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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon dressed as Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods for Halloween

Tony Kornheiser Mike Wilbon Lindsey Vonn Tiger Woods Halloween costume

The Tiger Woods-Lindsey Vonn Halloween costume has been a popular selection among couples this year, but nobody did it quite as well as PTI hosts Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon, who did their entire Thursday show in costume. The best part about those two charmers has to be Kornheiser in drag. That beard and mustache really puts a nice touch on things, Tony.

And the best part of all? Vonn saw the costumes and approved

Check out many more fun Halloween costumes here.

Photo: Twitter/PTI

Tony Parker and fiancee Axelle Francine having a baby

Tony Parker Axelle Francine

Tony Parker shared some great news on his Twitter and Facebook accounts on Thursday.

The San Antonio Spurs point guard announced that he and fiancee/girlfriend Axelle Francine are having a baby.

Parker and Axelle have been dating since at least last February. He made it known in June that the two were engaged.

You may recall that Parker and ex-wife Eva Longoria actually were instructed by the “Desperate Housewives” executives to avoid having children so as not to jeopardize the actresses’ role on the show. Tony P. doesn’t have to worry about that with his new squeeze. Congratulations to the two.

NFL picks Week 8 against the spread – Del’s selections

Now that we have reached the halfway point in the NFL season, it will be crucial for Del to establish some consistency going forward. Last week, Del posted an impressive 8-5 record against the spread while going 2-1 in the top three. If we can string together a couple more weeks like that, we can finally get above the 50% mark for overall picks and locks.

One theme you’ll likely notice with the Week 9 lines is that injuries are starting to influence spreads. Green Bay a 10.5-point favorite over Chicago? Don’t forget Jay Cutler is hurt. Oakland laying 2.5 against Philadelphia? The Eagles quarterback situation remains a mess. You get the point. Here are Del’s Week 8 NFL picks against the spread, with analysis of the top three after the chart. Check back later for Doc Brown’s picks.

(ATS = Against the Spread, SU = Straight Up)



Mark Cuban: Dwight Howard made wrong decision going to Houston

mark-cubanMark Cuban still believes that Dwight Howard made the wrong decision by choosing the Houston Rockets in free agency instead of the Dallas Mavericks. What else is new?

The Mavericks are one of the handful of teams Howard considered in free agency. He also looked at the Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Lakers in addition to Houston and Dallas.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban and superstar Dirk Nowitzki were among the team reps who were part of the team’s presentation to Howard in free agency. In August, Cuban shared the video the team created and played for Howard. Even though Cuban says the Mavericks are better off without Howard, he still believes the center made the wrong choice.

“Obviously, he made a mistake in judgment,” Cuban said Thursday via ESPN Dallas. “Do I blame him? No, that’s what young kids do. They make mistakes in judgment.”

Cuban continued to explain where Howard went wrong.

“You choose teams. You don’t choose players,” Cuban said. “If he made a choice off of an individual player, yeah, he made a mistake. You choose teams. You choose organizations. You choose coaches. And it’s just not relative to Houston.”

Cuban was obviously talking about Howard going to Houston to pair with James Harden, whom many consider to be one of the top young players in the game.

“That’s just the way I look at it, because if he’s that good, then the right organization … Put aside Dwight. Any young superstar looking to make a move, if you’re that good, then the right organization gets all the right pieces around you. So it’s not about, you’d rather play with this guy. If you’re that good and you have [salary cap] flexibility, the right organization will put the right pieces around you and get you there.”

This just sounds to me like more bitterness from Cuban, and it makes me believe that Cuban still wishes Dwight chose Dallas instead of Houston, despite what he says. Dwight absolutely think he made the right decision, and I think it was a smart move to team up with Harden. Pairing with other players is the most important factor when you’re a superstar like him. Putting in the right coaches and supporting cast is easier to do once you have the right talent in place the way Houston does.

Aldon Smith activated by 49ers from NFI list

Aldon Smith 49ersThe San Francisco 49ers announced on Thursday that they have activated Aldon Smith from the NFI list.

Smith has been away from the team since their Week 3 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. He was in rehab receiving treatment following a DUI arrest on the Friday morning before the Week 3 game against Indy. During the DUI arrest, Smith was found to have marijuana in his possession in addition to being drunk.

49ers GM Trent Baalke said last week that the team hoped to have Smith back after the bye week. They are currently on their bye after beating the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on Sunday. They return to the field on Nov. 10 at home against the Carolina Panthers. He will have missed a month and a half of action while receiving treatment.

Jrue Holiday welcomes Pelicans fans to opening night on behalf of the Sixers (Video)

Jrue-Holiday-Pelicans-speechThe New Orleans Pelicans played their first ever regular season game with their new franchise name on Wednesday night, and old habits died hard for point guard Jrue Holiday. Holiday was traded to the Pelicans from the Philadelphia 76ers over the summer in exchange for Nerlens Noel. He’s expected to be one of the Pelicans’ best players this season, so the team decided to let him address the home fans.

Holiday, who spent the first four seasons of his NBA career in Philly, had an embarrassing flub while speaking to the crowd.

“How ya’ll doing, Pelicans fans?” he began. “On behalf of myself and the Sixers we want to welcome you all to the first Pelicans game this season this year…”

That was classy of the Sixers to extend a warm welcome to the Pelicans. Yeah, I know…

H/T Eye on Basketball

Mike Shanahan responds to Albert Haynesworth: I don’t get along with lazy people

Mark-Schlereth-Calls-Mike-Shanahan-Control-FreakMike Shanahan aka the Red Lobster wasn’t about to sit back and let Albert Haynesworth trash him and the Washington Redskins organization without so much as a fight. He decided to hit back at the former $100 million man on Thursday, blasting Haynesworth for being lazy and having poor character.

“Let me put it this way, the only people I really haven’t gotten along with since I’ve been a head coach and an assistant coach is someone that’s lazy, and No. 2, someone that’s lazy and they may lack character, or they’re lazy and lack passion for the game. Those are really the only people I haven’t gotten along with as a head coach or as an assistant coach. And so that’s what you’re looking for.

“And through my years,” he continued, “people that are lazy and have lacked passion for their job, they don’t go into the next year of their job, and if they do, they don’t last the next year. And so the people that I’ve looked at that come back and complain and do some of the things that you do when you don’t get along with someone as a head coach or an assistant coach, usually falls in one of those couple areas: lazy, lack of passion, and lot of times, a lack of character, and he fits all three.”

Shanahan told the media that usually he wouldn’t respond like that, but Haynesworth has been talking so much over the years he decided he had to.

[Previously: Albert Haynesworth: Signing with Redskins ‘worst mistake of my life’]

Like Steve DelVecchio said, both sides are probably right in what they’re saying. The Redskins probably did not follow through on building the defense around Haynesworth’s style in Tennessee the way they said they would, and we know for sure that Haynesworth was lazy. Remember how he couldn’t pass conditioning tests? And don’t forget that Rodney Harrison blasted the defensive lineman for being lazy and faking injuries with the Patriots.

Haynesworth may have some legitimate complaints, but so do Shanahan and Washington.

Stephen Drew was fitted for contact lenses before finally hitting in Game 6

Stephen-Drew-Red-SoxWhen Stephen Drew blasted a solo home run in the 4th inning on Wednesday night, the Boston Red Sox had to have known they were destined to be crowned World Series champions. Heading into Game 6, Drew was 4-for-50 from the plate. Was his vision the issue?

According to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com, Drew paid a visit to the eye doctor before Game 6 and was fitted for contact lenses. The team has not spoken about it publicly, as they likely do not want to make it sound like an excuse for Drew’s poor postseason hitting. However, it is worth noting that he went 2-for-4 on Wednesday night and could have had three hits if not for a nice play by St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams on a sharply-hit ball.

If not for Drew’s tremendous defense, he probably would have been benched. Xander Bogaerts could have moved over to shortstop and Will Middlebrooks would have played third base and at least been given a shot. But John Farrell trusted Drew and Dustin Pedroia to anchor the middle of his defense, and it paid off.

Could the contact lenses have been a coincidence? Sure, but don’t think Scott Boras won’t be using it to his advantage when he and Drew sit down at the negotiating table together this offseason.

Pascal Dupuis pulls out his own tooth (Video)

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis took a stick to the face from teammate Kris Letang during his team’s 3-2 win over the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night. You know what’s coming next.

Dupuis is a hockey player. Naturally, he didn’t miss a shift. He simply skated to the bench, took a seat, and yanked his own tooth out of his head. He might have even been going back for a second tooth, but the cameras cut away.

If the scene looked familiar, it’s probably because we saw the exact same thing from a New York Islanders player just a few weeks ago. The frightening thing is we’re only about one quarter of the way through the NHL season. Players are going to be professional dentists by the time the playoffs roll around.

H/T SI Hot Clicks

Fred Davis admits he has ‘nodded off’ during team meetings, wants to be traded

fred-davis-redskinsWashington Redskins tight end Fred Davis is a talented former second-round draft pick who has had an issue with staying out of trouble since he entered the NFL in 2008. A talented athlete who once seemed on the verge of a breakout, Davis has failed multiple drug tests and given embarrassing excuses for it. Now, he is slowly being phased out by rookie tight end Jordan Reed.

But that’s OK. Davis’ decreased work load has allowed him to catch up on rest. On Wednesday, the 27-year-old told Jim Corbett of USA Today Sports that he has fallen asleep during team meetings before.

“I’ve never slept through a whole meeting, but I’ve nodded off,” Davis admitted. “I mean everyone nods off. It’s dark in there. You nod off. You wake up — go get something to drink and go back. I’ve done that.”

I’m sure Mike Shanahan appreciates that. Reed has suddenly emerged as Robert Griffin III’s favorite target, and the Redskins aren’t running an offense that can support two pass-catching tight ends. Davis is aware of that, which is why he was hoping to be traded prior to the deadline earlier this week.

“If I was on another team, you’d see what I can do,” he said. “It’s frustrating not to be out there because I know there are plays I could make. I just want to play. I like it here. I was drafted here. But at the same time, I want to play. If I can’t play here, then, I’d rather play somewhere else.”

Davis has been inactive the past two weeks. He will lose a $500,000 bonus at the end of the season if he is inactive for five games. When asked if he thought that was a factor in the team’s decision to keep him off the game day roster, Davis said “probably, it’s a business.” Shanahan firmly denied that money has anything to do with it.

“One thing I try to do as a head coach now as compared to when I was in Denver — I don’t look at any of those incentives,” Shanahan said. “I keep myself away from those things. I didn’t know that until I was just told about two minutes ago.”

Davis can frame it any way he wants. Reed simply looks like the better player. And even if he’s not, he certainly has better chemistry with RG3. It is highly unlikely that Davis will be back with Washington next season.

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