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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Texas QB Shane Buechele completes pass to friend on jet ski (Video)

Shane Buechele pass

Shane Buechele is looking to make a strong impression and win the starting job at Texas as a true freshman. If he’s able to keep making throws like this one, the gig is his.

Buechele posted a video on Twitter Saturday that shows him completing a pass to a friend on a jet ski, showing some incredible timing and accuracy:

It looked like something out of a Dude Perfect video, but that was real. We’ll be seeing that video played by networks throughout the upcoming season, that’s for sure.

Buechele also had a very strong showing in Texas’ spring game, so winning the starting job is definitely a real possibility.

Steven Adams gets sweet revenge with huge dunk on Draymond Green (Video)

Steven Adams Draymond Green

Sorry, Draymond. You just had it coming.

Steven Adams got sweet revenge on Draymond Green during Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals on Saturday by dunking right on the Warriors forward:

After the way Green got Adams in the nuts twice earlier in the series in highly-publicized incidents, it was only right that Adams got him back. As a bonus, Draymond got served with the Crying Jordan face.

Chase Utley gives Mets the ultimate F-You

Chase Utley grand slam

Chase Utley, man. That guy sure knows how to play the villain like a regular Jack Parkman.

Utley delivered the ultimate F-You to the New York Mets on Saturday, his second game of a series that marked his first time playing in Citi Field since the infamous slide incident in last year’s playoffs.

As a refresher, Utley’s reckless slide broke Ruben Tejada’s leg during the NLDS against the Mets. He had a suspension overturned, but the slide led MLB to change its rules.

The slide became such a controversial point around baseball that it led the former longtime Phillie to become even more hated among NL East rival Mets fans. Their fans even sent him death threats.

On Friday, Utley proved he wasn’t shaken by the hostility from Mets fans by going 1-for-2 with 4 RBIs, including a bases-clearing double in the ninth to tie the game at five. On Saturday, he was even more productive.

First Utley struck out to lead off the game. When he faced Noah Syndergaard again in the third, the massive pitcher was ejected for throwing at Utley — and missing him — with a 99 mph heater. Utley struck out in that at-bat, too. But that would not portend what was to come.

Utley clubbed a solo shot in the sixth to break a scoreless game, all while Mets fans chanted “Hit him!”

As if that weren’t enough, he then mashed a grand slam in the seventh to put the Dodgers up 6-0.

So let’s just recap:

– Utley is hated in New York
– Utley is booed by Mets fans who want the team to hit him
– Syndergaard is ejected for throwing at Utley but missing him
– Utley rebounds from two strikeouts to hit two home runs

Utley now has 38 career home runs against the Mets, the most he’s hit against any opponent. He just loves making their lives miserable.

Andrew Bynum seen rocking blond hair

Andrew Bynum blond hair

It’s been a long time since we’ve had any updates on Andrew Bynum much less any new additions to our infamous “Andrew Bynum hair watch” category here at LBS. But it is with great pleasure that we can share a story involving both!

A woman who works at a Dave & Busters in Pittsburgh shared a photo on Instagram during the week of her with the former NBA center:

Met my first professional player tonight, Andrew Bynum, at D&B. #andrewbynum

A photo posted by Rachel Haberberger (@haberberger) on

Of course, we’re much less interested in the woman than we are how Bynum looks. It’s all about that blond hair. Some compared him to Demolition Man, while my favorite turned him into an extra for Eminem:

Now the real value of this post is being able to re-check one of our best tags ever on this site, the “Andrew Bynum hair watch” tag.

Johnny Manziel partied with Leonardo DiCaprio in New York


Johnny Manziel’s tour of partying has gone nationwide, with his latest foray taking him to New York where his crew reportedly bumped into actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Daily Mail reports that Manziel’s crew began their night Thursday at Lavo Nightclub in New York. After that, his group reportedly headed to Up & Down club but was denied entry. Thankfully they got a lifeline from Leo, though.

The Daily Mail says Manziel’s group bumped into DiCaprio outside Up & Down and they all headed over together to 1 Oak, another club.

It’s not a surprise to hear that Manziel was denied entry at one of the clubs. Not only was he thrown out of a Las Vegas club last weekend for getting into a physical scuffle with another patron, but another report says he has been banned by many nightclubs. That same report also said Manziel has a serious drug problem and rebuffed an intervention effort by his friends.

The free agent quarterback is still waiting for a resolution to his misdemeanor assault case in Texas over an incident with his ex-girlfriend. He has been dropped by two agents since February and multiple sponsors.

Russell Westbrook wears tiger-striped jacket to Game Six (Video)

This is where I make the joke that Russell Westbrook is going for the kill.

The ever-fashionable Thunder point guard donned a jacket with tiger stripes as he arrived at Chesapeake Energy Arena on Saturday for the potentially decisive Game Six of the Western Conference Finals.

Oklahoma City holds a 3-2 series lead on Golden State and can close things out at home Saturday, so feel free to make all the “smelling blood” jokes that you’d like.

This is turning into something of a trend, too. Westbrook seems to have a taste for stripes – even if they’re in poncho form. The outfits are going to get real if the Thunder make it to the NBA Finals.


Alex Rodriguez shares daughter’s hilarious Parents Day assignment

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez’s daughter profiled her father for a Parents Day assignment, and her work gave us some interesting insights on the man himself.

What kind of insights? Namely that the man isn’t very adventurous in his home life, apparently. Also, he still has a Blackberry.

Cut an apple? Come on, A-Rod. Step it up. You can do better than that.

Also, as Rodriguez notes, he’s 40, not 43. Maybe he likes to seem older and wiser.

It’s still a nice little portrait into Rodriguez’s home life. And hopefully if the two play football together, he goes easier on her than he did on the Fox Sports video board back in October.

Delanie Walker is not friends with rookies until they make team


With organized team activities taking place around the NFL, many rookies are getting their first opportunities to work with the club’s veterans. At Titans camp, first year players will soon learn Delanie Walker won’t be the quickest to welcome them with open arms.

As is the case across sports, rookies generally have to earn their way into the good graces of the veterans. For Walker, that process doesn’t start until they make the team.

“You’ve got to earn the right,” Walker told the Tennesseean. “These rookies come in nowadays, stuff’s given to them. I’m not going to be your friend until you make the team.”

Among the rookies virtually guaranteed to make the Titans roster are early round picks Jack Conklin, Kevin Dodd, Austin Johnson, and Derrick Henry. The latter has already caught the eye of Walker.

“I’ve been sizing up Henry, man, and he’s a big dude,” Walker said. “I have to put him in his place early. But he’s a good dude. I’m just messing with him, giving him a hard time because I feel like he’s going to be a monster for this team. I usually don’t talk to the rookies until they make the team. But he’s one of the guys that I think can help this team out.”

After spending the first seven years of his NFL career with the Niners, Walker is getting ready to enter his fourth in Tennessee. He set career-highs in 2015 with 94 receptions and 1,088 receiving yards while tying his career-best with six receiving touchdowns. Walker also earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl.

Walker was selected in the sixth round of the 2006 NFL Draft so he certainly knows about having to earn his stripes in the league. Now he’s making sure the latest crop of young players do the same, atleast in his eyes.

H/T Eye On Football

Report: White Sox in talks to acquire James Shields from Padres


The San Diego Padres look destined for another year of mediocrity, and they may be close to offloading one of their more expensive veterans as a result.

According to Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Padres are in talks to trade pitcher James Shields to the Chicago White Sox, and the discussions have “significant momentum.”

While a deal may not be imminent, the Padres are clearly looking to move Shields, and the White Sox have been after starting pitching help all season, so the pairing makes plenty of sense.

Shields is signed through 2018 and is owed another $65 million by San Diego. While the Padres are willing to kick in some money to make a deal happen, Shields can also opt out of the deal after 2016, which could complicate a significant return.

Shields has reportedly been on the block since the offseason, but he’s put up a 3.06 ERA thus far this season, so he has some fuel left in the tank. Just don’t let him face Bartolo Colon and you’ll be fine.

Bryce Dejean-Jones shot after breaking into apartment

Bryce DeJean Jones

Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot and killed after breaking into an apartment in Dallas early Saturday morning.

The former New Orleans Pelicans guard died at a hospital on Saturday, and the Dallas Morning News provides more information about the matter.

According to a police report, Dejean-Jones kicked open the door to an apartment. The apartment resident was asleep and woke up. The person got a gun, called out and heard no answer. Dejean-Jones apparently kicked open the bedroom door, and that’s when the resident shot him.

Dejean-Jones left the apartment, collapsed, and was taken to the hospital where he died.

An email from the building manager says Dejean-Jones was trying to break into the apartment of an estranged person he knew but went into the wrong one.

Dejean-Jones was from Los Angeles and played college ball at USC, UNLV and Iowa State. At USC, he nearly got kicked off the team after a few incidents which included punching a teammate and get into it with a resident adviser. He was suspended at UNLV for shoving a teammate, and he was arrested at Iowa State once.

The Pelicans issued the following statement about the 23-year-old guard:

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