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Saturday, December 20, 2014


Chicago news station to Bears: Cut Jay Cutler or cut your wrists (Video)

Like everyone else in the state of Illinois, the people at WLS-TV in Chicago are fed up with the 5-9 Bears. They just have an incredibly inappropriate way of showing it.

After the Bears were blown out by the New Orleans Saints on Monday, sports anchor Mark Giangreco went on a rant about how dysfunctional Jay Cutler and company have become. A graphic next to Giangreco displayed a message to the Bears ownership group.


The Bears owners should commit suicide if they don’t get rid of Cutler? That seems reasonable, right?

We don’t know if Giangreco came up with the message on his own or not, but someone should be fired over it. We know Mike Ditka has bashed the Bears and is clearly sick of watching them lose, but jokes about suicide take things to another level.

H/T Deadspin

Chris Conte: I’d rather play in the NFL and die 10-15 years younger


Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte has missed time this season with a variety of injuries, most notably two concussions. Considering he is only 25, you could understand if Conte was already worrying about the long-term health risks associated with playing in the NFL.

But he’s not.

During a pregame show on WBBM-AM 780 Monday, Conte basically said he doesn’t care if football takes years off his life.

“I’d rather have the experience of playing in the NFL and die 10 to 15 years earlier than not play in the NFL and have a long life,” he said, as transcribed by Rich Campbell of The Chicago Tribune. “I don’t really look toward my life after football. I’ll figure things out when I get there. As long as I outlive my parents.”

Conte, who is tied for the Bears’ team lead with three interceptions, will be a free agent after the season. Despite his various injuries, he has missed just five games during his four years in the NFL.

“I’m not saying I’m going to go die when I’m 45, 50,” Conte added. “I’m fortunate to go out and play football.”

The more we learn about concussions, the more concerned people get — and rightfully so. There’s a reason some of the most prominent athletes in the world have openly admitted they will not allow their sons to play football. For Conte, the love of the game makes it all worthwhile.

H/T Sports Illustrated

Woody Johnson ‘accidentally’ favorites tweet about John Idzik being fired


The New York Jets could be making some changes within their front office after the season, starting with evaluating current general manager John Idzik. Idzik, who has been partially responsible for the Jets’ inability to find a quarterback, may lose his job.

Earlier this week, Jets owner Woody Johnson added to the speculation that Idzik is going to fired by favoriting an anti-Idzik tweet.

On Tuesday night, Johnson said he inadvertently added the tweet to his favorites when he was scrolling through his Twitter feed.

I suppose he could be telling the truth. We doubt Russell Wilson would be dumb enough to add a graphic porn image to his favorites on Twitter, but we all saw what he did last week.

Given all the money Jets fans raised to put up that anti-Idzik billboard, it’s safe to assume most of them hope Johnson was sending a message when he favorited the tweet.

H/T Bart Hubbuch

Referee accidentally pokes Dwyane Wade in the eye (Video)

Flop or not? You tell us.

Dwyane Wade is known for being one of the biggest floppers in the NBA. In fact, the Miami Heat star even admitted that a little kid at his basketball camp asked him why he flopped in the NBA Finals. But did Wade overreact on Tuesday night when a referee accidentally poked him in the eye? I don’t think so.

The slow-motion replay showed that the official caught Wade right in the eyeball.


Have you ever been poked in the eye? It doesn’t feel good. We have seen some horrible flops from Wade in the past, but this isn’t one of them. Cut the man some slack.

Video via SB Nation

Jabari Parker out for season with torn ACL


Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker suffered a torn ACL during his team’s win over the Phoenix Suns on Monday night. The rookie will undergo surgery and miss the remainder of the season.

Parker, the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft, was the leading candidate for Rookie of the Year. The 19-year-old was averaging an impressive 12.3 points, 5.5 rebounds and 29.5 minutes per game. He was named the Eastern Conference rookie of the month in October and November.

After winning just 15 games all of last season, the Bucks are off to a 13-12 start this year and are starting to look like a legitimate playoff contender. Whether they can continue that without Parker remains to be seen.

Mike Ditka turned Bears game off in first half


The Chicago Bears have gotten so bad that Mike Ditka can’t even watch anymore.

On Tuesday, Ditka told the Chicago Sun-Times that he is unable to give a full assessment of what went wrong during Monday night’s blowout loss to the New Orleans Saints because he shut the game off.

“I’ll tell you what, I watched until it was 14-0, then I turned the game off,” Ditka said. “I didn’t watch any more. So, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know how bad it got or didn’t get. I didn’t pay any attention to it.

“But from what I saw, the guys on defense didn’t know where to line up. They didn’t know how to cover. They didn’t know how to do anything. It’s a shame. There is no excuse for that.”

Ditka, who coached one of the best defenses of all time in 1985 and went on to win the Super Bowl, has blasted this year’s Chicago defense on multiple occasions. As someone who watched all of Monday’s game, I can tell Da Coach that the Bears not only lack skill on defense but they also look like they have completely given up on the season.

Ditka also defended head coach Marc Trestman, who is reportedly on the chopping block.

“And if you think this isn’t a good football team because of the coach, you’re wrong,” he said. “It has nothing to do with the coaching. Look, they have made some bad picks, made some really bad choices and tied up their money in the wrong people. I’m not going to get into the particulars of it, but that’s just what it is.”

To me, Trestman seems like more of an offensive coordinator than a head coach. He’s not a great leader, but Ditka would tell you there is no one on the Bears roster worthy of being a captain. He’s right about that.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Nets-Heat game delayed due to leaking roof (Video)

A leak in the roof of Barclays Center caused a temporary delay during Tuesday night’s game between the Nets and Heat.

barclays-roof-leakWith 1:47 left in the first quarter the game was stopped as water began falling from the roof onto the floor across from the Nets bench. After about 15 minutes, the referees and players from both teams headed back to the locker room. Towels, and eventually a trash can, were placed on the floor until the leak could be stopped. Approximately 30 minutes after play ceased, action was resumed.

Thankfully, Flex Seal and duct tape weren’t needed, presumably.

Video via: Twitter/ReedWallach
Photo via: Twitter/gifdsports

Evan Turner on being booed by 76ers fans: ‘Jesus was hated too’


For the second time since becoming a Boston Celtic, Evan Turner returned to Philly to face his former team — the 7ers — and he did not receive a warm reception. Turner was booed by Philadelphia 76ers fans at the Wells Fargo Center every time he touched the ball. That didn’t stop the point guard from feeling like royalty.

When asked if the boos bothered him, Turner offered some fantastic thoughts.

“Before the game I signed like 100,000 autographs, I’m kissing babies and what not and all that stuff,” Turner said sarcastically, according to A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com. “I’m getting my hand kissed by people; I got little girls come up to me fainting.

“Once the game started, it was like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ I was like, ‘This is weird. Did they take all the good people out?”

That wasn’t the best part.

“I don’t worry about it anymore,” Turner said of the boos. “I don’t want to sound super weird, but Jesus was hated too. At the end of the day, I just worry about the stuff that’s important. If it makes you happy to boo me, go ahead. I’m still happy. I put all that stuff behind me.”

Saying you don’t want to sound weird before comparing yourself to Jesus Christ is like hurling a huge insult at someone but saying “with all due respect” first.

As James Herbert of Eye on Basketball noted, Sixers fans really have no reason to boo Turner mercilessly. Sure, their team used the No. 2 overall pick on him in 2010 and expectations were high, but Philadelphia’s struggles were hardly Turner’s fault. Maybe the Sixers shouldn’t have valued a guy who runs out of gas in his Ferrari so highly.

Saints fan arrested for allegedly shoving Bears owner George McCaskey


A New Orleans Saints fan was arrested at Solider Field on Monday night after he allegedly shoved Chicago Bears owner George McCaskey.

According to Deanese Williams-Harris of The Chicago Tribune, police and Bears officials say the fan, 58-year-old Richard Kohnke, pushed McCoskey over an argument involving seats. McCaskey supposedly arrived at his seats to find several Saints fans sitting in them, and he went to get stadium security after speaking to one of the fans.

After McCaskey walked away, Kohnke allegedly went after him and shoved him to the ground. A Bears fan then tackled Kohnke, and Kohnke was ejected from the stadium and charged with simple battery.

McCoskey did not require medical attention.

Aren’t the Bears having enough problems in their locker room? The bizarre thing about this story for me is that someone was sitting in the team owner’s seats. You would think stadium security would have its eye on that section.

H/T Deadspin

Bills thank Lions for letting them use Ford Field by sending pizza and wings

The Buffalo Bills have won two games this season at Ford Field in Detroit. One was during a scheduled visit, the other was not.

In week 5, the Bills left Detroit with a 17-14 victory over the Lions under their belt. Week 12 saw the Bills back again. This time around, a massive blizzard that hit the Buffalo area was the reason, forcing the Bills to play their game against the Jets on a Monday night in Detroit.

buffalo-bills-send-lions-pizza-wingsOn Tuesday, the Bills showed their appreciation for the Lions’ hospitality by sending an abundance of pizza and wings to the Lions organization.

As an added bonus, the Bills defeated the Packers on Sunday, which allowed the Lions to move into first place in the NFC North with their win over the Buccaneers. I would say delivering food and knocking off a division rival is a nice way to say thank you. Well done on both accounts by the Bills.

Photo via: Twitter/Lions

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