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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Odell Beckham Jr. accused of punching Bills players

Odell Beckham punch

Odell Beckham Jr. is being accused of playing dirty by several Buffalo Bills defenders.

Odell had five catches for 38 yards in the New York Giants’ 24-10 win over the Bills on Sunday. Some Bills players complained that Beckham threw punches after plays.

According to The Buffalo News, Preston Brown and Duke Williams both complained about Beckham throwing punches. In this video you can see Beckham punch Williams after an interception:

“He acts like nobody’s supposed to hit him and you’re supposed to let him catch the ball. He’s weird. He gets mad when you play physical with him. He’s weird,” Bills cornerback Stephen Gilmore said.

The Bills players also called Beckham a “golden boy” and “prima donna.”

For what it’s worth, Beckham seems to be more sensitive than the average player. He’s even reportedly has had some issues with his own teammates.

Matt Harvey memes mock pitcher after he shows up late to practice


New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey undoubtedly annoyed his teammates, coaches and fans on Tuesday when he was the only player who could not manage to show up on time for a mandatory workout. But don’t worry, Twitter wasn’t about to let him off the hook.

Harvey claimed he was stuck in traffic, yet no other players had that issue. The memes treated him accordingly.

Some feel that Harvey and his super-model loving lifestyle give off the impression that the 26-year-old is a bit egotistical. This isn’t going to score him any points with Mets fans or critics.

H/T Jimmy Traina

Matt Harvey shows up late to mandatory workout, was stuck in traffic

Matt Harvey Mets

Matt Harvey has put the innings cap drama behind him and is scheduled to pitch in the first round of the playoffs, but that does not mean the drama between him and the New York Mets has disappeared completely.

On Tuesday, Harvey showed up late to a mandatory team workout after he supposedly got caught in traffic. Mets manager Terry Collins did not seem pleased.

Despite Collins telling Harvey not to bother showing up late, the 26-year-old came anyway and admitted he made a mistake.

“Obviously today was not the greatest,” Harvey said. “The last thing I ever want to do is not be with my team. There’s no excuse. I screwed up.”

David Wright, who is the captain of the Mets, did not exactly stick up for his teammate.

“I’m concerned about the guys who are here,” Wright told reporters, via’s Anthony DiComo. “The guys who are here had a great workout.”

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said Harvey was the only player to not show up on time, so the righthander must have taken a different route than everyone else. Either that, or he got a late start, which seems like the more likely scenario.

Harvey seemingly felt bad about the way the whole innings limit controversy went down, which inspired him to have this exchange with Collins a couple weeks ago. He is scheduled to pitch Game 3 of the NLDS against the Los Angeles Dodgers. This isn’t the way the Mets wanted their first postseason in nine years to begin.

H/T The Big Lead

Donte’ Stallworth: Tom Brady paid practice players for picking him off

Tom Brady

Unlike Ryan Tannehill, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady rewards teammates who get the best of him during practice.

Shortly after Joe Philbin was fired on Monday, a report from National Football Post indicated that tension has been brewing at Miami Dolphins practice for weeks over Tannehill’s alleged treatment of practice squad players. The former Texas A&M star apparently said things like “enjoy your practice squad paycheck” when he became frustrated after teammates forced turnovers, and Philbin had to tell the practice squad guys to take it easy on Tannehill.

If you ask Donte’ Stallworth, stuff like that is what separates Brady from Tannehill.

Stallworth played for the Patriots during their record-breaking season in 2007. Earlier this offseason, he made a bold prediction about what his former team is going to do to the rest of the NFL in 2015.

No one should ever compare Brady to Tannehill, but the fact that the Dolphins have their quarterback supposedly acting like that and their highest-paid player making childish protests shows you the type of trouble the organization is currently in.

Myles Jack withdraws from UCLA to enter NFL Draft

Myles Jack UCLA

UCLA linebacker Myles Jack made a stunning decision on Tuesday to withdraw from school and declare for the NFL Draft.

Jack, a standout junior whose 2015 season ended last month when he suffered a knee injury during practice, has decided that he is going to take his chances heading to the NFL rather than returning to UCLA as a senior. Bruins coach Jim Mora wished Jack well but expressed some concerns over the decision.

“He’s taking his chips and shoving them into the middle, and we hope he draws a good hand,” Mora said. “When you look at the statistics and where underclassmen are drafted, it behooves anyone to stay for their final year. I think it’s very risky to do this. There’s a lot of speculation to … where he fits.”

Jack, who also takes snaps at running back, appeared in just two games this season. Mora said that could be an issue for some NFL teams.

“I’ve been in 25 draft rooms,” he said, per Darin Gantt of Pro Football Talk. “I’ve never seen a guy taken off [two games of junior tape].”

While he may no longer be a first-round pick, there’s little question Jack will be drafted. Despite the knee injury, the 20-year-old is responsible for some of the most electrifying plays (this may be the best example) we have seen in college football over the past two years. He clearly feels his stock is high enough with or without having to rehab from a major injury.

Girl seemingly confesses to cheating on her ex with Tyler Johnson (Video)

In the spirit of Nobel Prizes being awarded this week, Jimmy Kimmel decided to send a reporter out onto the streets of Hollywood for a hilarious segment in which people are asked what the most impressive thing they have done in their life is. One young lady took great pride in cheating on her ex-boyfriend with a professional athlete.

Don’t worry, it was an old boyfriend. The woman apologized to “Ben,” but she went on to explain that she cheated on him with an NHL player and never got caught. She refused to say the player’s name, but she basically narrowed it down by admitting to the following:

-The dude plays in the NHL
-His initials are T.J.
-He plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning

After a brief cut in the segment, the reporter asked if it was Tyler Johnson. I think we have a winner.


“Ok, I have to go!” the woman said while looking quite embarrassed.

And just when we thought this was the funniest sports-related segment Kimmel has ever come up with, a painfully honest young blonde woman comes into our lives and steals the show. Hopefully T.J. doesn’t have a girlfriend of his own that he has to answer to now.

H/T Uproxx

Report: Giants ‘hopeful’ Jason Pierre-Paul can return for last four games

Jason Pierre-Paul

The New York Giants have reportedly not given up on Jason Pierre-Paul contributing for them at some point this season.

According to Bob Glauber of Newsday, the Giants are “cautiously optimistic” that Pierre-Paul will be able to return for the final four games of the season if not sooner. A source told Glauber that returning for the final month would be “good” for Pierre Paul, while anything longer than that should be considered a “bonus.”

In addition to having the index finger on his right hand and a portion of his thumb amputated after a 4th of July fireworks mishap, Pierre Paul also suffered damage to his middle finger. The Giants reportedly do not believe the injuries will prevent JPP from playing this season altogether as long as the skin grafts used to repair his hand are strong enough. However, the team still considers Pierre-Paul missing all of 2015 to be a possibility.

Pierre-Paul has yet to sign his $14.8 million franchise tender, likely to prevent the Giants from placing him on the non-football injury list and not having to pay him. If he does not sign the tender by Nov. 17, he would not be permitted to play this season.

The Giants have just five sacks in four games without their 26-year-old pass rusher. While Pierre-Paul has cracked jokes on Twitter and shared videos in an attempt to prove that he is close to returning, the photos that were released of his hand show that the injury is significant. There’s no telling how it will affect Pierre-Paul’s play on the field.

Trent Richardson to work out with Bills

Trent Richardson Raiders

The Buffalo Bills are suddenly desperate for help in their backfield. How desperate? Desperate enough to bring Trent Richardson in for a workout.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Richardson will visit the Bills on Tuesday in the wake of rookie running back Karlos Williams being labeled day-to-day with a concussion. Williams said he wasn’t feeling well after Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants and has been placed in the league’s concussion protocol. He will have to clear that before being allowed to return to action.

LeSean McCoy is already out with a hamstring injury, and it doesn’t sound like he will be returning anytime soon.

Why Richardson? We have no idea. The former Alabama star is a veteran with NFL experience, but he turned into a bust with the Cleveland Browns and was even worse after being dealt to the Indianapolis Colts. Then in the preseason, Richardson was cut by the Oakland Raiders following one of the most embarrassing runs you will ever see.

Bills fans can only hope Williams clears the concussion protocol in a timely manner.

Drunk UConn kid arrested over mac and cheese (Video)

If you ever had the urge to sit through a nearly 10-minute video of an inebriated college kid getting arrested over a bowl of mac and cheese, this is the one to sit through.

At some point over the weekend, a UConn student — one who admitted he is only 19 — thought it would be fine if he waltzed into the Student Union with an open container of beer to order a late-night snack. When he was told to leave, he became irate. He was then caught on video committing multiple counts of assault and battery and being a complete D-bag.


As a graduate of UConn, I have seen countless students stumble into the Student Union intoxicated (I may or may not have been one of them) looking for some grub at 1 a.m. But I can confidently say I have never witnessed one of them risk expulsion over it. Good luck in court, bro.

Video via Barstool Sports

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JR Smith sinks half-court shot to win military member $30K (Video)

J.R. Smith may have found a new biggest fan Monday night, as the Cleveland Cavaliers swingman buried a half-court shot that was worth $30,000.

During the Cavs’ intrasquad scrimmage, Smith attempted a half-court shot with a chance to send a military member home with $30,000. He drilled the bucket as though he was taking a wide-open 3-pointer.


We have seen fans hit half-court shots to win awesome stuff in the past, but it was nice of the Cavs to let a professional take the shot for one of our servicemen or servicewomen. Nicely done, J.R.

Thanks to Grayson Gregory for the tip

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