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Friday, April 29, 2016


Sal Alosi Has Nothing on Bill Belichick Who Once Blocked Marvin Harrison

The video archives have not been kind to Bill Belichick. First there was this clip of Belichick being a jerk to the Steelers many years ago (definitely a must-see video). And now … well this video makes the Sal Alosi controversy look like a squabble over a parking ticket. As played on Comcast New England and relayed via Greg Bedard on twitter, here is the Bill Belichick-Marvin Harrison video from 2004:

Now compare that to the infamous Sal Alosi video and tell me which is worse. Alosi’s move seemed like a spur of the moment instinct based on a desire to help his team win. Belichick’s was clearly pre-meditated and motivated by a desire to go out of his way to impede an opponent’s movements.

All along I’ve empathized with Alosi who has become the fall guy in the case. I’m sure he’s not a man with malice in his heart but rather someone who was trying to play a role in helping his team win and made a stupid move. Belichick on the other hand has evil in his heart. But he is one darn good coach.

Nate Robinson Upended, Falls on His Head After Paul Pierce Game-Winner (Video)

For the past few days, analysts have been trying to force the concept of a rivalry between the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks.  The problem is there isn’t one.  Since the Celtics current Big Three joined forces, the Knicks have been horrible.  New York has looked great this season, but it will take more battles like Wednesday night’s for any type of rivalry to take shape.

Wednesday’s game was a battle from start to finish.  Amar’e Stoudemire and the Knicks needed a win to show they are for real, but they came up just short despite Stoudemire’s 39 points.  Paul Pierce hit the game winner with 0.04 seconds remaining, and Nate Robinson unfortunately mistook Pierce for Shrek.  Donkey can jump on Shrek’s back all he wants, but clearly he should think twice before doing it to Pierce again in the future.  Check out this video of Nate Robinson falling on his head over Paul Pierce, courtesy of YouTube user JDRance:

Nate’s lucky he wasn’t get seriously hurt after that.  Is it just me or did Pierce look like he tried to undercut him on purpose? Clearly Nasty Nate should have stuck to the one celebratory jump.  Either that or he should have found Glen Davis and partied with him.

Saints Teammates Make Fun of Roman Harper After Sam Bradford Tackle

Remember the amusing play Sunday from the Saints-Rams game? You know, the one where Steven Jackson lost a fumble at the goal line and it was picked up by Saints safety Roman Harper who was chased down by Sam Bradford? Jackson was actually ruled down on the play so his fumble didn’t count, but Harper — a freaking safety — was run down by Sam Bradford, a slow-footed quarterback, and that mattered.

Harper immediately headed for the sidelines to suck down some oxygen and his teammates were all over him for missing out on the touchdown. Well, a few days later and his teammates still haven’t let up. Check out what they left in his locker, courtesy of reporter Jeff Duncan:

Damn Harper, at 28 it’s not like he’s old. He better fill up that gas tank after the embarrassment. Maybe Sean Payton needs to run them through a few conditioning drills to avoid future issues like that.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Still Hinting He Thinks Manny Pacquiao Is on Something

The news was announced late Tuesday night that Manny Pacquiao’s next fight would be May 7th in the United States at a venue to be determined. The opponents being discussed are Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, and Andre Berto. Frankly, I speak for all boxing fans when I say I don’t care who he’s fighting if it’s not Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is the ones fans and analysts have wanted to see for the past few years. Floyd has said he has nothing to gain by fighting Pacquiao, and the negotiations become strained when they talk about drug testing. Floyd Mayweather Sr. also hasn’t helped matters suggesting Manny is on something and calling him out with slurs. He continued the same behavior in a recent interview with Fight Hype, hinting he still believes Pacquiao is on something (go to 1:40 mark):

He says that Pacquiao can’t whip his son, but he doesn’t want Floyd to fight Pacquiao because he has his own reasons. That’s contradictory, no? If Pacquiao can’t whip his son, then why would he be afraid of the fight? There really isn’t a reason, unless he’s still hinting he thinks Pacquiao is on something, right?

Kenny Britt Fined for Showing Support of Vince Young with Towel

The Titans lost to the Colts 30-28 last week but came through with a backdoor cover. Receiver Kenny Britt played his first game since hurting his hamstring in week seven and decided to use the stage to show support of Vince Young who’s done for the season because of thumb surgery. Though Young was Britt’s quarterback, the move was not an enlightened one given Vince’s standing with the organization. Not only did that seem to be a slap in the face of coach Jeff Fisher, but it also was costly.

Britt was fined $5,000 for wearing the towel with the writing on it for the first half of the game. Britt says he wanted to show support of his “big brother” and maintains that nobody wants to bring a Super Bowl to Tennessee more than Young. I’m guessing Fisher is glad the NFL took care of the matter for him because he can’t be happy about it.

Pic via Dope Nose

Cliff Lee Says Phillies Fans ‘Don’t Need Teleprompter’ to Know When to Cheer

The Philadelphia Phillies reintroduced their big free agent acquisition today — one that Phillies fans grew fond of during a World Series run two years ago.  Cliff Lee appeared relieved to be back in Philly after being bounced all across the United States over the past two seasons.  Lee, who will wear No. 33 now that Roy Halladay has taken over his old No. 34, spoke about the opportunity to join a rotation that could be “historic,” as he termed it.  He also praised the fans in Philadelphia and cited them as one of the main reasons he chose to return.

The Yankees needed to get Lee and they couldn’t pull it off, leaving Brian Cashman with a rotation that is full of holes.  Lee will likely be praised for leaving money on the table by signing with Philadelphia, but the lefty said it best when he told reporters that “enough is enough” when you hit a certain point.  He turned out to be the Yankees worst nightmare in free agency — a guy who actually cares that fans spit on his wife when he visited Yankee stadium as the opposition more than he cares about a longer, more lucrative deal.

Fans in Texas and/or Seattle might be a little offended by one of the more humorous moments of Lee’s introductory press conference, when he alluded to the fact that Philly fans “don’t need a teleprompter to tell them to cheer.”  If that’s a shot at Texas, Rangers fans will likely take offense.  If it’s a shot at the Mariners, fans will probably be confused and asking themselves what they could have possibly had to cheer for last season.

As far as the money is concerned, Lee will make more per year for the next five than he would have in New York.  The truth of the matter is he probably knows he isn’t going to pitch until he’s 40 so a contract that’s loaded with dollars in its final years wouldn’t really be beneficial.  However you want to analyze it, the Phillies rotation will be one of the scariest baseball has ever seen.

Knicks and Amar’e Stoudemire Have Something to Prove Against Celtics, Heat

The New York Knicks are riding an eight game winning streak during which Amar’e Stoudemire has scored at least 30 points per game, but they’ve mostly been getting fat off less-than-stellar teams. That’s not to say the team isn’t ascending compared to how poorly they had played the previous several seasons.

The next three days are going to give us a better idea of how good the Knicks really are, as they face the Celtics and Heat in their next two games. The Celtics come in to Madison Square Garden with a 10-game win streak intact and the Heat just have to beat the Cavaliers — which shouldn’t be a problem — and they’ll also be on a 10-game win streak going into Friday’s game.

The last time the Celtics and Knicks met, the Celtics came away with the victory 105-101, but this is not the same Knicks team that went 3-7 over its first 10 games. This Knicks team seems to have figured out how to win, but in order to win this game it’s going to be crucial that they prevent Rajon Rondo from having the type of game he did last time. Rondo leads the NBA with 13.7 assists per game and is second in steals with 2.37 per game.


Pac-10, Big East, Big Ten Conference Movement Makes No Sense

Conference jumping. It’s the latest trend hitting the world of college sports. Perhaps it will one day become an official Olympic sport, featuring slightly more polyester pants than golf and certainly less coordination and nose plugs than synchronized swimming. Showing no respect for traditional conference alignments, or 5th grade geography teachers for that matter, colleges are switching league affiliations from coast to coast on Boise taters and Texas State toast. Quite possibly, U-Haul may want to begin sponsoring bowls at this rate.

Remember the good ol’ days when the Big Ten actually had that many teams and the folks at the Big East actually owned a compass? Well those times are as outdated as Bear Bryant’s houndstooth hat. Today, universities have begun to mislead a generation of youths. If Lewis and Clark had only possessed foresight they might have been able to smell the salts of the Pacific-10 at around Boulder or Salt Lake City and done a 180 instead of schlepping all the way up the Oregon coast. Sacagawea would not have minded. In fact, she might have been able to show Larry Scott that Utah is not on the Pacific.


Belfast Giants ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Video is Disturbingly Hilarious

Ireland’s beloved Belfast Giants, of the Elite Ice Hockey League, is a team that’s obviously loaded with a great sense of humor.  It takes a grown man who is comfortable in his own skin to be a part of a video like this and allow it to go viral.  We’re talking a passionate, choreographed performance of Mariah Carey’s famous Christmas tune, “All I Want for Christmas is You.”  It may be a bit troubling, but you can’t help but laugh when you see it.  Check out the Belfast Giants Mariah Carey video:

Embarrassing?  Absolutely.  Hilarious?  Oh yeah.

LBS NFL Power Rankings Week 15

1. New England Patriots (11-2, –)

The Patriots dominated the Bears in a snowstorm, but that’s understandable because they’re a cold weather team. Oh wait, so is Chicago. Tom Brady is playing the best football of his career and the Patriots are looking unstoppable. Anything less than a trip to Dallas would now be a disappointment.

2. Atlanta Falcons (11-2, –)

The Falcons haven’t had the toughest schedule, but they’ve completely dominated it. Since a week one loss to the Steelers, Atlanta has won 11 out of 12 including its last seven in a row. There’s a long way to go, but a Matt Ryan-Tom Brady Super Bowl would certainly be fun to watch.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3, –)

Fortunately for Pittsburgh, their defense is phenomenal. Otherwise, their struggles on offense would come back to haunt them more frequently. Carson Palmer threw two pick-sixes and the Steelers cruised to a win. Without the play of their defense, they could have lost to a terrible team.

4. New Orleans Saints (10-3, –)

There’s a good chance the Saints’ week 16 game against the Falcons will determine home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. New Orleans stayed red hot with a win over the Seahawks and has now scored 30+ points in its last five games. It’s safe to say their offense is locked in.


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