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Thursday, February 11, 2016


Terrell Owens tells Skip Bayless to stop ‘misinforming’ people

Terrell Owens Skip Bayless

Terrell Owens cares pretty deeply about making the Pro Football Hall of Fame, so he doesn’t much like media personalities spreading negative propaganda about him. That’s why he had a harsh response to Skip Bayless on Thursday.

Owens appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” Wednesday and discussed his Hall of Fame candidacy with hosts Bayless and Chad Johnson. Bayless was arguing that Owens’ presence broke apart numerous teams. Owens said that it’s the media that made him look bad.

Here was Owens’ response on Twitter:

Meanwhile Bayless argued on “First Take” that Owens was disruptive and tore apart three teams, a claim that cannot be supported by stats like receiving yards or touchdowns, but does have some merit.

Phil Jackson reportedly does not have opt-out until 2017

Phil Jackson

There has been some speculation lately that Phil Jackson could leave the New York Knicks to join his partner Jeanie Buss with the Lakers, but that happening this summer may be unlikely.

According to the New York Post’s Marc Berman, Jackson does not have the ability to opt out of his contract with the Knicks until 2017. Jackson signed a five-year, $60 million deal with the team in March 2014 and is currently in the middle of his second season as president of the franchise.

The Knicks were horrendous in Jackson’s first season, but they had shown improvement in year two following the draft pick of Kristaps Porzingis and a few other trades and signings. However, the team slipped in recent weeks and the decision was made to fire head coach Derek Fisher on Monday.

There has been recent chatter that Jackson’s “companion,” Jeanie Buss, is preparing to clean house in the Lakers’ front office at some point given her brother Jim falling well short of his 3-year plan to turn around the franchise. It would make sense for her to bring Phil in to the team’s front office at that point, but we may be a year early on those plans.

Donovan McNabb: I did not throw up during Super Bowl loss

Donovan-McNabb-Terrell-OwensDonovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles struggled to move the ball late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XXXIX, and it ultimately cost them the game. McNabb was very inefficient with the two-minute offense, leading to rumors that he was physically exhausted and even vomited during the game.

McNabb wants to put all that to rest. In a recent Reddit AMA, McNabb was asked if he threw up toward the end of his team’s Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots. He seemed annoyed.

“No, I didn’t puke,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that we still talk about this 11 years after playing in the Super Bowl. But, no. That did not happen and hopefully we can stop talking about it. Once again, go watch the game tape.”

McNabb actually threw up during a game earlier that season, but there is no video evidence of him getting sick during the Super Bowl. It’s possible that folks remember the “puke game” and combine it with some criticism from Terrell Owens about how McNabb played in the Super Bowl.

McNabb has probably puked a couple times since he retired, but that would have been for an entirely different reason.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Byron Scott: D’Angelo Russell’s immaturity ‘at times’ a problem

DAngelo Russell

Byron Scott has made it clear that he is not the world’s biggest fan of rookie D’Angelo Russell.

Russell has been benched multiple times late in games, including once recently for “trying to take over.” The logic doesn’t make much sense if you’re trying to groom a No. 2 overall pick and future franchise cornerstone, but such is life.

Given Scott’s rocky relationship with Russell, it’s perhaps no surprise that he pointed to the point guard’s immaturity as a problem. Here’s what Scott said about Russell prior to Wednesday’s Lakers-Cavs game:

Even if Scott feels that way about Russell, you have to wonder why he brings it up to the media. What benefit does he gain by doing so instead of just keeping it in house? It’s a questionable strategy to be sure and it might not endear him to his players, just like Russell probably didn’t like reading these comments from Scott a few days ago.

Emanuel Newton says sex before fight to blame for loss

Emanuel Newton

Former Bellator light heavyweight champion Emanuel Newton says that having sex before his most recent fight is partially to blame for his loss.

Newton (25-9-1) lost to Phil Davis in the semifinals of Bellator’s light heavyweight tournament in September. He is getting ready for a fight on Feb. 19 and spoke with MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn ahead of that contest. In his interview, he shared his belief that engaging in pre-fight sex hurt him.

“I had sex like three or four hours before the fight, which was stupid,” Newton told MMAjunkie. “Once again, I was getting caught up in that (mentality that) certain things couldn’t touch me when I have to understand that I am human and I do have to train hard and I can’t be going out and making stupid mistakes. Then the first takedown of the fight that Phil got on me, I popped my rib. It just wasn’t meant for me to win that fight because I learned so much.

“(Having sex) definitely took away my hips. My trainer Antonio (McKee), even the day before when we were doing the open workouts I was kicking him off his feet with spinning back kicks. The first takedown Phil got on me was when I threw a spinning back kick and he powered through it and he got that body lock and that’s when I popped my rib. But right when we were warming up my trainer looked at me and said, ‘What happened to that power?’ Lesson learned. It happened for a bigger reason and I did learn a lesson and get a deeper understanding of myself.”

Even though he lost, at least Newton says he learned from the experience and will not repeat the mistake. He has already beaten Linton Vassell once before, so his chances of winning in two weeks should be strong.

Newton really should have known better. After all, this legendary fighter says he cuts sex off three weeks before fights.

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Markieff Morris argues with and shoves Archie Goodwin (Video)


It’s been a tumultuous season for Markieff Morris that has been full of speculation whether or not he will remain with the team for the rest of the year. What happened during Wednesday’s game against the Warriors may ensure Morris isn’t.

During a stoppage in play, Morris got into with teammate Archie Goodwin. The two were having an animated conversation when tempers flared. Morris shoved Goodwin, placing his hands around Goodwin’s throat in the process.

Tyson Chandler did his best to breakup the scuffle, as did other others. Goodwin was pulled to the side by assistant coach Corey Gaines. Paul Coro of The Arizona Republic adds Morris and Goodwin conversed prior to exiting the court.

Morris was fined $10,000 for publicly demanding a trade back in September and earned himself a two-game suspension for throwing a towel at former head coach Jeff Hornacek in December.

With Hornacek out and Earl Watson in as the Suns’ interim head coach, Morris has received a second chance of sorts after falling out of favor with Hornacek. However, this latest incident may be the nail in the coffin for Morris, backing of Watson or not.

Kevin McHale: James Harden being out of shape hurt Rockets early

Kevin McHale Rockets

Kevin McHale was dumped by the Houston Rockets 11 games into the season following a slow 4-7 start, that despite reaching the Western Conference finals the previous season.

On Tuesday, the former Rockets coach appeared on TNT and said that James Harden being out of shape and Dwight Howard being unable to play and practice on back-to-back days contributed to the team’s poor start.

“We had a rough camp — lot of guys injured. Dwight (Howard) couldn’t do back-to-back practices and was not going to be able to do back-to-back games until December. James (Harden) had sprained his ankle in the summer and came in overweight. And we just weren’t playing very well.”

McHale knew that with his key players limited, the Rockets were in for a slow start.

“I told our guys at the end of training camp, ‘we’re a month, six weeks away from our team jelling and playing well,'” McHale said. “So we got off to a tough start and I came in and sat down they said, ‘you’re fired.’ I was like ‘wow.’ It really really surprised me.”

McHale acknowledged that he was stunned by the firing and thought that winning 56 games last season would have bought him more time with the team. However, he recognized he was having trouble reaching the team.

“I’ve never had a team that I have not been able to motivate and get going. We were not playing well — I’ll be the first to admit that — but it was so short — 11 games.”

The Rockets have only fared slightly better under interim head coach JB Bickerstaff as they entered Wednesday 27-27. Their drop-off from last season to this season hardly makes sense, but it seems like the team may come apart after the season. Dwight Howard is expected to opt out and may want to leave. As for Harden, we believe this was the reason for his slow start.

Josh Morgan accidentally shoots himself, charged in incident


Back in 2008, in was Plaxico Burress who was the victim of an accidentally fired gun. Josh Morgan has added himself to the list.

TMZ is reporting Morgan was cleaning the firearm when it went off and injured the former NFL wide receiver. He was hospitalized but the injuries are reportedly not life threatening.

Morgan is being charged with misdemeanor reckless use of a firearm.

Now 30-years-old, Morgan spent seven seasons in the NFL, last playing for the Bears in 2014. He played in 93 career games, hauling in 209 passes for 2,558 yards and 12 touchdowns. His most productive stint was the four years he spent with the 49ers. With San Francisco, Morgan established his career-highs in receptions (53 in 2009), yards (698 in 2010), and receiving touchdowns (3 in 2008 and 2009).

Andy Dalton reunited with missing luggage thanks to social media


Andy Dalton’s Wednesday did not get off to the best of starts, but thankfully, it will have a happy ending.

Early Wednesday, the Bengals quarterback took to his Twitter account to say why his day started off on the wrong foot.

A few hours later, Dalton posted an update that the bags still had not been located. However, he did not give up that he would once again be reunited with them.

Dalton’s belief was finally rewarded. It appears a gentleman named Robert found them and turned them in to the local police department. The end result was photo you see above, which Dalton posted to his Twitter account along with the caption “#bagsearch2016 is officially over! Thankful that Robert found our bags. The power of social media is real!”

Thanks to good Samaritan Robert, the briefly missing luggage is back with its rightful owners and we get visibly pumped Andy Dalton face. Everyone wins.

Photo via: Twitter/andydalton14

Monty Williams’ wife Ingrid dies after car crash

Monty Williams

Ingrid Williams, the wife of Oklahoma City Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams, died Wednesday from injuries suffered in a car crash on Tuesday, the team announced.

“The Thunder organization has heavy hearts tonight with the news of Ingrid’s passing. Words cannot adequately describe how deep our sorrow is for the loss of Monty’s wife. Our thoughts and prayers are with Monty and his family, and we will support him in every way possible. We know the entire community of Oklahoma City has them in their prayers,” the team said in a statement.

According to FOX 25 OKC, Ingrid was involved in a head-on car crash Tuesday in Oklahoma City. The other driver (along with a dog sitting on her lap) was pronounced dead on the scene, while Ingrid was taken to the hospital where she died a day later.

Ingrid was only 44 years old and leaves behind five children.

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