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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Jim Harbaugh smashed buckeye at Bo Schembechler’s grave (Video)


Michigan and Ohio State renew their annual rivalry on the football field this coming weekend and if there’s one person who knows how big the game is it’s Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh, of course, played at Michigan prior to embarking on a 14-year career and is now back as the head coach of the football team.

Ahead of the matchup against the Buckeyes, Harbaugh went on the traditional walk through Forrest Hill Cemetery, where some of the most important figures in Michigan football history have been buried. Fielding Yost, the first football coach has been laid to rest there. So has legendary announcer Bob Ufer. Also there is the grave of the man who has coached Michigan football to the most wins, Bo Schembechler. Upon arriving at Schembechler resting place, Harbaugh placed an actual buckeye down and smashed it with a yellow hammer.

Since the year 2000, the Wolverines have only come out on top against their rivals just three times (2000, 2003, 2011). In Michigan, not beating Ohio State on a consistent basis usually doesn’t go over well. Harbaugh will be looking to start a new trend beginning this weekend. It’s same to assume he’s ready for Saturday to get here.

Photo via: Twitter/chengelis
H/T Bleacher Report

Report: Marshawn Lynch out for a few weeks, will try to recover

Marshawn Lynch Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch is expected to take a few weeks to see if he can recover from an ab injury, according to a report.

Lynch only saw limited action in Week 10 and then he missed Week 11 because of his injury. He was set to see a groin specialist this week, and the belief was that he might have a sports hernia.

On Tuesday night ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted the latest about Lynch’s status:

Lynch, 29, previously was extremely durable for the Seahawks. He had only missed one regular season game in his four-plus seasons with Seattle. This year has been a different story as a multitude of injuries have cost him time. He has played in seven games, carrying the ball 111 times for 417 yards — an average of just 3.8 yards per carry.

Thomas Rawls has filled in admirably for the Seahawks, and he will likely be their featured back while Lynch is out.

Robinson Cano opens RC22 DREAM School in Dominican Republic


Last week, Robinson Cano found his name in the news after Andy Van Slyke ripped him, saying he got the general manager, hitting coach, manager and coaching staff of the Mariners fired. This week, Cano was in the news for something much more positive in nature.

On Tuesday in the Dominican Republic, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the above pictured RC22 DREAM School. According to the website of Cano’s foundation, the school will serve 100 children ages three through eight and will offer “holistic community and employment training programs for residents.”

While it’s clear some think Cano has been a headache in Seattle, it’s obvious he’s intent on making a positive impact back home.

Photo via: Twitter/RobinsonCano

LaRon Landry suspended indefinitely by NFL

LaRon Landry ripped

Free agent LaRon Landry recently completed a 10-game suspension for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy. Now, as reported by Ian Rapoport, the 31-year old has been suspended again, this time indefinitely.

Given the way Landry had bulked up over the years, there’s little surprise he was found to be in violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy. And, while the reason for this most recent suspension is not yet known, you wouldn’t necessarily be going out on a limb by assuming it was for the same reason.

Landry was the sixth overall pick in the 2007 draft and played for the Redskins, Jets, and Colts. He played in 11 games for Indianapolis last season, recording 47 tackles and 2.5 sacks.


ESPN clarifies that tweet with video camera emojis was not about Spygate

Bill Belichick media

The official Twitter account for ESPN’s SportsCenter created a buzz Monday night with a tweet that included emojis of little video cameras sandwiched between little footballs. Why? Because the New England Patriots were playing.

Don’t worry, Pats fans — the person who runs the account wasn’t taking a shot at your team. Or so they say.

Naturally, there were plenty of people who accused ESPN of making a Spygate reference. Considering the World Wide Later has had to apologize to the Patriots for citing false reports in the past, that’s somewhat understandable.

Holly Holm asked Beyonce who she was

Holly HolmHolly Holm had one heck of an encounter with Jay Z and Beyonce on Saturday night.

Holm is continuing to capitalize on her fame from beating Ronda Rousey by doing interviews and appearances well over a week after her surprising win. So much is going on for her that she’s somewhat losing her mind.

Holm attended the Miguel Cotto-Canelo Alvarez fight in Las Vegas on Saturday and got whisked away by security to a private area where Jay Z was holding a party (Jay Z is one of Cotto’s promoters). Holm says she recognized Jay Z upon meeting him, and then that’s when things got funny.

Here’s how Holm described the experience to KRQE:

“I met Jay Z and he says this is my wife and I say… oh hi what is your name?” Holm recalled to KRQE. “That is what I do when I meet someone’s wife. As I am shaking her hand I am thinking why did I just say that.”

Maybe Holm is so overwhelmed by all the attention she got frazzled and that was the result.

But how awesome is that story? When do you think that was the last time that happened to Beyonce?

Browns fan cries while ripping Johnny Manziel (Audio)

Johnny Manziel partying

Johnny Manziel has been demoted to third string for Sunday’s game in the wake of his latest embarrassing off-field incident, and one Cleveland Browns fan is beyond fed up with the 22-year-old’s irresponsible behavior.

A Browns fan named Bill called into 92.3 The Fan’s “Bull and Fox Show” on Tuesday and became overwhelmed with emotion while unloading on Manziel. Here’s the audio:

“When Mike Pettine (gives you the starting job), that means you’re the elite,” he said. “You’re no jerk. You don’t go out with prostitutes, you don’t go drinking in bars and you don’t act like a jerk. That’s what this guy is. He’s not a Brown. He never will be a Brown.”

Bill was clearly getting choked up as he began rattling off names of Browns legends. He admitted to the hosts that he was getting emotional.

“This is my team,” Bill said while seemingly fighting back tears. “I’m not gonna have a moron come in there — some drunken bum — who thinks he knows it all and doesn’t bother reading the playbook.

If you missed the video of Manziel supposedly partying in Austin last week during the bye, you can watch it here. It obviously did not sit well with Bill.

My advice to Bill would be to try and track down this New York Mets fan. I think the two might be able to help each other out.

Signs point to Chip Kelly, Eagles parting ways after season

Chip Kelly

There is a good chance Chip Kelly will be on his way out of Philadelphia after the season if the Eagles miss the playoffs, and one of the NFL’s best reporters believes that a divorce is imminent.

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio Tuesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter painted a grim picture of Kelly’s future with the Eagles.

“The momentum and signs seem to be piling up against a Chip return to Philadelphia,” Schefter said. “I think both sides are sick of each other. I think the fans are tired of him. I think he’s tired of the situation there — just my read from afar.

“I think that Chip Kelly, if given a choice, would be comfortable elsewhere.”

The NFC East remains wide open, as no team in the division has played particularly well and the 5-5 New York Giants currently have a one-game lead over 4-6 Philly. However, Sunday may have been a tipping point for the Eagles as they were blown out at home by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In addition to reports about Kelly losing his locker room, we also had one Eagles player call out a teammate for his lack of effort earlier this week. Things appear to be going south in a hurry, and anything short of a playoff berth will likely cost Kelly his job.

As for where Chip will end up, we know there have been rumors linking him to a high-profile college job. Should the Eagles fire him, Kelly would probably have an easier time finding an offensive coordinator job in the NFL than another head coaching gig.

Luke Walton’s car stolen during Bay Area crime spree

Luke Walton

A vehicle belonging to Golden State Warriors head coach Luke Walton was stolen as part of a crime spree in Oakland, according to a report.

Walton’s Mercedes Benz was stolen from his home around last Tuesday by two suspects. NBC Bay Area says the suspects are also believed to have carjacked an elderly woman around the same time.

Though two arrests were made Friday, another car was stolen that evening, putting into question whether police got the right people.

A warrant for a suspect named Lamonte Campbell has been issued. He is suspected of seven counts of crimes.

In June, an NBA Entertainment TV crew had several thousand dollars worth of equipment stolen from their truck while they were in Oakland to cover the NBA Finals.

H/T Black Sports Online

Rex Ryan on interference penalty: Would Bill Belichick have been flagged?


Rex Ryan was assessed a 15-yard penalty during that bizarre inadvertent whistle fiasco Monday night after an official ruled that he interfered with the play by standing in the white area on the sideline. The Buffalo Bills coach took it personally, because he doesn’t think his counterpart would have been flagged if it happened on the other side of the field.

On Tuesday, a clearly frustrated Ryan told reporters that he was simply running toward the play to tell one of his players to close the gap on Tom Brady.

“I was telling my guy, ‘Come get him, come get him.’ Trying to cut him off. And I’m just trying to get my guy to close the gap on him, and that’s really what happened,” Ryan explained, per Mike Rodak of “But I wasn’t on the field of play. OK, I was in the white. I got news for you: a lot of times coaches are in the white. I certainly didn’t interfere with the official, I can tell you that much.”

Then came the accusation of unfair treatment.

“And it’s hard not to take it personal because are you going to flag Bill Belichick on this?” Ryan asked. “I don’t know.”

If you haven’t seen the play, we have a video and explanation of it here. The officiating crew basically screwed up all around, as the whistle obviously shouldn’t have been blown and then Danny Amendola probably shouldn’t have been awarded a catch since the inadvertent whistle was blown while the ball was in the air.

But if we’re playing the “what if” card, we should note that fans would be completely up in arms if something Belichick did may or may not have resulted in an official inadvertently blowing his whistle. As you can see in this video, Ryan was very close to the official and shouted something.

Would the flag have been thrown on Belichick? Who knows, but the controversy would last a lot longer if it was Belichick standing near the official who blew the whistle.

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