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Monday, January 16, 2017


Stephen Curry Wears Half Davidson-Half Duke Jersey to Support Alma Mater, Brother

There aren’t many things in sports that are lamer than the two-sided jersey. Warriors guard Stephen Curry was in attendance Friday night to watch his alma mater, Davidson, take on Duke. Since Stephen’s brother Seth Curry plays for Duke, he decided to break out the two-sided jersey to support both his brother and his old college team. The last person we saw do this was Brady Quinn’s sister to show her allegiance to Brady and her boyfriend, A.J. Hawk.  Need we say more?

Photo Credit: Bret Strelow

Penn State Coaches Larry Johnson and Ron Vanderlinden Deny Knowledge of ’02 Rape

Given the amount of sexual assault allegations against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, and the evidence that points to a large-scale cover-up in State College, many people figured that all the coaches on staff had to know something. We have been measured regarding our assertions of who knew what (and when), because it would be unfair to assume that everyone knew everything. Two current assistant coaches say they did not know of the 2002 rape allegation against Jerry Sandusky until recently.

Larry Johnson, the team’s co-defensive coordinator and defensive line coach, told ESPN “When you read the report, it sucks the life out of you. You read things that no one should be treated that way. Absolutely did not know anything that transpired in 2002. Whether people believe it or not is not really important thing, I think that’s something that we feel has to be told.”

Johnson has been on staff for 15 years, so he was around when the 2002 incident occurred. He also coached with Jerry Sandusky, so he may have been privy to some of the affairs from that time, including the 1998 investigation.

Assistant Ron Vanderlinden has more of an excuse because he has only been on staff since 2001. The current co-defensive coordinator and linebackers coach vehemently denies any knowledge of anything until the recent investigation began.


Video: Boise State Fan Creates Great Song ‘If We Only had a Kicker’

For the second year in a row, Boise State’s BCS title game hopes were crushed by missed field goals. Last year it was Kyle Brotzman who missed two field goals in a heartbreaking overtime loss to Nevada. This year it was Dan Goodale who missed a 39-yard field goal to cost Boise State a victory against TCU. One creative Broncos fan turned the team’s special teams struggles into a great song called “If we only had a kicker.”

Listen to the song in the video below, as shared with us by Outside the Boxscore:


Osi Umenyiora: LeSean McCoy Crossed the Line with Criticism

Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora is still upset with LeSean McCoy over comments the Eagles running back made about him during the summer. While Osi was trying to get a new contract from the Giants, McCoy said Osi was overrated, soft, and probably the third-best lineman on his team. Umenyiora says the criticism, at a time when he was trying to get a new deal, crossed the line.

“He ran his mouth, he crossed the line that shouldn’t have been crossed,” Umenyiora said Friday. “If he was going to say something, this should’ve been the week he should’ve said some things like that. I’m not really concerned about that. I’ll see him on the football field, and we’ll go from there.

“What he did was unforgivable. You understand what I mean?” Umenyiora said. “Whenever you see a man in a contract dispute, a fellow football player, you don’t take that opportunity to take your shots at him. You wait until you’re about to play him, then you take your shots.”

The Giants and Eagles meet Sunday night for the second time this season so they’ll be able to square things on the field. As far as Osi’s logic goes, I understand his point. McCoy is trying to get a new contract from the Eagles and has fired and rehired his agent several times. Would he appreciate it if other players criticized him and expressed doubt in his abilities, suggesting the Eagles don’t give him a big contract? Of course not.

It’s one thing for the fans, media, and team to evaluate if a player deserves a new contract, but players should not interfere with their peers’ negotiations (unless the player has become a bad teammate as a result).

Video: Gary Pinkel Struggles to Recite Alphabet During DUI Stop

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel was suspended a week by the school and he will be prevented from collecting a bowl bonus after he pleaded guilty to a DUI charge.

Pinkel was driving about 30 mph on the highway Wednesday night, leading to him being pulled over. He failed to signal on a lane change, made a wide turn, and almost hit a curb before being pulled over. He first denied that he was drinking but later admitted to having two jumbo sized glasses of wine.

That was quite apparent in his DUI stop video. If you watch the video, you’ll see that Pinkel struggled to recite the alphabet.

“When asked to recite the alphabet starting with the letter “E”, Pinkel said “E-F-G-H-R,” according to the report. Pinkel, then starting with the letter “A”, said “A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-R.”

He was unable to count backwards from 72, and he said he wouldn’t have been able to do that sober anyway.

Pinkel will receive two years of probation but he won’t have to go to jail nor pay a fine. He’s getting off relatively easy in my opinion. The only positive about Pinkel’s DUI stop is that at least he wasn’t driving the wrong direction.

H/T Nick Wright

School Board Rejects Henderson Brothers’ Donation to Repair Scoreboard

Minnesota Vikings linebackers (and brothers) Erin and E.J. Henderson thought they were doing a good deed when they offered to donate money to repair the scoreboard at their high school’s football field, but they and many others were left disappointed when the offer was rejected, WJZ-TV in Baltimore reports.

The scoreboard for the football field at Aberdeen High School (Md.) is old and in need of repairs. The Hendersons offered to donate $20,000 of the $50,000 needed to fix the dilapidated scoreboard, but they were turned down.

The problem is that the donation reportedly was conditional; the Hendersons wanted their family name on the scoreboard.

The school board rejected the offer citing an advertising policy that prevents naming rights on athletic facilities. Five of the nine voters on Harford County’s Board of Education reportedly turned down the proposal.


Arsenal Goalie Wojciech Szczesny Busted for Trying to Cheat on Girlfriend via Twitter

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny tried to pick up a girl via Twitter and the plan backfired. Szczesny apparently sent a message to Elite TV/sometimes nude personality Letesha Collins (pictured above). After learning that Szczesny has a girlfriend, Collins decided to show the soccer player a lesson by making his advance public.

Collins blasted Szczesny with the following tweet (since deleted): “#FF @13Szczesny13 or just give him a call, clearly isn’t too fussed about giving his number out. Have a good FRIDAYYYY.”

She then linked to a picture of the message Szczesny sent her, as seen above. Collins says she’s 21 and an aspiring Glamour model, so maybe that’s where Szczesny’s comment came from. Collins told others on Twitter that she blasted Szczesny because she doesn’t like people cheating on their girlfriends. If he wants to sleep around, that’s fine she says. Just don’t cheat on someone while you’re doing it.

Below is a picture of Wojciech and his girlfriend, and on the right is another picture of Tesha Collins to compare the two ladies:


Victoria’s Secret Shirt Confuses Michigan State’s Fight Song with Michigan’s

Victoria’s Secret has an entire line of Michigan State gear on its website. Most if it is cutesy, girly-type stuff with sayings ranging from “Sparty on” to and “Sparty is my boyfriend.” But there was one shirt in the collection that didn’t seem to fit. It actually had Michigan’s “Hail to the Victor’s” motto/fight song on the front.

Darren Rovell pointed it out to Victoria’s Secret, and less than two hours later the shirt was removed from the website. Yup, seems pretty evident that this was a mistake by Victoria’s Secret. Hey, we’ve seen much worse when it comes to clothing screw-ups, so they shouldn’t be too embarrassed.

Supporting Mark Sanchez Will Likely be Costly for Rex Ryan

Mark Sanchez is one of the most heavily-debated quarterbacks in the NFL. Some people feel he is overrated because he has not lived up to the price the Jets paid to move up and draft him (a first and second-round pick, plus three players). Many people also feel the amount of national exposure he receives does not match where he ranks amongst NFL quarterbacks. Still others believe that he is the “Sanchize” quarterback for the Jets.

I feel like Mark Sanchez is only so-so at best, and really a below-average quarterback. He was carried by a stellar defense and very good running game his first two years. Now that the Jets’ defense and running game isn’t as good, they need more from Mark and he hasn’t delivered. I also said on record last year that the Jets would not sniff the Super Bowl with him at quarterback, though they did reach the AFC Championship Game.

LBS writer Steve DelVecchio has a harsher assessment of Sanchez, saying he’s not an NFL starter. Del feels Sanchez should have taken many more steps forward in his third year but he hasn’t. Either way, you’re looking at two people who don’t feel Mark Sanchez is very good. He threw a pick six to help his team lose against the Broncos Thursday, and he only generated 13 points in the loss.

We bring this up because Rex Ryan said after his team’s loss “[Sanchez is] going to be our quarterback for as long as I’m here, which I hope is a long, long time.”

Given that GM Mike Tannenbaum traded up to acquire Sanchez, Ryan probably can’t publicly question Mark’s ability without hearing something from his boss. Whether Rex truly believes that or is just saying it for public relations purposes we don’t know. But we do believe that Ryan’s time in New York will not be as good as he hopes if he continues to stick with Sanchez.

Mark has not developed and does not appear capable of leading a high-scoring offense. While most people recognize that Rex Ryan is an excellent defensive coach, not being honest about Sanchez’s deficiencies will likely keep him from winning the Super Bowl he has guaranteed so many times, and it will likely result in years of disappointment. Standing by Sanchez may be admirable, but it could end up being Rex’s downfall.

John Fox Regrets Saying Tim Tebow Would be Screwed ‘I’m His Biggest Fan’

Broncos head coach John Fox regrets the comments he made earlier this week to reporter Jeff Darlington about quarterback Tim Tebow. While watching film with Darlington in the room, Fox said Tebow would be screwed if he were trying to run a regular offense. Not many people would disagree with that remark — most people recognize that the Broncos have changed their offense to suit Tebow’s strengths — but it was surprising to hear something negative come from the head coach.

The way Fox made his remark, it was more of a backhanded compliment to Tim. Regardless, Fox regrets saying it.

“I screwed up,” Fox said Friday at his news conference. “What bothers me about that is I love Tim Tebow. How can you not? I’m his biggest fan.

“It’s my fault,” Fox said. “What bothers me about that quote is I love the guy. All I was talking about was how this is a different way to run the ball. Everybody wants to put a name on it. All we’re doing is tweaking the running game so we match up with what Tim does well. And I’m telling you, he’s getting better as a passer. He is improving.

“But that was one time where I lost sleep over it. I don’t ever lose sleep over things like this, but I felt terrible about it. We were 1-4 and now we’re 5-5. Believe me, I’m Tim Tebow’s biggest fan.”

Here’s the important thing to remember: Tim Tebow likely would not have success in a pass-heavy offense. That doesn’t mean he can never become a good passer, it just means that running the ball most of the time is what he does best right now. Fox knows that and he regrets knocking the guy who’s helping to save his job.

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