Carson Palmer Wants Changes in Cincy

palmerThank goodness. As a long suffering fan, it’s nice to hear a player share your thoughts. Carson Palmer is not one to shy away from an interview, nor a difficult question. He speaks his mind and does not back down from what he feels. And recently he talked to the Bengals official site and expressed his thoughts on the team:

Asked if he thought the same coaching staff could turn it from being stale, Palmer said, “I don’t think so,” but he also said he doesn’t know if Lewis will make those changes.

“We need a lot of changes,” said Palmer, who did respond to a question about discipline, a subject he has often discussed.

“When you look at the most successful teams in this league, they’re very disciplined,” Palmer said. “And we’re obviously not one of the most successful teams. I don’t think we’re the most disciplined team and that’s definitely an area we need to improve on.”

Unfortunately, the changes to which Palmer was referring did not include Marvin Lewis. Lewis turned around the franchise but he did it by selling the team’s soul. He went in for a Dennis Erickson-like fix and it wound up biting him in the ass. I’ve called Marvin out as an enabler in the past and would like to see him gone. Regardless of whether or not that happens, it’s great to hear Carson unsatisfied with the way the the season went and harping on the issue of discipline. After all, it becomes hard to win (not to mention embarrassing) when your top weapons can’t even make it on the field because of suspensions for off-field incidents.

Super Bowl Not Necessary for Pats

Now that they have completed the feat and gone 16-0, everyone wants to say that the job is not finished — the work is undone. What difference does it make if the Patriots go 16-0 only to lose in the playoffs, people say. A only means something if B also happens they tell me. You know what? I’m not buying into that. Sure, if you’re in the New England locker room, that’s probably what they’re saying and thinking. Good for them. Me, I’m independent of the locker room; I can judge the Patriots regardless of whether or not they reach their goal of winning the Super Bowl.

To me, going 16-0 is a greater feat than winning the Super Bowl. Before you jump on my case hear me out. Every single year there is a Super Bowl winner. It is an annual occurrence. You can lose six games in the regular season and still be the last man standing. You can be a six seed, get hot at the right time, and win a ring. Going through the regular season without losing however, is much more difficult. Only one other team in history has gone undefeated — the ’72 Dolphins. The 2007 Patriots are the only team to go 16-0. I realize that their story could become a cautionary tale but you telling me the Patriots don’t have a better place in history — regardless of the playoffs — than the ’02 Bucs? You telling me Trent Dilfer’s Ravens are a team of more significance than the ’07 Patriots? Please.

Win or lose in January and February, I already hold the ’07 Patriots in the highest regard. They’ve already accomplished more than any other team in history and already have their place in the record books. Their legacy has already been cemented and a Super Bowl victory would just serve as a nice bonus.

LBS Sydney Australia Pics and Video

OK, so I promised some pictures from the trip, and I wasn’t lying when I said I was going on a global growth project. First up is a short video compilation (well worth two minutes of your time). After the jump are a few pictures (not that you give a crap). Here’s the vid:

Some pictures are after the jump …

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UCLA Settles on Rick Neuheisel

That’s Neuheisel — N-E-U-H-E-I-S-E-L. Better get it straight since it’s the name I’ll be pounding into the keyboard incessantly over the next several years. And I have to say, I am quite satisfied with the hire. I think Neuheisel can do what I want with UCLA football: make them achieve at reasonable levels. With Rick at coach, they’ll probably average eight wins a year, pulling 10 in a good year, and maybe only six in a down year. If he recruits a few superstars, heck we could even sneak into a BCS game or two. What I’m wondering is why it took UCLA three weeks to hire a man they could’ve had a long time ago. Is Neuheisel not ashamed that the Bruins took this long?

See, UCLA was looking to take the hottest girl in school to the prom. They knew they could get laid if they asked Rick, but what’s the fun in that? Once the hot chicks were already taken or showed no signs of interest, they settled for the sure thing. And you know what? Sometimes that’s the best way to go. You have a guy who wants the job and will work hard at the job. A guy who’s had a questionable past but has likely learned and will try to avoid the same pitfalls that brought him down elsewhere. I expect Neuheisel to be around the Bruins program for the next 10 years or so and I’m satisfied with the hire. Now retaining DeWayne Walker as defensive coordinator would be a great bonus.

Vinny Testaverde Will Be Missed

Just as I was making fun of the Niners for starting Chris Weinke at quarterback and brought up a Vinny reference, the news comes across the wire that My Grandpa will be retiring at season’s end. In other words, he’s done after Sunday. I have to say, it’s quite a sad day for me. What other QB do you know who will stick around til they’re 44, providing me with endless content? Perhaps Brett Favre? I don’t know. Besides, will it even be fun to clown on Favre eight years from now?

Goodness, consider the legacy of one Vinny Testaverde. The man won a Heisman before half of you were born, and he’s still playing pro football as of this weekend. And how about this one? He’s the only QB in history to throw at least a TD pass in 21 straight seasons. I’m going to venture out on a limb and say that record won’t be broken any time soon. Vinny, for all the laughing and humor he provides, has to be respected for his ability to compete at an elite level at such a high age. Hopefully he’ll still have a few brain cells left to enjoy retirement.

Niners Starting Chris Weinke, Yikes!

I had my share of fun with the Panthers when they brought Vinny Testaverde in to play QB. Now, the Niners have completed the circle of embarrassment by naming Chris Weinke their starter this week. (Note: if I were around, I most certainly would have hammered the Rams for going with Brock Berlin). This is quite a commentary on the state of quarterbacks in the NFL. In fact, it only speaks to the legacy of Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and the few other quarterbacks who never miss a game. Not only is there a shortage on good quarterbacks, but the violent nature of the game isn’t helping matters either.

So can we just chalk up an extra mark in the loss column for the Niners already or what? Weinke-dinky-doo is what, like 2-17 in his career as a starting quarterback? If I’m not mistaken, the dude was winless in his career at home for Carolina. Good thing for him the Niners are on the road at Cleveland this week. Man, any of you gamblers out there, load up the moneyline on the Browns. Come on, Chris Weinke starting at QB? Gimme a break. Next thing we know Craig Krenzel’s gonna be making an appearance in the league. Yikes.

Saban vs. Petrino: Worst Game Ever?

This morning on the radio, my man Chris Moore made mention of Saban and Petrino when discussing Rich Rodriguez leaving West Virginia for Michigan. When the two coach against each other in the SEC for an Alabama/Arkansas game, for whom do you root? In other words, could Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide taking on Bobby Petrino’s Arkansas Razorbacks be the worst game ever? That got me thinking (which is a dangerous thing, I admit it), has there ever been a game with two bigger villains pitted against each other? Could you imagine the type of hype surrounding the game when these teams meet?

I’m trying to consider what I would do when those teams play. Perhaps a 0-0 tie would be in order. Apart from Bama and Arkansas fans, is there any sports person in the country that actually wants to see either of those coaches succeed after their shenanigans? I can’t remember a match up of two worse villains recently, so I’m going to go ahead and say this would be the worst game ever. Maybe you can come up with a worse scenario that I could be forgetting. Until then, I’m going Petrino vs. Saban. That’s hard to beat.