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Friday, April 10, 2020


Report: Need for IT workers to enter homes is a concern for NFL Draft

NFL Draft

The NFL has roughly two weeks remaining to work out all of the details of its upcoming virtual draft, and new concerns are popping up every day.

In order to follow the social distancing guidelines that are in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, team executives and staffers have been instructed to not gather together at any point during the draft. Instead, they must use electronic communications to share information and decide which players to select. In order for everything to run smoothly, those executives may need help from IT workers setting up equipment and software. That is a concern for team personnel and the IT workers themselves, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Obviously, holding a virtual draft means there could be technical issues at some point. Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reports that the NFL is basically planning to address those problems on the fly.

Those who are less tech savvy may need assistance before or during the draft. That could potentially mean people coming in contact with one another, which is what health officials want to avoid.

There is reportedly also concern that some teams could have an unfair advantage because of the circumstances. No matter what the NFL does, there are going to be issues both before and during the draft.

Bryan Colangelo interviewed for Bulls front office job

Bryan Colangelo

The Chicago Bulls are searching far and wide for someone who can straighten out their basketball operations department, and former Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo is among the candidates.

Colangelo has interviewed with the Bulls for their top executive position, Shams Charania of The Athletic reports.

Colangelo resigned from his job with the Sixers nearly two years ago following an embarrassing situation where it was determined that his wife (allegedly) was running a burner Twitter account and revealed sensitive team information through it. Colangelo maintained that he knew nothing about the account, but the 76ers were forced to part ways with him.

If you ignore the Twitter shenanigans in Philly, Colangelo was a successful executive for many years. He was named the 2007 NBA Executive of the Year with the Toronto Raptors and has plenty of experience. While hiring him could create some issues from a public relations standpoint, you can understand why a team like the Bulls would have interest.

Nick Saban has finally learned how to use his own email

Nick Saban
Nick Saban may be one of the most successful coaches in the history of college football, but he can be a bit backwards technologically.

Saban told ESPN’s Maria Taylor on Wednesday that one silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic is that he’s finally set up his own email address.

Email is not new. It has been around for decades. All of Saban’s peers have probably been using it for years, but the Alabama coach does things his way. And to be fair to him, he’s been pretty successful without it, so who are we to judge?

It is absolutely funny that Saban is only just now getting into email while simultaneously giving his players Apple Watches.

Panthers ruthlessly mock Falcons over new uniforms

The Atlanta Falcons were the latest NFL team to unveil new uniforms on Wednesday, and one of their division rivals thinks the jerseys are laughable.

Much like the threads that were unveiled by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the day before, Atlanta’s new jerseys are fairly simple and have a vintage color scheme. However, not long after the big reveal, the Carolina Panthers took to Twitter to ruthlessly mock the Falcons for having jerseys that strongly resemble those worn by Adam Sandler and the inmates in “The Longest Yard.”

Those are quite similar. The color scheme isn’t exactly uncommon, but even the numbers look almost the same. Of course, the Falcons are sticking by their new design. They responded to Carolina’s trolling with a simple message.

No matter how badly the Falcons are taunted, they can’t get it much worse than the Los Angeles Rams got it when they recently unveiled their new logo. That said, the Panthers have now given their fans and fans of other teams something to heckle their division rival over. They probably consider that a win.

Coach K explains how he gave ‘closure’ to Duke players after canceled tournament

Coach K

College basketball coaches have struggled to console players after the cancellation of the NCAA Tournament due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is trying in his own way.

Coach K said he FaceTimed his players on what would have been the weekend of the Final Four in Atlanta. The Blue Devils would have been a contender to reach the Final Four, and Krzyzewski wanted his players to know that they were “worthy of being there” as a way of granting them “closure.”

For seniors and underclassmen who will go pro, the canceled tournament is a bitter pill to swallow. After all, there’s one Duke freshman who will never even get to experience the tournament. Coach K can’t replicate the experience, but he can do his best to give them a bit of consolation.

Wes Wilcox, Danny Ferry interview for Bulls front office job

Wes Wilcox

The Chicago Bulls are in the process of interviewing candidates who they believe have a chance to run their basketball operations department, and Wes Wilcox and Danny Ferry are two of the names on the list.

Wilcox, who was formerly the general manager of the Atlanta Hawks, and Ferry, who also worked for the Hawks’ front office in addition to several other teams, reportedly interviewed for the Bulls executive vice president of basketball operations job.

Wilcox began with the Hawks as their assistant GM in 2012 and was promoted to GM in 2015. Atlanta reached the postseason every year Wilcox was a part of the team’s front office, and they have missed the playoffs the past two years. Wilcox resigned in 2017 and now works as an analyst for NBA TV.

Ferry has history as a Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers GM. He has been working with the Pelicans since 2016, though only became the interim GM two months ago. His comments about Luol Deng contributed to his ousting in Atlanta.

The Bulls are looking to hire an executive who would have full control over basketball decisions, and they have reportedly already been turned down by one candidate. It’s unclear if there is a frontrunner for the job at this point, though they will likely take their time with the process.

Collin Sexton: Cavaliers will be back in playoffs next season

The Cleveland Cavaliers took the NBA by surprise at the trade deadline back in February when they decided to become buyers despite having no shot at postseason contention. Collin Sexton appreciated that approach from the team, and he is confident it is going to pay off in the very near future.

In a recent interview with Morten Jensen of Forbes, Sexton said he understands that things have been a lot different for the Cavs since LeBron James left to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, but the 21-year-old does not like to use the term “rebuild.”

“Every day we’ve got guys coming to work and working their butt off, so we don’t look at [the rebuild] too much, because we all put in that work and we have a full team of hard workers so we’re going to do whatever it takes to change it around, and turn this rebuild into winning,” Sexton said.

Rather than hold a fire sale at the trade deadline, the Cavs acquired star big man Andre Drummond in a trade with the Detroit Pistons and held onto Kevin Love. Drummond is set to become a free agent this summer and has not committed to re-signing with Cleveland, but Sexton is very optimistic about the 2020-21 season. When asked when he thinks the Cavs will return to the playoffs, Sexton said “next season.” Was he serious?

“Yes. Next season,” he said emphatically.

The Cavs are currently 19-46 with the NBA season suspended. Sexton is averaging an impressive 20.8 points per game, but the team still has a very long way to go. Even if Drummond re-signs, Cleveland is far from a lock to make the playoffs barring a big offseason move or two.

It’s unclear how much of a negative impact John Beilein had on Cavaliers players before he parted ways with the organization, but the Cavs recently showed they believe in JB Bickerstaff going forward. While Sexton isn’t going to admit he doesn’t expect Cleveland to contend next season, he could have just as easily provided a more vague response.

Jameis Winston says he is flattered to be replaced by Tom Brady

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did not hesitate to move on from Jameis Winston when it became clear that they were going to sign Tom Brady, and even Jameis doesn’t blame the team for that. After all, it isn’t every day that you get an opportunity to sign arguably the greatest NFL player of all time.

Winston appeared on FOX News on Wednesday morning to discuss a toll-free COVID-19 hotline he has developed along with Dr. Scott Kelley, but naturally there was a question about his playing career. The former Florida State star said he views it as “kudos to me” that he was replaced by Brady. You can hear the comments beginning at around the 55-second mark below:

“One thing about Tom Brady is it’s understood that he is the GOAT,” Winston said. “For you to get replaced by Tom Brady in a city that you love so much, I guess that’s kudos to me. At the end of the day, it’s a competitive sport.”

Winston certainly has a point. While Bucs head coach Bruce Arians appeared to make it clear before Brady entered the picture that he did not think very highly of Winston, being replaced by Brady is much easier than having someone like, say, Philip Rivers take your job.

Winston led the NFL with 30 interceptions last season, but he also threw for more than 5,000 yards and is just 26 years old. While it may take him a while to find another job, his NFL career is far from over.

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Shareef O’Neal explains how he uses Kobe Bryant’s final text message as motivation

Shareef O'Neal

Shareef O’Neal was one of the last people Kobe Bryant reached out to before the Los Angeles Lakers legend died in a helicopter crash earlier this year, and O’Neal says that has been a great source of motivation for him over the past several months.

Bryant checked in on O’Neal, who is the son of Shaquille O’Neal, the morning of the helicopter crash. Kobe sent Shareef a text message asking him, “You good fam?” O’Neal opened up about what that meant to him in a recent interview with B/R Hoops, and he said he now has a screenshot of the text saved as the background on his phone.

O’Neal announced just days before Kobe’s death that he was transferring from UCLA, so Kobe may have been checking in on him to see how things were going with that. O’Neal also took a medical redshirt as a freshman after doctors discovered he had a heart condition for which he underwent surgery.

While Shaq has indicated he has regrets over not remaining in closer contact with Kobe in recent years, it is clear the two Lakers legends were family. Shareef now has the text message from Kobe as a reminder that Bryant was thinking about him.

Tom Brady admits Gisele ‘wasn’t satisfied with our marriage’ at one point

Tom Brady Gisele

As with most celebrity couples, there have been a number of stories in gossip rags over the years about supposed marital issues Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were having. Many of them were — rightfully — dismissed as click bait, but we can now confirm that Tom and Gisele have not always had the picture perfect relationship they portray on social media.

Brady provided a shockingly in-depth look into his home life during his interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday morning. The quarterback admitted that he had to “check myself” at one point because Gisele was not happy with the couple’s marriage. Brady said the reason he stopped attending voluntary OTAs was so he could help out more at home. Here’s the audio:

Brady went as far as to reveal that Gisele wrote him a letter about their marriage that he still keeps in a drawer.

Few star athletes have managed to keep their personal life close to the vest the way Brady has throughout his career, so it was completely out of character for him to discuss details of his marriage. The information he shared with Stern makes you wonder if some of the seemingly farfetched rumors we have heard about Brady and Gisele over the years were true.

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