Is This McLovin Taking a BP Homer Directly to the Skull?

You think this foul ball to the face hurts?  How about this foul ball to the arm?  I’m sure they both hurt a good amount, but neither can even compare to the force with which a batting practice home run cranked a Dodgers fan — who may or may not have been Christopher Mintz-Plasse a.k.a. McLovin — directly in the dome.  We’re talking pure line-drive, no deflection, right in the cranium.  Check out the video of McLovin getting drilled in the head with a batting practice homer, courtesy of YouTube user dodgerfilms:

I can’t figure out if that’s actually McLovin or not, but does it even matter? I can’t believe someone was able to capture that on camera.  Those slow-motion shots are insanely legit.  How he wasn’t knocked out by the ball is a complete mystery to me.

Video Credit: YouTube user dodgerfilms

Housh Wants Bengals, Bengals Don’t Want Housh: Sound Familiar?

Hmm.  A wide receiver that wants to join the Cincinnati Bengals even though the Bengals don’t seem to want him.  Doesn’t that sound like another story we heard this past off-season?  Oh, yeah.  It was that Terrell Owens guy, and Chad Ochoncinco eventually got what he wanted when the Bengals brought him on board.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who left the Bengals last off-season after playing G.M. and trying to call his own shots, seems to be interested in teaming up with Batman and Robin.  Would that make him Catwoman?  I can’t think of any other significant characters from the Batman series, so I guess that’s the role he’d be accepting.  In any event, it’s obvious Housh wants to go back to Cincinnati when the Seahawks inevitably trade or release the wide receiver.

I miss it,” Houshmandzadeh told Carlos “Big C” Holmes of the Dayton Daily News in December 2009.  “The grass ain’t always greener.  Let me tell you that.”

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The Return of College GameDay Signs

Smell that?  That’s the smell of the first big Saturday of college football.  With all the hype surrounding NFL training camps, we tend to forget college football kicks off a week earlier than meaningful NFL play.  Tis the season, which means let the clever College GameDay signs start flowing.  We’re off to a pretty good start with these “Masoli for Heistman” and “Butch, I’m eligible” signs (knocking the influx of UNC football player suspensions).  As the games roll on and the beers continue to be consumed, it should only get better from here.

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

Earth-Shattering News: Manny Ramirez Says Something Sensible

If you haven’t already heard this, you may not believe it.  I had to clear the haze, fog, smoke, and whatever else from my eyes before realizing what I read.  Is Manny Ramirez a changed man?  First we hear that he’s getting his dreadlocks cut off, but that is more about team policy than his own personal choice, right?  Maybe not. 

In interview with NESN, Ramirez admitted that the way his tenure in Boston ended was his fault.  I’m speechless (or should I say type-less).  After all the things this guy has said — which have led to teammates to calling him a clubhouse cancer and the media to ripping him to shreds — he actually says something that we can respect?

I think everything was my fault,” Ramirez said. “You’ve got to be a real man to realize when you do wrong. Hey, it was my fault, right? I’m already past that stage. I’m happy. I’m in a new team.”

If I saw those words written on a blog — even one as credible as LBS — I wouldn’t believe them, either.  For those of you skeptics (who I don’t blame), here’s the Manny Ramirez “my fault” video:

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Brian Wilson Is Officially Insane

If you follow baseball, I’m not telling you anything new when I say that Brian Wilson is nuts. But after his absurd interview on Jim Rome Is Burning, it’s been confirmed: Brian Wilson is officially insane.

The Giants closer honestly appeared to be on serious drugs because he was on a different planet during the interview. He was talking and ranting and Rome had a tough time not only keeping up, but also keeping a straight face.

Amongst some of the highlights from Brian Wilson’s interview with Jim Rome (video below):


    1. - Saying ge got fined for “having too much awesome on my feet” when he was fined for wearing orange cleats.
      – Calling himself a “certified ninja” and that he completed 12 minute courses
      - Specifically saying he’s a “mental assassin”
      - Pulling out a Zach Morris phone out of his back pocket
      - Talking into the phone and the phone told him to pull out a mask from his back pocket
      – Explaining how to get over an oblique injury: “Slam a red bull down and get after it”
  • This dude is certified 100% absolutely insane. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were Eric Gagne in a few years — that sort of thing tends to happen with wild man closers. Here’s the video of the Brian Wilson interview:

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    John Harbaugh Chews Out Dannell Ellerbe for Showboating on Touchdown

    There aren’t many places where you can do something great and be reprimanded for it seconds later, but that’s life in the NFL. Dannell Ellerbe, the second year linebacker from Georgia, picked off a pass in Baltimore’s preseason game against St. Louis and returned it for a score. He decided to do a little pre-end zone celebrating that turned out better than DeSean Jackson’s antics, but it still drew the ire of his coach, John Harbaugh. Harbaugh didn’t get as crazy as Mark Mangino did in this classic video, but he did tear into Ellerbe. Peep the tape:

    Harbaugh described the actions as “classless,” which sounds about right. You’d like to say that Ellerbe learned his lesson, but Harbaugh’s words seemed to have gone in one ear and out the other. Hopefully he learned his lesson; there’s no need for that garbage.

    Why wasn’t Ellerbe penalized for antics? [Ravens Insider]
    Video Credit: YouTube user TonyL24x7

    This Has to be the Luckiest Fan Around

    You’ve probably been to several ballgames throughout you’re life and never had a chance at catching a foul ball. And getting one in BP or between innings when a player tosses one in the stands doesn’t count. Nothing compares to catching an actual foul ball in a game or bailing on your girlfriend like this lame fan. Most of us have never had a crack at catching one, but this lucky fan had not one, not two, but three chances at a ball during a recent Rays game! Take a look at this video from FanHouse as shared by SI Hot Clicks as the lucky lady confuses her face for a mitt:

    Let’s hope she went home immediately and bought a scratcher or two.

    Woman Takes Foul Ball to Face, Makes Play on Next 2 Chances [FanHouse]
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