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Thursday, October 23, 2014


News station congratulates Gary Payton for breaking TD pass record


Peyton Manning on Sunday night surpassed Brett Favre as the NFL leader for most touchdown passes in a career. Manning broke the record with his 509th touchdown pass and later threw his 510th, but one news station decided to give credit to a different Peyton — or, should we say, Payton.

When discussing Manning’s milestone, KOMO News in Seattle showed a picture of former NBA point guard Gary Payton. Perhaps they were trying to sneak in a plug for one of their own, as Payton spent the first 14 seasons of his career with the Seattle SuperSonics and went to nine NBA All-Star Games during that span.

Payton found it pretty humorous, as he shared the screenshot on Twitter and wrote “too funny.”

Nice try, KOMO. Sunday night was Peyton’s night — Payton already had his day.

Les Miles has classic response for reporter who asks about 2015 QB outlook (Video)

LSU has won back-to-back games since being blown out by Auburn earlier this month, but its quarterback situation is no clearer now than it was then. Les Miles has used both freshman Brandon Harris and sophomore Anthony Jennings throughout the season and really hasn’t named a starter.

What is his plan for 2015?

As you might expect, Miles has enough to worry about with upcoming games against No. 3 Ole Miss and No. 4 Alabama. He’s not thinking about next year’s quarterback situation, and he reacted accordingly when a reporter asked him about it after LSU’s 41-3 victory over Kentucky.

“We’re gonna have to play that position next year too?” Miles asked sarcastically. “Damn, I thought we were gonna get away with it, you know? S—, next year too. God, we’re just trying to beat Ole Miss next week. Damn, I don’t know.”

Miles then said he and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will “probably give some thought to that sometime” while smirking and looking around the room. He was obviously annoyed with what was a pretty dumb question.


Imagine if something like that was asked to Nick Saban? Given some of the past exchanges the Alabama coach has had with the media, it’s safe to assume he wouldn’t have been as friendly as Miles. If you ask me, Les let that guy off easy.

H/T Dr. Saturday

Sidney Crosby dressed as Rocky Balboa, a Philly icon, for Halloween


Sidney Crosby, arguably the best hockey player in the world, plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins and their fans don’t like the Philadelphia Flyers, and the feeling is quite mutual. Flyers fans have a particularly strong hatred for Crosby. With that in mind, do you think Sid the Kid dressing as Rocky Balboa for Halloween was an oversight or an epic troll job?

Balboa, of course, is a Philadelphia legend. The movie character — which was based on a real Philly fighter — that made Sylvester Stallone famous is worshipped by the City of Brotherly Love. There’s no way Crosby doesn’t know that.

Flyers fans can wear all the anti-Crosby jerseys they want and swear at him with their license plates, but his Halloween costume officially puts him in the lead in the trash-talking department for the time being.

H/T Puck Daddy
Photo: Instagram/Evgeni Malkin

Report: Ray Rice could be reinstated by NFL within a month

Ray Rice girlfriend fiancee Janay Palmer

Could Ray Rice play in the NFL again this season? While the former Baltimore Ravens running back is not on an NFL roster and is still serving his indefinite suspension, Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com reports that there’s a chance Rice could be reinstated within the next four weeks.

The NFL is currently conducting its own investigation into the league’s handling of the Rice case, but that investigation is independent from Rice’s appeal hearing. Rice’s appeal is set to be heard in November, and there’s a good chance his playing status will be resolved immediately after.

Of course, Rice would have to win his appeal in order to be reinstated. According to La Canfora, legal experts believe Rice has a very strong case. The 27-year-old has maintained that he did not lie to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell when he was arrested for domestic violence. His legal team will argue that Goodell and company knew exactly what was on the elevator tape and decided to suspend him two games, so there is no reason the punishment should have changed when TMZ released the video of Rice knocking out his then-fiancee Janay Palmer.

Former U.S. District Court Judge Barbara S. Jones, a neutral third-party arbitrator, is handling Rice’s appeal. If Jones believes that the NFL had no way of obtaining the tape, she’ll be part of a very small minority. There is reason to believe a copy of the elevator video was sent to the NFL league offices back in April. Despite that, NFL officials still maintain that they never watched the footage.

The overwhelming majority of people believe one of two things regarding the Rice case — either NFL officials saw the tape, or they knew what was on it and chose not to view it. In either scenario, Rice could argue that he told the truth. Even under the NFL’s new domestic violence policy, a first-time offender would receive a six-game suspension. Rice has already served that.

If Jones decides to reinstate Rice, he could be eligible to sign with a team by Week 10. Will any NFL team be willing to deal with the negative publicity that comes along with signing him? My guess is no, though I wouldn’t rule out Rice playing next season when the incident isn’t as fresh on everyone’s mind.

Kobe Bryant to Julius Randle: You’re an idiot if you f*** this up


Los Angeles Lakers rookie Julius Randle had one of his better games of the preseason on Sunday night against the Utah Jazz. The 19-year old scored eight points, grabbed five rebounds and blocked two shots. There will likely be some growing pains for Randle throughout the season, but Kobe Bryant has not been afraid to put pressure on the former Kentucky star.

After Sunday’s 98-91 victory, Kobe was asked about the opportunity Randle has been presented with to learn from people like Bryant himself, Carlos Boozer, Steve Nash and Lakers coach Byron Scott. His response was classic Kobe.

“It means he can’t f— up,” Kobe said. “Seriously, if you f— this up you’re a really big idiot, you know what I mean? ESPN are idiots, but you’re a really big idiot if you manage to f— this up.”

Bryant’s remark about ESPN was a reference to a comment he made last week about the World Wide Leader being a bunch of idiots for ranking him No. 40 in their preseason list of the NBA’s top 500 players.

To his credit, Randle agreed with Kobe that he is in a perfect situation and would have no one to blame but himself if he doesn’t learn from it.

“It’s up for me to mess it up. Kobe said, ‘You can’t mess it up, unless you want to,’” Randle said. “I [would] intentionally have to mess things up, having a coach like Byron, learning from greats like Kobe, Boozer, Nash, all those guys. And, on top of that playing for the Lakers organization. I’m in the perfect situation, I can’t mess it up.”

The Lakers were horrible last season, and they no longer have Pau Gasol. They need Randle to make an impact as a rookie if they’re going to succeed. Here’s a video of Kobe’s comments:

Michael Robinson says he broke up Percy Harvin-Golden Tate fight

Percy Harvin Seahawks

Former Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson, who now works for NFL Media, confirmed on Sunday that there was a fight between Percy Harvin and Golden Tate last season. Robinson told NFL GameDay First that he was the one who broke up the altercation.

“Something did go on at the Super Bowl that a lot of fans don’t know about,” he explained. “There was an altercation in the locker room between Percy Harvin and Golden Tate. It saddens me because I was a leader on that team and to know that this information got out — usually Pete Carroll-coached teams, this type of thing stays in-house. There was an issue, I physically broke it up, I was there, you would have to ask those guys what they were arguing about, I’m not at liberty to talk about it.”

As we learned last week, Harvin gave Tate a black eye and also tried to fight Russell Wilson at one point during the season. Robinson said fights like that happen all the team between teammates and seemed more concerned about how the information went public.

“We kind of talked about it afterwards,” he said. “I talked to Percy and Golden and they ironed their situation out. But again, you’ve been in locker rooms, these type of things happen all the time. Families fight. That is what is so disturbing. Again, this type of information usually doesn’t get out of that locker room. Why it comes out now, almost a year after the Super Bowl is mind-boggling.”

It wouldn’t be a surprise if someone within the Seahawks organization leaked most or all of the Harvin dirt. A healthy Harvin was expected to be a huge part of Seattle’s offense this season, so it would make sense that the Seahawks would want to explain why they traded him for a conditional sixth-round pick when they spent a first-rounder to get him last year.

In addition to reports about the fight, there have also been indications that Harvin pulled himself from games. The fact that everything is coming out at once isn’t a coincidence. The whole thing reeks of a smear campaign, albeit one that Harvin probably deserves.

Earl Thomas: Seahawks playing against referees, too

Richard Sherman fumble

The Seattle Seahawks lost against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday in controversial fashion. With just over a minute left and the Rams looking to ice the game away, Tre Mason fumbled and it initially looked like Richard Sherman wound up with the ball. However, the officials determined that St. Louis recovered the fumble and the play was never reviewed. Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was less than thrilled.

After the game, Thomas said he wasn’t surprised by the call because Seattle has been playing against the referees all season.

“At least give us a shot. But you know what? I’m not surprised with the referees this season,” he said, via Jason Jenks of The Seattle Times. “If you really look at some plays, we’re playing more than our opponents. We’re playing the referees too. I don’t care what anybody is saying. Something is wrong. That needs to be brought up.

“We’ve got to understand who we’re battling now. We won everything last year. We’re battling the referees now. I don’t know what’s going on with that. We’ve got to cut out the penalties. That’s what’s hurting us.”

Thomas, who seemed to get increasingly irritated as he spoke, was then asked if the Seahawks were given an explanation for why the fumble was not reviewed.

“There’s never an explanation,” he said. “It’s kind of crazy how football is turning out now. You give a guy, just because he wears a white and black shirt, he has authority of the game. Man, they need to stay out of it — that’s my key — and let us dominate.”

While FOX NFL rules expert Mike Pereira said the replay official should have asked for a review, he was also confident that no replay showed a clear recovery and that the call on the field who have held up. Recall that Thomas also said the refs were calling things against the Seahawks two weeks ago. Maybe he’s a conspiracy theorist.

Plus, did you the incredible trick plays the Rams executed? They deserved to win.

H/T Sports Illustrated

Randall Cobb gets ketchup on him during Lambeau Leap (Video)

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb caught his eighth touchdown of the season on Sunday, which leads all NFL players not named Julius Thomas. Naturally, Cobb celebrated the score with the Lambeau Leap. The end result was a condiment-covered shoulder.

Players who partake in the Lambeau leap are always at risk of having beer, soda, ketchup, or worse dumped on them. Cobb happened to jump right in front of a fan who had a big ole wad of ketchup sitting on top of his basket of french fries, and someone knocked a dollop of it onto the star receiver’s shoulder.

We know the equipment manager wasn’t scolding Cobb for the stain, but it’s fun to pretend.


Hey, at least Cobb was able to elevate enough to execute the Leap. That’s more than some of his teammates can say for themselves.

H/T Eye on Football
Photo via @EboSays

Steve Smith: NFC South is a ‘finesse division’

Steve Smith fight

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith continues to prove that he is not in danger of losing his edge at age 35. After getting into fights with two separate Atlanta Falcons players during Sunday’s win, the veteran was his usual animated self when speaking to reporters after the game.

Smith, who spent the first 13 years of his career with the Carolina Panthers, ripped the division he used to play in.

“I mean, football is a physical game. We play in the AFC North — a physical division,” he said when asked about the scrums he got into, per the Ravens official website. “That’s just football. [The] NFC South is a finesse division. The AFC North is a physical, downhill, blue-collar football [division].”

Teams like the Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals certainly have a reputation for playing more hard-nosed football than the Falcons, Panthers and New Orleans Saints. The NFC South also happens to be the worst division in football at the moment, so nobody is going to call Smith crazy for taking a shot at its teams.

Besides, Smith can say pretty much whatever he wants if he keeps playing the way he has been. He’s currently fifth in the NFL with 640 receiving yards and tied for 13th with 38 receptions. No one would have predicted that Smith would have the best season of his career with the Ravens, but he’s headed in that direction.

H/T Around the League

Archie Manning steps down from College Football Playoff Committee for health reasons


Archie Manning has decided to step down from the College Football Playoff Committee to focus on his health, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported on Monday morning.

Manning, the father of Peyton and Eli, underwent knee replacement surgery earlier this year and is reportedly having complications that are not life-threatening but will require another surgery. Archie also underwent back surgery last year and feels that he will not be able to fulfill his duties as a Playoff Committee member.

In its first year, the College Football Playoff Committee is responsible for determining the four finalists for the 2014 national championship. Here’s hoping Manning is able to get back to full health relatively quickly.

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