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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Jameis Winston girlfriend Breion Allen still wearing the No. 5 jersey

Breion Allen girlfriend Jameis Winston

Just when you thought Jameis Winston was losing support from all corners except FSU fans, you see that there are still several people behind him, including girlfriend Breion Allen.

Allen is a junior at Rice University and plays basketball for the Houston school. She played in 26 games last year, averaging 2.3 points in 8.2 minutes per game. Allen attended Hoover High school in Alabama, nearby where Winston went to school.

Allen and Winston have been together since high school and even weather the sexual assault allegations against the Florida State quarterback. Remember that Winston admitted to having sex with the accuser in late 2012. The significant difference being he said it was consensual while the alleged victim said it was not. Apparently Allen has long forgiven him for it.

Breion has consistently supported Jameis throughout the season. She has posted photos on Instagram of herself in FSU No. 5 jerseys to represent Jameis’ number. Naturally, she was also in the house for the Seminoles’ season opener at Jerry World in Arlington.

Allen is an aspiring sports broadcaster and has interned for Comcast SportsNet Houston. Below is her demo reel:

Nick Montana spikes ball on 4th down (Video)

Tulane quarterback Nick Montana, the son of NFL legend Joe Montana, had what will likely be his most embarrassing moment of the year during his team’s loss to UCF on Saturday. Facing a 4th down with the clock winding down late in the first half, Montana decided to hurry his team to the line of scrimmage and spike the ball.

When we say facing a 4th down, we mean it was 4th down. Rather than tossing up a Hail Mary, Montana spiked the ball and turned it over on downs. UCF ended up taking a knee to end the half. They went on to win 20-13.


Tulane was inside field goal range, but they had no timeouts remaining. There’s no way they would have been able to stop the clock and pick up a first down in two seconds. Still, it was an unfortunate brain fart. You’ll be seeing that one on SportsCenter’s Not Top 10 all week — probably atop the list.

Video via The Score

Marshawn Lynch reportedly ‘went off’ after Percy Harvin was traded


It seems like the Seahawks traded Percy Harvin to the New York Jets on Friday because the wide receiver wasn’t getting along with his teammates and wanted out of Seattle. Apparently Marshawn Lynch was an exception.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Lynch was furious on Friday when he learned Harvin had been traded. The star running back reportedly “went off” and almost refused to get on the bus the Seahawks were boarding to head to the airport for their game against the St. Louis Rams.

Lynch also indicated on Twitter that he was upset about the trade.


I’m sure Golden Tate, who reportedly got a black eye from Harvin, felt differently about Lynch as a teammate. The same is probably true of Russell Wilson and other Seahawks players who supposedly got into confrontations with Harvin.

Lynch’s reaction shows that the locker room is at least somewhat divided on the decision.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Golden Tate just sipping tea while Percy Harvin was traded

Kermit meme

While Percy Harvin was traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the New York Jets Friday, his former teammate Golden Tate was just sitting back and sipping some tea.

As we shared with you, a report from Houston radio host Lance Zierlein said Tate was punched by Harvin last year around Super Bowl time. Zierlein reported that Harvin caused many chemistry problems among teammates and even nearly fought Russell Wilson this year.

Tate opted to sign with the Detroit Lions as a free agent in the offseason and is no longer teammates with Harvin. But Tate didn’t take a shot at Harvin over social media after learning about the trade. Instead, he merely retweeted a Kermit the frog tea-sipping, “none of my business” meme:

Tate followed up that retweet by posting a photo on Instagram of himself drinking tea:

Harvin traded because the Seahawks got tired of his bad behavior? That’s none of Tate’s business!

“Enjoying this crisp fall evening in michigan. Excited for dinner with friends and family” was the tame caption he actually used.

Percy Harvin reportedly gave Golden Tate black eye last season, nearly fought Russell Wilson

Golden Tate black eye

All the dirt about Percy Harvin that the Seattle Seahawks covered up since acquiring him last year is coming to light now that they have traded the wide receiver/back to the New York Jets.

We already told you that Harvin was difficult to deal with last season and wanted out of Seattle, which led the team to trade him on Friday. The trade was a shocker for a number of reasons. One, the Seahawks gave up a lot and paid a lot to acquire Harvin. Two, there had not been any reports about his attitude issues until now.

Since the trade was made, a lot of stories have come out about Harvin.

Radio host Lance Zierlein of Sports Talk 790 in Houston shared a ton of inside information about some of Harvin’s problems in Seattle, which includes fights the receiver got into with teammates.

According to Zierlein, Harvin gave Golden Tate a black eye during Super Bowl week last season and nearly fought with Russell Wilson this season. The photo at the top is of Tate during Super Bowl week and you can see the discoloration around his left eye.

More insight from Zierlein is below:

After Zierlein tweeted about Harvin giving Tate the black eye, he says he heard from an NFL personnel person who said they heard the same thing.

Zierlein, who is well connected in both the pro and college football scene, also says Harvin’s history goes back to his days in college at Florida. Zierlein specifically says the butt-kickings ‘Harvin handed out behind the scenes in FLA are legendary.”

Read more stories on Harvin’s troubles with the Seahawks here.

Report: Percy Harvin wanted out of Seattle, was difficult to deal with

Percy Harvin Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks surprised everyone by trading Percy Harvin to the New York Jets on Friday for a conditional pick, leaving many wondering about the motivation for the deal.

It sounds like Harvin initiated the move.

Bleacher Report NFL reporter Mike Freeman says a source told him Harvin didn’t want to be with the team, so they accommodated him with a trade.

We don’t necessarily know if that means Harvin specifically went to management and requested a trade, or if his behavior indicated he was unhappy with the team, so they decided to ship him out. Whatever the case, it’s clear Harvin was not the factor the Seahawks thought they were getting when they traded for him.

The Monday Morning Quarterback’s Peter King adds that Harvin was difficult to deal with last year.

Radio host Lance Zierlein of Sports Talk 790 in Houston reports that Harvin has major anger issues and is a chemistry-killer.

Harvin only played in one regular-season game while battling injuries. He was a partial contributor during the playoffs. This season Harvin had 22 catches for 133 yards and rushed for 92 yards and a touchdown while seeing action in all five of Seattle’s games.

Rex Ryan reportedly punched wall after Jets loss

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan punched a wall before speaking with the media following the New York Jets’ loss to the New England Patriots on Thursday, Newsday reports.

Rex was obviously frustrated by his team’s 27-25 loss, which ended when Nick Folk’s 58-yard field goal attempt was blocked.

Here’s how Newsday describes Ryan after the game:

He took a moment to compose himself in a near-empty hallway before he faced the cameras and the questions. But his emotions were just too real and too raw.

Without warning, he cursed under his breath and punched the wall, releasing all of his pent-up anger in one quick jab.

Ryan said after the game that he was frustrated because he feels the team is much better than their 1-6 record indicates. He actually feels like the Jets have been better than their recent opponents to whom they’ve lost. I’d definitely disagree with that.

The Jets’ problem is the same one they’ve experienced throughout Rex’s tenure as head coach of the team: they don’t have a quarterback. Their offensive line, running game and defense used to be enough to get them to the playoffs. Now that their line and defense are weaker, we’re seeing how bad they actually are. It’s a shame, too, because Rex is a good coach. He just needs a quarterback.

Did Percy Harvin talk his way out of Seattle?

Percy Harvin Seahawks

Percy Harvin wanted out of Minnesota and eventually got his way. On Friday, the Seahawks stunningly traded him to the New York Jets. Is that because he wanted out of Seattle?

The Seahawks agreed to trade Harvin to the Jets for a conditional pick which will either be a second or fourth rounder, according to reports. That doesn’t seem like too high of a price for such a dangerous playmaker. But there must be something wrong with Harvin if the Seahawks gave up so much to get him and agreed to take back so little when they traded him.

NFL reporter Jason Cole speculates that Harvin talked his way out of Seattle just like he did with Minnesota:

Something has to be up with Harvin. The Seahawks gave up a first and seventh-round pick last year plus a third this year for Harvin, and signed him to a deal that had $25.5 million in guarantees. He will also reportedly count for $7.2 million against the salary cap next season, which is a hefty sum.

Harvin had 133 receiving yards and 92 rushing yards this season and scored only one touchdown. Obviously the Seahawks think that they can win without him just like they did most of last year.

Tuukka Rask the latest victim of a fan with a laser pointer (Video)

Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask had a laser pointer shined on him during Thursday night’s game against the Montreal Canadiens. In the second period of Boston’s 6-4 loss, you could clearly see a large green dot moving around Rask’s pads and crease area.

After the game, Rask told reporters that he did not see the light on himself but did notice it when the Bruins had the puck in their offensive zone.

“At me? No. You know, I saw it in the second but it was in the offensive zone,” Rask said, via ESPNBoston.com’s Joe McDonald. “Good thing I didn’t go blind or anything.”

I don’t know about going blind, but the light obviously could have distracted Rask when a puck was coming at him if it was flashed directly in his face.


Laser pointers are banned from sports venues, but there’s no way security can really prevent people from having a tiny gadget in their pocket. The light from Thursday night’s laser looked similar to the one we saw a Detroit Lions fan admit to pointing at Buffalo Bills players earlier this month. Some people are just plain idiotic.

H/T Puck Daddy

Jim Irsay DUI arrest video

A new video that shows the arrest of Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was released by the Carmel Police Department on Friday, and it shows what many of us expected to see. Irsay, who remained hunched over almost the entire time he was dealing with police, appeared to struggle with a number of field sobriety tasks.

The video from WISH-TV is a condensed version of the full 60-minute arrest video. If you watch until the end, you’ll see Irsay nearly fall over while an officer was asking him to follow a pen with his eyes. It was at that point that Irsay was placed under arrest and taken into custody.


Irsay was charged with operating a vehcile while under the influence and possession of a controlled substance. He was placed on probation for one year after pleading guilty. You can read more details from Irsay’s arrest here.

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