Report: Dez Bryant ‘visibly upset’ after Tyron Smith extension

dez-bryantDez Bryant is entering the final year of his rookie contract with the Dallas Cowboys, and he is hoping he does not have to play it out. While Bryant has been vocal about wanting a new deal, nothing is imminent. At the moment, it appears the Cowboys have focused most of their money on offensive tackle Tyron Smith.

Smith signed a remarkable eight-year extension with Dallas on Wednesday that is reportedly worth around $110 million. He had two years remaining on his current deal, so the new contract will keep the 23-year-old with the Cowboys through 2023. Was Dez bothered by that?

Bryant has been one of the best receivers in the league for the past three seasons, so you can understand why he feels slighted. He has averaged 10 touchdowns per year during his young career, which typically is plenty to get a receiver paid. However, some off-field concerns may help explain why the Cowboys appear to be dragging their heels.

While Ian Rapoport reports that Smith’s extension makes it “nearly impossible” for the team to hammer out a new contract with Bryant, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones insists the goal is to keep both in Dallas for life.

“We’re totally committed to make Dez a Cowboy for life,” Jones told Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram earlier this week. “Our plans from Day 1 … figure a way to get Dez and Tryon extended.

I highly doubt the Cowboys let Bryant leave, but anything can happen in the NFL. Bryant could tear an ACL this season and his value would instantly decrease. You can’t blame him for wanting to get paid ASAP.

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Keyshawn Johnson sent out iPads as wedding invitations

iPad-NFL-concussionsIf you were lucky enough to be included on the guest list for Keyshawn Johnson’s upcoming wedding with fiancee Jennifer Conrad, you are probably playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush right now. Anyone who was invited to the wedding owns an iPad. How do we know this? Because Keyshawn and Jennifer used them as invitations.

TMZ reports that Johnson and Conrad sent an iPad 4s to each of their guests that contains all the information about the wedding. As soon as the iPad was powered on, an app opened with info about key events, a photo gallery, guestbook and countdown to wedding day. The wedding registry was also included, but I think the guests received the best gift.

What’s the protocol for someone who gets an iPad invitation in the mail but is unable to attend the wedding? Keep the iPad and buy the couple something off their registry? Send it back? My experience with this stuff is limited.

Pirates get picked off, run themselves out of inning like a bunch of ding dongs (Video)

Pirates fansThe Pirates turned back the clock to (anywhere from 1993-2012 take your pick) with this embarrassing blunder on Wednesday.

Pittsburgh was up 5-4 on the Giants and Chris Stewart walked to load the bases with one out. It was looking like Pittsburgh was in for a big inning to open up the game, but then the unthinkable happened: two players were tagged out on the bases as Stewart was heading to first.

First Travis Snider was picked off second and tagged out, and then Gaby Sanchez was caught in a rundown and also tagged out. Pirates baseball for you. After a play like that, it should come as no surprise to you that they blew the game and lost.

Anthony Rizzo mocked by teammates for swinging at pitches that hit him with funny T-shirt

Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is enjoying quite the season in his fourth year in the big leagues.

After a disappointing 2013, the 24-year-old has rebounded to hit .284 with a National League-leading 25 home runs so far this season. Rizzo was also the winner of the NL’s Final Vote to claim a spot on his first All-Star team earlier in the month.

Those who follow the Cubs have no doubt seen Anthony Rizzo swing at a pitch that actually ended up hitting him at some point this season, like in the above video. Well, it’s become a frequent enough occurrence that his teammates are having a little fun with it.

As MLB.com’s Carrie Muskat shows, T-shirts have been made with the friendly reminder to “Hit the ball before it hits you.”

Honestly, that’s great.

With a bright future ahead of him, Anthony Rizzo will be known for a lot more than swinging at pitches that hit him when his career is done. For now, these T-shirts will serve as a reminder that it’s an unconventional part of his game for the time being.

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Playbook loaded onto iPad for Oklahoma kicker Michael Hunnicutt is exactly what you would expect


We’ve seen an increase in NFL teams opting to distribute playbooks to players on tablet computers recently and the trend can be seen in college football as well. The Oklahoma Sooners are among the schools utilizing Apple’s iPad.

As the new season nears, members of Oklahoma’s football program have received their playbooks loaded onto Apple’s popular device. With a kicker’s job pretty self explanatory, you probably wouldn’t expect senior Michael Hunnicutt to see much when he logged into take a look at his.

And you would be right.

Hunnicutt posted the above photo to his Twitter account on Wednesday which showed the very simple phrase “Kick the ball through the uprights.”

That about sums it up.

Hunnicutt hasn’t had much trouble kicking the ball through the uprights during his first three seasons as a Sooner. In 2013, he converted 24 of 27 field goal attempts and was an All-Big 12 Second Team selection.

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Manny Machado makes ridiculous throw to get Albert Pujols (Video)

Manny Machado has done it again.

A little over a year after the young third baseman went Brooks Robinson and made a throw from deep into foul territory to get a putout at first against the Yankees, he nearly repeated the feat.

Machado robbed Albert Pujols of a hit with a great backhanded stop, and then he threw across the diamond from at least 10 feet into foul territory to get the out in the top of the fourth inning Wednesday. Look at where he was when he made the throw:

Manny Machado throw

This kid is a defensive stud. It’s always nice to have a shortstop playing third, isn’t it?

Robert Meachem accused of sending nude pics to 17-year-old

Robert Meachem Saints

New Orleans Saints veteran wide receiver Robert Meachem is being accused of some inappropriate behavior.

Baller Alert received an email from someone who says the mother of a 17-year-old girl recently found nude selfies of Meachem in her daughter’s iPhone.

Here’s the email published by Baller Alert:

“I am good friends with a woman who has a 17 year old daughter. You know how with iPhones you can back up to an account. Well, her mom went into the account and found a s— full of pics of Robert Meachem, #17 of the New Orleans Saints. Some nudes. Supposedly Robert met the 17 year old about a month and a half ago at a kids football camp in New Orleans and they’ve been carrying on ever since.”

Meachem turns 30 in two months. Baller Alert has a thumbnail of one of the alleged nude selfies. They also say the vet, who is entering his seventh season in the league, has four kids by three women.

Meachem is signed to make $855,000 this season, but there’s no guarantee he makes the Saints’ roster.