler’s comments probably rubbed a lot of his former teammates the wrong way, but he was right.  Anyone who looked at the Mavericks roster going into last off-season could see that they weren’t exactly set up perfectly for another run.  As a veteran in the locker room, it is Terry’s job to keep the team’s confidence level up and not let guys pack it in when things aren’t going well.  If Dallas’ struggles continue, his job will get more difficult with each game

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