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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Aroldis Chapman reportedly traded to Cubs


The Chicago Cubs have reportedly agreed to a deal with the New York Yankees that will land them Aroldis Chapman.

MLB insider Jon Heyman is reporting the Yankees will get Cubs No. 1 prospect Glyber Torres, an infielder, as well as outfield prospect Billy McKinney, pitcher Adam Warren and one other player who has not yet been named.

A report over the weekend claimed another team had the best offer on the table for Chapman, but that must not have been the case.

Chapman, 28, has recorded 20 of 21 save opportunities and has a 2.01 ERA.

Julian Edelman’s new girlfriend is Adriana Lima?


Maybe Julian Edelman really is trying to copy everything Tom Brady does.

Barstool Sports reported over the weekend that Edelman is dating Brazilian supermodel and actress Adriana Lima. Barstool founder Dave Portnoy, who owns a home in Nantucket, Mass., said Edelman and Lima were spotted getting cozy together on the island recently.

According to TMZ, Edelman and Lima met at the beginning of July in Miami through mutual friends and have hung out a few times, though they do not consider themselves to be in an “exclusive” relationship. TMZ also shared some photos that show Lima and the Patriots wide receiver holding hands in Nantucket.

A Brazilian supermodel, huh? That sounds awfully familiar. Is this what Wes Welker was talking about when he made these comments about Edelman a couple weeks back? If it was, Edelman should probably take it as a compliment.

NFL clears Peyton Manning in HGH investigation

Peyton Manning

The NFL has cleared Peyton Manning of wrongdoing after a seven month investigation into allegations that he used HGH.

In a statement released by the league on Monday, the NFL said that it found “no credible evidence” that Manning was given or used HGH or any other banned substance.

Both Manning and his wife were fully cooperative with the investigation, the league said.

It’s the end of a seven month saga that started with Al Jazeera America accusing the quarterback of receiving HGH when recovering from neck surgery. Manning maintained his innocence from the start, and the league’s investigation has failed to find anything that would cast that into doubt.

The league clarified that their investigation into other accused players is continuing. There is no word on when that will be concluded.

Chris Bosh camp reportedly ‘angry and suspicious of Heat’s intentions’

Chris Bosh

The situation between Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat has gotten quite complicated as questions remain about the 11-time All-Star’s health. With Bosh still taking blood thinners, some wonder if he will ever be able to play in the NBA again. And if he does, do the Heat even want him?

Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald reports that there are some within Bosh’s camp who are “angry and suspicious of the Heat’s intentions.” The concern is that the team could be trying to keep Bosh sidelined in an attempt to clear cap space if his injury is eventually deemed serious enough to be career-ending.

A friend of Bosh’s who is also an NBA employee told Jackson that Bosh wants to play next season and believes he should be cleared. Heat president Pat Riley recently said he is open to Bosh playing, and Riley reportedly told free agents that the team expects Bosh back on the court.

Bosh had a blood clot scare in each of the last two seasons, and there have been rumblings that the Heat will never let him play as long as doctors say he needs to remain on blood thinners. Bosh’s camp has argued that the 32-year-old should be able to play as long as he takes the medication at a time when it is out of his system by game time, thus reducing the risk of a minor cut or injury becoming a serious health concern. If doctors clear Bosh to come off the medication, there’s no reason he can’t play.

As Dan Feldman of Pro Basketball Talk laid out, the Heat would not simply be able to void the $75 million owed to Bosh over the next three seasons if his condition is career-ending. The money simply wouldn’t count toward the salary cap.

Another interesting wrinkle to this story is the information we recently shared with you about Bosh playing the Heat for a max contract. Is the team still bitter over that and trying to make up for it? You’d hate to think they’d take advantage of a serious health condition.

JJ Watt pens dramatic letter to fans about back injury

JJ Watt

J.J. Watt is going a bit stir crazy while sidelined with a back injury that is expected to keep him out more than 10 weeks. Over the weekend, the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year killed some time by writing a hand-written letter to Houston Texans fans thanking them for their support.

In the note, Watt vowed to be back on the field, “very soon.”

For those of you who can’t make out Watt’s handwriting, Conor Orr of Around the NFL transcribed the letter:

“As I sit here, recovering from back surgery, the doctors won’t really let me do much, so I end up just pacing around my house all day,” Watt wrote. “I spend a lot of my time reading through the notes and letters that y’all have sent to me and trying to respond to as many as I can. I know I won’t be able to respond directly to everyone, so I wanted to write one note to all of you to say thank you.

“You make our jobs possible, you make them fun and you make difficult times like these much easier. So thank you, I truly appreciate you. See you on the field very soon.”

Reports have indicated Watt’s recovery time would be 8 weeks at best, though 10 weeks seems more realistic. While he has a history of playing through pain (here’s a great example), the Texans probably won’t want him to rush back to start the year.

Le’Veon Bell vows to win appeal: ‘I’m not going to miss games’


Le’Veon Bell does not expect the Pittsburgh Steelers to begin the 2016 regular season without him. In fact, the star running back guarantees he’ll be on the field.

On Monday, Bell responded to an Instgram post that poked fun at him over his impending four-game suspension.

“I’m not going to miss games, trust me,” he said, per Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Bell, whose Instagram account is private, took it a step further by vowing to beat the NFL in the appeals process.

“I’m gonna win the appeal … ppl have no idea what happened, but don’t worry .. let’em hate,” he wrote. “When I end up missin no games at all, ppl for sure gonna try to love me again and I’m only ridin with my LOYAL fans.”

Bell reportedly missed several drug tests, so many have speculated that he had something to hide. He was, of course, suspended for the first three games of the 2015 season as a result of a DUI and possession of marijuana arrest. If you remember, he made a boneheaded remark to police when he was booked in that incident.

If Bell did skip more than one drug test, it seems highly unlikely that he will win his appeal.

Andre the Giant supposedly drank six bottles of wine before match


In addition to being one of the most well-known professional wrestlers of all-time, Andre the Giant was also a legend when it came to consuming alcohol. There are countless stories about the 550-pounder drinking more than 100 beers in a sitting in hotel lobbies, but apparently he liked to catch a good buzz before getting into the ring, too.

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times (that has apparently since been deleted), retired wrestler Gerald Brisco claimed Andre used to drink multiple bottles of wine before a match.

“Andre used to ask me to get him six bottles of Mateus wine and ice them down,” Brisco said, according to Timothy Burke of Deadspin. “He would drink those before we went to the ring and no one could tell.”

For a guy who can supposedly drink 150 beers before passing out, six bottles of wine isn’t much. Brisco says he also witnessed plenty of the legendary beer-drinking antics.

“One night in Sarasota, Andre is traveling with us. So we pull over and get two cases of tall boys,” he recalled. “By the time we get from Sarasota to the Tahitian Inn on Dale Mabry, the two cases were bone dry.”

Man, what I wouldn’t give to see Wade Boggs and Andre the Giant in a drinking competition.

Rangers reportedly expressing interest in Edinson Volquez

Edinson Volquez

If the Texas Rangers are looking for some World Series experience this trade deadline, here’s one way they can get it.

According to a report by Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News on Sunday, the Rangers are expressing interest in Royals right-hander Edinson Volquez and even sent their entire inner circle of front office personnel to watch Volquez’s most recent start against them.

The 33-year-old Volquez is 8-8 this season with a 4.56 ERA, a 1.39 WHIP, and 94 strikeouts. He served as Kansas City’s nominal ace en route to their World Series championship in 2015.

Volquez can be erratic at times and has a less-than-desirable walk rate. But the Rangers need durable righties for the middle of their rotation with Yu Darvish still finding his post-injury form and Kyle Lohse and A.J. Griffin both underperforming.

A pitcher like Volquez could be exactly the type of fringe upgrade Texas is targeting as we move into the last several days before the official deadline.

H/T Rotoworld

Aldon Smith appears to post marijuana smoking video on Periscope

Aldon Smith blunt

Aldon Smith may be hearing from the league soon after it appeared he posted a video on Periscope of him smoking a marijuana blunt.

Smith, who signed a two-year deal with the Oakland Raiders in April, has been broadcasting on a Periscope account under the name “Ricky” and an account named “ravenga.” Periscope is a social media service that allows a user to live-broadcast an event and have other users view it.

The Ravenga Periscope account has posted 31 total videos and has 133 followers. One of the videos posted just over two weeks ago is the one receiving a lot of attention. It is called “Fire up session,” it originates from San Francisco, and though it does not include Smith’s face, it sounds like his distinctive voice narrating. His face appears in nearly all the other videos that originate from the Ravenga account.

In the video (which has been posted below), a man and woman have a conversation about firing up what appears to be a marijuana blunt. The woman expresses compunction about live broadcasting the video, while the man seems to indicate no fear about it.

CSN Bay Area transcribed the exchange below:

Female: (Expletive deleted), I’m not (messing) with you.

Male: I don’t give a (care). Ain’t nobody (messing) with us. We’ve got zero followers. Where is the ashtray at?( to audience) This is what you call a fire up session.

Female: (Expletive deleted), you shouldn’t even be posting that.

Male: (coughing) (Expletive deleted), do you see my face?

Female: No, but what if…

Male: They don’t have my name. This is just a fire up session.

Female: So, if you just put it on there…it’s just doing it? It’s live? That’s hella stupid.

Male: Shut up. You hella stupid. You trying to smoke, fam? Is this the ashtray?

Female: Yeah. You ain’t using it no more, right?

Male: I’m using it.

Female: Oh, that’s a (expletive deleted) (inaudible)? Oh, a (inaudible)?

Male: You’re stupid. You’re tripping. (Expletive deleted), they don’t know it’s me. It’s not like I put “Aldon Smith”…

Yes, even Aldon’s name is mentioned at the end.

Here’s the video:

Smith has found himself in trouble with the league and is currently suspended a year for multiple violations of the league’s drug policy. He also has had multiple legal incidents involving marijuana in the past.

Smith better hope this video doesn’t cost him as much as a marijuana video cost this NFL player.

Pictures from Dallas Cowboys team bus fatal crash are alarming

A Dallas Cowboys-owned team bus was involved in a fatal crash on Sunday as it was going through Arizona on the way to Las Vegas for a fan event.

The bus was carrying team employees when it collided with a van on highway 93 in northwest Arizona. As of late Sunday evening, four passengers aboard the van had died. The van flipped over and the roof caved in.

Cowboys bus crash

Nobody aboard the team bus appeared to be seriously injured as they just suffered bumps and bruises.

The fan event was supposed to have 50-75 people and was scheduled for 3:00 pm but was cancelled in light of the crash.

Cowboys writer Mickey Spagnola was one of four team employees on the bus when the crash happened.

Pictures and video from the crash truly show the horrifying damage.


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