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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Eric Kendricks after win over USC: We run LA

Eric Kendricks

UCLA senior linebacker Eric Kendricks had a message for the people of Los Angeles after the Bruins beat the Trojans 38-20 at the Rose Bowl on Saturday for their third straight win in the rivalry.

In Kendrick’s freshman year, the team got waxed by USC 50-0, leading the Bruins to fire Rick Neuheisel and hire Jim Mora, which is looking like one of the athletic program’s best moves. Based on the turnaround, it’s pretty darn easy to see why he was so fired up to send the tweet. Plus, he also had an interception in the game.

If you look at the three-year winning streak UCLA has in the rivalry, Kendricks is right. If you look at the 12 of 13 previous games USC won, he’s quite wrong. But for the moment, there is no dispute about which school has the better football team in LA.

Tim Lane right before Chris Algieri gets knocked down: We got Manny where we want him (Video)

Chris Algieri was knocked down twice in the 9th round of his fight with Manny Pacquiao in Macau on Sunday and was thoroughly dominated throughout the contest. What was actually humorous was what happened before the first knockdown he suffered in the 9th, which was the fourth of the fight (Algieri was knocked down six times total and lost by unanimous decision).

HBO’s broadcasting crew had Algieri’s trainer, Tim Lane, on the broadcast for an in-fight interview during the 9th. Lane was raving about how they had Pacquiao right where they wanted him and how he was about to let Algieri out of the cage.

In the most brilliant twist of irony, Pacquiao crushed Algieri and scored his best knockdown of the fight seconds after Lane made his proclamation. It was fantastic.

“Round 10 or 11 we’re going to let him go,” Lane could be heard saying just before Algieri got knocked down hard.

As for the fight, it stunk in every way other than this. It was like Algieri was just paid millions to stand there, take Pacquiao’s shots, and lose.

Chris Algieri

Kid has great exchange with Mark Helfrich at press conference (Video)

Mark Helfrich OregonThe funniest moment from Mark Helfrich’s press conference following Oregon’s 44-10 win over Colorado on Saturday came from none other than a middle schooler.

A kid named Charlie Pape, who attends O’Hara Catholic School in Eugene, asked Helfrich after the game whether Marcus Mariota would return to school for his senior year next season. Helfrich laughed because it’s not often you get asked that question point black, much less by a young kid. Helfrich chuckled and then turned the tables on Pape, asking the youngster what the chatter was around his school. Pape had a great response of “Jesus, girls and Marcus Mariota,” that left Helfrich dying.


UCLA players went overboard with eye black against USC

At various times we’ve seen athletes apply eye black in a manner that could be considered as intimidating. Former NFL player John Randle comes to mind. Bryce Harper had some menacing eye black for a bit as well.

For Saturday’s rivalry game against USC, a couple of UCLA players went a tad overboard. There was linebacker Eddie Vanderdoes (above), who had the majority of the right side of his face and forehead covered. Bruins punter Matt Mengel also deserves mention for his less-than-judicious use, which was the talk of Twitter.

UCLA punter Matt Mengel

The excess eye black is something relatively new for UCLA. As explained during a recent game, head coach Jim Mora told his players to apply the eye black all over their face in whatever designs they chose. He hoped it would help bring out their best spirit, and it has worked.

Manny Pacquiao mom Dionisia as popular as ever

Manny Pacquiao Mommy D

Manny Pacquiao holds his family in high regard, and nobody is held in higher esteem among his fans than his mother.

Manny’s mother, Dionisia, or “Mommy D” as she’s known, went viral during Pac-Man’s April fight with Timothy Bradley after she was shown on camera praying during the fight. What it really looked like was Dionisia putting a hex on Bradley:

Mommy D is a very religious woman and helped raise Pacquiao as a Catholic. However, Manny switched and became a protestant, which did not sit well with Dionisia, who blamed the switch in faith for her son’s loss to Bradley in the first fight between the two.

“That’s what he gets for changing his religion….Since the ‘Protestant’ pastors came into his life, he has not focus on his boxing.”

Just because she is a woman of faith does not mean Mommy D doesn’t like the D.

We wrote in August that Mommy D, who is 65, was living with her 40-year-old boyfriend. Manny was not happy with the relationship because he wants her mom to officially divorce her first husband.

What’s nice about Manny fighting in Macau is that it makes it easier for Mommy D to attend; she’ll be watching her son fight for just the fourth time.

Herb Waters taken to hospital after helmet-to-helmet hit (Video)

Herb Waters hitMiami junior wide receiver Herb Waters was taken to the hospital after going down following a helmet-to-helmet hit Saturday night in Virginia.

Waters was hit during a Hurricanes’ kickoff return in the third quarter. He was down on the field and immobilized before later being taken to the UVA medical center on campus via ambulance.

ESPN reported that Waters was talking and responsive before being taken to the hospital. The junior had two catches for 37 yards in the game.

Eric Decker says it’s tough to see Emmanuel Sanders doing well for Broncos

eric-decker-jetsEric Decker spent the first four seasons of his NFL career with the Denver Broncos. For the last two, he was on the receiving end of passes from future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

Back in March, Decker left the comfortable surroundings of Denver and signed a $36 million contract as a free agent with the New York Jets, who have had Geno Smith, Michael Vick, and Matt Simms under center this season. That’s quite a drop off.

To fill the void left in the receiving corps, the Broncos brought in Emmanuel Sanders, who has stepped in and put up big numbers. Sanders is fourth in the NFL in receptions (67), fifth in receiving yards (954), and has seven touchdowns.

Now on the outside looking in, Decker has an appreciation for what Denver is doing on offense. He even admits it’s tough at times to see the success Sanders has had essentially as his replacement.

“Emmanuel Sanders is playing well in my spot, so to speak,” Decker said via the New York Daily News. “Sometimes, you know, it’s tough to see all the success. But that’s football. It’s going to go in swings. Who says we can’t be a great football team? We got to obviously do some right things to get there, but I’m happy for Peyton and Demaryius (Thomas). I respect them so much. They’re all good friends, so I like to see them do well, but sometimes it’s hard.”

When you go from one of the favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl to the New York Jets it’s understandable for Eric Decker to feel the way he does. That said, he won’t get much sympathy since it was his choice to take the money and bolt to the east coast knowing the quarterback situation wasn’t the greatest.

Mike Gundy reportedly wants Florida job

Mike Gundy

Could Mike Gundy end up being the next head coach for the Florida Gators? It’s looking like that is a legitimate possibility.

The current Oklahoma State Cowboys coach wants the Florida job, according to a report from 247 Sports. The report states that Gundy has let it be known via back channels that he wants the position.

Gundy, 47, is an Oklahoma native and has coached at Oklahoma State for most of his career. He coached there from 1990-95 and has been there since returning in 2001. Gundy has been the program’s head coach since 2005 and is 82-43 entering his team’s Saturday game. Though he has strong ties to Oklahoma, 247 says Gundy has been intrigued by the possibility of coaching in the SEC.

Gundy, who is infamous for his “I’m a man” rant at the media, has posted three double-digit win seasons at Oklahoma State, which is pretty darn impressive given the program’s poor history. He is known for leading a prolific offense.

Given the allegations surrounding his program at OSU, it seems like Gundy would fit in perfectly in the SEC.

Sportsbooks have installed him as the favorite to get the Florida job.

Jameis Winston shoves ref out of the way (Video)

Jameis Winston shoved a referee out of his way during Florida State’s game against Boston College on Saturday, and he somehow avoided a flag.

The official was standing over the ball late in the third quarter to prevent the Seminoles from snapping it. He was doing this because Florida State had substituted players while going with a no-huddle attack. The defense must be allowed time to sub its own players if the offense changes personnel.


I have no idea how Winston wasn’t flagged for that. The only thing I can think of is that BC had already made its substitutions and the ref realized he should have already stepped away from the ball. Otherwise, there’s no reason an official would allow a player to physically push them.

Video via Cork Gaines

Semaje Perine breaks Melvin Gordon’s rushing record after one week


Melvin Gordon’s incredible record-setting performance of 406 rushing yards in a single game lasted just one week.

On Saturday, Oklahoma freshman running back Semaje Perine surpassed Gordon’s mark when he ran for 427 yards and five touchdowns on 24 carries. Perine is now the FBS record holder for most rushing yards in a single game.

To give you some perspective, LaDainian Tomlinson held the previous record when he rushed for 406 yards in a single game during his playing career at TCU. Tomlinson’s record stood from Nov. 20, 1999 to Nov. 14, 2014. Gordon’s record lasted less than seven days.

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