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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Royals say Giants watered down field to make it slower

World Series ATT Park

The Kansas City Royals are a team built on speed, defense and pitching. While the San Francisco Giants can’t do much to alter KC’s defense and pitching in the World Series, there is one thing they can do to reduce their opponent’s speed. And it looks like they did just that.

Several Royals said after Game 3 of the World Series on Friday that the AT&T Park grounds crew tried to make the field slower by watering it down and adding extra dirt.

From The Los Angeles Times’ Bill Shaikin:

“It was watered down. It was sandy out there,” Kansas City outfielder Jarrod Dyson said. “When I took off, I left a big divot in the ground. They’re just trying to slow our running game down. Typical move. We’re not surprised by it.”

Outfielder Lorenzo Cain said the infield had “a lot of sand” and called the surface “soft.”

Said Cain: “It didn’t affect us at all. It’s their field. They can do what they want.”

Dyson said the Detroit Tigers did the same thing at Comerica Park to try neutralizing the speedy Royals.

While this may come across as somewhat unsportsmanlike, this is one of the benefits of having a “homefield advantage.” You get to tailor your park towards your liking or, in this case, against your opponent’s.

Does it really matter? Though KC stole seven bases against the Oakland A’s in the wild-card playoff game and five in the ALDS against the Angels, they only had one in four games against the Orioles and none through three games against the Giants. They’re winning without needing that part of the game.

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Kansas State fans chant ‘We own Texas’ (Video)

Bill Snyder Kansas StateKansas State fans were definitely feeling themselves on Saturday during the Wildcats’ shut out win of the Texas Longhorns in Manhattan. During the contest, fans could be heard chanting, “We own Texas!”

That chant is rooted in reality. K-State has beaten Texas six of the last seven times they’ve played including Saturday. With the 23-0 win, the Wildcats handed the Longhorns their first shutout loss since 2004. Texas was held to just 12 first downs and 196 total yards in the game. The last time they were shut out was in the 2004 Red River Rivalry game when Adrian Peterson was playing for Oklahoma.

Between this and the 45-42 upset over Texas in 2006, Kansas State fans sure have a reason for doing the chant. They also have the top team in the Big 12 — they’re 6-1 and 4-0 in conference play, while Texas is 3-5 and 2-3 in conference.

Lions suspend CJ Mosely, send him home from London


The Detroit Lions announced on Saturday that defensive tackle CJ Mosley has been suspended for two weeks for conduct detrimental to the team. As a result, he has been sent home from London and will not be in attendance for Detroit’s game against the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

The Lions would not say which team rule Mosley violated.

Mosley, a 31-year-old veteran, has 2.5 sacks this season and has appeared in every game. He is a big part of a Lions defensive line that has been arguably the most dominant defensive unit in the league. Detroit’s front seven will be a bit thinner in his absence, though the team shouldn’t need Mosley against the Falcons.

Cam Atkinson shows how close he was to losing an eye

Cam Atkinson skate

Columbus Blue Jackets forward Cam Atkinson took an inadvertent skate to the face during his team’s game against the Anaheim Ducks on Friday night. He was extremely fortunate he didn’t lose an eye.

[WATCH: Cam Atkinson takes skate to the face]

On Saturday, Atkinson sent out a tweet thanking fans for their support. He also included a pretty graphic photo that showed how close the skate was to costing him half his field of vision.

Was Atkinson unlucky to have his eyelid sliced open by a skate? For sure, but the damage could have been much, much worse. We’re all glad it wasn’t.

Screenshot via Pete Blackburn

Penn State fans blew air horns outside Ohio State team hotel


Several of the Ohio State players may need naps before their team faces Penn State on Saturday night. Why? Because Nittany Lions fans did their best to keep the Buckeyes up all night in advance of the big game.

Ohio state linebacker Darron Lee and offensive lineman Pat Elflein tweeted on Saturday morning about a cruel prank that they fell victim to.

We’ve heard about fans calling the hotel rooms of the opposing teams’ players to keep them up all night, but blowing air horns is pretty bold. Fortunately for Ohio State, the game has a late start. The Buckeyes should be able to rest up plenty before kickoff.

H/T SB Nation

Shonn Greene arrested for parking in handicap space, other driving charges


Tennessee Titans running back Shonn Greene was arrested Friday night for a variety of driving-related charges. He reportedly fled the scene of an incident while driving with a suspended license.

According to Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean, the incident began when Greene parked his vehicle in a handicap spot. When a parking enforcement officer approached Green, he reportedly got in his car and drove around the officer’s vehicle, nearly swiping it on his way by.

From there, Greene allegedly sped off and drove away when he was approached by police. An investigation later revealed that Greene was the one responsible for the incident, and authorities contacted him and convinced him to turn himself in.

“The entire situation could have been avoided if he would have left that handicap space for who is was intended for,” Franklin Police Department Sergeant Charles Warner said. “The fact that he didn’t and got caught being parked there, he could have stopped things from going any further than a parking ticket if he would have simply communicated with the parking enforcement officer and not taken such evasive measures to get away from her, increasing the seriousness of what would have been a simple parking ticket.”

We’re assuming the reason Greene was so adamant about getting away is that he had a suspended license, though I doubt the parking attendant would have done much aside from asking him to move his car.

Not the brightest of moves.

Bruce Bochy: Alcides Escobar ‘ambushed’ Tim Hudson on first pitch

Before anyone really realized it, the Kansas City Royals had a runner on second in the first inning of Game 3 of the World Series. That’s because KC’s leadoff batter Alcides Escobar took an unusually aggressive approach by taking a rip at the first pitch of the game and knocking a double. He scored two batters later to give KC a 1-0 lead.

Pitcher Tim Hudson was surprised Escobar swung at the first pitch of the game, while manager Bruce Bochy described it as an ambush.

“I thought he threw the ball well, very well,” Bochy said of Hudson, via the San Jose Mercury News. “The first pitch got away from him. He got ambushed there. But I thought he had great stuff and was keeping the ball down. … He gave us what we were hoping — a chance to win.”

Hudson gave Escobar credit for whacking a double.

“You don’t see batters swing at the first pitch of the game too often,” he said. “But you know what? It’s a pitch in the game that can get hit. It still has to be a decent pitch.

“You have to give (Escobar) credit. He could have popped it up just as easy as he doubled.”

Both points are spot-on. Give Escobar credit for being aggressive, and give him even more credit for lacing a tough pitch up and away.

Escobar explained his approach.

Escobar won’t get another good first pitch this series, but it doesn’t matter. He helped them get a win in a pivotal Game 3 and that could be the difference between winning and losing the series.

And what was up with Hudson’s smile after giving up the double? He was so stunned he didn’t know how to react.

Tim Hudson Giants

War Machine tells his fans not to harass Christy Mack

War Machine Christy Mack

War Machine maybe did the first appropriate thing to Christy Mack that he’s done in months.

War Machine sent a long note via Twitter this week dealing with a lot of introspection he’s done. One of the main points is that he wants to try embracing forgiveness, which is an idea he eschewed in the past. As part of his new outlook on life, War Machine told his fans not to harass Mack — his ex-girlfriend and the woman he’s accused of severely beating.

Below is the full note sent by War Machine that is edited only to remove profanity.

On October 7th I received a book in the mail titled “The Disappearance of The Universe” and I’d like to thank whomever sent it. I’ve really been struggling in here, dealing with this seemingly out of the blue disaster that I have been blindsided by. My entire life I have fought “forgiveness”, plotted revenge and fantasized about carrying it out…it was just my personality. Well, my entire life I have also been plagued with s–t luck. No matter how much I thought I was trying to change, I was still ending up with the same results…my grandmother always told me that hate was poison; others have told me that “negativity” will attract more negativity… I labeled all of that faggotry and pushed on. Well, I’m done trying the same tactics that have failed me over and over again. I want to be happy; I want to live a happy life. Will forgiveness work like magic? I dunno, that’d be great if it did though. One thing it can’t do, is hurt. In fact, I’m pretty sure it will most likely speed up my healing process either way. Maybe all of this happened just so that I’d make this one important change. I will apologize in advance if my lack of hate will make me less entertaining; but at the end of the day, where has my past attitude really gotten me? I read some Bible quote the other day: “It’s easy to see a splinter in someone else’s eye, but hard to see the log in your own.” (Something like that) I have cheated on women, I have lied, I have hurt people, and I have slept with women in relationships. Nobody is innocent, we have all earned the pain we receive, and if you look hard enough, you will find it. When you find that you truly are the one responsible for it all, it really hurts, the guilt is devastating…forgiving yourself at that point then becomes even harder than forgiving the ones who originally “wronged you”. If you are a fan of mine please don’t harass Christy, just let her be. Don’t respond to all the people spewing hate against me. If you’re a fan of mine , just please analyze and learn from my situation, and apply it to your own life. I deserved this, she deserved this, he deserved this, and we are also all innocent at the same time. I just hope to one day have the opportunity to put this new way of thinking to use, out there in the real world. I can’t wait until this court nightmare is over and I can begin the next chapter in my life. Thanks for all of your support, all the letters and books truly mean a lot. The court system is f—ed up; let’s hope their attempt at railroading me fails and that I only have to deal with the more realistic charges. To charge me with rape, attempted murder, burglary, and kidnapping…is just crazy.

While there are a lot of positive thoughts expressed by War Machine, there are still several things that are concerning. For one, to say that the court system is railroading him seems inaccurate based on Mack’s side of events. Based on what Mack said in her public statement, rape and kidnapping charges seem appropriate.

Then there’s this: “I deserved this, she deserved this, he deserved this, and we are also all innocent at the same time.”

I really don’t know what he’s trying to say with it. Maybe Mack and Corey Thomas did some wrong things (War Machine’s brother said Mack grabbed a knife), but I hardly believe they deserved what happened to them. Still, it’s good he told his fans not to harass Mack; they already did enough damage when she was pictured out in Las Vegas last month.

H/T Bloody Elbow

Cam Atkinson sliced in face by Ryan Kesler’s skate (Video)

Cam Atkinson took a skate to the face on Friday during Columbus’ game against Anaheim and was lucky the damage wasn’t worse.

Atkinson was trying to grab the puck from Ryan Kesler, who moved in front of him and lost balance. Kesler’s right skate came up in the air and caught Atkinson on the right side of the face, just below the visor.

Atkinson left the game to be treated and apparently is doing well enough where his coach feels comfortable joking about the matter.

Look at how close this was to Atkinson’s eye:

Cam Atkinson skate

He’s lucky the damage wasn’t worse. And it sure looks like the visor helped him.

H/T Next Impulse Sports
Screenshot via Pete Blackburn

Tom Izzo dresses as member of Kiss (Video)

Tom Izzo always goes all-out for Michigan State’s midnight madness, and this year was no exception. He actually may have taken things to a whole new level.

Izzo dressed as a member of the rock band Kiss, putting on the full costume and makeup.

Hard not to love that.

Tom Izzo kiss

It was actually a Kiss cover band, and Izzo played the accordion on stage. Not bad.

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