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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Nashua Silver Knights ‘Monkey Boy’ Laid Out by Opposing Player (Video)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sub-professional baseball teams using gimmicks to sell tickets.  If giving away a hilarious pair of boxer shorts on the night of an equally hysterical competition will help fill the stands we’re all for it.  If you have to shoot a guy out of a cannon to create a buzz then so be it.  However, an annoying short man dressed as a monkey dancing around crosses the line.  That’s why I really have no problem with the follow clip.  Check out the video of the Nashua Silver Knights’ “monkey boy” getting laid out, courtesy of YouTube user Humbera:

Maybe the hit was a little excessive, but you have to know to keep your head on a swivel if you’re going to do something that obnoxious.  If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.  Mess with the bull get the horns.  Add any other “he asked for it” cliches you want, but I don’t feel sorry for this character no matter how you look at it.

Media Member Sticks Lionel Messi Puppet in Lionel Messi’s Face (Video)

Since when do guys with credentials heckle players?  We’ve all seen reporters ask tough questions and intentionally get under the skin of athletes and coaches to make a good story, but shoving things in superstars faces is a new one for me.  As if that isn’t weird enough, why shove a puppet of a player in the corresponding player’s face?  I guess you’ll have to ask the guy who shoved the puppet of Lionel Messi in Messi’s face after his charity match in Mexico City on Sunday. Check out the video, courtesy of Dirty Tackle:

Is that at all necessary?  Considering who he was messing with, that credentialed gentleman was fortunate Messi didn’t decide to kick a ball directly in his face.  He certainly would have deserved it.

Persa Strong: Northwestern Sends Media Dumbbells for Dan Persa Heisman Push

We’re only a month away from the start of the college football season. It’s the time when athletic departments start making P.R. pushes for their top player to win the Heisman Trophy. We’ve already seen Hawaii release a video campaigning for Brian Moniz as a Heisman candidate, but what Northwestern has done is far more creative. As Dr. Saturday shares with us, they’ve sent out dumbbells to select media members:

The dumbbells represent the “Persa Strong” campaign they’re pushing. Each dumbbell weighs seven pounds to reflect Persa’s jersey number and his reputation as “the strongest pound-for-pound athlete on Northwestern’s team and strongest quarterback in the country.”

They’ve created a web domain that forwards to Northwestern’s athletics page and advertises Persa as a Heisman Candidate.

Persa ruptured his Achilles tendon last season but was doing quite well until the injury. He’s definitely one of the top quarterbacks in the country and I don’t mind them promoting him for the Heisman. My only issue is that they didn’t come up with a better campaign. You know, something cool like this. Dumbbells? Seriously? That’s almost as bad as the cupcakes Northwestern sent out.

Texas Rangers Discourage Fans from Doing the Wave with Humorous Message

The Texas Rangers have become one of the most fan-friendly organizations since new owners took over last year. They’ve broken a Guinness World Record for fans wearing sunglasses at night, and Nolan Ryan has reimbursed fans for some of their expenses. They’re now trying to cater to the fans by discouraging the wave. No joke. Check out this message that made the scoreboard at the ballpark and Rangers telecast according to Stop the Wave:

Even though the message is clearly in jest, it was done as a response to fans who were complaining. Chuck Morgan, the Rangers’ senior vice president for ballpark entertainment, explained the message. “I was getting lots of emails and Tweets from fans during the game asking me to do something to stop the wave. So I said, ‘Let’s see if we can have fun with it.”

Well played Morgan, well played. Now if we could just get him to address all the beach balls at Dodger Stadium and fans running onto the field, then I’ll be satisfied.

Forearm bash to Eye on Baseball

If the Three Stooges Did Moto Cross, it Would Have Looked Like this

Rick Chandler at Off the Bench tells us that happened at the women’s X-Games Moto X Enduro Final. Could have fooled me. The strange thing is that the XGames released that video and made it available on YouTube. Of all things ESPN blocks from being shared because of copyright, I can’t believe they’re allowing that disgrace to be public. Now if the video were set to circus music in the background it would have made much more sense.

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Kobe Bryant: People Need to Back Off LeBron James

Kobe Bryant sat down with George Smith for an interview during the Sunday Night Conversation. Kobe, who’s fresh off showing his soccer skills, was asked about the way the Lakers’ season ended. He admitted the Lakers lost to a team that was playing better than they were. He also said he watched the finals between the Mavericks and Heat. That prompted a question about the venom LeBron received. Kobe defended LeBron.

“I think people need to lay off that kid. That’s what I think. I’ve gotten to know him pretty well from playing with the Olympic team. I think people need to just back off of him and just let him play, let him live his life. Let him make his decisions. Let him mature as a player. It’s tough to be under the microscope like that all the time. I would like everybody to just kind of back off of him and let him play.”

You might think that Kobe was defending his fellow puppeteer because of their endorsement ties, but I think it’s more than that. Recall this is actually the second time Kobe defended the Heat players this season.

Kobe knows what it’s like to be the best player in the league and have everything you do get scrutinized. It’s not fun I’m sure, and it really wears on a person. I’ve said before that we’re ruining our superstars with all our criticism. That’s probably why Kobe wants everyone to back off and let LeBron be.

Michael Jordan Relates to Tiger Woods, Offers Advice on Return

When the mayhem that is Tiger Woods‘ life began taking its toll on the man who was once considered the greatest golfer of all-time, the last thing he needed was an injury.  Unfortunately for Tiger, he has battled them ever since.  It was already going to be difficult enough to recover from a torn image let alone a torn up knee.  Many believed his latest knee injury would hold him out for the remainder of the golf season, but Woods announced he plans to return for the World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational this week.

Although they still follow him wherever he goes, most of the questions about Tiger’s personal life will be put on hold while the world watches to see if his surgically repaired knee allows him to contend.  Having faced similar hardships before both physically and emotional, Michael Jordan offered some advice for his buddy Woods.

“He was very fragile over the last year, he was dealing with a lot of different things, mentally as well as physically,” MJ said. “But I think he’s come to the conclusion that he needs to heal himself before he can actually be aggressive again.”


Robert Smith: Randy Moss’ Retirement is Ploy by Agent Joel Segal

Randy Moss supposedly announced he is retiring Monday but I have a hard time believing it. I just can’t believe Moss would go out like this. I can’t believe that he would go out with so little fanfare, attention, and after a trashy season like the one he had last year. His former teammate Robert Smith feels the same way. The NFL analyst said on SportsCenter Monday that he doesn’t believe Moss is retiring.

“I would be completely shocked if Randy stays retired,” Smith said. “I think this is a move by Joel Segal, his agent, to get his name back out there in such a whirlwind week of the NFL. I don’t think Randy is done.

“The statement from Joel Segal a few weeks ago about how Randy was in freakish shape, and how Randy had a chip on his shoulder, I can completely believe that. The situation last year, being on three different teams … he’s a guy with some pride. More than anything else in the last few years he’s thought about his legacy. That’s why he went to New England in the first place — to get himself a ring. He still doesn’t have that ring. I’m sure that stings for a person like Randy.


Rex Ryan’s New Tattoo Is … Elaborate

Someone should remind Rex Ryan he coaches the Jets because whatever that thing is on his calf sure looks like the design from St. Louis Rams helmet. I don’t know if that’s real, fake, or what, because it’s hard to believe someone would approve of getting that on their body permanently. Wait a sec, guess it’s not.

That pic was tweeted out by Jets EVP Matt Higgins along with the caption “Converse sneaks. Check. New tattoo. Check. Rex is ready for camp.” Maybe it is real. And maybe this is the sort of behavior that endears him to players. If that’s what it takes to show you’re down, then I’m out. At least he and LaDainian are tat brothers now.

Thanks to Deadspin for pointing it out

Jets Viewed Braylon Edwards as a ‘Diva’

Considering the Jets chose to sign Cheddar Bob over bringing back Braylon Edwards, it is probably safe to assume they didn’t think too highly of the latter.  For one thing, Edwards was in search of a contract he isn’t worth.  While he had a productive season in New York last year (53 catches, 904 yards, 7 touchdowns) and was a factor in the postseason, the Jets focused their attention on retaining Santonio Holmes and signing the cheaper, fresh out of prison Plaxico Burress.  Plus, the Jets’ brass thought he was a diva.

According to Rich Cimini of, New York had no intention of bringing Edwards back.  While on the surface it may have appeared that Braylon’s DUI was not a problem with the Jets, it was definitely a factor in their decision to let him walk.  For a guy who drops so many passes, Edwards sure does enjoy busting out a dance here or there.  Even an organization with a coach like Rex Ryan can grow tired of those kinds of antics.

On another note, I think New York is starting to develop a pattern at the wide receiver position.  It would appear having some sort of baggage to bring along is a requirement if you want to catch passes for the Jets.  The Jets made resigning the outspoken Holmes their top priority this offseason.  When they decided to move on from Edwards, they considered options like Randy Moss before making New Jersey Burress’ post-imprisonment landing spot.  Then again, one could argue the NFL is running out of baggage-less receivers.

H/T to Pro Football Talk

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