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Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Andy Reid had hilarious way of celebrating Patrick Mahomes extension

Andy Reid

Andy Reid could very well have the best quarterback in the NFL for as long as he decides to continue coaching, and he is understandably very excited about that. He conveyed that excitement on Tuesday in the most Andy Reid way possible.

Reid was asked in a video conference call about Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs agreeing to a 10-year contract extension. He said he is “one happy guy” and that he decided to wear his best Tommy Bahama shirt to celebrate the occasion.

Reid is 62, and Mahomes is now under contract with the Chiefs for 12 more seasons between the new 10-year deal and the two years he had remaining on his rookie contract. That means Reid would have to coach well into his 70s if he plans to be with Kansas City throughout the entirety of Mahomes’ new deal. The longtime coach says that shouldn’t be a problem.

For what it’s worth, Reid wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt is nothing compared to the way he celebrated the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. Mahomes probably isn’t offended, however. When Reid wears the best Tommy Bahama shirt in his closet for you, it’s quite the honor.

Could Eagles use anti-Semitic posts to get out of DeSean Jackson’s contract?

The Philadelphia Eagles condemned DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic Instagram activity with a strong statement on Tuesday, and it is now fair to wonder if their next move could be to release the veteran wide receiver.

As ESPN’s Adam Schefter notes, the Eagles could cut Jackson if they determined that his social media activity violates the terms of his contract. Jackson is guaranteed $4.8 million this season and already received a $2 million bonus.

Jackson was limited to just nine catches for 159 yards and two touchdowns last season because of a core muscle injury that eventually required surgery. He’s now 33, and he may not be the explosive big-play threat he once was given his age and injury history.

The Eagles probably would move on from Jackson if they could get out from the remainder of his guaranteed money and possibly recoup his bonus, but they wouldn’t be able to do so without a fight from the NFL Players Association. It would probably be difficult to void an NFL player’s contract over an opinion he shared on social media.

Jackson shared a passage on Instagram that included a quote that was incorrectly attributed to Adolf Hitler. The quote accuses Jewish people of blackmailing and extorting America as a plan for world domination. When Jackson was informed that he was promoting anti-Semitism, he doubled down by highlighting a specific portion that he believed proved the point he was trying to make about racism.

On Tuesday, the Eagles issued a statement calling the messages Jackson shared “absolutely appalling.” Jackson then released a video apology.

Spencer Dinwiddie will not join Nets for resumed season in Orlando

Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie expressed optimism on Sunday that he will be able to join the Brooklyn Nets for the resumed season in Orlando despite recently testing positive for the coronavirus, but that is not going to happen.

Dinwiddie has decided to heed the advice of Nets team doctors and sit out the rest of the season, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

We learned of Dinwiddie’s positive COVID-19 test on June 29, and he said at the time that he was experiencing symptoms that included chest tightness. Dinwiddie then tweeted on Monday that it had been 10 days since he tested positive and his symptoms were subsiding. He said he was planning to get back on the court if he had a negative test on Tuesday, but doctors apparently advised against it.

Dinwiddie was averaging 20.6 points, 6.8 assists and 3.5 rebounds per game this season, all of which were career highs. Nets center DeAndre Jordan also tested positive for the virus and decided not to participate in the resumed season, which means Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Dinwiddie and Jordan will not be available in Orlando. Brooklyn is currently the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference.

DeSean Jackson apologizes after Eagles condemn ‘absolutely appalling’ messages

DeSean Jackson Eagles

DeSean Jackson has been promoting anti-Semitic messages through his Instagram account recently, and the Philadelphia Eagles condemned the activity on Tuesday right before Jackson issued an apology.

In a statement released through the team’s official Twitter account, the Eagles said they have spoken with Jackson about the “offensive, harmful, and absolutely appalling” messages he shared. While Jackson insists he did not mean to promote anti-Semitism, the team has spoken with him about the damage the messages caused and the need to apologize for them.

Jackson then issued a statement and video apologizing.

Jackson shared a passage on Instagram that included a quote that was incorrectly attributed to Adolf Hitler. The quote accuses Jewish people of blackmailing and extorting America as a plan for world domination. When Jackson was informed that he was promoting anti-Semitism, he doubled down by highlighting a specific portion that he believed proved the point he was trying to make about racism. It did not.

It’s possible — if not likely — that Jackson was truly unaware he was spreading anti-Semitic messages. That is the danger of having a powerful platform and sharing something which you do not fully understand. Hopefully Jackson realizes that now.

Bradley Beal will not take part in resumed NBA season due to shoulder injury

Bradley Beal

The Washington Wizards will have eight regular season games in Orlando to make up 5.5 games in the Eastern Conference standings, and they’ll have to try doing it without Bradley Beal.

The Wizards announced on Tuesday that Beal will not take part in the resumption of the NBA season due to a shoulder injury. General manager Tommy Sheppard said Beal played through the rotator cuff injury for much of the season, but he and the team do not think it would be in his best interest to play again after the layoff.

“This was a difficult decision and one that I did not take lightly as the leader of this team,” Beal said. “I wanted to help my teammates compete for a playoff spot in Orlando, but also understand that this will be best for all of us in the long term. I appreciate the support of my teammates, the fans and the entire organization and look forward to returning next season to continue the progress we have made.”

Beal had experienced discomfort in the shoulder early in the season, and the symptoms apparently got worse during the layoff. The announcement from the Wizards did not say if the plan is for Beal to have offseason surgery.

Wizards forward Davis Bertans has already opted out of the resumed season to avoid injury risk and protect his free agency. Beal said Monday that he was undecided on whether or not he would play in Orlando, though he made no mention of the shoulder injury. Washington coach Scott Brooks said Beal has been “looking great” during training.

Beal was second in the NBA with 30.5 points per game to this point in the season. The Wizards are 24-40 and have the worst record of any team that was invited to Orlando, and they’re almost certainly not going to make the playoffs now without Beal.

Report: Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert had issues before coronavirus drama

Donovan Mitchell

The relationship between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert may never be the same in the wake of the circumstances surrounding both Utah Jazz stars testing positive for the coronavirus, but it might be an exaggeration to say the situation impacted their friendship. In reality, Mitchell and Gobert were never close friends to begin with.

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon took a close look at the relationship between Mitchell and Gobert, and what he learned was that there was “friction” between the two long before they both tested positive for COVID-19. The issues are said to be typical for two NBA stars playing together and were described by one Jazz source as “a 2 out of 10 on the NBA drama scale,” but they were magnified when Gobert’s positive test brought the sports world to a screeching halt back in March.

Gobert is often animated with his Jazz teammates when he feels he was open and should have gotten the ball, and there have been numerous examples of that involving Mitchell. Gobert also took a lighthearted swipe at Mitchell during an interview following a home win over the Detroit Pistons on Jan. 14, 2019. The center had 18 points, 25 rebounds and two blocks in the game and was conducting an on-court interview when Mitchell came up behind him messing around. Gobert turned to his All-Star teammate and jokingly told him to “pass the ball, God dammit.”

MacMahon says that remark made many within the Jazz organization uncomfortable, as they knew there was some truth behind it. That type of attitude from Gobert toward Mitchell has created some tension between the two.

“If you take a paper towel and just drip water on it, the paper towel is going to get moist and then it’s going to get damp and eventually it’s going to break,” one Jazz source said. “Rudy has to pick his spots, and Donovan can’t react to everything. Sometimes you have to play chess and appease your teammates.”

Gobert, to his credit, acknowledges that he “can be very annoying.” He also said he is sometimes tougher on Mitchell because he is proud of everything the team has accomplished and wants to hold everyone to a high standard.

“Like with me, people can be hard on me and I can handle it, but for some guys, it can become very frustrating. I can understand that 100 percent,” Gobert said. “Donovan has gotten better every year since he’s gotten here. I think he’s going to keep getting a lot better. It’s pretty much, I’m the a–hole.”

In other words, Mitchell and Gobert were probably never going to spend the holidays together. That is true of a lot of star teammates in the NBA, but the coronavirus situation obviously added to the tension. Mitchell was upset with the cavalier attitude Gobert showed toward COVID-19 before Gobert tested positive, and MacMahon was told Mitchell blamed Gobert for infecting him even if it could not be proven.

Mitchell insists things are fine now between him and Gobert, but the situation will be one to monitor both in Orlando this year and going forward in Utah.

Report: Steve Cohen still considered favorite to buy Mets

New York Mets

Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen had the framework of a deal in place to buy the New York Mets earlier this year, but negotiations between him and team owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon fell apart. That does not, however, mean they are dead.

The Mets are set to receive a first round of bids from prospective buyers later this week, and Charles Gasparino of FOX Business Network reported on Monday that the bids are expected to be “weak” and well below what the Wilpons are seeking. While Cohen is not planning to submit a bid this week, Gasparino said Tuesday that the billionaire is still considered the “favorite” to buy the franchise.

Cohen had the framework of a deal in place to buy an 80 percent stake in the Mets at a $2.6 billion valuation, but things fell through in February due to a number of issues. That opened the door for other potential buyers, including former MLB star Alex Rodriguez and his fiancee Jennifer Lopez. A-Rod and J-Lo recently found an investor willing to contribute $250 million to a potential purchase of the team, though it’s unclear if their bid is one of the ones that will be submitted this week.

The value of the Mets may be lower now than it was earlier this year due to the impact of the coronavirus. That could result in bids that are a lot lower than the Wilpons were originally expecting, but they may need to adjust their expectations if they want to sell. If Cohen ends up buying the team, the way the negotiations played out may actually save him money.

Magic Johnson makes admission about his Twitter account

Magic Johnson has gained some serious popularity on Twitter over the years due to his matter-of-fact takes and often shockingly obviously statements, but apparently we have all been cheated.

The thoughts expressed on Johnson’s Twitter account may be his own, but the wording could be someone else’s. Magic made an appearance on the “Literally! With Rob Lowe” podcast recently, and the actor told him that the “Pardon My Take” podcast guys advised Lowe to ask Johnson if he writes his own tweets. You may be disappointed to learn that Magic says he does not.

“I don’t know. No, I have somebody write them out,” Johnson said, via Harrison Faigen of Silver Screen & Roll. “I tell them what I want to say and they write them.”

Johnson didn’t go into detail, so it’s difficult to understand what exactly that means. Some of Magic’s “best” tweets over the years have been the ones that provide painfully obvious analysis, so now we have to wonder if Johnson’s tweet person simply worded them as such or if Magic tells him or her exactly what to write. It’s also possible that Magic knows how much some of his tweets have been mocked and wants to pass the buck.

In addition to the not-so-hot takes, Johnson has also been known to (unintentionally?) burn people with hilarious tweets. Were those tweets also someone else’s doing? We suddenly have so many questions.

DeSean Jackson promotes anti-Semitism with fake Hitler quotes on his Instagram page

DeSean Jackson Eagles

DeSean Jackson has been spreading anti-Semitic messages via his Instagram page with quotes he incorrectly attributed to Adolf Hitler.

Jackson, who is entering the second season for a three-year deal he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles last year, began sharing passages from a book he appears to be reading.

The passage included a supposed quote from Hitler, though Hitler never actually said the quote. The quote accuses Jewish people of blackmailing and extorting America as a plan for world domination.

Jackson later tried to clarify on Instagram that he has no hatred towards the Jewish community despite spreading anti-Jewish thought.

Despite saying he had no hate towards Jews, he doubled down on his original message, highlighting a passage that said, “the(sic) will extort America, their plan for world domination won’t work if the Negroes know who they were.”

So what is going on here?

Jackson’s two most recent Instagram posts were promoting Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam, which has been deemed a blacked nationalist and hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Farrakhan has been quoted as calling Hitler, who led the extermination of an estimated six million Jews in Europe, a “very great man” for building up Germany after its post-World War I struggles. He said Harvey Weinstein benefited from “Jewish power” and has made numerous anti-Semitic comments over the years.

It appears that Jackson is consuming Farrakhan’s content and messages. And if you believe Jackson when he says he has “no hatred towards the Jewish community,” then the sad thing is he doesn’t even realize he’s spreading anti-Semitic messages. Such hateful messages, when taken to heart, can lead to serious hate crimes, which is something the three-time Pro Bowler needs to recognize and take responsibility for spreading.

Liquor store worker had Patrick Mahomes contract scoop before anyone

Patrick Mahomes

News of Patrick Mahomes’ contract extension dominated the sports world on Monday after it was reported that the Kansas City Chiefs agreed to a 10-year deal worth possibly more than $500 million.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter was the first reporter to share the news about the Mahomes extension. But there was someone else who knew the deal was finalized before anyone else — an unlikely source.

Katie Camlin, who works at a liquor store in Kansas City called Plaza Liquor, tweeted an hour and a half before Schefter’s scoop that she suspected the Chiefs and Mahomes had reached a deal. How did she know? Camlin used some deductive reasoning after a Chiefs front office employee bought six bottles of Dom Perignon to celebrate a signing that was not Chris Jones.

Camlin turned out to be correct that it was Mahomes and joked that she scooped Schefter.

“Holy s— I beat Schefter hahaha” Camlin tweeted.

Camlin received attention online for getting the scoop and even was the subject of a Kansas City Star story.

She says she is “overwhelmed” by the attention and was thankful she didn’t get in trouble at work.

This is just another reminder that the biggest news scoops can sometimes come from the strangest places.

Mahomes’ deal is the richest in NFL history.