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Friday, March 27, 2015


Alonzo Mourning confirms ‘Who wants to sex Mutombo’ line (Video)

Dikembe Mutombo finger wagAfter years of speculation, years of myths and urban legends fluttering about in the sports world, we have finally, once and for all, received confirmation about one of the greatest anecdotes of all time.

Dikembe Mutombo did in fact ask, “Who wants to sex Mutombo?” when he would walk into clubs. It’s true.

Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones have been on a quest to get to the bottom of the story and even made some headlines last year when they got Deke to go on record and address the rumor. Mutombo at the time dismissed it as “crap,” but now we’re hearing otherwise.

Former longtime NBA center Alonzo Mourning joined “Highly Questionable” and was asked about the “Who wants to sex Mutombo?” line, and the man couldn’t keep from laughing. After a little bit of pressuring, he did concede that Mutombo used to say it and actually used it as a pickup line. Best part of all? He says it worked!

So, yes, the legend is in fact true. And Mutombo is the one who came up with it. Apparently there were women interested in sexing Mutombo … and not just the ones from the Gold Club.

Tip via Cordog

Kentucky players boast on Twitter after slamming West Virginia

Kentucky Wildcats

Just in case you weren’t sure whether Kentucky’s players were paying attention to Daxter Miles Jr.’s ill-advised prediction prior to their game Thursday against West Virginia, the final score and final tweets should tell you all you need to know.

The Wildcats went up 18-2 and ran the Mountaineers out of the gym, winning 78-39 to advance to the Elite Eight. As Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones pointed out, Kentucky could have been shut out in the second half and still won by five.

After the game, a few Kentucky players made some noise of their own on Twitter, all of which can be viewed as responses to Miles:

Well, at least Miles has one thing going for him: He was definitely Kentucky’s MVP for the game. Oh, and a word of advice, Daxter, do NOT check your Twitter mentions.

Daxter Miles’ Twitter mentions in shambles after Kentucky blowout

John Calipari Daxter Miles

Daxter Miles Jr. was persona non-grata for West Virginia after figuratively tugging on Superman’s cape, leading Kentucky to play angry and blow out the Mountaineers 78-39 in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday.

In case you missed it, Miles Jr., who is a freshman for West Virginia, was so confident about his team that he predicted they would win and make undefeated Kentucky 36-1.

The comments angered some Kentucky players, who clearly came out to prove a point as they raced out to an 18-2 lead. Things didn’t get much better from there as the Wildcats led 44-18 at the half and doubled the Mountaineers’ total output.

No surprise, everyone was making fun of Miles for how badly his prediction worked out. Fans had access to Miles via his Twitter account and spent the night peppering his mentions making him look foolish.

Take a look at the action below:


David Ortiz thinks he’s been tested for PEDs more than anyone in MLB history

David OrtizDavid Ortiz is no stranger to having his name linked to performance enhancing drugs. In 2003, Ortiz’s name appeared on a list of 104 Major League Baseball players who reportedly tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Since then, Ortiz has been tested more than his fair share of times for banned substances. In fact, Ortiz thinks he has been subject to testing more than anyone in major league history. In a piece he wrote for The Players’ Tribune, the Red Sox slugger opened up about cheating and the perceptions people have of him related to gaining an unfair advantage.

In some people’s minds, I will always be considered a cheater. And that’s bulls–t. Mark my words: Nobody in MLB history has been tested for PEDs more than me. You know how many times I’ve been tested since 2004? More than 80. They say these tests are random. If it’s really random, I should start playing the damn lottery. Some people still think the testing is a joke. It’s no joke. Ten times a season these guys come into the clubhouse or my home with their briefcases. I have never failed a single one of those tests and I never will.

David Ortiz is among the more polarizing players in Major League Baseball. He’s brash and when he talks he draws an audience. As he noted, Ortiz is also in the group of people who have blossomed in their 30s, which is generally a cause for raised eyebrows and speculation of foul play.

Despite the constant chatter of cheating, Ortiz has carved a career that presents a convincing case for enshrinement into the hall of fame. Whether or not he one day ends up in Cooperstown, of course, remains to be seen. If Ortiz doesn’t, it’s likely that infamous list from 2003 will be a factor, even though 39-year-old still doesn’t know what it was that triggered the positive result.

Texas tells Rick Barnes to change his staff otherwise he will be fired

Rick Barnes

Texas is dissatisfied with the status of its men’s basketball program and sent a message to head coach Rick Barnes.

According to My San Antonio’s Mike Finger, athletic director Steve Patterson had two meetings with Barnes and told the coach to make changes to his staff otherwise he would be fired.

The Longhorns were a bubble team that made the tournament but lost in the first round this season. They have not advanced to the Sweet Sixteen since 2008, which is unacceptable for the program.

Barnes is set to earn $2.5 million through 2019, but he can be bought out for $1.5 million after April.

Barnes has been with Texas since 1998 and has won a school record 402 games as Longhorns head coach. His best runs came over a decade ago when he reached the Elite Eight three straight seasons from 2002-2004, including a Final Four appearance. Future NBA players T.J. Ford and Royal Ivey starred on some of those teams, as did big man Brandon Mouton. Barnes also enjoyed success coaching stars like D.J. Augustin, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Kevin Durant at times during his Longhorns career.

Though Barnes is on the hot seat, there is little doubt that reshuffling his staff would buy him another year. He just needs to decide whether he is willing to let some of his assistants go, or if he’s going to go down with them.

Aaron Rodgers challenged Sam Dekker, who responded with career high

Aaron Rodgers Olivia Munn

Credit Aaron Rodgers with an assist in Wisconsin’s 79-72 win over North Carolina in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday.

The star of the game was Badgers junior forward Sam Dekker, who posted a career-high 23 points and added 10 rebounds in the victory. He also helped solidify the win by making a beautiful layup on a sweet low post move with just over a minute to play.

After the game, Dekker was interviewed by TBS’ Rachel Nichols and said that he was partially inspired by the Green Bay Packers quarterback, who is a fan of the Badgers’ basketball team.

“He was talking to me this morning, saying he wants a good show (against UNC),” Dekker said of Rodgers. “He’s been so supportive all year. He’s really behind our backs and reaching out to me if I’m playing well or not playing well and just staying behind me as a good friend. When you have the MVP of the NFL doing that for you, it’s pretty cool.”

Much like he did with the Milwaukee Brewers and Ryan Braun, Rodgers has adopted the in-state Badgers as his college basketball team. Having his support certainly can’t hurt and, in this case, seems to help.

Photo via The Cauldron

Lions plan to run the ball much more next season

Matt StaffordThe Detroit Lions developed a reputation for being a passing team the past few seasons, but head coach Jim Caldwell says we should expect to see changes for the upcoming season.

Caldwell said at the NFL owners meetings Wednesday that he plans to have more balance on offense.

“When I tell you that we’re not going to throw the ball any more than we threw it (last year), that’s a fact,” Caldwell said via the Detroit Free Press. “We’re probably not going to throw it (more). If we do throw it more, that means we’re behind, we’re struggling, we’re not winning, we’re not a very good football team, plain and simple.”

The Lions threw the ball 604 times including fake punts, which placed them 11th in the league. Matthew Stafford threw the ball 125 times less last season than during his 2012 season when he set the record with 727 attempts. It’s quite understandable why Caldwell would want to achieve more balance in terms of playcalling and distribution among the targets.

Detroit has Joique Bell on the roster and Theo Riddick, but we expect them to draft a running back who will be a difference-maker.

H/T Rotoworld

Top QB recruit KJ Costello picks Stanford over USC, Michigan

KJ Costello

Stanford got a major boost for its football program on Thursday when top 2015 quarterback prospect KJ Costello committed to them.

Costello made the announcement at his school and also on Twitter:

Costello, who is finishing his junior year at Santa Margarita (same school as Carson Palmer) in Calif., chose the Cardinal over USC and Michigan. He is rated as a four-star prospect by 247 recruiting and is considered to be one of the top pocket passers in his graduating class.

Stanford recruiting analyst Andy Drukarev says Costello is one of the highest-rated players the Cardinal have received a commitment from in the past 15 years:

Photo: KJ Costello/Twitter

Russell Westbrook was very ‘confused’ by media after loss


Russell Westbrook enjoys dealing with the media about as much as Marshawn Lynch does, and the Oklahoma City Thunder star has not been shy about showing that this season. Not surprisingly, Westbrook was particularly salty after his team was blown out by the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night.

The Thunder gave up an eye-popping amount of points in the 130-91 loss, so naturally a reporter asked Westbrook if his team is having problems on defense. More specifically, Westbrook was asked if Oklahoma City’s defensive issues are “carrying over” from game to game.

“Uh, defensive issues carrying over… I’m confused,” he replied, per Royce Young of “You didn’t say that when we won four games in a row. I’m just a little confused.”

A reporter then noted that the Thunder gave up 117 points against the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday. Westbrook remained confused, or so he said.

“But you didn’t say that when we won, so I’m a little confused,” he said.

Westbrook was then hit with a follow-up question about whether it is OK to play poorly on defense if you win.

“You can play bad defense [and win], but you don’t mention it when we win,” he said. “But when we lose you want to mention it. I’m just a little confused.”

This was salty Russell at his finest, folks. The questions about Oklahoma City’s defense are more than legitimate, and of course they are a bigger concern when the Thunder lose by 40. They may have won four games in a row heading into Wednesday, but OKC has given up 115 or more points in five of its last six games. That could be trouble down the stretch.

As we found out last week when Westbrook was asked about the MVP race, he hates postgame interviews. We’re not surprised he’s even more of a dink following a loss.

Indians prank Jose Ramirez, park his car at shortstop


Cleveland Indians shortstop Jose Ramirez should stop leaving his car keys in the hands of people he doesn’t trust. If not, he could find his BMW fielding a ground ball without a glove on.

On Thursday morning, the Indians decided to prank Ramirez by parking his car in his office, essentially.

Why would Ramirez’s teammates do that to him? Indians manager Terry Francona told’s Jordan Bastian that the 22-year-old has an unpopular habit of parking his car wherever he pleases at the team training facility. We’re guessing that means he parks in spots that are usually reserved for veteran players and coaches. Here are some more entertaining nuggets:

Ramirez should consider that a warning. There are much worse things teammates can do to a player’s car. Don’t believe us? Just ask this NBA player about his rookie season a couple years back.

H/T Big League Stew

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