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Friday, August 28, 2015


Bryce Petty crushed on Twitter for ordering Domino’s pizza in New York


Now a member of the Jets, rookie quarterback Bryce Petty has multitude of pizza places at his disposal in New York City. Perhaps not surprisingly, when he tweeted about ordering from Domino’s, Petty was crushed for it.

New to the area, it’s understandable Petty may not yet know the best local spots to grab some pizza. So, he opted for the popular chain that lets you use emojis to order.

It was pointed out in large numbers he could do much better in the NYC area than Domino’s.

After causing quite a bit of ruckus, Petty apologized to those whose feathers he ruffled.

I’m sure Petty already knows the NY/NJ area takes its football seriously. Now he knows they are just a serious about their pizza as well.

TJ Yeldon gets crushed in brutal goal-line collision (Video)

TJ Yeldon

The good news is TJ Yeldon scored the first preseason touchdown of his NFL career. The bad news is he paid a huge price.

The former Alabama running back scored on a 1-yard dive in the second quarter of Jacksonville’s preseason contest with the Detroit Lions Friday. The rookie dove over a pile at the goal line and was met by a vicious hit from linebacker Stephen Tulloch, who also went airborne.

Yeldon missed the team’s first two preseason games with a finger injury. He’ll certainly earn some toughness points if he doesn’t let that crushing blow keep him out. His neck bounced around like Drew Brees’ on this infamous hit.

JT Barrett voted captain for Ohio State by teammates

JT Barrett Ohio State

J.T. Barrett was voted one of the six captains of the reigning national champion Ohio State Buckeyes, the team announced Friday.

Joining Barrett as a captain are Braxton Miller, Jacoby Boren, Taylor Decker, Josh Perry and Tyvis Powell.

Miller was a captain last year and has switched positions to H-Back from quarterback. Powell joins Barrett as the only underclassmen named as a captain.

Barrett’ being voted a captain could be another sign that he leads the race to be named the team’s starting quarterback. He is competing with Cardale Jones for the job, who took over prior to the conference championship game last season and led the Buckeyes to the national title with wins over Wisconsin, Alabama and then Oregon.

At Big Ten Media Days last month, head coach Urban Meyer described Barrett’s leadership skills as “off the charts.”

This isn’t the final word in who becomes the team’s starter, but it does tell you who the players respect and view as a leader of the program.

Robert Griffin III sends curious tweet after not being cleared to play

Robert Griffin knee braceRobert Griffin III raised eyebrows with a curious tweet he sent after the Washington Redskins reversed course and announced they would be holding the quarterback out 1-2 weeks because of a concussion.

RG3 tweeted some guiding words that would help him during the tough time:

The passage he cited — James 1:2-3 (NLT) says:

“Dear brothers and sisters,[a] when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. 3 For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.”

Griffin is going through a difficult period in Washington. He was beat up last week against the Detroit Lions and suffered a concussion. Then after the Redskins cleared him Thursday to play in Saturday’s game, they changed their decision a day later and announced the QB would miss 1-2 weeks. If Griffin cannot figure out what the Redskins are doing with him, he’s not alone.

Cam Cameron battling prostate cancer

Cam Cameron

LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron is battling prostate cancer and has already begun treatment, the Baton Rouge Advocate reports.

The Advocate says that until now, only some LSU fans and employees knew about the diagnosis. They were asked to keep it quiet.

Cameron, 54, says he already underwent a procedure and has been given a clean bill of health.

Cameron is entering his third season as offensive coordinator for the Tigers and plans to continue coaching. He also survived a serious case of melanoma, so we know he is a fighter.

Cameron played quarterback at Indiana and was head coach of the Hoosiers from ’97-’01. He also served as head coach of the Miami Dolphins in 2007 following a successful run as offensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers.

Cameron spent five seasons with the Baltimore Ravens before coming to LSU. Some players reportedly were complaining about him, leading the Ravens to fire him midseason. We wish him the best in his recovery.

RG3 to be held out 1-2 weeks after doctor changes mind

Robert Griffin

The Washington Redskins have reversed course and decided to hold Robert Griffin III out of this weekend’s preseason game because of his concussion.

On Thursday, the team announced that an independent neurologist had cleared the quarterback to play despite suffering a concussion in last week’s game against the Lions.

The decision was changed after the independent doctor changed his mind.

“Per discussion with Neuropsychologists and with Anthony Casolaro M.D., we had anticipated yesterday that the patient would be cleared for full participation in gameplay this weekend; however, upon further scrutiny today of the neuropsychology data, I agree with the neuropsychologist that he should be held from gameplay this weekend and be retested in one-two weeks before a firm conclusion to return to gameplay can be made,” independent neuropsychologist Robert Kurtzke decided.

Griffin was smacked around by Detroit, taking numerous hits and sacks in the contest, leading one Redskins player to question how the coaches kept sending the quarterback out there. At least RG3 will now get a break and chance to heal.

Steve Ballmer declines $60M/yr TV deal, could start streaming service


In case you weren’t aware, Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer isn’t just merely an ebullient ball of enthusiasm that passionately rallies his troops by sweating through dress shirts, screaming out “HARDCORE” at the top of his lungs, and dancing boisterously to Fergie songs. The former Microsoft CEO also brings to the table a ton of innovative business practices and visions for the franchise. Now, his latest potential venture may reshape the way we consume the sport of basketball entirely.

According to a report on Friday by Claire Atkinson of the New York Post, Ballmer recently turned down a local TV deal that would have paid roughly $60 million per year. The bid was made by Fox Sports’ Prime Ticket, the network that currently holds the Clippers’ TV rights through the 2015-16 season and was looking to renew their partnership with the team. So why did Ballmer opt to reject the offer? Well for one, $60 million a year is an almost-insulting lowball offer for a title-contending team in the hallowed Los Angeles market. Keep in mind that the Lakers got $3 billion from Time Warner in a 20-year deal (equivalent to $150 million a year) and that $60 million a year probably feels like chump change for a guy that spent $2 freakin’ billion to buy the team.

But Ballmer’s ulterior motive in declining the offer could be that he has bigger aspirations in mind. The report also goes on to state that Ballmer is looking into the possibility of launching his own over-the-top streaming network and airing Clipper games direct-to-consumer via the World Wide Web. He would be the first owner of a major US sports team to proceed down that path, and it’s an intriguing proposition to say the least.

Streaming media is the future, and especially in the Netflix era, that future is creeping up on us a lot sooner than we think. Content may be king but convenience and accessibility are quickly becoming prince. With a growing number of NBA League Pass subscribers opting for broadband and the increase in popularity of streaming basketball services such as Ballstreams, Ballmer could be onto something here. And capitalizing on a viral market trend before it explodes completely is a stroke of technological genius that one would fully expect from a man who spent 14 years at the helm of one of the biggest and most successful tech corporations in the world. Perhaps Ballmer’s forward-thinking pioneering will help him become the Los Angeles sports mogul that this area has historically lacked. Not to mention that it could transform the NBA as we know it.

Of course, this metamorphosis of our basketball experience would be risky. The league already has no idea what to do with itself now that all the TV revenue is almost here to blow the salary cap to smithereens. Rocking the boat even further with a mysterious new broadcast venture could be revolutionary, but it could just destabilize the financial landscape of the NBA. If the rest of the league follows Ballmer’s footsteps into this risky startup, there’s no telling what it could mean for leaguewide revenue, broadcast partnerships, and the constant wrangling between owners and players over the collective bargaining agreement. Could Ballmer’s visionary endeavor be the tipping point that pushes us over the edge into another lockout?

In the end, all this speculation may be in vain as the report does say that Ballmer could just be using this as a threat, a bargaining ploy to get more dough out of Prime Ticket. A Clippers spokesman did tell the New York Post, “Steve Ballmer is exploring any and all options, including a new deal with Fox.” But this will at least plant the seed in our minds that in due time, we could be consuming our NBA Basketball the same way that we stream our favorite TV shows on Netflix or on Hulu. What a damn time to be alive.

H/T ProBasketballTalk

Vernon Adams named starting quarterback for Oregon Ducks

Vernon Adams

Vernon Adams wasted no time claiming the starting quarterback job at Oregon.

The graduate transfer was listed as the starter when the Ducks’ depth chart for the season opener against Eastern Washington on Sept. 5 was released Friday.

The funny twist to the story is that Adams is transferring from Eastern Washington, meaning he’ll be facing his former team in his first game with the new school. He only was able to transfer two weeks ago, making his quick claim of the job pretty impressive.

Adams threw for 3,483 yards and 35 touchdowns last season with the Eagles. He passed for 11 touchdowns in two games vs. Pac-12 opponents last year, so he certainly has the goods to play with the big boys despite being from an FCS program.

Charles Barkley on former agent Lance Luchnick: ‘I’d blow his damn brains out’

Charles Barkley

The first agent Charles Barkley ever had when he entered the NBA was Lance Luchnick. If Luchnick knew what was good for him, he would continue to stay as far away from Barkley as possible.

Barkley went on “The Dan Patrick Show” Friday and discussed taking money from agents while in college. That led to a discussion about the first agent he ever had when he was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers. Let’s just say Barkley is not fond of the man.

“I ended up signing with a scumbag agent,” Barkley said. “I don’t want to mention his name — Lance Luchnick! He stole all my money. He’s a scumbag. If I saw him today I’d blow his damn brains out. I hate that S.O.B. His name is Lance Luchnick. He’s a scumbag.”

Barkley said he was a naive 21-year-old who was just happy to be given a $15,000 per week allowance while Luchnick assured him the rest of his money was being “invested.” He said he ended up broke and owing a bunch of money in back taxes after four years.

When Patrick tried to help Barkley by insisting Sir Charles didn’t actually mean that he would shoot Luchnick, Barkley didn’t back down.

“If I had a gun I would,” he said. “I probably won’t have a gun when I see him, but I’ll probably beat his ass down like a dog.”

Barkley has absolutely no filter. Don’t believe us? Just ask Shaq.

Unfortunately, the experience Barkley had with his first agent is all too common. Kids who aren’t even old enough to drink yet suddenly become millionaires, and they have no experience keeping track of their money or managing it. If you get hooked up with someone whose intentions are not good, it can quickly become a recipe for disaster.

Here’s Barkley’s interview:

H/T Deadspin

Josh Howard reportedly attempting NBA comeback


That’s former NBA All-Star Josh Howard to you!

As if the news of Greg Oden finding a new basketball home and the Lakers trying to coax Yi Jianlian into coming back to his old one wasn’t enough, it looks like the ghosts of 2007 have returned to haunt us even further this offseason.

According to a report on Thursday by Dwain Price of the Fort Worth-Star Telegram, former Maverick Josh Howard has been working out at the team’s arena this week with the hopes of making an NBA comeback.

Howard, now 35, holds career averages of 14.3 points per game, 5.7 rebounds per game, and 1.6 assists per game. He played seven memorable seasons in Dallas, helping lead the team to their first NBA Finals appearance in franchise history in 2006 and making the All-Star Team in 2007.

However, after being traded to the Wizards in 2010 and tearing his ACL shortly thereafter, Howard was never the same. He then bounced around between the Jazz and the Timberwolves before tearing his ACL again in 2012 and has been out of the league ever since.

Of course, Howard was also known for his, shall we say, colorful personality off-the-court, making headlines in his heyday for partying, disrespecting the national anthem, and his open admission that he, along with many NBA other players, do indeed smoke weed.

At his best, the Wake Forest product was a 3-and-D wing ahead of his time that complemented Dirk Nowitzki perfectly with his midrange mastery, defensive intensity, and underrated work on the glass. But the lethal trio of injuries, vices, and Father Time seem to have caught up to Howard a long time ago, and his comeback bid, though valiant, may ultimately prove futile. For in a league that values versatility on the perimeter more than ever, 2015 Josh Howard is little more than a one-dimensional semi-scorer now. And maybe those really are better off left in 2007.

H/T theScore

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