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Sunday, October 21, 2018


Bret Bielema says he’s looking forward to ‘hopping on my wife’ after win (Video)


Arkansas coach Bret Bielema had a Freudian slip during his postgame press conference on Saturday.

Bielema’s team had just won dramatically in overtime 53-52 at Ole Miss, and he was in a good mood. At one point, he tried to say he was looking forward to hopping on the plane with his wife. It didn’t quite come out that way.

“I can’t believe I just said that,” an obviously embarrassed Bielema remarked, just before ducking out of the press conference before he could accidentally say something else that would leave him red-faced. After all, this is the same guy who once called a victory over Texas “borderline erotic.”

It’s tough to fault Bielema for his excitement, given the craziness that led to the victory.

H/T Sporting News

James Harden side-eyes reporter for asking if he’s found his rhythm (Video)


James Harden has been rolling lately. On Saturday he put up 46 points in a win over the Clippers, the second consecutive night Harden scored at least 40. He’s averaging nearly 30 points per game. So when a reporter suggested that he’d found his rhythm, Harden deemed this a stupid comment. Of course he’d found his rhythm, and Harden was not afraid to show that he thought that was a dumb comment.

What a fantastic look. It’s “come on, man, really?” put into facial expression form. Good for him for showing us what he really thinks.

H/T SB Nation

Nebraska hands Michigan State first defeat on controversial touchdown (Video)


Nebraska ended Michigan State’s unbeaten season and dealt their playoff hopes a crushing blow with a shocking 39-38 come-from-behind victory on Saturday night, and they may have received some help from the referees on the game-winning touchdown.

Brandon Reilly’s 30 yard touchdown reception with 17 seconds left put Nebraska on top, but the receiver clearly stepped out of bounds before making the catch. The question was whether he stepped out on his own or was forced out by a Michigan State defensive back.

It’s hard to see, but replay doesn’t seem to indicate that Reilly was pushed out. Nevertheless, the referees ruled that he was, and the touchdown was allowed to stand.

Michigan State can blame the refs, but they also have to point a finger at themselves. They led 38-26 with four minutes left and allowed the Cornhuskers to go 91 yards in the final minute for the game-winning score. The Spartans have played with fire all season and gotten away with it. Without improvement, it was always going to bite them at some point.

Greg Hardy told NFL he wasn’t responsible for Nicole Holder injuries

Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy took to Twitter Saturday night to express remorse over things that have happened in his past, but the Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman could not have been referring to the injuries suffered by his ex-girlfriend — at least if what he told the NFL was true.

An extensive report that included some disturbing photos was released earlier this week, sparking outrage over the fact that Hardy was never charged with domestic violence. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Hardy told league investigators several months ago that he was not responsible for the injuries to Nicole Holder.

The NFL saw the photos and used them to justify a 10-game suspension, but Hardy insisted Holder is the one who attacked him and he simply defended himself. He also said she was intoxicated and fell down.

If you have seen the photos, you probably have a very difficult time believing Holder did all of that to herself. Her injuries coupled with some of the interviews she conducted make it seem like Hardy beat Holder and she was terrified of him.

Prosecutors say Hardy reached a settlement with Holder, which is why she basically disappeared and stopped cooperating with investigators. Rapoport confirmed what Jerry Jones said about the photos, but common sense would tell you the Cowboys either knew what the images showed or took a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach.

If Holder was somehow responsible for the extensive injuries she sustained, why the apology?

Hardy shouldn’t be walking the streets let alone playing professional football.

Black Missouri football players go on strike over campus racism


Missouri’s black football players have gone on strike over a slew of racist incidents on campus and say they will not return to the team until the university president has left his post.

Defensive back Anthony Sherrils tweeted a photo of the players standing arm-in-arm to go with a statement which reads in part “we will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences.”

A Washington Post piece details the incidents that have been happening on campus over the last two months, most recently a swastika drawn in feces on a residence hall wall. Students feel that school president Tim Wolfe has not acted strongly enough to curb the situation.

Defensive back John Gibson stated that the protest has nothing to do with Missouri’s coaches, and the staff is behind them.

The Missouri Athletics Department also released a statement.

Missouri’s next game is Saturday at home against BYU.

Report: Joe Thomas asked Browns to explore trade

joe-thomasWhen the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos were unable to work out a trade for Joe Thomas before Tuesday’s deadline, the Pro Bowl offensive lineman made it seem like he could not have been more relieved.

Was he telling the truth?

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Thomas asked the Browns to shop around and see if there were any opportunities to trade him. The deal with Denver apparently fell apart because Thomas wanted more money.

That certainly gives you a different perspective than the one Thomas himself provided earlier this week. Although, Thomas’ agent was furious over Rapoport’s report and said it is a total fabrication.

If Thomas did want to be traded, you can’t blame him. The 30-year-old is one of the better tackles in the league, and the Browns have done nothing but lose since they drafted him with the third overall pick in 2007. Having said that, it’s now hard to believe that Thomas would have been as “crushed” as he says if Cleveland dealt him.

Teddy Atlas fires up Timothy Bradley with awesome corner speech (Video)


Timothy Bradley’s ninth-round knockout victory over Brandon Rios on Saturday night was an awfully one-sided affair that wasn’t much to write home about. Fortunately, Bradley’s new cornerman Teddy Atlas provided all the entertainment the evening needed.

Atlas, the legendary trainer-turned-TV analyst, returned to the corner over the weekend to advise Bradley in his WBO welterweight title defense against Rios and proceeded to steal the show with an absolutely epic speech in between rounds.

I just leapt off my couch and started shadow boxing in my living room.

Can I get a textual visualization of that magnificence?

“The fire’s coming. Are you ready for the fire. We’re firemen. WE ARE FIREMEN!!! The heat doesn’t bother us!! We live in the heat!! We train in the heat!! It tells us that we’re ready! We’re at home! We’re where we’re supposed to be! Flames don’t intimidate us! What do we do?! We control the flames!! We control them!! We move the flames!!”

-Teddy Atlas

Teddy’s still got it, folks. Jonny Gomes, eat your heart out.

H/T Deadspin

Dabo Swinney dances in locker room after Clemson win (Video)


Clemson came into the weekend as the No. 1 team in the country, according to the college football playoff committee’s initial rankings of the season. The Tigers rewarded the committee’s confidence in them by moving to 8-0 thanks to a 23-13 victory over Florida State on Saturday. The win clinches a spot for Clemson in the ACC championship game as winners of the Atlantic Division.

After the game, Clemson players were understandably in a celebratory mood in the locker room. Dabo Swinney was too and the Tigers head coach broke out a few dance moves to mark the occasion.

Go Dabo, go Dabo!

It’s a good time to be a fan of the Clemson Tigers football team. They look to be headed to the college football playoff and Dabo Swinney is among the more popular head coaches in the country. If he’s not taking part in a “Hotline Bling” mashup video, he’s talking about bringing your own guts during a postgame interview.

It’s your world Dabo, we’re just living in it.

Marcus Morris slams Suns fans, says Pistons fans are way better


Prior to Friday’s game against his former team, Marcus Morris took a shot at the Suns’ front office, saying he “felt disrespected the entire time.” When the game was over, it was fans of the Suns who were in Morris’ cross hairs.

Not surprisingly, Morris was showered with boos during his return to Phoenix that saw Detroit leave with a 100-92 victory. The reaction didn’t affect him, though. In the locker room afterward, Morris said the Suns fans didn’t even know why they were booing.

“(Expletive), everybody heard them,” Morris said via the Detroit Free Press. “It was light. It wasn’t (expletive). If it was in Detroit it would have been better.

“If Detroit was booing somebody it would have been way better. They don’t even know what they doing. They don’t even know why they booing.”

“They just out there booing me. It was trash. I thought it would be a little bit better than that.”

If Morris wasn’t public enemy No. 1 among Suns fans before, he has to be after his comments on Friday.

After beginning his career with the Rockets, Morris spent the previous three seasons with the Suns playing alongside his twin brother Markieff. Marcus was traded to the Pistons over the summer and has enjoyed a productive start to the season. He’s playing a career-high 38 minutes a game and averaging 17.8 points and 7.2 rebounds. While it’s clear Morris is enjoying the change in scenery from the desert to the Motor City, he can probably expect a similar welcome whenever he returns to Phoenix wearing a visitor’s uniform.

Crazy overtime 4th down conversion leads to Arkansas victory (Video)


The Arkansas Razorbacks stunned Ole Miss 53-52 in overtime on Saturday, but they were nearly down and out before a miraculous 4th and 25 conversion.

Down 52-45, needing a touchdown, and facing 4th down and 25, the Razorbacks pulled this lateral play out of their back pocket.

That amazing play only kept the drive alive, and Arkansas still had to punch it in. They did, and instead of kicking the extra point, Bret Bielema went for two and the win. Quarterback Brandon Allen took a game-ending sack on the initial attempt, but a blatant facemask gave the Razorbacks a second chance that they did not miss out on.

Ole Miss will have to be wondering how they managed to lose this game. You can even see their sideline beginning to celebrate during the 4th down play where it looked like they had Arkansas stopped. The Oxford Police Department may be fielding some more 911 calls after that stunner.