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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Tim Tebow Makes Broncos’ Defense Better Because He Keeps Them Off the Field

Tim Tebow backers like to say that the guy is a “winner.” They overlook his poor passing stats and say that he gets it done when he needs to. While this is true, the more practical observer notes that Tebow doesn’t generate many points until the end of games. Even more importantly, those who call Tebow a winner may overlook the other factors that have led to Broncos wins.

For instance, what does Tim Tebow have to do with Willis McGahee breaking long touchdown runs against the Raiders? How did Tebow influence Eddie Royal’s punt return for a touchdown in the same game? And was it Tebow who held the Jets to only 13 points? While Tebow had no impact on the punt return, he has actually helped the Broncos defense despite being an offensive player.

Allow me to explain.

Because the Broncos run the ball so frequently with Tim Tebow at quarterback, they use up more time when he’s on the field. Even if they go three and out, their possession takes more time than say a three and out from Kyle Orton that features two passing plays. The more time that elapses on Denver’s offensive possessions, the fewer times it allows the opposing team an opportunity to score. Additionally, by protecting the football (as he’s done very well), Tebow prevents opposing teams from having extra possessions. It’s very simple math, and the numbers back it up.


Hawaii Point Shaving Investigation: Spread for Utah State Game Moved 6 Points in 3 Hours

The Honolulu Police Department said on Tuesday that they are not opening a criminal investigation of alleged point shaving regarding the University of Hawaii football team because of a lack of information.

The school’s president says the office of admissions received an anonymous letter on November 3rd alleging point shaving by members of the football team. The timing of the letter coincides with suspicious movement concerning the point spread for one of Hawaii’s games. points out that the point spread for the Hawaii-Utah State game opened with Hawaii favored by 7.5 points, and as much as 9 in one book. Three hours later, the line was down to 3.5 everywhere.

“There was some wise-guy buzz about that game even before these allegations surfaced,” Covers reports.

The Wynn casino in Las Vegas reportedly opened with the line at 7.5 Sunday night and it dropped to 3.5 Monday morning.

The only thing we can think of that would cause a move like that is either wise guy money, or key injury news concerning a quarterback. Hawaii’s quarterback Bryant Moniz played the entire previous game and played the entire Utah State game, so that explanation does not hold up.

As for the actual game, Hawaii blew a 28-7 halftime lead and lost 35-31. They’re 5-6 on the year and 4-7 against the spread.

Chaz Schilens on Warren Sapp: Everyone on the Raiders Thinks He’s a Joke

Warren Sapp has made a living off trash talking. He did it during his playing career for the Bucs and Raiders, and he’s doing it now as a broadcaster. He’s made explosive comments about LeBron James and Keyshawn Johnson and received the type of attention he was seeking. But Raiders receiver Chaz Schilens sees right through the act, and so do his teammates.

“Warren Sapp is a fool,” Schilens said, apparently bothered by Sapp’s disrespect of the Raiders. “That dude is stupid. He played for the Raiders 20 years ago, no one cares what he says, nobody likes him, he’s a joke … Everyone on this team thinks he’s a joke. So, he can make his predictions next week, and we’ll watch ‘em and we’ll go out and win. … That’s about it.”

Sapp had his feelings hurt and went on the offensive. He responded via his Twitter account.


MMA Fighter Killed in Slaughterhouse by Falling Cow Carcass

A professional MMA fighter from Scotland died last week after being crushed by a cow carcass in a slaughterhouse. That’s probably not what you want your obituary to read, but then again, if you’re dead, does it really matter what your obit says?

23-year-old Alexander McCrae had been working at the slaughterhouse for about a month and was an MMA fighter on the side. He had just began a professional career and aimed to go full-time, according to the Daily Record.

But on Thursday, he was crushed by a cow carcass that fell on him. His death is being investigated, but they believe he “suffered a heart attack when a carcass fell from a hook on a conveyor system and hit him on the head.”

McRae’s friends say they thought it was a joke because that’s the type of guy he was. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Death by falling cow carcass. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

via Off the Bench

Rangers Sign Joe Nathan, Move Neftali Feliz to Rotation, Likely to Lose C.J. Wilson

The Rangers signed reliever Joe Nathan to a two-year $14.5 million deal and introduced him to the media and fans Tuesday. The deal may sound like a lot for a guy who struggled last season, but the Rangers are hoping he can be the All-Star level closer he was from 2004-2009 before getting hurt. The signing also has a ripple effect for the organization.

By adding Nathan, the Rangers can now shift young fireballer Neftali Feliz to the rotation. Feliz started 54 games out of his 80 minor league appearances. He has been a reliever the past two and a half years for Texas, and he was the AL Rookie of the Year and an All-Star last season.

Joe Nathan for $7 million a season is a much more cost-effective solution for Texas’ pitching staff than retaining C.J. Wilson. Wilson, who has been the staff ace the past two years, is a free agent and seeking a long-term deal that will pay him big money. He’s met with the Angels, and he’s scheduled to meet with the Marlins. If his price ends up around $70 million or more, he would likely be too pricey for the Rangers to retain.

Texas now has Feliz, Alexei Ogando, Matt Harrison, Derek Holland, and Colby Lewis in the rotation (with Scott Feldman as another option). GM Jon Daniels says they plan to stick with those pitchers in their rotation. If Feliz’s transition to the rotation goes as smoothly as Wilson’s did, Texas’ pitching should not suffer a dropoff.

Related: Colin at The Sports Spin explains why Feliz’s transition to the rotation might not go as well as we think.

Kyle Orton Waived by Broncos; Chiefs and Bears Likely to be Interested

Three months after the Broncos seriously discussed trading Kyle Orton to the Dolphins, they placed him on waivers. That means instead of getting a draft pick or two in return for him, they’re letting him go for nothing. Actually, the Broncos botched the situation so badly they already paid Orton around $6 million if our numbers are correct. Whoever claims him will be required to pay $2.58 million, according to The Denver Post.

The Broncos are now fully invested in Tim Tebow for the rest of the season. The decision makes sense given that Tebow has led them to four wins in their last five games. They also must believe that Brady Quinn is a competent backup. The statement from coach John Fox confirms that notion.

“We feel good about our quarterback group, and this gives Kyle an opportunity to help another team and showcase his talents.”

It’s a generous move by the Broncos to waive Orton. Now that he’s on waivers, a few quarterback-needy teams will likely be interested. The Redskins, at 3-7, could claim him just to keep other teams from getting him, though he probably isn’t much of an upgrade over Rex Grossman at this point in the year.

The other two teams that likely will be interested are the Chiefs and Bears. Kansas City is 4-6, still in the AFC West hunt, and they played Tyler Palko at quarterback Monday. They could desperately use some quarterback help and may be interested in an upgrade.

The Bears are the team that may have the strongest interes in Orton. The organization drafted him, and he played two seasons for them. The thumb injury to Jay Cutler also inspired Orton to ask the Broncos to be placed on waivers. Chicago is 30th in the waiver order, so 29 teams would have a chance to claim him first. If he does get to them, they could let him pass and sign him as a free agent for a cheaper price.

Right now, we’re guessing the Chiefs will end up with Orton.

There Is Now a Racehorse Named ‘Tebowing’

Just how popular is Tim Tebow? And how powerful is the “Tebowing” trend? Powerful enough to inspire a racehorse to be named after it. No joke.

The folks at Little Red Feather thoroughbred racing explained their decision to name one of its horses “Tebowing”:

We are so mesmerized by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and the latest craze “Tebowing” that we decided to rename our Fusaichi Pegasus filly TEBOWING (the original name “Eye Pity Dafu” was denied by the Jockey Club for being phonetically similar to another horse’s name).


Matt Kemp Says NL MVP Snub ‘Just Created a Monster’

Matt Kemp finished second in the 2011 NL MVP voting, losing the award to Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun. Braun received 20 of 32 first-place votes and 12 second-place votes. Kemp received 10 first-place votes, 16 second-place votes, and six people had him third on their ballots.

Kemp had more runs (115 to 109), RBIs (126 to 111), home runs (39 to 33), and stolen bases (40 to 33) than Braun. Braun’s OPS was slightly higher (.994 to .986), and his .332 average was slightly higher than Kemp’s .324. We felt both players were deserving of the award, but that Kemp probably should have won because he played in 161 games compared to Braun’s 150.

Most sports writers likely figured that Braun deserved it because he played for a division winner while Kemp’s Dodgers struggled to finish above .500. Dodgers fans who are upset over Kemp losing the award should look at things differently. It appears that Kemp will use the snub as motivation. Shortly after losing the award he tweeted:

“They don’t know who they messin with!!!!! They just created a monster!!Lol. #BEASTMODE don’t care!!”

When Kemp signed his $160 million extension with the Dodgers, I said that signing for so much guaranteed money might result in less motivation. If what Kemp is tweeting is true, that won’t be the case.

Like I said, maybe losing the award is the best thing for Kemp and the Dodgers. Oh yeah, it also enhances my legacy as well: LB is now officially the only blogger on the internet to hold the reigning MVP hitless in high school (yes, 0-for-4 in a Grant vs. Granada Hills 2001 game).

Tim Tebow to Jake Plummer: I Praise the Lord Whenever I Have the Opportunity

Jake Plummer made headlines on Monday by coming out and saying what many people already thought: that Tim Tebow goes a bit overboard with his talk about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith.  Naturally, Tebow was asked about Plummer’s comments on Tuesday.  You probably already have a solid idea of what his response was without us telling you, but we will anyway.

“If you’re married, and you have a wife, and you really love your wife, is it good enough to only say to your wife, I love her, the day you get married?” Tebow said in an interview on ESPN First Take. “Or should you tell her every single day when you wake up and have the opportunity? And that’s how I feel about my relationship with Jesus Christ. It is the most important thing in my life, so every opportunity I have to tell him I love him, or I’m given an opportunity to shout him out on national TV, I’m going to take that opportunity.”

Tebow then went on to explain that his relationship with Jesus is more important than anything in his life — a factoid we already shared with you a little over a week ago.  He also said he had no hard feelings toward Plummer for what he said and thanked Jake for saying he’s a winner.

Say what you want to say as many times as you want to say it about Tim Tebow, but the guy’s not going to change — nor should he.  There are much worse “role models” out there that people should be criticizing for the things they say in public.  No matter how you look at it, Tebow is one of the good guys.

Chest bump to Pro Football Talk for sharing the interview.

Michael Strahan Gets a Gap-Toothed Birthday Cake (Picture)

There’s no better day to rip on a man than on his 40th birthday. You turn 40, you get ripped on. That’s how it works in our society. A 40th birthday party is a time for gag gifts and embarrassing stories. It sucks getting old, and it’s your friends’ job to let you know about it. In Michael Strahan’s case, it’s an opportunity to rip on a fun-loving guy for the massive gap between his front teeth. Check out the birthday cake that Strahan’s Fox colleagues got for him on Sunday, which was passed along by Shutdown Corner:

If turning 40 and having a gap between your two front teeth isn’t grounds for getting ragged on, what is?  Nicely done.

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