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Friday, September 22, 2017


Oakland A’s fan gets tasered after trying to fight several cops (Video)

A's-Fan-TaseredAdmit it, when you read that headline you weren’t picturing a middle-aged man with gray hair trying to take on a crew of police officers and Oakland A’s stadium security. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened.

I don’t know if this guy was all liquored up or what, but he’s going to jail and likely going to face some serious charges. There’s resisting arrest and then there’s straight up throwing haymakers at a cop, which is what grandpa here decided to do.

Both Games 1 and 2 were stressful, so maybe he was all worked up over that. We’ve seen fans get Tasered for rushing the field and heckling Tiger Woods and many people wonder if the cops used excessive force in those situations. I doubt anyone will disagree with this guy catching the voltage.

Video via Deadspin

Dominic Raiola allegedly made obscene remarks toward Wisconsin band

Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola is one of the more outspoken people in football. His mouth has been known to get him into trouble over the years, but the accusations made against him in the wake of the Detroit Lions’ game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday are worse than anything we have ever heard about the 34-year-old veteran.

Raiola has been accused by multiple people of making obscene remarks toward the Wisconsin band during pregame warmups at Lambeau Field. One of the band’s tuba players reportedly told NFL blogger Tom Melton that Raiola called several members of the band “fat motherf—ers” and told them they “sucked.” The band was supposedly preparing to play the National Anthem and did not provoke Raiola in any way.

The stories get worse. Melton said another band member told him one of his fellow female members tried to get Raiola’s attention and he responded by calling her “the c-word.” Additional members of the band claimed Raiola made comments about one instrument player’s sexuality, calling him a “fag” and saying he was going to “take his trumpet and shove it up his sister’s p—y.”

One of the Wisconsin band members, Zach York, also posted the following on his Facebook page on Sunday:


David Price’s girlfriend Tiffany Nicole goes off on Red Sox fans, David Ortiz

David-Price-girlfriend-Tiffany-NicoleTampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price handled himself in a regrettable manner after giving up seven runs in a Game 2 ALDS loss to the Boston Red Sox. For starters, the left-hander ripped David Ortiz for admiring a home run. He then took to Twitter to brag about all of his accomplishments during his MLB and collegiate careers, as if any of that mattered following a playoff loss.

Price later apologized for his rant and admitted it got out of hand. But before he took aim at his critics and Big Papi, Price’s girlfriend Tiffany Nicole was on Twitter venting about how classless Red Sox fans are.

For those of you who are unaware, “POS” stands for “pieces of s—.” Naturally, the Red Sox supporters came out of the woodwork and began bashing Tiffany for grouping all fans together. Others called her names and basically told her to stuff it, but she refused to back down. She claimed fans were throwing trash and taunting opposing players’ children.


Daniel Radcliffe is a fantasy football addict, has team named ‘Barkevious Mingo’s mother’

Daniel-RadcliffeHarry Potter is a huge fantasy football buff. Well, Harry might have his hands full with evil spells and Lord Voldemort, but the actor who plays him is glued to the computer on Sundays tracking his fantasy team like the rest of us.

Radcliffe was the subject of a lengthy interview with The New York Times Magazine’s Susan Dominus. In the feature, Radcliffe boasts that he is a huge American football fan and claims he knows the name of every starter in the NFL. The New York Times’ 6th Floor blog was intrigued by Radcliffe’s NFL obsession, so they delved deeper into the fantasy football subject. The 6th Floor’s Samantha Henig asked Radcliffe how he became such a big fan.

“It’s just a fantastic sport,” Radcliffe told Henig. “I watched it ever since I came over and was doing “Equus” in the Broadhurst Theater. I got christened a Giants fan that year by the crew who were working there. I took an interest then, but when I got into fantasy football, that’s when my level of obsession with the game increased and my understanding of it grew very quickly as I realized that if I was not going to completely embarrass myself in this league then I was going to have to put in some serious time learning about it.”

Radcliffe’s favorite sport is cricket. He said he would never do any type of fantasy cricket league because he could never bring himself to root against the English cricket team if there were fantasy implications. But the best part of Radcliffe’s passion for fantasy football is his team name, “Barkevious Mingo’s mum,” which is a tribute to the Cleveland Browns linebacker.


Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars exchange barbs on Twitter

Peyton-Manning-BroncosThe Denver Broncos are starting to remind people of the 2007 New England Patriots. After hanging 51 points on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Peyton Manning and company are now averaging an incredible 46 points per game. The Patriots were “only” averaging 36 points per game after five games in ’07.

Things get much easier for the Broncos in Week 6. Their next opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars, is still seeking its first win of the season. On Monday morning, the Broncos’ official Twitter account took a moment to remind followers of how different things have gone for the two teams this season.

The person in charge of the Jags’ Twitter account did not appreciate the stat:


LA Dodgers fans mock Atlanta Braves’ tomahawk chop (Video)

Dodgers-fans-tomahawk-chopThe Los Angeles Dodgers scored early and often on Sunday night to defeat the Atlanta Braves and take a 2-1 lead in the NLDS. The big inning for LA came in the fourth, when a string of hits and a two-run home run from Juan Uribe gave the Dodgers a 10-4 lead. That’s when thousands of fans at Dodger Stadium began mocking the Braves.

The first two games of the series at Turner Field featured plenty of tomahawk chopping. As most of you know, the tomahawk chop is a rather loud, obnoxious chant that Braves fans and Florida State fans are obsessed with. Unless the Braves come out hot on Wednesday night, Dodgers fans could assure that we hear that chant during every game of the NLDS.

As for the Braves players, they can always just pretend they’re playing at home when they see fans tomahawking at them. Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto didn’t exactly have that luxury last week in Pittsburgh.

H/T Big League Stew

Olympic flame burned out on relay, had to be relit with someone’s lighter (Video)

Olympic-torch-burns-outThe relay for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia began on Monday with the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic torch. The idea behind the Olympic torch is that it remains lit for four months on a journey across thousands of miles to the site of the Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Games. More than 14,000 torchbearers will take part in the journey in Russia with one objective — keeping the torch lit.

Unfortunately for one gentleman, that task has already proven to be quite difficult. After the torch was lit in Moscow on Monday, the flame went out while one of the first torchbearers was carrying it. A man who was standing along the trail had to lend a hand by relighting to the torch with a lighter he had in his pocket.

Russian president Vladimir Putin was likely not impressed. In reality, this probably happens more than we realize. The fact that the flame went out so quickly and the way the situation was remedied happened to make it pretty entertaining. If it’s any consolation for the guy who was carrying the torch, this torchbearer from London is still probably more embarrassed than he’ll ever be.

Who cost the Cowboys more against Broncos: Jason Garrett or Tony Romo?

Jimmy-Johnson-Terry-Bradshaw-Jason-GarrettFirst and foremost, it should be noted that it is nearly impossible to win a game in the National Football League after allowing more than 40 points. The Denver Broncos somehow pulled it off on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. If Dallas fans want to blame anyone for the loss, they should probably blame their defense. If not, Tony Romo and head coach Jason Garrett have emerged as quality scapegoats.

Romo is too easy. After throwing for 506 yards and five touchdowns, he went classic Romo and threw an interception with just over two minutes remaining. The turnover gave the Broncos the ball in field goal range and positioned them perfectly for the win. That’s when Garrett made a questionable coaching decision.

With roughly 1:45 remaining in the game, Denver faced a 3rd-and-1 from the 2-yard line. Rather than allowing Denver to score and giving his offense a chance to tie the game with about 1:30 left and no timeouts remaining, Garrett had his defense try to stuff the Broncos on third down. Knowshon Moreno did the best thing he could have done at the time, picking up exactly one yard and giving Denver a first down without scoring. Peyton Manning was then able to take a knee and run the clock all the way down for the Broncos to kick a game-winning field goal as time expired.

On one hand, you can understand why Garrett went for the stop. The Cowboys had one timeout left at the time. Had Dallas stopped Moreno, it would have been 4th-and-1 and they could have used the timeout and forced Denver to settle for a field goal. That would have given the ball back to the Cowboys with plenty of time to get into field goal range for the tie.

The other side of the argument is that you play the odds in that situation. The chances of stopping Denver’s offense from picking up one yard were slim. Had he let Moreno walk into the end zone, Garrett would have given his team a chance. By going for the stop and failing, the game essentially game to an end.

As they say, hindsight is 20-20.

Amy Mickelson pushes Lindsey Vonn’s golf cart out of mud (GIF)


Amy-Mickelson-Lindsey-Vonn-cartAnyone who reads LBS on a regular basis knows how much we love WAGs. Who doesn’t, right? The only thing we love more than WAGs themselves are WAGs who aren’t afraid to help each other out in a tough situation. Phil Mickelson’s wife Amy did just that for Lindsey Vonn at the President’s Cup on Sunday.

Some nasty weekend weather at the Muirfield Village Golf Club in Ohio led to muddy conditions. At one point, Vonn got her golf cart stuck in the mud while trying to drive up a hill. That’s when Amy Mickelson sprung into action (with the help of a course official) and pushed Vonn’s cart to safety. Talk about sportsmanship.

GIF via Adam Sarson
H/T Eye on Golf

Raiders fans mocked Manti Te’o with Lennay Kekua tribute, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo cutout

Raiders Lennay Kekua Ronaiah Tuiasosopo

Oakland Raiders fans decided to have some fun with San Diego Chargers rookie linebacker Manti Te’o on Sunday night. Fans in the infamous Black Hole had a banner made that was a tribute to Te’o’s fake girlfriend Lennay Kekua, whose “death” supposedly occurred on Sept. 12, 2012. They also completed the set of Te’o taunts by holding a cutout of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who later admitted to masterminding the Te’o hoax. At some point these jokes will get old, but apparently we haven’t hit that point yet. Te’o actually played fairly well and was credited with five tackles in the loss, which marked his second career game.

Photo via Instagram
H/T Sawl-E

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