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Saturday, February 25, 2017


Justin Tuck: Steelers offensive line has ‘gotten away with murder’

One of the best ways for the New York Giants to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend would be to put some pressure on Ben Roethlisberger — something very few teams have had success doing this season. Roethlisberger has been sacked only 13 times through the first seven games, which is one of the reasons he has completely nearly 67% of his passes and has an impressive QB rating of 101.4.

According to Justin Tuck, the reason Pittsburgh’s offensive line has protected Roethlisberger so well is that the unit gets away with holding.

“I hope we get some holding calls because they have gotten away with murder,” Tuck told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. “They’ve done a very good job protecting Ben — they don’t hold on every play. But we’ve seen a whole lot of it.”

The Steelers have only been called for holding five times this season, which means some of their seven starting lineman have yet to commit a holding penalty. That’s a pretty impressive statistic.

Tuck is obviously trying to work the refs over in an attempt to help the Giants’ front seven break the trend of Roethlisberger keeping his jersey clean. Holding happens on nearly every play in the NFL, so I doubt Pittsburgh is doing anything more than other teams do. Could they be getting away with it more? Tuck is hoping the refs think they have.

Photo credit: Jim O’Connor-US PRESSWIRE

93-year-old bodybuilder Charles Eugster is probably in better shape than you (Video)

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Charles Eugster may be 93 years old, but he’s probably stronger and in better shape than you.

Eugster was pretty fit in his youth, but he fell out of shape after spending 30 years as a dentist. As he began to get older, he noticed he was getting fat and decided he wanted to remake his body.

Eugster admits that he is vain, and that was his inspiration to begin training six years ago at age 87. He even has a former Mr. Universe help train him.

“The idea is to turn the heads of the sexy young 70-year-old girls on the beach,” he says.

Eugster has won titles for his fitness and medals for his rowing.

The BBC says he did 57 dips, 61 chin-ups, 50 push-ups and 48 abdominal crunches, each in 45 seconds, at a recent competition.

I’ll admit it: That’s better than what I could do. It’s not advised for people his age to do such strenuous activity, which is what makes Eugster such a marvel. This dude is impressive.

H/T The Postgame

Shaun White dresses as the Little Mermaid for Halloween (Picture)

That’s it, pack it up. Everyone go home. Just shut it all down. Shaun White ended Halloween with the costume to defeat all costumes.

The gold medalist snowboarder and world famous skateboarder dressed as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” on Halloween, tweeting out the picture you see above on Wednesday. He capped off the costume by tweeting a line from the movie: “It’s a dinglehopper. Humans use these little babies… to straighten their hair out,” he said of the fork he was holding.

Crossdressing is apparently a regular thing for White during Halloween. It’s a wonder how he pulled supermodel Bar Refaeli while displaying such questionable behavior. Maybe the chicks just dig it.

Photo via Shaun White/Twitter

Raptors F Amir Johnson has his own face on his shoes (Picture)

The sneakers you see above belong to Toronto Raptors forward Amir Johnson. He wore them in his team’s opener against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night. The face you see on those sneakers also belongs to Amir Johnson.

It takes a certain type of person to want their own face looking back at them when they look down at their feet, but to each his own. LeBron James was wearing some crazy kicks with some personalized inscriptions on them when the Miami Heat kicked off their season, but I don’t think even he would have the stones to put his own face on his sneakers. Johnson proudly shared a picture of the shoes on Twitter before Wednesday’s game, so I guess you can say he has swag. Good for him.

H/T The Basketball Jones via Eye on Basketball

Gregg Popovich rips reporter for asking if he’s ‘happy’ about shot selection (Video)

Gregg Popovich has never been a big fan of speaking with reporters during games, and that clearly is not going to change in his 17th season as head coach of the San Antonio Spurs. On Wednesday night, TNT’s David Aldridge caught up with Popovich just before the fourth quarter of the Spurs game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Per usual, Pop was in no mood to talk.

Aldridge asked Popovich if he was happy with his team’s shot selection in the third quarter, and things got awkward in a hurry.

“Happy?” Pop responded. “Happy?’ Happy is not a word that we think about in the game. You gotta think of something different. Happy, I don’t know how to judge happy. We’re in the middle of a contest. Nobody’s happy.”

As Ball Don’t Lie pointed out, the Spurs had just given up a 15-5 Thunder run to close out the third quarter and turned what was once a 61-51 San Antonio lead into a 66-66 tie. Popovich was likely in a better mood after Tony Parker hit a game-winning jumper, but there was nothing Aldridge could have asked that wouldn’t have annoyed him. His wife may not like the way he treats sideline reporters, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

New White Sox GM Rick Hahn’s first move: Trade Kenny Williams Jr.

On Thursday, Rick Hahn made his first notable transaction since taking over as the general manager of the Chicago White Sox a week ago. Chicago traded Kenny Williams Jr. to the Colorado Rockies for first baseman Mark Tracy. Under any normal circumstances it would be considered a small move, but it is interesting to note that Williams Jr. is the son of former White Sox GM Ken Williams.

Williams Sr. is now the the White Sox executive VP. Chicago drafted his son in the sixth round in 2008, a move that contributed to the former GM’s relationship with former manager Ozzie Guillen becoming strained. Guillen thought his son, Ozney, should have been drafted higher in a later draft.

Both Williams Jr. and Tracy played in the minors last season. Whether the move was the best one for the team or not, it has to hurt Williams Sr. that his son is now gone from the organization a mere week after he left his position as GM. I guess professional baseball truly is nothing more than a business.

Marcus Camby takes a shot at Nets fans

It has been a full decade since Marcus Camby took the court for a regular season game in a New York Knicks uniform, but the veteran center has already begun stirring the pot with the Knicks’ cross-state rivals. The Knicks have always been called New York’s team when it comes to basketball, but the Nets have always been based in New Jersey. Now that they have moved their franchise to Brooklyn, will things change?

Camby doesn’t expect them to, as was evident when he was asked about Hurricane Sandy resulting in the postponing of the Nets-Knicks opener and the unveiling of Brooklyn’s new $1 billion arena.

“Well, it was going to be a home game for us tonight too,” Camby said according to

And so it begins — or should I say continues. Whether or not the Nets move to Brooklyn results in a more loyal fan base remains to be seen, but it will take a lot for them to match the Knicks in terms of a following. When Dwight Howard supposedly wanted to be traded to the Nets, Patrick Ewing warned him that Nets fans are typically Knicks fans first. Camby seems to agree with that. We’ll see if the move to Brooklyn changes things at all.

Jason Babin rips Eagles fans for chanting ‘vile things’

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason Babin took to Twitter on Tuesday to talk about loyalty. It was no coincidence, as the Eagles had just come off a 30-17 home loss at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons and the fans were understandably frustrated.

“LOYALTY: loy·al·ty: noun, plural loy·al·ties: The state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations,” Babin wrote. “There are 17 teams with the same record or worse than us. Thanks for being loyal fans…….We’ll get it right.”

What inspired the mini-rant? Babin says he heard Eagles fans chanting some horrible things at Andy Reid, the coaching staff and his teammates during Philly’s loss to Atlanta.

“Some of the most vile things I’ve ever heard,” Babin said according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Talking about people’s wives and kids and chanting them. I just thought there’s no place for that in the NFL.

It was upsetting that a few bad apples were chanting that kind of stuff. I don’t even want to repeat what I heard, it was that bad. And I’ve got a pretty high threshold for adult jokes.”

No wonder Matt Ryan’s family members thought it would be best to hide their identity while they cheered him on. Fans can be ruthless at times, and any team with high expectations that begins the year 3-4 should expect to hear some boos and negative chants. That being said, there’s no reason to talk about the families of players and coaches if the fans truly were doing that. Like the time Eagles fans reportedly made Casey Matthews’ family cry, that qualifies as crossing the line.

Rajon Rondo fires back at Dwyane Wade, calls him out for ‘dirty plays’

Rajon Rondo was called for a flagrant foul during the Miami Heat’s win over the Boston Celtics after he wrapped Dwyane Wade up to prevent him from walking in for a layup. It was somewhat of a hard foul as Rondo certainly wasn’t playing the ball, and Wade ripped Rondo after the game and called it a “punk play.”

Not surprisingly, Rondo saw it differently. In fact, he thinks Wade’s complaints are a bit hypocritical.

“I don’t think it was a hard foul,” the Celtics guard said according to “He sold it a little bit, and that’s basketball. They were up, he drove to the hole and I didn’t want to give up a layup. Simple as that. I didn’t yank him down or dirty plays that you’ve seen him play in the past, so that’s what it is.”

Rondo has a point. Whether the foul was out of line or not, Wade has quietly become one of the dirtier players in the NBA. In last year’s NBA playoffs, he completely laid out Darren Collison of the Pacers when Collison had a clear path to the basket. D-Wade also broke Kobe Bryant’s nose last year with a hard foul — in an All-Star game no less.

Compared to some of the dirty plays Wade has committed in the past, Rondo’s foul was nothing. Wade said he is going to remember it next time the Heat and Celtics play each other. One has to wonder if that’s going to be his excuse for yet another dirty play.

Kobe Bryant tells critics to ‘shut up’ for being ‘stupid’

The Los Angeles Lakers went 0-8 in the preseason and are 0-2 to start the regular season, but Kobe Bryant says now is not the time to panic. In fact, the five-time champion says those who are questioning the team’s slow start are being “stupid.”

“I’m always surprised when I lose,” Bryant said on Thursday, via the LA Times. “At the same time, it [the panic] is pretty entertaining to me. Nobody wants to win here more than I do. Nobody. Nobody .

“And I’m not panicking over it. Or jumping off a bridge because we’re 0-2 or whatever.”

Many people have already begun criticizing the team’s new Princeton offense. Bryant thinks the media and fans should trust the team and not worry about a few early-season losses.

“I just … I don’t understand .. the city here,” Bryant said. “They’ve seen us win multiple championships here, playing an offense that was tough to learn that was a sequence of options that weren’t set plays that took five guys being on the same page of working together,” referring to Jackson’s triangle offense.

“They know how that stuff works. For them to be so stupid now ….”

Not only are the Lakers getting used to a new offense, they’re also getting used to a new lineup. It’s the first season for the Lakers with Dwight Howard at center and Steve Nash at point guard. Things aren’t gelling as quickly for them as they did for the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics which won the title in their first year with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. A better comparison might be the 2010-2011 Miami Heat which went 9-8 and needed about a month before figuring things out.

The Lakers have far too many great players to not be an excellent team. They will figure things out, and they will start winning. But I also don’t think they’re properly utilizing their players right now — namely Steve Nash — and that they will be at a disadvantage until they start doing so. I also don’t think they will win the title this season. That will go to Miami in a repeat. Just don’t tell Kobe that.

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