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Friday, September 30, 2016


Tom Coughlin says Giants’ trash talk is no different from what Tom Brady said

The first week of the two-week break before the Super Bowl was a relatively quiet one. When Tom Brady saying he hopes his team wins the Super Bowl becomes a monster headline across all of New York’s finest newspapers, you know there isn’t much material to work with.  This week, however, the Giants have not disappointed.  Sarcastic comments about Brady and Super Bowl guarantees have been flying all over Indianapolis, but Tom Coughlin did his best to keep things quiet during his final media session on Thursday morning.

“I’m not sure what you’re referencing,” Coughlin said, according to the Boston Herald, when asked about his team being loose-lipped this week. “I know that there are one or two quotes out there, but, to be honest with you, I don’t know that either one of them is any different than Tom Brady’s quotes.”

Of course Coughlin is going to try to squash what his players said, but did he really have to compare it to what Brady said?  Here is the exact quote Brady gave that caused a stir last week.

“We’re going down there, and we’re going down there for one reason. We’re going to give it our best and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend.”

On the New York side, Antrel Rolle said, “We’re going to win this thing for a lot of good reasons,” on Media Day Tuesday.  Defensive tackle Chris Canty straight up told Giants fans they should “get ready for a parade on Tuesday.”  Brandon Jacobs completely agreed with Canty.

Talk is cheap and what the G-men are saying is relatively harmless as long as they remain focused.  But to say the quotes that came from Canty and Rolle are no different from what Brady said — to a crowd of 25,000 fans mind you — is stretching it. As we all know, none of that will matter about 48 hours from now.

This baby is better at ping pong than 95 percent of my high school was (Video)

Is this real? It looks pretty real to me. People are inevitably going to look at this video and say, “Big deal — he’s just swinging a paddle,” but we’re talking about a baby here. This kid can’t even walk yet and he’s just hammering ping pong across a table like a boss. You can laugh all you want, but I bet most of you would be winded after sitting there and taking about 25 swings. This baby’s stamina and hand-eye coordination are through the roof.

If you’re this kid’s parents what do you do? Home school? Clearly we know what he’s going to do with the rest of his life, so learning is is now more of a technicality, right? You want your son to learn so that he doesn’t come across like a dunce in social situations, but it’s not like he needs good grades to get into college or anything. Scholarship offers have probably already been coming in the mail.

H/T to The Big Lead for sharing the video with us

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Colts fans still believe Peyton Manning will be in Indy next year (Picture)

With the exception of a group of fans who have already customized Andrew Luck Colts jerseys, the people of Indiana are not ready to let Peyton Manning go.  Who could blame them?  Manning delivered a Super Bowl to the city of Indianapolis and has kept the Colts in contention ever year he has been under center.  He’s a lock for the Hall of Fame, so it’s tough to imagine him wearing anything other than the horseshoe.  That’s why despite all the negativity going on between Manning and Colts’ ownership, Colts fans are not ready to write off a happy ending.

The Colts have the first pick in the 2012 draft, and they would have to commit a lot of money to sticking with Manning. Assuming the reports about Manning being cleared to play medically are true, they would also have to worry about his diminishing arm strength. Having Peyton as a starting quarterback after multiple neck surgeries and a full season off is a risk plenty of teams are willing to take, but the Colts likely aren’t one of them.  That doesn’t mean the fans can’t keep their fingers crossed.

Texans DE J.J. Watt says working at Pizza Hut made him the man he is today

One of the reasons the Texans’ defense transformed from a horrible unit into a formidable one last season was the play of rookie defensive end J.J. Watt. Watt, whose season was capped off by an amazing interception that helped secure a first-round playoff win over the Bengals, finished the year with 5.5 sacks and 56 tackles.  His future looks very bright, and according to Watt his success is owed in part to the time he spent delivering pizzas for Pizza Hut.  Watt worked at Pizza Hut for six months between stints at Wisconsin and Central Michigan.

“When I left Central Michigan I had a plan,” Watt said in an interview with 790 The Zone in Atlanta. “I knew I was going to end up at Wisconsin and I couldn’t enroll until the fall so I needed to have something to fill that transition period and I worked at Pizza Hut for sixth months and went to a local college there in my hometown. Then I walked on with the Badgers and I guess the rest is history from there. It was a humbling experience, it brought me back to earth, and it was a good experience. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t done that.”

We have seen people experience their moment of clarity in stranger places than Pizza Hut, that’s for sure.  The path Watt took to the NFL speaks volumes to how committed he was to becoming a great football player.  Transferring colleges might as well be the death penalty for some athletes’ careers, but Watt obviously had enough drive to not allow that to happen.  Anyone who goes from pizza delivery guy to pick-six in the wild card round of the playoffs is alright in my book.

Blake Griffin dunking on Kendrick Perkins is now officially a T-shirt (Picture)

The term “posterized” is probably the most overused word in basketball. Very few of the dunks we rant and rave about over the course of an NBA season actually make their way onto a poster. Unfortunately for Kendrick Perkins, some of them do. Even worse, some become T-shirts. Check out this Blake Griffin T-shirt that The Basketball Jones passed along:

If you have $20 and take a trip over the, you too can help cement Jan. 30, 2012 as one of the worst days of Perkins’ career.  In reality, there was nothing he could have done.  He fouled Grffin and pushed him away from the hoop, but we all know how much of an unstoppable force Blake can be. As you can see, Kevin Durant’s opinion didn’t exactly influence merchandise sales.

Charles Barkley and Shaq make fun of LeBron James’ hairline (Video)

Of all the things LeBron James gets hammered for, this is one of the very few he literally cannot help.  Charles Barkley and Shaq aren’t the first two guys to be entertained by LeBron’s receding hairline, and they won’t be the last.  As much as Sir Charles typically annoys me, I have to admit this particular bit had me laughing.

Poor LeBron. Yeah, I said it.  It can’t be easy to be 27 and losing your hair at a rapid pace.  We have seen his Miami Heat teammates get in on the act of making fun of him, and LeBron himself even tried to join in.  If LeBron intended to make the heckling stop by making fun of himself on Twitter last year, it clearly didn’t work.  Just shave it, LeBron.  This can all go away if you want it to.

Wes Welker says Tom Brady has an insane toilet in his new house

If anyone can afford to have a toilet that is more than just a toilet in their house, it’s Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.  According to Wes Welker, they have exactly that in their new home in California.  One of the fully-expected but completely off-topic questions that was presented to Welker on Thursday morning had to do with Brady’s new digs.  Tom’s favorite receiver took that opportunity to talk about the two-time Super Bowl MVP’s new throne.

“You go over and use his toilet, and you press this button, and it sprays water on you and all this stuff, and I’m like, ‘You gotta be kidding me.’” Welker said according to the Boston Herald. “It’s heated, it’s all this stuff, and I’m like, ‘This is crazy.’”

Of course Tom Brady has a bidet — he’s Tom Brady.  The Herald has reason to believe the toilet Welker is describing is the Toto Washlet Performance Toilet. Some of its features include a heated seat, an automatically closing lid, a blow dryer for your can, and perfume scents to take the smell away.  You can even get ones that come with a built-in MP3 player.

People like us bring our iPod into the bathroom with us if we think we’re going to be a while.  Multimillionaire quarterbacks consolidate.

Jerry Jones says if he hadn’t had 50 concussions he’d be president of the U.S.

The issue of concussions in football is one that has become increasingly sensitive as the years pass. Concussion tests have become more advanced and teams have been ordered to be more careful with players who appear to have suffered any type of head injury. Part of the reason is a number of players have come forward during their retirement about the long-term suffering they’ve had to deal with as a result of concussions during their playing days. According to Pro Football Talk, Jerry Jones says he knows a thing or two about concussions.

During one of the segments in the debut of Costas Tonight on NBC Sports Network, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones chimed in on a topic that had been addressed before he took the stage.

Jones, who played college football at Arkansas, said that he has had “50 concussions.”  He then joked that, if he hadn’t suffered so many blows to the head, he would have been the President of the U.S. instead of the owner of the Cowboys.

Jerruh Jones, United States President? That doesn’t exactly have a comforting ring. Jones also pointed out that he wasn’t trying to make light of what some retired players are going through.  As PFT mentioned, however, the issue of concussions isn’t exactly one the NFL wants to hear a team owner making light of.  If Jerry hadn’t suffered so many concussions, maybe he wouldn’t say so many dumb things.  I say we just leave it at that.

Blake Griffin not planning to defend dunk contest title

Clippers forward Blake Griffin got some good news Thursday when he learned he was voted into the All-Star Game as a starter. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to deliver the same good news to the fans. Griffin says he’s not planning to defend his dunk competition title.

“As of right now I don’t plan on being in it,” Griffin said Thursday night. “Those dunk contests aren’t my thing, I said that last year. There’s a lot of guys that can put on a great show and do some good stuff.”

Wait, wait, wait a second. Blake says the dunk contests aren’t his thing? I’m sorry, sir, but they were invented for guys like you.

“Last year was hectic and it kind of made it unenjoyable,” Griffin said. “So this year, we’ll see what will happen, but I will try to tone it down a bit and get a break instead of being so busy.”

That’s certainly understandable. Blake played in the rookie-sophomore game, the All-Star Game, and participated in the dunk contest. There’s no doubt it tired him out at a time when he should be enjoying things. But Blake is only 22. He should give the fans another show or two before officially retiring from the competition.

Josh Beckett says beer story should have stayed in the clubhouse

Josh Beckett has finally responded to the Boston Globe story that called out some Red Sox pitchers for their poor clubhouse behavior during games. Appearing on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk, Beckett said that what goes on in the clubhouse should stay in the clubhouse.

“I think the biggest key is what [Jon] Lester said, we stunk on the field and that was the bottom line,” Beckett said on the show, which is hosted by Chris Rose and former Red Sox player Kevin Millar. “If we would have pitched better, none of that stuff would have even been an issue. And it shouldn’t be an issue anyway because what goes on in the clubhouse should stay in the clubhouse.

“I don’t care who says that or whatever. I’m not saying we don’t make mistakes in the clubhouse. (Millar) will definitely respond to that because, hell, they were drinking Jack Daniels and they won the (2004) World Series. It’s just what goes on in the clubhouse, it’s supposed to stay in the clubhouse.”

Beckett’s probably right that personal team business should have remained private. However, just because it shouldn’t be out in the public doesn’t mean what Beckett and his teammates did should be excused. Their clubhouse behavior was inappropriate and disrespectful to his teammates who were playing during those games. He’s also overlooking the point that maybe they would have pitched better had they been better prepared.

I’ve been a big Josh Beckett fan for a long time, but I have to wonder how much more he could have accomplished if he had a better work ethic. He’s had far too many down seasons and missed too many starts for a pitcher with his talent.

Below is a video of the interview:


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