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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Porn star Brooke Haven: No one parties harder than Sebastian Janikowski

Adult film star Brooke Haven made an interesting revelation to TMZ earlier this week when she was discussing the various professional athletes she has partied with. The 34-year-old admitted that she has hung out with “a lot” of athletes, yet she hardly hesitated when asked who parties the hardest. The answer is Sebastian Janikowski.

Janikowski, who has spent his entire career with the Oakland Raiders and has one of the strongest legs in the NFL, apparently rages as hard as he kicks.

“Have you followed that man’s career?” Haven asked. “I think he settled down, though. I think he got married. I haven’t hung out with him for many, many years.”

The Polish Cannon was arrested for getting into two bar fights while he was in college at Florida State in 1998. Just before he was drafted in January 2000, Janikowski was arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe an officer after his friend got into a fight at a nightclub. That’s nothing compared to the story Haven told about him.

“We were driving one time in the Navigator, I was driving, and he was smoking a cigarette outside the window or something,” she explained. “He was hanging out singing Nelly, and all of a sudden the next thing you know the inside of the car’s on fire. He dropped the cigarette down into the side panel of the door and all these papers are on fire. He takes them, throws them all out the window and says, ‘F— it. Keep going.’ And that was it.”

Brooke has clearly never met Rob Gronkowski. As much as we’d like to think Gronk has the stories to put The Polish Cannon to shame, we’re probably wrong.


Matt Barnes accidentally inbounds ball to Stephen Curry, who drains 3-pointer (GIF)

This is why we play preseason games, folks. In the first quarter of Tuesday night’s exhibition between the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors, Matt Barnes tried to heave a long pass from under his own basket to start a quick fast break for the Clippers. The ball deflected off the backboard and straight into Stephen Curry’s hands.

And what do you think Curry did with it? Exactly what you would expect a guy who is a career 44% shooter from beyond the arc and can drain 23-straight 3-pointers in practice to do.

Barnes has exactly eight more days to get stupid mistakes like that out of his system.


GIF via Eye on Basketball

Michigan logo on campus turned into Michigan State logo


Michigan is set to take on Michigan State this weekend in what was once a highly-anticipated rivalry matchup. This year, not so much. The Spartans are 6-1 and favored by 17 points while the Wolverines are 3-4 and have been a major disappointment. Perhaps the vandalism on their campus will be enough to fire up the Michigan players.

Early Wednesday morning, someone — we’re assuming one or more Michigan State fans — painted the block M on Michigan’s campus green and added the letters “SU” after it. As Dr. Saturday noted, the block M was donated to the university by the class of 1953 and is an object of superstition for Michigan students.

The school had the green paint and extra letters cleaned up before lunchtime.

MSU beat Michigan 29-6 last year and many expect this year’s game to be even more lopsided. That said, the Wolverines will be looking to salvage their season in any way possible. The games are played for a reason.

Photo: Twitter/Alejandro Zuniga

Royals P Wade Davis’ wife tipped server with World Series ticket


Kansas City Royals pitcher Wade Davis’ wife Katelyn was having lunch at Rock & Brews restaurant in Kansas City on Tuesday when she got to chatting with her server, Ryan O’Connor. After O’Connor made a comment about hopefully getting off work in time to catch some of Game 1 of the World Series between the Royals and San Francisco Giants, Mrs. Davis decided he would appreciate something other than cash for a tip.

Katelyn left O’Connor a ticket to Game 1.

KMBC’s Scott McDonnell caught up with O’Connor at the game on Tuesday night and he explained how he scored the ticket.

“I started to walk away when I dropped off their check after they paid, and they said, ‘Hold on, I was going to give you a tip, but instead I feel like you might like this,'” O’Connor said. “And they said, ‘You’re going to have to sit with us, but we’re a pretty cool family.’ They seem awesome.”

O’Connor quickly asked his co-workers if they’d mind if he took the night off, and they were stunned by what had happened.

“He was pretty blown away, a little bit shocked,” Rock & Brews employee Justin Olmstead said. “He came back into the office and said, ‘Do you guys mind if I have the night off?’ And we looked at him, and he showed us the ticket he had in his hand. And we were blown away ourselves that he was able to have that given to him tonight. So we definitely accommodated him and let him have the night off to go celebrate with all the fans at the game tonight.”

Unfortunately, the Royals playoff winning streak ended as they lost to the Giants, 7-1. Hopefully that didn’t prevent O’Connor from enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

H/T Deadspin

Hunter Pence, Erin Andrews had awkward postgame interview (Video)

Hunter Pence, the voice of the 2014 San Francisco Giants, had a pretty awkward exchange with Erin Andrews after his team won Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday night. When Andrews said that Pence told reporters the theme of the pregame speech would be “there’s nothing to fear,” he had to make sure she got her facts straight.

“Well, that wasn’t the message,” Pence said. “And I wasn’t the spreaker, it was actually (Giants closer Santiago Casilla). His whole thing was, ah…”

Andrews, clearly rattled by Pence correcting her, then interrupted and insisted that he said “there’s nothing to fear” was the theme as the Giants were set to take on the Royals, who hadn’t lost a game in the postseason prior to Tuesday.

“No, I said make your peace with the king of kings and go out there and enjoy it,” he said. “My bad, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to correct you there. Casilla just said to believe. I guess that’s more of the theme — believe, have vision.”

Andrews ended the interview by thanking Pence for correcting her and saying, “You know I love it.” It was the second time in less than a minute that she said “I love it.”


Yeah, so, that was awkward.

Video via The Big Lead

Lions cut RB William Powell, send him home from London


The Detroit Lions released William Powell, a practice-squad running back, on Tuesday morning to make room on their practice squad for safety Jerome Couplin. It’s the type of move that teams make numerous times throughout the NFL season, but it had to sting more for Powell that he was forced to fly home one day after arriving in London.

The Lions are in London this week preparing to take on the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium. The team flew in on Tuesday and sent Powell packing a day later.

“It’s a difficult thing to do, and you certainly would not want to do it — a guy just gets here and, within 48 hours, he’s heading back home,” Lions coach Jim Caldwell said, via Dave Birkett of The Detroit Free Press. “But that’s kind of the nature of our business. The guys understand it, and I think, if you’re up front and you tell them exactly why and what the reasons are and those kinds of things, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but they understand.”

We know, we know — football is a business. The Lions like Couplin’s long-term potential, and they always intended to bring him back after waiving him Monday to make room for tight end Kellen Davis. With Eric Ebron and Joe Fauria both nursing injuries, Davis could be needed on Sunday.

It’s still cold. Caldwell added that the team made the move in London because they need to be at their “best” in getting a look from “both sides” during practice. Ebron and Fauria may not play Sunday but they have not been officially ruled out, so the move couldn’t wait. While it wasn’t quite as harsh as what the Patriots did to this player, it still sucks for Powell no matter how you look at it.

Matthew Stafford’s girlfriend Kelly Hall does ‘Remember the Titans’ dance (Video)

Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions are almost 4,000 miles from home preparing to take on the Atlanta Falcons in London. The star quarterback has left behind a bored fiancee, which is just fine by us.

If you have followed LBS closely over the past few years, you should know two things — Kelly Hall is one of our favorite WAGS, and she absolutely loves to dance. So on Tuesday, Hall posted a video on Instagram of her absolutely nailing the famous “Remember the Titans” dance.

“And this is what happens when my man is half way across the world,” she wrote. “Ya I’ve seen this movie wayyy too many times.”


Kelly probably did the dance better than some of the actors in the movie. We still prefer her “drunk modeling” in Costa Rica, but any video she posts that features dancing — even if its not in a bikini — is worth our time.

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Jamaal Charles admits he hid concussion symptoms


Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles took a huge hit from San Diego Chargers cornerback Brandon Flowers as he was crossing the goal line on a first-half touchdown run Sunday. Flowers had to leave the game with a concussion, but Charles didn’t miss any plays. Did he hide concussion symptoms?

During an interview with ESPN Radio this week, Charles insisted he was “definitely fine” after the hit from Flowers but described some alarming symptoms.

“It definitely hurt,” he said, per Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. “It’s like, I woke up — I mean, like, a couple plays later I was seeing light bulbs, like, light bulbs around my eyes, and I was trying to catch them. But I was in the game so I was like, ‘Alright, let’s get the ball and run again.'”

The National Institute of Health lists “seeing flashing lights” as a symptom of concussions. Perhaps more disturbing, Charles openly admitted he did not want to go through the concussion protocol after it resulted in him missing much of the Chiefs’ playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts back in January.

“I didn’t have a concussion but it definitely was a hit that shocked me,” he said. “But I don’t think I had to go through the concussion protocols and all that. I didn’t want to go through that again because of what happened in the playoffs. I was definitely fine, I think I came out pretty good.”

How does Charles know he didn’t have a concussion? He doesn’t. The Pro Bowl running back is not the first player to admit that he has masked symptoms of a potential head injury. Many players are adamant about remaining in the game to help their team, which is why the NFL now has independent doctors on the sideline to identify concussions. They may have missed one on Sunday.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Mike Ditka rips Bears for lack of leadership


Chicago Bears legend Mike Ditka has watched his former team through the first seven weeks of the season, and he doesn’t like what he sees. The Bears have lost three of their last four games — two of which were at home. Ditka believes a lack of leadership is the team’s biggest problem at the moment.

Head coach Marc Trestman has a policy where the Bears rotate captains. Rather than appointing captains or having the team decided by a vote, Trestman gives several players an opportunity to lead the way. According to Ditka, he only does that because the Bears lack a true leader.

“That’s because you don’t have (a captain),” Ditka told the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday. “If you had one, he’d be the captain, and that would be it. That’s all there is to it. When you see a leader, you don’t have to look too much further. It is what it is. If he’s the guy, then he’s the guy they want to follow. I believe you should have a captain and a co-captain on offense and defense.”

Ditka said he understands what Trestman is trying to accomplish, but he feels having captains rotate rather than just allowing the players to decide who they want their leaders to be undermines the process.

“The thing about being a captain, it’s something you can’t give somebody,” he added. “It’s something they have to earn. And they earn it from the overall respect they get from everybody on that football team.”

The Bears certainly seem like they could use some leaders in the locker room. When Brandon Marshall decides to go off on a couple teammates after a loss, someone needs to be there to smooth things over. Veterans like Kyle Long do themselves no favors by ripping Bears fans for booing. Fans pay a lot of money to watch the team play, and they put out an awful product on Sunday. Poor play on defense and inconsistency on offense are two major issues. But Ditka’s right — so is a lack of leadership.

H/T Around the League

Kobe Bryant on report about deterring free agents: ‘I just kind of roll with it’ (Video)

Earlier this week, ESPN the Magazine’s Henry Abbott published a lengthy story about Kobe Bryant that basically blames him for the recent downfall of the Los Angeles Lakers. The premise was that nobody wants to play with Kobe, which prevents the Lakers from building a quality team around him. What are Kobe’s thoughts on the subject?

On Tuesday night, Bryant told reporters that he has learned over the years to not overreact to negative stories and instead just “roll with it.”

“It’s not the first one and won’t be the last one, right?” Kobe said. “One thing I’ve come to understand over the years is that you’ll have a bad story come out on Monday and it seems like the end of the world and everybody’s taking shots at you, but time goes by and you look back on it and it was just a Monday. You have another story that comes out a month later and it’s a fantastic story, and then another bad story a month after that.”

If anything, stories like Abbott’s motivate Kobe. He loves proving doubters wrong and would love even more to do it at age 36.

“Understand that it’s a cycle and things are never as good or as bad as they seem in the moment…” he added. “I just kind of roll with it.”

For what it’s worth, one of the free agents who Kobe supposedly scared off was Paul George. On Monday, George blasted the media and said the story was crazy.

Between the Abbott report and ESPN’s “bunch of idiots” — as Kobe called them — ranking Bryant the 40th-best player in the NBA, the five-time champion’s bulletin board should be fully loaded heading into the season.


Video via Pro Basketball Talk

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